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Retirement. I wonder what emotions that word conjures up in you when you hear it. Is it? Oh or is it? Oh do you envision yourself living the good life finally lounging on the couch, waking up when you want doing whatever you desire Or does it conjure up in your mind images of boredom and misery and bingo? I don’t know why I thought of bingo. But maybe that’s what you think of when you think of retirement. And the one thing I wonder is when’s ray comfort going to retire? Great comfort. What comes to your mind when your retirement go wash your mouth out with? So Yeah. Yeah. Just retirement when I get tired instead of retiring to sleep, I get on my bike and go out witnessing. Yes, retirement was invented by um a guy named bismarck in 18 88 or something. People didn’t, people didn’t retire down through history. They worked until they died because what do you want to retire for? It’s actually a military term and it means to retreat. That’s when it comes to retire. Well, we’re christians. We don’t retreat ever. First. Corinthians 15 58 be steadfast. Unmovable. Always abounding in the work of the Lord. Doesn’t you don’t retire from the Gospel guys cancel that retirement party that I had prepared. I got, I got, I got to read this to you hear retirement party. I can’t wait to retire so I can get up at six o’clock in the morning and drive around really slowly and make everyone late for work. That’s awesome. Yeah. I mean seriously? You know, it is interesting when you look back to past generations, there wasn’t this passion for, I mean people are passionate about it today. Remember that illustration I heard where it’s like someone likens our lives to a rope and goes on into eternity, the 6\” at the top of our life. And then there’s this one inch of red tape at the tip and that’s retirement. It’s like people are living those other 5\” with passion to get to that one inch left of life and they’re not doing anything about eternity either for themselves or others. So mark your a bit away from retirement age. What do you think of when you Consider it? I mean it raised right? You have to be tired in order to retire right there. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a certain job in order to do something, you might not even be capable of being able to do that anymore. But when we talk about age, we talk about life, we speak in terms of years. How old are you? Right? I’m 47 years old. But scripture speaks in terms of days, you know, help me to number my days in my youth. In other words, am I making sure my days count. Right Ray, I looked up how old you are. I don’t know if you realize this, but you are 25,455 days old today, right? I’m 17,000 days old today, 17,314 and the calculator doesn’t go. But what we need to make sure our days count, we are here to stay forever. Just think about this for a moment. We will exist forever either as friends on God’s terms or as enemies on our terms in which it will be, will be decided here and now on this day. Yeah. And let’s clarify a little bit okay, because I think when people hear us talking like this, they think we’re meaning in one sense like, hey, you just keep working forever and ever, there never can come a time where you could stop your occupation and we’re tying this into our calling as christians. So obviously there is that opportunity to retire from our career per se. But as far as continuing to labor for the Lord, right. I mean jesus said it, the the fields are white unto harvest, the laborers are few and so what what would that look like then for the christian? So I want us to go to a video and you guys are both familiar with the Rod and Rosie Grub. Good friends of ours, they have been so active with our ministry and in fact we call on them often to help us because now they have the time to do it and I want you all to listen to our dear friends as they talk about what retirement can look like for the christian, my career before I retired, revolved around construction concurrently. I had a navy career and I retired as a navy chief petty officer leading into the retirement. People would ask me, what are you gonna do Rod, when you retire? And I go, I’m gonna work for the Lord. Well they took that to mean, oh, you’re gonna work in your church. I go, no, not precisely. I’m not sure exactly what it looks like, but I’m going to share the gospel before I heard about living waters. I was just merely a pew sitter and my Christianity was kind of two dimensional. It really didn’t have any real, um, any substance to it? Church, was it? I began to watch the videos that ray was doing and I saw how easy it was. And I just go, that’s it. I said I could do that. And then the next question was, why am I not doing it? I had no answer. So my wife and I and God has given us the ministry called truth for las Vegas and part of what we do as a ministry outreaches to go to places to set up a table or a booth that we can literally hand out gospel tracts and have gospel conversations. Mm hmm. Most people are even puzzled. And where do you start? How do I share the gospel? Well, we always suggest that you start with a great icebreaker track a million dollar bill when you present something that people are already familiar with money or something that looks like money, You already have their attention immediately. And so they take it and they look at it and they’re puzzled by it. And they asked me, well what is it? And I go, well, obviously it’s a fake million dollar bill, but it’s got a million dollar question on the back. You either going up, you’re going down either in or you’re out, but we’re all checking out are you good