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Can You Hear Him Calling Your Name



Thank you for joining us. As we bring to you the wives forum, inc This is a ministry that’s tailor made for wives and it’s an acronym W I E. S wives influential in virtuously embracing submission. You will learn that submission is not a bad word. Submission is a good word. We will give you testimonies, you will have teaching, you will have, we will have music and we will inspire you to hold on to the fact that submission is a good thing. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome again to let God lead. Thank you for tuning our way today on Global Seven. The Lord bless you prosper your way granted good success. I trust that you were blessed by the teaching that we talked about testifying. I hope you got your testimonies together and you were able to share them to other people. And so today we’re going to be talking about can you hear him calling your name, your personal name. And so with this program with let God lead, we’re glad that we can share to everybody. It’s not just for women, it’s not just for wives. It’s not just for husbands. It’s for anybody who wants to hear the word of God brought to you on this platform. And and on this way now, normally when I preach or teach, I’m standing up, I’m never usually sitting, but I’ve gotten accustomed now to sitting. So stay with me. Even though I’m sitting, get up if you have to get up, walk around if you can, but just be blessed by the Lord. And so father thanking you for today. Another gracious day that you’ve given to us? We pray for your anointing on me. Your word is already anointed. So a fresh anointing on me from the top of my head. So the soles of my feet as we bring for the word of God with anointing and with clarity, we pray with thanksgiving in jesus name, Amen, I need a favor, what I need you to do. If this ministry has been helping you on Global Seven, tell somebody else, let somebody else know what this ministry has done for you is doing for you. So that they too can be encouraged and then send us a line call me or text me at 7187083348. Send us an email or or or or just uh send us um email. What’s the other thing that we do with email, email, email, email, text, a text. I can’t believe my brain it’s slowing down to date. No, it’s not. But send me an email. Text me or write and let us know um what this ministry means to you and is doing for you. So God bless you. Thank you. We are going to saint john chapter 11. Saint john chapter 11. The reason I’m not going to give you any specific verses because we’re gonna be jumping through that chapter. That chapter is powerful and has a lot of loaded information in it. And my theme today is simply this, Can you hear him calling your name? Can you hear him calling your name Father, thank you that your word is already anointed. And again as I pray anoint me a fresh so that as I water what you’ve given to me, somebody will be blessed today in jesus name Amen. So let’s just read verse one Verse one says now a man named Lazarus, it says named Lazarus. His name was Lazarus. It wasn’t George, it wasn’t hope it wasn’t Michael, it wasn’t Sandra, his name was Lazarus. And in that day there were many, many people with that name, Lazarus but we were specific because we’re talking about Jesus friend Lazarus, not somebody he knew from uh walking down the street with, somebody he had a relationship with, he was friendly with them, he spent time in their home breaking bread and talking. So Lazarus was his friend and the bible says he was sick and the bible then also tells us that he was from Bethany and not just that he was from Bethany but it was a village of mary and her sister Martha. So jesus and and john is telling this for us to understand who this man was. He gave us his pedigree and so what I want you to know today if you don’t know that for you to know today Jesus knows your name, he knows my name. My name is Beverly, my sister in law’s name is Beverly, I had a housekeeper whose name was Beverly, I know a singer whose name is Beverly then think of George Beverly Shea the song the song stir that the gentleman who sang for billy graham. So when jesus calls Beverly I better be sensitive to know that he’s calling me this particular Beverly, he knows my name. He also knows my pedigree. He knows where I was born in Jamaica West Indies. I was born in Saint Andrew which is one of the provinces of Jamaica of Jamaica, one of the towns. I was born in Kingston, I went to school and Lynn insisted he knew that I migrated to America and not just America to new york and not just new york to queens and not just queens, Jamaica queens okay, so he knows everything about me, he knows everything about you, he knows my grand who my grandmother was, my grandmother and my mother said my grandmother and my father said my paternal grandmother so on and so on, he knows who I am, he knows my pedigree, he knows my background, he knows the village that I’m from, he knows my family, thank God that my mother knew jesus christ and introduced us to the Lord. My father did not get safety lee was in his sixties, he was a senior citizen when he gave his life to the Lord but my mother raised us to know Jesus So jesus knows you so tell yourself Jesus knows me, tell yourself Jesus knows me. Tell yourself that that’s important to know that he knows you, but can you hear him calling your name? That’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. So verse three tells us that the sisters sent word to Jesus letting them know that his friend Lazarus was sick, sent word that his, that his friend was sick and now we know that jesus is omni, she isn’t, he knows everything before it happens. He knew Lazarus was sick but the text is written for our edification and for our understanding to let us know that even though Jesus was divine, Jesus was God in the flesh? Yes, Jesus knew Lazarus was sick but we want the scriptures told us so that we know that word got to him that he was told and then how did he respond? The bible says in verses six and seven that he stayed where he was, he stayed for four days saying to his disciples and saying