Behind The Mask

Behind the Mask

Masks may protect us from a virus, but only Christ can save us...
Covid Beach

Covid Beach

Southern California beaches re-open after the COVID-19 shutdown, and when the beach is...
Knowing God

Knowing God

We can’t know everything, but we should know the main thing. Can a...
Truth Unmasked

Truth Unmasked

Hiding behind a mask is the new normal, but the truth never needs...
Essential Gospel

Essential Gospel

Governments of the world are telling us who is essential and who is...
Freedom From Fear

Freedom from Fear

COVID-19 haunts us all. If a single breath can bring death, how can...
Coronavirus Vs. God

Coronavirus vs. God

How should Christians respond to the coronavirus? The studio is off limits, but...
The Kendrick Brothers

The Kendrick Brothers

From small beginnings to huge openings, these filmmakers are on a remarkable journey.
Extreme Preacher

Extreme Preacher

Vic Murphy is a preacher who isn’t afraid to jump his BMX over...
Lgbt And God

LGBT and God

One woman’s quest to know God results in a changed lifestyle.
Atheism Vs. God

Atheism vs. God

When a Christian preacher interacts with Atheists, the results are fascinating and often...
From Gangsta To God

From Gangsta to God

A suicidal Los Angeles gang member is confronted and rescued by his Creator.
Pro Life Rookie

Pro-Life Rookie

John Barros takes Eddie Roman to plead for babies lives at an abortion...
Marks Of A Servant

Marks of a Servant

Is it ok for Christian Preachers to scream at people? More witnessing clips...