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A man who was almost aborted by his mother has alot to say about the Pro Life battle!



Which of us hasn’t heard of the atrocities of the holocaust. Of course that is the most known and devastating event in modern human history where millions of people lost their lives. But we would be wise to know that the holocaust hasn’t ended. May have happened in one form, but we know that it continued in another form where 60 million human beings all across our country have been murdered. We’re talking today on the way the master about abortion. I’m joined by Mark Spence and Ray comfort guys. This isn’t a subject that we delight in talking about, but it’s one that, as I said, is prevalent and it’s huge and it’s massive and it’s becoming more and more excused. We’ve talked for years about how people at least at one point used to kind of not want to talk about abortion, even those that would commit abortion. And even pro abortionists would somehow try to say, well, right, what was the saying? Rare, legal and safe? But times have changed. And uh, and we’re seeing it accelerates. I want you guys to speak to that. What what what’s the tone right now in our country when it comes to abortion and what pro abortion activists are doing, that’s yours. Well, let me say that it is the greatest civil rights tragedy crisis um, that we have ever seen. We have more than 61 million babies that have been aborted since january 22nd, 1973 when roe v wade took place? Never in the history of the United States, have there been something so opposed to one another. I mean, this is the issue when it comes to elections. Uh, it’s almost impossible to have a cordial dialogue with someone. You cannot reason with someone at some point. And that becomes a tragedy to some degree. But it must always be the case in one area because we’re talking about murder, right? Or that’s what abortion is. It is murder, murder. That has taken place of the innocent. It is almost surreal. You know, I’m trying to think back to the days of the holocaust and how people got to a place, the whole society for the most part. I mean by and large, of course you had people that were opposed to it. We think of Bond Hoffer and others, but by and large it was accepted within Germany at that time. How did people get to that place where they can just justify murder frog in the frying pan? Hmm. You know, you put a frog in the frame, It’s cold blooded. Just heat it up. And it croaks for want of a better word. But you study Nazi Germany. It’s, it did come on them slowly. Hitler Rose is a savior and that was the word they used for what he did because reparations were laid upon Germany after the First World War that were very, very heavy and it crippled the nation and he showed up as a savior. And once he got into power, then his dictation came to pass whatever I said when and and I think little by little, the masses are influenced by what becomes acceptable from the top down. You know, I mean, people are affected by leadership. The nation’s leadership becomes corrupt, It flows down and then and then it flows. And there’s that sense also. And I think we’ll talk about this more, but that sense of, hey, this is advantageous to us, get rid of the jews who, you know, are hindering our progress as a people. They’re taking over this now, whatever the reasoning was, and and there’ll be progress for us. And that’s really the the heart of abortion convenience, whether it’s ah population control or it’s I want to get on with my own life. You know, the Nazis had a minister of propaganda and they were blatant open about it. They vilified the jews said there nonhuman. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen happen with abortion. This propaganda. Continual talk about not being a baby in the womb. When I was a kid, a woman was having a baby. You didn’t say, hey, how’s your feet is coming along? It was a baby always has been until recent years when I said, what’s in the womb is not human, therefore we can do. You know, I just saw a billboard coming into the office a couple of days ago, and it said It was about cancer. And it said, when cancer affects two lives and it had a pregnant woman on the billboard. I thought, you know, I wonder if the people who put it up would be pro abortion? But still they slip. You know, it’s like when they’re not trying to justify themselves. They speak in terms that are in keeping with reality. Yes. It’s a life. Of course it is. You know. So friends. A number of years ago we produced a movie that perhaps some of you have heard of. We were blown away by success and what God did with it. And we want you to take a look at it. And if you haven’t seen this before and you want to learn more about it. You can go to our website and learn more about it there at Living Waters dot com. But we want you to watch this clip and to see where people’s minds were even back