the kendrick brothers

The Kendrick Brothers

From small beginnings to huge openings, these filmmakers are on a remarkable journey.
always ready

Penny Suit

Skateboard legend Simon Woodstock uses creativity and thousands of pennies to get your...


The Living Waters team preaches the gospel inside one of Los Angeles county's...
always ready

Always Ready

Christians should always be ready to explain the message of Jesus Christ to...
nice skeptics

Nice Skeptics

Christians aren’t the only nice people, but it takes more than being nice...
atheist and agnostic

Atheist and Agnostic

Atheists and Agnostics think that anything is possible, so who can know what...
stardust way of the master


Some scientists like to tell us we are merely stardust, but what does...
god’s word

God’s Word

If God spoke directly to you, would you listen? The Bible is God’s...
Ken Ham’s Ark

Ken Ham’s Ark

Ken Ham takes E.Z. on a tour of the Ark Encounter, a life-size...
conquering porn

Conquering Porn

Pornography has ruined the lives of countless men and women. You can be...
flat earth

Flat Earth

Millions of people believe the earth is flat! Check out this wild conspiracy...
pressing on

Pressing On

When things go wrong, Christians press on. Watch evangelism happen at a Wine...
mexico and god

Mexico and God

South of the border, God is at work. This is the story of...
round tuit

Round Tuit

How to talk to the person who says, “I’m not right with God,...
redeemed gangsta

Redeemed Gangsta!

Ray Comfort talks to a former gang member with a horrifying past.
racism and god

Racism and God

America continues to divide over racial lines, but Jesus has the power to...


As the world grows darker, the old word, “repent” has a very current...
lust way of the master


It’s clear that adultery is wrong, but what about lust? See what Jesus...
which god

Which God?

How can you be sure which god is the real God? Ray Comfort...
tarot card trouble

Tarot Card Trouble!

Tarot cards have regained popularity, but the future is still in God’s hands.
seventy virgins

Seventy Virgins

If men get seventy virgins when they die (as some believe), what do...
humble yourself

Humble Yourself

The world encourages us to be proud of ourselves, but the Bible says...