enough for eternity? Universally, Las Vegas is known as what Sin City. But Sin City can mean Salvation City. And how does, how does Sin City turn into Salvation City? It’s through the Gospels through people communicating the Gospel, I don’t know what a retirement looks like. I can only guess what it looks like without the Gospel. But my imagination is it would be rather boring and our retirement is anything but boring. The Gospel is the light that we we bring the bear in las Vegas. But the light is universal. If you’re a born again believer, you have possession of the same light. So why not take it and go boldly every day, you have an opportunity to share the Gospel. Every day is a is a is a chance to serve the ward. So regardless if you’re retired, If you’re an 18 year old college student, you’re a mom at home. Listen, you go places you go, unique places that I can’t, I can’t go or don’t go, you go places that God wants you to go and allows you to go with the idea that you would share the gospel. How do you turn Sin City into Salvation City? Rod asked, I mean, how awesome is that? And that’s the kind of mindset that we’re talking about that people should have as believers who enter that phase of life. Remember john piper wrote a book called Don’t Waste Your life. And in there he gave an example of a retired couple who said it was their passion. Once they retired to collect seashells and it seemed like that was really their main goal in life at that stage. And he said, can you imagine on that day when they’re standing before the Lord to give account and all they can say is, look Lord, here are my seashells and that to me is one of the most tragic thoughts. So guys, I want you to speak to that even in your own lives, what are the sorts of things that we can do as christians even now? So that when we enter that phase of life, when we are older, we just continue being normal in that sense. Well that was well timed, you know, we should regiment our lives. That’s what I do. I discipline my life. I know I want to do certain things each day, nothing breaks my heart. Like seeing a retired man being walked by his dog around the block and and you see the dogs bored, He’s bored. And but as christians, we don’t need to do that. You put sunglasses on your dog. I put sunglasses on my dog and people come running up to talk to you. We’ve even got a dog trivia track that people can get. And so there’s no excuse for the christian because if you retired from your work, you are now full time in the Gospel. You don’t have anything hindering. You see, a whole day can be used to evangelize, read the word, pray go to a convalescent and visit somebody go out to evangelize, say to yourself, I’m gonna give out, I’m going to give out a, you know, 50 tracks today, two strangers go to your own watering hole. People go fishing hole, but teach me to number my days that I might apply my heart to wisdom and the wisest thing you can do with your life as a christian and seek and save that, which is lost. And then, yeah, Mark, what about you? Well, you know, we have a term in sports. It’s go hard or go home. Yeah. You know, we need to put into practice as christians what collegiate athletes put into their training, It’s not go hard or go home. It’s go hard because we are almost home, right? And when you’re running a race During that last 10, 20 m or so you are running as fast as you possibly can towards that race. You’re gonna run with endurance. You want to win the race? Well, you have to begin to think of retirement like that, right? You’re what’s left on your bucket list should be eternal things. It’s not like, All right, I’m gonna go skydiving. I’m going no, no, no. For the christian, it’s like, who can I reach today? And I’m gonna utilize everything possible to accomplish that. Yeah. And I’ve often said that the things that were not cool to have done in the eyes of people on this earth, even the things that were not maybe convenient for us to have done, they will have been the coolest things to have done once we’re standing before the Lord, once this whole life is sealed up. We’re standing before God, we’re not gonna look and say, Oh, man, you know, I wish I would have done this activity or that activity more. We’re gonna say, I’m so glad I shared the Gospel or we’re gonna say, I sure wish I would have shared the Gospel more and been more involved that way real quick. Right? I wanted to ask you social media wise, because there are some people who maybe have retired and maybe they can’t even leave the house or maybe they’ve reached a certain age where they can’t get around, but you do a lot through social media. What can we do to reach the loss that way? Well, you can get on to our youtube channel and get into the comment section and answer those people that bring up objections, we are privileged to have lots of atheists hate our ministry. And, uh, you know, one guy just yesterday, I saw a comment that said, what a pack of dribbling idiots, You’re brainless, stupid crazy is what are you doing here? And I just said thanks for joining us. Which he was joining us. He came in and, and so show respect, but answer their questions, answered their objections. So Social media is so powerful. It can be used for evil or can be used for good. Out at present. Our YouTube channels got about 84 million views. You think back over the years, what they had to do to reach people in a combined church crusade. You get 40,000 people in the stadium. Well, we can reach millions through social media. So if you’re retired, get yourself an ipad. It’s been created to, uh, so it’s easy to use. I mean, it’s it’s idiot proof. You can hardly anything wrong. You