Knowing God as our Treasure

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Jesus is the pearl of the greatest prize. He’s the treasure you will sell everything to get.

See through this episode just how to find your treasure, Jesus. See what it looks like to live with Him in the driver seat of your life. He’s the God where we find our supreme happiness.

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  1. Kmoro19

    Cindy, This message is so spiritual. It is directly from the God and it really spoke to my heart and soul. God Bless you in your ministry. My prayers are with you.

    Karen Moro

  2. Lidia

    Thank you Cindy for this anointed message! These messages are a real treasure!

  3. Desiree Mortensen

    So so good Cindy!! God is using your intimate relationship with Jesus to spur the rest of us on in our particular journey on this planet!!