to the people around him, huh that sickness is not unto death. He’s Onishi and he’s all powerful. He knows and you know why he and his father communicated together every day, not just every day continuously. They were talking in the spirit realm continuously. How often do you talk to the Lord? How often do you stop and have a conversation with him? Not just a one way conversation with God, I need this God, I need that God help me with this. Jesus help, but a conversation with like God I love you because of who you are. Thank you for doing this for me. Thank you for taking care of this for me and stop just asking asking, asking but giving him adoration, giving him praise, having a relationship with him so that when you praise him, when you’re having worship with God, he ministers to use or whatever you’re dealing with personally in your life, you can get your answers through worship. So don’t let it just be a one way street with your begging, begging, begging but talking to him as well. So you see we often hear you often hear me say you often hear me say I said all the time that jesus is already in our future. He knows what’s around the corner, he knows what’s happening gonna happen tomorrow, next week, next year, 10 years from now. He is already in your future. But we by the by the will of God will align ourselves to his will, day by day as it is in heaven. So it is on earth that I will be done on earth as it is in heaven because he knows what the will is for your life. He knows my name. And so I’m glad to know that he knows like I told you this Beverly talking to you now different than all the other Beverly’s that are in this world. He knows me personally and he knows me privately. He knows you personally and he knows you privately. He knows every hair on your head because you’re numbered. He knows your palm prints different than anybody else’s palm prints and your footprints different than anybody else’s footprints. Hallelujah, what a God we serve who loves us and knows us and and, and and is acutely aware of everything that is happening in our lives. Hallelujah, we praise the Lord for that. He knows what’s happening in your marriage. He knows what’s happening with your Children, he knows what’s happening with your finances. He knows what’s happening with your health. He’s fully aware of all your circumstances that you’re dealing with right now right now, it’s fully aware of it. And before you even open up your mouth to pray, he knows what you’re going to be praying about. But he wants to hear from you. Dear God, I’m coming to you right now in and through the name of your son, jesus christ father. You see the situation I’m dealing with on my job. God you see and tell him the name of the person you see, so and so and what’s happening you see, so and so and what’s happening, you see my boss called my name be specific be targeted in your prayer because he knows your name and he is working it out for you all right now because he’s initiation and all powerful. We can rest. That word is difficult for me because so many things happen in my life. That is difficult for me sometimes to just rest and take it easy and be calm. We’re gonna be talking about calmness in the Mannix teaching about being calm. Sometimes it’s difficult because as a mother, as a wife, as a grandmother, as a pastor, as a woman wearing so many different hats, running a theater company, running a wife’s forum, running a publishing company, there’s so many things that’s on my heart and on my mind that sometimes it’s difficult to rest. I have to block everything out of my mind so that I can rest so that I can hear him calling my name, I can hear him calling me, but if I’m so busy and so distracted with the cares and affairs of life, I may miss hearing him call my name and I don’t want that to happen. Help me Lord and I pray that that is your prayer as well. And now um we would go about with confidence and with assurance. Now in our church, we sing a song that goes something like this. Um he may not come when you want him, but he’ll be right there on time. He’s an on time God that’s him with the song, he’s an on time. God yes, he is, he’s an on time. God, yes, he is. He may not come and you want him, but he’ll be there right on time. He’s an on time. God yes, he is on time as mary and Martha will see when jesus finally come to visit Mary and Martha, so Jesus loved Mary and Jesus loved Martha and he loved Lazarus and so we see him offering them comfort. I like the fact that in verse 22 in verse 22 Martha, Martha is the one who is more like me, I think in that she’s busy, she’s working. I mean mary was at the foot of jesus the minute he walked and she sat right by his feet to hear what he had to say, I know I do that, but I think I am just a busy, busy, a busy person. So because I can relate to Martha, that’s me speaking, I can relate to Martha and she’s talking about the fact that her brother died, where were you? You were late, you didn’t come here if you didn’t, if you hadn’t come, if you if you would come he would be alive and blah blah blah. And then jesus says to her that um you know he’s gonna rise again in the resurrection and she says, listen, listen, I know that, I know that, but she says in addition to knowing that here’s what she said, I know that even now right now right here, even though my brother is dead buried and stinks, I know that God will give you whatever you ask. So now now I know she wasn’t as, as sitting at the feet of jesus like mary was but she had a relationship with jesus and she said because you have a relationship with your father and you talk to him that whatever you ask him to do, even though my brother is dead And even though you say he’s gonna come back in the resurrection, whatever you ask him to do, he’s going to do it, that’s in verse 22, a lot of people miss that. A lot of people miss that. She says you are going to do whatever God tells you to do, that’s right Martha and he sure did. And so verse 35 received Jesus weeping over their pain, weeping for them. And even though he was a son of God, he was the son of man clothed in Flesh, so he felt their anguish and their discomfort and he felt