A Passing Opportunity – Dr. Charles Stanley

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Too often we let opportunities pass us by because we don’t recognize they have been sent from our heavenly Father. By definition, an opportunity is only available to us for a limited time. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explains how we can make sure we don’t miss what God has in store.

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ABOUT DR.CHARLESSTANLEY Dr. Charles F. Stanley joined the staff of First Baptist Church of Atlanta in 1969 and became senior pastor in 1971. In 1982, Stanley...

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  1. pauline D lee

    I am 81 year old female, having problems with knowing if I will make it to heaven to be with the Lord, no matter what I have done, I do not know if satan is planting this in my head I just became a Christian and working on abiding by Gods law, with the virus now I am unable to get out and do the good works I feel God may want me to so I do not know what to do I am also afraid when I stand to be judged I have nothing to say,when my time come I really want to be with Him, in my life I have sin and ask for forgiveness God has done so much for me in my life so I really want to be the child He wants me to be please answer I just do not know what to do and having a hard time learning to pray. thank you God bless I watch you a lot plus my own church, my Pastor is now sick and has step down, please pay for him to, Pastor Eldridge Spearman, MtJezreel Baptist Church , Silver Spring, Md 20901

  2. Tanya

    If your already saved, and you miss an opportunity, but your already saved, so can you lose your salvation?