can enlarge the print, read your bible on it, have the bible read to you. And so, and then get online and and reach people with the Gospel. Yeah, I know there are some people that I know who will actually go in the chat rooms and they’ll share the Gospel that way. You know, maximizing our opportunity. All right, Mark in a minute. I want you to share with us how you share the gospel with telemarketers, People coming to us. But before that and speaking of telephones, we want to watch this video from our real good friend pastor Philip DeCourcy is he gives us some insight on how so connected we are to our phones. Mm hmm. Have you ever been awakened by the phone and felt a sense of annoyance? Have you ever been plagued by telemarketers who have your number or put on hold for what seemed like an eternity or had to speak to a recording rather than to another human being. The telephone can be frustrating yet for all of its annoyances, we can’t live without it. The phone is a line of communication that enriches human relationships, seals business deals and relays important information all around the world on a daily basis. Yes, indeed. Telephones and and I just have to say for those of you that are watching, it’s hard for me to stay humble when I share this. But I am the person responsible for Ray comfort getting his first cell phone. Isn’t that right? Mr Yeah. Yeah. This is many years ago. And because you know before that Ray’s biggest boast was our ministry had an 800 number. So whenever he’d be out and about in another state speaking, watch this, he’d go on the phone with its free and he was so excited. Yes. But now thanks to the humble arab you’ve got a cellphone. Yeah, Thank you so much. Yes. So Mark tele marketers, listen, when I was in college, the librarian had a little plaque placed on her desk and it said you are not an interruption of my business. You are my business. Ask away. I love that. I absolutely love that. Right? We have to begin to think of what can we do right If we don’t go out into all the world, listen. There’s times when God brings the world to us and telemarketers and door to door salesman, um, not door knockers with mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses are a great way that God’s getting our attention. They’re not an interruption. So telemarketers, you know when they call me, I like to just engage into a conversation and I’ll say something to the effect of, hey, listen, I want to listen to what you have to say. I’ll do that in just a moment. But I have a quick question for you. All right, Do you think you’re good enough to go to heaven and it pushes them back on their heels and maybe they don’t know how to respond right away. But away we go, we get into a conversation. It may not start pretty and it may not even finish pretty. If you don’t like the direction and headed, just hang up. Wait 10 minutes, another telemarketer will call you, but it’s great opportunity to not just practice the gospel, but realize that these are real people on the other side of the phone that need to hear the Gospel. We hear about all these different ways and methods by which people come to the Lord well who’s to say placing a Gospel track in the right location at the right time isn’t enough for somebody to get saved or somebody calls you on the phone or that Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman is coming up to your door, engage into the conversation. And this is also a great thing to do when you’re at home and you cannot get out. You know, my wife said, listen, you go out and about all the time. How do I reach the world? Yeah, we’ll have that mindset. The telemarketer, the door to door salesman. The plumber comes inside the house, the electrician is coming. Have the kids ready with the gospel tracts, a cold bottle of water and a word quietly spoken ready in season. You know, the the key is to be ready mentally. Don’t wait until the door. No, you know, it’s it’s it’s it’s someone knocking on the door saying I’m going to do and this is what I’m doing. Practice what you preach. Yeah. And right again you always say don’t even think about it because that’s when we chicken out. If we give too much just get to a place where it’s like police officers, you know, muscle memory, they trained so many times pulling that gun out. So when the real deal comes already. And so we go forward and there’s something allen at SBI, our general manager here at Living waters does that has been an example to me and I do it now and he just simply says to someone who is switching to conversation or they call him wrong number hey make sure to check out need God dot com and I love it because you know sometimes they’re gonna, you know they’re gonna hang up real quick if you start sharing not all the time, but I’ve even done that and people have been engaged with me but why did you say that? What’s that about? And then it leads you into conversation. So that’s a good thing. The other thing too is I’ve had high powered salesman called me from new york with that new york accent and they just don’t know what you’re talking about, not just ready to go. And as soon as you say where you going, when you die suddenly they backed down and they become human and talk properly and gently and it’s a completely different conversations that they’re just doing it all day and then run around. So yeah, it kind of gets them out of the routine and and hits them with truth. Alright well now speaking of truth, we want you to see an example for those of you that can get out again. We’re talking about doing stuff from your house but when you’re retired you have the opportunity now to set your own schedule and go out