their grieving and their pain and he wept for them. And so he loved them and he loved Lazarus and he was weeping because of the relationship he had with them. And sometimes jesus christ for us. He goes to his father, seated at the right hand of his father, he intercedes for us with groaning, sometimes we cannot even say a word which is hmm, groaning, he takes those groening’s, he interprets them to his father and he goes, God I’m calling out to four, I’m calling out to you for my daughter, Beverly, I’m crying for her today because she is hurting? Yes, he loves us that much. That he’s cried over you because he knows your name. But can you hear him calling your name? All right. And so Jesus uh was deeply moved. He comes to the tomb and it was a cave with a stone that was laid across the entrance and he tells him to take the stone away. And they questioned his instructions. How many times have God given you something to do and you question his instruction? Excuse me. Lord, that doesn’t make sense. Lord, that’s not logical what you want me to do that. Yes, you go ahead and do it. Even though it seems illogical, you go ahead and listen to what the Lord tells you to do. And so they questioned him just as we do today. When jesus give us instruction, it doesn’t seem logical to us. We hesitate. We ponder, we sometimes call somebody up and and ask them what they think instead of trusting the divinity of the living God. So today I need you to listen to his response, Jesus said in verse 40 did I not tell you that? If you believe you will see the glory of God, walk around your house, walk around your apartment in your car. God told you something, he says. If you believe it, you will see the glory of God, you want to see the glory of God will believe what Jesus said. And you will see the glory of God, verse 20 verse 42 he says. So they after he said it, they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up to his father, just like Martha said he would, she looked up to his, he looked up to his father and he said, father, I thank you. That you have heard me, verse 42 I knew that you always hear me, he’s telling this so we can understand this. But I said this for the benefit of all the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me. He said that for our good. So read verse 41 And Verse 42 again. So you understand that Jesus knew what he was doing because of his communication with his heavenly father. So he says before he, he spoke one word to the dead man. He looked up to heaven and spoke to his father so that we can understand that they had a serious relationship going on. And so when he had finished saying these words, they had moved a stone away, he yelled with a loud voice. The bible said loud. The bible did say he was quiet. The bible didn’t say he whispered it. The bible didn’t say he sought it because he could have done all of that. He could have thought it and Lazarus would have heard it would have hurt him, but all the people gathering, he stood right in front of that cave and he said, Lazarus come out loud, can you hear him calling your name? If you’re in a situation where it seems hopeless, it seems like this is the last straw, what do I do? And he’s calling Beverly Susan Angela George collin steven, he’s calling your name, he’s calling your name, whatever your name is today, he’s calling that name. It may be an unusual name, but it is talking to you. But can you hear him calling your name? Can you hear him reaching out to you? And verse 44 tells me that the dead man, the dead man dead for four days so that he was thinking and the reason why we put that is in scripture that he was stinking is that we will know that rigor mortis had set in. So the worms and the maggots had eaten away at his vital organs, eaten away at his limbs and his because they get to that body quick. The thing that keeps us long in the grave is because of what they put pump into our bodies when we are dead so that our bodies can stay whatever for a long time. I don’t remember the name. I’m trying to remember the name of the fluid that they put in the body to keep that body from smelling, but they didn’t have that they didn’t have that fluid. And so his body was being eaten up because you know we have we have uh stuff in our bodies, you know, worms and little maggots in our bodies because of what we eat and because of the foods that we take in so constantly when you when you go to the bathroom and you you you pass urine and you you go and you defecate. Sometimes you’re taking all of that poison out of your body. And so this body was rotten. It stunk all right and so supernaturally supernaturally with the power of the Holy Ghost, the trinity, working father son and Holy Spirit. Whoa! The flesh, the muscles, the ligaments, the bones, the tendons, all the organs that were just disintegrating, disintegrating came back together supernaturally and quickly quickly. As soon as you said for us come out, he came out hopping and they unwound him, took all of the grave clothes off. Some of you are wrapped up in grave clothing God is taking them off of you today because he is calling your name. So get out of the grave! Get out from the pit of despair and despondency and grief and hurt and pain. Shake those grave clothes off And hop out, hop out and jump up and lift your hands and say Hallelujah. So that’s what I want to give you here. Let you here today. He’s telling you today, as you listen to shake off the grave clothes of mourning and grieving some of you, your loved one died two years ago, 10 years ago, 12 years ago, 20 years ago and you are still mourning. I’m not saying to forget them. I’m not saying every now and then your heart won’t be broken. But move on with your life. Remember the good of what you experience with your family. The great memories that you have with them. Use that build up on that. You have been divorced for five years, 10 years, 12 years, 20 years. And you’re still lamenting over your husband. And that divorce come on, shake that grave clothes off right now. The name of jesus. Can you hear him calling your name? Do you hear him, paulette? Do you hear him, Michael? Do you hear him calling your