Pro Life Rookie

Pro-Life Rookie

John Barros takes Eddie Roman to plead for babies lives at an abortion...
Marks Of A Servant

Marks of a Servant

Is it ok for Christian Preachers to scream at people? More witnessing clips...
Penn Jillette and God
Penn Jillette And God

Penn Jillette and God

As a very unexpected surprise, Ray Comfort meets Penn Jillette. Christianity vs. Atheism!
Mission; Guatemala

Mission: Guatemala

Miguel Esparza spearheads the team on an open-air preaching mission to Antigua.
The Fool

The Fool

Atheists think Ray Comfort is a fool, but the reason may surprise you!
Ken Ham’s Ark

Ken Ham’s Ark

Ken Ham takes E.Z. on a tour of the Ark Encounter, a life-size...