and hit the streets. So check out this encounter that Ray had with our friend Justin. You mentioned that. You believe in reincarnation? Why is that? Um That is just what makes sense to me. I believe everything that we, that we do here on earth now will correlate to the existence that we are granted in in our next life. So what’s your next life going to be for you? A rattlesnake, a a cockroach or a prince? Um I don’t believe it totally works that way. I believe all of us humans living differences, existences now we all are still humans. So we’re not gonna come back as a cockroach or prints. So this isn’t Hinduism reincarnation at your own. Um not I’ve actually read a couple because Hinduism has its own things. The Buddhists have the 31 levels of existence. um I’ve actually read about the 31 levels of existence recently and you know, they have the hell they have the medium life and then they have the higher life and you reincarnate based on how you need to be tight. So you can evolve into Nirvana. So what’s happening to a mass murderer rapes, the number of women slits their throats, gets away with it. What happens to him? He won’t get away. He might get away with it in our judicial system, but he’s not going to get away with it between his relationship with him and God. Where is he going to go? He is going to be he’s he, you know, I don’t know where he’s gonna go, but one thing that I do believe in is that people that eat meat will come back as the animals that they eat, really, I’m gonna come back as a chicken. Ah yeah, you might have to come back as a chicken for a little bit to see the pain that chickens go through. But I can’t resist the temptation of the smell of cooking chicken in the microwave. It’s just overwhelms me. I salivate naturally happens. I’d be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for that smell. Yeah. And you know those are the desires that you need to withhold from, to live a holy life. Have you ever eaten meat? I have eaten me when I was younger yet. What did you eat? I eat chicken and beef and everything. We’re going to be in the same flock? No, because I consciously understand now that I shouldn’t eat meat and when you’re young and you’re taught to you meet, you can’t, you’re not going to be reprimanded for it, but now that you’re an older and you’re a grown man, you should be able to understand that you don’t need meat to survive and that you don’t need meat two. It might, it might, it might be your desire to eat meat, but you have to refrain from those desires to be holy cabbages have heads? Am I in trouble, cabbages do have heads and that’s actually pretty funny Ray, did you really say that to this guy cabbages events? I love it. You know, I think we take it for granted just because we know you, but, but humor is so disarming. You know, I mean, I think again oftentimes when people think about witnessing, they’re terrified because they’re thinking about this very somber, serious, miserable, but you do that a lot Ray, what is with that? I mean, is it something you developed over time naturally or is it you just saw how people react or I just think it’s funny that cabbages have hits, but it’s so true humor is disarming. If I ever get in a pulpit in the new church, I use humor. I try to use humor because I know what happens when someone comes to our church. That’s a visiting speaker. My thought is, oh no, I’ve got 40 minutes, 50 minutes of just dryness. I’m going to go crazy. And when he makes a joke at the beginning of this guy’s, you know, he can laugh, he’s human and so it does disarm hearers and it can happen in personal when you can build rapport with humor. Mark, I’ve seen you build rapport with just leveling with people saying, hey, look, you know, I want to have a civil conversation with you, I’m gonna respect you, You respect me? You know, all masking is for honesty. Do you think that’s reasonable? I love it when you do that Because it it just makes him realize this guy really wants to talk. Right. Well it’s funny you say that because I actually learned that from you. That was wonderful Mark. I love how you do that. But there’s many ways to connect and to relate to people. I love sleight of hand. Yeah. You know it’s it lets people’s guards down lets people know that. Hey, we’re just like you we asked the same questions. You know, we’re not better than but better off. Perhaps just like the guy jumping out of a plane wearing a parachute and the other guy that’s not he’s better off. Not better than I learned that from you. We have created Mark Spence. Friends. Alright well hey we’re going to keep going because there’s more with Justin. Do you understand why he died on the cross? I don’t believe jesus died on the cross. Do you understand? Well just representation. Yes. Yes. So do you understand? Tell me why if you can in a few short sentences, short sentence, jesus died on the cross. They say to relieve us of all our sins. Which I don’t believe we have sin. I don’t believe we are born into sin. Okay well let’s just do a little test Regarding the 10 commandments. Do you think you’ve kept them or broken them? Have I kept them? Yes. I’ve kept them. How many lies have you told in your life? I’ve told some lies to get out of things? When I was younger? Okay, there’s the ninth that just got skittled. Have you ever stolen something even? But small in your whole life? Have I stolen something? But small in my whole life? Yes, I have. When I was younger, there goes the eighth. Have you ever used God’s name in vain? I always use God’s name in vain. That’s called blasphemy. Using God’s name as a cuss word, punishable by death and the old testament. Such a serious sin in