lust way of the master


It’s clear that adultery is wrong, but what about lust? See what Jesus...
which god

Which God?

How can you be sure which god is the real God? Ray Comfort...
tarot card trouble

Tarot Card Trouble!

Tarot cards have regained popularity, but the future is still in God’s hands.
seventy virgins

Seventy Virgins

If men get seventy virgins when they die (as some believe), what do...
humble yourself

Humble Yourself

The world encourages us to be proud of ourselves, but the Bible says...
new atheists

New Atheists

There’s nothing new about “New Atheism,” it’s just a new face on an...
jehovah’s witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses

How are Jehovah’s Witnesses different than Christians? In more ways than most people...
reasons for abortion

Reasons for Abortion

When examined closely, the “reasons” for abortion aren’t good reasons at all.


A broken marriage, abuse, and years of pain were no match for God’s...
Hip Hop Gospel

Hip Hop Gospel

Is it ok to breakdance in church? It is if you’re a B-Boy...
false prophet

False Prophet

When someone claims, “God told me,” how can you be sure?
Risking It All

Risking it All

Skydiver stuntman Anthony Martin is locked in a casket and thrown out of...
the nice sinner

The Nice Sinner

He may seem nice on the outside, but God knows the truth!
Ray Comfort And God

Ray Comfort and God

Ray Comfort is well known in Christianity, but where did he come from...
science and the bible

Science and the Bible

The Bible contains many scientific facts, written long before humans discovered them!
goodbye god

Goodbye God

When a woman walks away from Jesus, what’s really going on?