Acquiring Wisdom
acquiring wisdom

Acquiring Wisdom

While the world defines wisdom as the right use of knowledge and information,...


Forgiving someone who has hurt you isn’t easy, and sometimes, it’s not necessarily...
Mark Chapter 5 Part 2
mark chapter 5 part 2

Mark Chapter 5 Part 2

Shalom, and welcome to V'ahavtah Israel. A Hebrew phrase, which means you shall...
the purpose of prayer

The Purpose of Prayer

Jesus closes the Lord’s Prayer with the famous doxology, “For Thine is the...
comfort food

Comfort Food

Chef Lance Nitahara, winner of Chopped and Iron Chef America faces his biggest...
mark chapter 5 part 1

Mark Chapter 5 Part 1

Shalom and welcome to [foreign language 00:00:05], a Hebrew phrase, which means you...
open my eyes lord

Open My Eyes Lord

Bible Capsule of today …2 King 6:17     Welcome to our bible...
mark chapter 4 part 3

Mark Chapter 4 Part 3

Shalom and welcome to [Hebrew 00:00:06], a Hebrew phrase, which means, "You shall...