God’s eyes. Want to go, jesus said, if you look at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery with her in your heart. Have you ever looked at a woman with lust? Of course. So Justin, I’m not judging you, but you’ve told me you’re a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer heart and your self righteous because you said you haven’t sinned when you have you like the rest of us. So if God judges you by the 10 commandments on the day of judgment, do you think it was innocent or guilty? Well, when you’re a kid and no, and you don’t understand on why you should and shouldn’t do things, you’re not God is not going to judge you based on what you did as a child. But what age was that? You’re talking about? Problem when I was younger than 13. So used to lust after a woman? When you were younger than 13. You started early and I bet you’re doing it today too because you can’t stop. You’re like, you’ve got red blood in your veins. We can’t help it. We’re a slave to it. So if God judges you by the 10 Commandments on judgment day, you’re going to be guilty like the rest of us, you know what you’ve just done. You know, you’ve just done, just broke the First of the 10 Commandments. What it is the first the 10 Commandments? Is is it something about the golden rule? It’s this. I am the Lord, Your God. You shall have no other gods before me. In other words don’t make a God to suit yourself either with your hands or your mind. It’s called idolatry when you do that. And I was an idolatry, I had a god of my own conception. I created a god that was like a celestial santa claus or divine butler, a sort of a teddy bear god that I could snuggle up to and feel comfortable with. And I used to pray to my God, small G every night, but he didn’t exist because he was a figment of my imagination. The place of imagery and idolaters will not inherit the kingdom of God. So Justin on judgment day, you’re in big trouble. So what can you do to escape the damnation of hell, Have you any idea? Um, I don’t feel like I’m going to hell because I am a good person every day and I love everybody around me and I don’t hurt anybody and yes, I might have broken the 10 commandments when I was a child, but I’m a grown man now and and you stop trusting and no, I haven’t stopped trusting, but I don’t think lusting is a bad thing that God says, it’s coming adultery. But let me just tell you something that may help you understand what we’re talking about. The dictionary has over 40 different definitions of the word good and the bible says every man will proclaim his own goodness. I guarantee if a guy like Hitler was standing with us now I’d say yeah, but I bet he, I bet he would say he’s a good person. I guarantee he would because he cleaned up Germany brought in full employment, got rid of brothels and clean the scum and purified the german race. He would think he was a good person. But the dictionary’s number one definition of the word good is moral excellence. And jesus said only God is good and you would admit that you’re not morally excellent. Is that right mind? Nobody is is not adjustment in the face of the earth. So you may not, you may not be concerned that you’re heading for hell, but I am. I like you. I’ve just met you. In fact, I love you enough to tell you the truth that the thought of you ending up in hell and God giving you justice horrifies me. You know after the first part of Justin’s interview, we talked about the impact of humor. Now that breaks the ice. But Ray in the second part you said some heavy stuff to him. I mean you got pretty serious and intense but still I didn’t see that he got offended and we see that oftentimes. I mean what what is, what do you think that is? Because I think that’s the biggest fear of christians. I’m worried what they’re gonna say So real quickly Ray, what do you think that is? Is that just that you’ve built a rapport? And so then they receive it better or what tone accent accent? That’s it and content. So I’m gonna put on an arab accent. You need the Lord to change your life. That makes that may work. You know, I guess that tone is very important and and and that can come out in your attitude in the voice. So the inflection accent and also the conscience, what I was saying to him was being born witnessed by the conscience. Well, friends on that note, we wish we could have shown you the rest of the interview with Justin. We don’t have time. But if you’re wondering now you’ve heard what Ray shared in terms of the law, how can I have my sins forgiven? Listen, 2000 years ago God sent his son jesus christ fully God fully man, he came down to this earth voluntarily went to that cross bore the sins of sinners like you and me and then rose again the third day after he died so that if you repent and place your faith in him, God will wash away all of your sins and give you everlasting life. And then we want to plead with you today to do that. Flee from the wrath to come turn to christ and watch God set you free. He did that for Ray. He did that for Mark. He did that for me and there’s no doubt that he is more than able to do that for you. So turn to him. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time. On way of The Master. We hope this episode of Wave The Master has inspired you to share the message of eternal life. You can watch our award winning movies such as the Atheist Delusion freely on our website where you’ll also find articles, videos, and audio messages as well as books, dvds, gospel tracts and other resources to help you share your faith biblically and effectively make sure to visit Living Waters dot com today

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