name today? Shake it off and move and walk in victory. He’s calling your name so that you can walk in healing and deliverance. Shake yourself if you have to get up from where you are. I wish I could get up and walk around and shake. But I’m shaking all of the the the the guilt and the grief and the hurt and the pain and the thoughts some of you might have had suicidal thoughts. Some of you are walking and and laying down in depression. Come on, get up and lift your hands and bless the Lord! And the depression will flee. I know that for a fact because the first time I heard and realized that I was depressed not knowing what depression depression was. And that’s another story that I’ll tell you about. And when my husband told me that I was depressed, I was like, what? I’m never depressed, He said, yes, you are. You’re under the covers, on in the bed, You’re not getting up, you’re not eating, you’re not talking to us, you’re depressed. Because there was some paperwork that had not come through for me and I was despondent. And when I realized that I said what I’m allowing this thing to zap my energy man, I got right up and I started to worship hallelujah. I begin to praise the Lord. I begin to clap my hands. I begin to say how great and how marvelous and how wonderful it is. And from that day to this day, I have not walked in depression. If I ever feel like it’s coming on, if I ever just feel it a little bit man, my hands go up and I begin to praise the Lord. So it’ll walk around in depression, shake it off, shake it off. All right, so what is your answer going to be? You will, will you hear him this morning, hear him through his word, hear him through prayer, hear him through worship and hear him through your trials. That’s how you hear him, hear him through his word, hear him through prayer, hear him through worship and hear him through your trials. That’s how you will hear him calling your name while you’re reading the word of God, something jumps out at you. That’s God calling your name while you’re praying, he answers that prayer and you jump up from your seat with the answer and as you worship, he says, I love you for your worship and I’m giving you your breakthrough and you’re going through some trials and tribulations and sometimes some temptations and you’ll hear him calling your name. So father today, today, today, your people who are listening to you today, help them to hear you calling them out of sadness, calling them from depression, calling them from despondency and from grief. Oh God, oh God, oh God, We had so many people grieving in 2020 and in 2021. So God we’re praying for those who lost loved ones for those who are hurting because they’ve missed a mother, a grandmother, a grandfather and uncle, father in the name of jesus, a sister, a brother and niece and nephew, a member of their church and their hearts are broken because of the relationships that they once had with these individuals. So God I’m praying that they will shake off the grave clothes of grief and give them clothing of peace. Shake off the grave clothes of grief and give them a clothing of joy. I pray in the name of jesus God, I’m thanking you for what you’re going to do for those who are grieving, thank you that you’re giving them hope that goes beyond the grave because their loved one is with you in heaven and father thanking you today for lifting heavy burdens and we’re thanking you that we as believers, those of us who hurt today will develop an acute awareness of hearing you calling their name through your word, through prayer through worship and even through the trials that they go through. So thank you for the lessons we learned today, we give you the praise and glory and the honor in jesus name. We pray with thanksgiving so right where you are, wherever you are, if you can, if you’re driving, if you can pull over when you get into your house, open up that door, step over the threshold, lift your hands and praise the Lord and bless him right where you are, he has called your name, you have answered. So walk in the blessings in jesus name with thanksgiving, immense soul, let God lead please again. What I want you to do is I have a Youtube channel that is called Let God lead. It’s going to be taking you through, it’s going to be inspiring, encouraging you and influencing you as you walk through your daily life as you let God lead you. And then interestingly on Thursdays on Thursdays, I have what is called thursday teaching treats thursday teaching treats so if you go on the Youtube channel, let God lead on Thursdays, you’ll see some special treats of me teaching. God bless you call us 7187083348. The information is on the bottom of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless you and have a great day in the Lord. I won’t know the plan. Were there for me. One billion people still don’t have a complete bible in their language, Illuminations is on a mission to change that. Now make an eternal impact for only $35. You can have a Bible verse translated in a language awaiting God’s word. So I’m working with a group that’s called the 12 verse challenge. 12 verse challenge. We are memorizing 12 verses and those 12 verses will be translated into the language of choice and it’s going to be done for a year. We will be raising monies, $35 per verse, $35 for perverse 12 months each month. You can put out $35 per month. And at the end of 12 months we would have raised from your donations $425. Or you can give the $425 up front or you can give above and beyond that to help us Bring the Bible to the Bible, less people, people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language. This is a powerful opportunity. So what I want you to do. You can call me at (718) 708 3348. Or you can go to the website that I am in charge of it, www 0.12 v c dot com backslash. Hope h o p e. And you can see what we’re doing to raise funds to eliminate bible poverty. Thank you. God bless you and have a great day in the Lord. Thank you for being with us at Let God Lead. Call us 7187083348. Or email us at contact at Let God lead dot org. The Lord bless you. Let God lead.

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