then. How do you feel about abortion? Mm hmm. Thanks. It all depends. That’s a tricky subject. Sounds like you value human life. I do value human life. Alicia. How do you feel about abortion? Ah I feel that it’s a it’s a woman’s right to choose in every situation is a different situation for abortion. You know, that’s a tricky situation. I am pro life. When does it become a life? Well, it kind of does at the start, but it’s not as much until after three months. This is actual footage of a baby in the womb at just six weeks, six days of age. you can clearly see the baby’s eyes, hands and heartbeat. Do you think it’s a baby in the womb? Yes. Okay, finish the sentence for me. Okay, It’s okay to kill a baby in the womb. When I don’t know. When does it become a life? That’s a tough one here. Here’s, here’s a question. If you’re in doubt. Okay, I’m a I’m a construction worker and I see a building and I say to you, I’m just going to blow up that building in a minute. Um, there’s a possibility. There’s somebody in there, I just don’t know. But I’m going to blow up and blow it up anyway. What would you say to me? I’m not sure if there’s life in that building or not, but I’m going to blow it up anyway. Have you had an abortion? Actually? Yes, I have. Do you feel guilty about it? What justifies the killing of a baby in a womb? If you can’t support it when it comes out, here’s you frank, you would give your life for jews who are going to die anyway and yet you won’t speak up against the murder of Children in the room. I would like you to say that is wrong to kill a child in the womb. The safest place on earth is a mother’s womb and to actually go in there and destroy human life. Why? For selfish reasons, depending, I guess it would depend on the reasons. Tell me a reason for killing a baby in the womb. You know, if it’s rape or something like that? You know what I mean? Which is I know a tough decision, but that’s mentally tough. Why would you kill the baby for the crime of the father? Which is worse, murder or rape? You’re murdering a child taking another life because of the crime of the father. Who knows when life begins? I wouldn’t know, do you think God knows when life begins? I think yeah, probably. And you know what the sixth commandment says, you shall not kill. So you should say it’s never right to kill a child in the womb. Hitler declared jews as non humans and that’s what you’re doing when you’re saying it’s not a baby until three months, that’s what I think it’s very subjective. And if you’re not sure it’s taking a terrible risk with somebody else’s life, Imagine if someone said that about you when you were just on three months old and they decided to kill you because of selfish reasons. It’s their baby whose baby, the mother, she’s got the right to kill him. If she can’t, if she feels she can’t take care of it or she um that’s criteria. I can’t take care of. This can interfere with my life, I’ll kill it. Yes, wow. Do you value human life? Yeah. Are you a Christian in a sense? I I believe in God completely. What’s the 6th commandment? I don’t know, you shall not kill. Why would you advocate the murder of a child in the womb? If you know, God says you shall not kill you should you should be dogmatically against the killing of Children in the womb. It’s the safest place on earth that woman’s womb. So why would you say it’s okay to kill Children? The womb? There’s no way that you’re gonna change my opinion on this, because I believe it is a woman’s choice. I just I personally would not do it, but I believe it should be a choice. You know, there’s also some medical problems, there’s all sorts of birth defects or whatever. So, you know that their quality of life is going to be pretty much restraint into a 9×9 hospital room. I really think that it’s fair to kind of live that, you know, what type of quality of life is that the nazis were in front of you. They’re going to kill kids with Down syndrome. They’re going to kill them all. They did this. You think that’s okay then? Absolutely not bad quality of life, definitely not. Who’s to say that they have a bad quality of life? Mhm. You know, Ray, the big stand out for me in that clip was when you put it to that young man, you said to him, so I can’t take care of it. I’ll just kill it and just looked and said, yeah, I mean like that’s what I’m talking about where there’s and that was a while ago, but today it’s even more pronounced where it’s like, oh, you know, whatever. And then that girl mark, you even echoed it while we were watching the video in the studio here where she said, there is no way you’re going to change my mind. Why? Why people so adamant? I mean, what what? What? There’s a lot of empty rhetoric that is being used, right? I I’m personally pro life, but I think that women should be able to choose. And somehow these words pro choice have hijacked the conversation. We are very pro choice. We feel that we