No Regrets When It Comes to Sex

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A media-hyped stereotype says an overwhelming majority of young people are engaging in sexual activity. Not so, says The PEERS Project.

The PEERS Project promotes healthy relationships and abstinence education in many Indiana middle schools and high schools. One of its unique aspects is the leadership of student mentors. Because students are more receptive to a message coming from their peers, student mentors teach a creative and interactive abstinence-based curriculum during health classes. When students set goals and get involved in positive activities, they find it easier to make constructive, healthy choices.

Author and speaker Justin Lookadoo has spent years talking to young adults about making positive choices when it comes to sex. But he doesn’t just focus on telling them what they can’t do. Instead he focuses on what they can do, and he gives them tools to make healthy relationship decisions. He also reminds parents that they have the most critical role in influencing their children.

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