all are right. We feel that women should choose who they want to marry, what kind of clothes she wants to wear, what kind of food she wants to eat or pro choice in that area. But we’re not pro choice when it comes to murder. So when somebody says they’re pro choice, I say pro choice. About what, what’s our subject, abortion? What is abortion, Right? It is murder. There’s this love, non aggression that you and I we all believe that we can move our arm as much as we want. But the moment it hits someone, we have violated somebody else. We cannot allow somebody to do that when somebody says, well it’s their body, their choice. They can do whatever they want with their body that doesn’t hold up in a court of law doesn’t and civilized society. We do not allow women to drive drunk now. You might be able to put on tattooed makeup and that’s completely fine. That is your choice. But we do not allow you to prostitute your body. In most states, you cannot attempt to commit suicide. You have to wear a seatbelt. If you’re riding a motorcycle, you have to wear a helmet even though it is their body. So there’s nothing wrong with taking this leap. And it’s not a huge leap on saying, hey, it’s wrong to murder. And we’re not talking about your body. We’re talking about somebody else’s body with an entirely separate D. N. A. That more than likely a different blood type, right? And if it’s a male, if it’s inside the womb, well then you’re half male and half female. If it’s your body, so we’re not we have to not allow these words to be hijacked, we have to bring it back to its core. It’s murder. It’s abortion. Yeah. It’s we’re seeing the fruit of godlessness in our nation where a whole generation has been convinced that they’re nothing but beasts products of an explosion in space created by nothing. Worth nothing. No purpose. No rhyme, no reason. Um I still want a guy yesterday who was an atheist. I said you’re lost. He said, jesus said you’re lost. He says, no, I’m not. So give me your origins. Didn’t know. What are you doing here on earth. What’s your purpose for existence. Didn’t know where you’re going, when you die. I didn’t know, I said, you don’t know where you come from, I don’t know what you’re doing here, don’t know where you’re going, you’re lost. And uh, that’s the fruit of people believing they’re nothing but beasts and there’s no fear of God before their eyes. And as the church, we have failed to thunder the moral law from the pulpits, we should have been saying, you shall not kill. If you hate someone, you commit murder in your heart. How much more if you take a human life, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and this nation has lost its fear of God. Yeah. You know Ray, 1 80 has by God’s grace has been used to impact so many people were getting close to six million views gave away over a million on Youtube. Yeah, we’ve sold and distributed over 1.2 million Dvds now. And for those of you watching, I mean, you see the poster up here on the wall, it’s become really a hallmark of our ministry here. And in terms of the effectiveness that the movie has had. Uh, 1 80 movie dot com is a place where you could watch more of it and learn more of it. So Ray, I want to talk to you a little bit about the history of 1 80. I mean, one of the questions that has really become almost uh, you know, echoed throughout the country and other parts of the world now is the question you asked the movie and that is it’s okay to kill a baby in the womb. When? So what prompted you to ask that? Did you just do it on a whim or did you plan it or No? It was it was from a mistake. I’ve talked about it before, but not the actual question. I saw this guy in a local college with dreadlocks. He was full of character. And I thought I got to interview him. So I said, you know nothing about Hitler and he did and he was very cognizant of the whole holocaust. And so I interviewed him about Hitler and he was great. He was strong. Said he was evil. And just without thinking, I said, what do you think of abortion? And he said, it’s a woman’s right to choose. I said, you’re nothing but a nazi. And we just had a sword fight under this tree for about probably five minutes. I was filming it and then I said to him, so tell me this, it’s okay to kill a baby in the womb when And I watched his face, he went into complete frustration and rage. It was just like he couldn’t handle anything like that. And he walked off in the distance and I filmed him walking off and what an incredible bit of footage this is because I filmed the whole thing and then I pushed the button to turn off. And I heard as it came on? And I thought I missed that. What an idiot! Because the it was the one we used cameras instead of my phone in those days and the reflection of the sun on the and I couldn’t see what was going on. And so I felt foolish and I didn’t mention anything, you know, because it was so out of character for me to do something dumb. I didn’t mention anything to anybody. But I thought about that question. I thought that guy couldn’t answer that question. So I went back and continue to ask the question and what actually happens when that question is being asked as the conscience comes forth, that stinking Lazarus was dead suddenly comes to life. It is not okay. There’s no justification because God has taken the time to write his law on your heart in stone. You maybe have a dull its voice, but it’s there, You can’t get rid of it. His conscience with knowledge. And so that’s what comes to comes to forward. What comes forth when the questions are, it’s amazing. I mean, they came to mind on a whim and we saw the results of it throughout the movie, and we’re gonna see more so friends watch what happens when you take the time again to reason with people and walk them through their line of thinking, there’s no possible way that that child to have a good life. So why raise that child to have a bad life? How can you make that judgment when the child is not born? I can say that about any child. This child could have a bad life. I think I’ll kill it. What about you? It’s okay to kill a baby in the womb when um when you’re really messed up and you’re about to beat that kid or something, we’re talking about the holocaust in America in our country that’s sanctioned by the government. Do you think it’s okay to kill kids in the world? I don’t think it’s okay. I I just don’t think that isn’t that like what Nazi Germany was about like saying what Hitler did was wrong, I think it’s his choice, I don’t think it’s okay, but he did it and it was his choice to do so and he had the sanction of the german people because they allowed him in, so it’s okay. But even though, you know, I don’t agree with you, see it’s a similar thing. Uh I guess when you put like that it is very similar. Yeah, it’s very similar to to say that I guess me saying that it’s okay for someone to choose is the same thing as saying it’s okay for Hitler to choose. You’re gonna change your stance on it. Ah Yeah, it’s definitely, it’s definitely making me think, yeah, I’d like you to feel like it would in Germany when jews are being killed around you. You’d be horrified. And we’ve got a holocaust in America which real babies are being murdered because of a woman’s choice. And it’s legal. It’s like nazi Germany, he did it legally. He didn’t do anything legally wrong. But I think in some situations it can be necessary. I think it’s a baby in the womb. Yeah. So finish the sentence off for me. Killing a baby in the womb is okay when? Oh there we go. Number Britney. I noticed you called it a child. So finish this sentence for me it’s okay to kill a child in the womb when? Well maybe it’s just okay if you adopted out and just not keep it because if somebody is not ready for it. So you’re saying that you’re changing your mind about abortion right now? Yes. Yes. It sounds bad when you put it in that kind of words. Would you ever vote for someone who was for the killing of Children in the womb? No. Well that’s great. So have you just changed your mind about abortion? Yeah. It’s not something I’ve thought about much, but I figured if I was ever in a situation like that, I just give it up for adoption if I couldn’t take care of it myself. So I’ve never really thought of it like that I guess isn’t that great to give it up for adoption instead of killing it. It’s a wonderful option adoption. And just as you felt strongly about the life of juice and we need to rise up as one person to speak against it. Don’t you think we need to do that when it comes to the issue of abortion? I think you have a valid point there. I’ve never paralleled those two. The holocaust and abortion. I feel like it should be allowed because it is a choice. But I feel like it, I personally will not do it. It’s just I’m making you so you could, you wouldn’t kill jews, but it’s okay for someone else to kill him. Yes. So what would you say to someone like you in Germany that says, well, it’s, you should never kill jews. But I think people should have the right to do it. I don’t think, Oh, because that’s what you’re saying. Okay, So if you just change your mind about abortion, you’re going to vote differently in future. When you do vote fishes, you mean that? Yeah. So you changed your mind about abortion? Yeah. When you put it that way, it does change your mind, it’s never okay to kill a baby in the womb. Okay, so you’re going to change your mind about abortion? Yes. I am going to vote differently in future? Yes. Vote against abortion. It’s okay to kill a baby in the womb when in my heart I would say never. So have you just changed your mind about abortion? Yes, I have you think it’s a baby in the womb? Yes. So what justification is there for killing a baby in the womb? Can you think of one? Um, Mhm. For killing a baby in the womb? Um, well, I think everyone’s situation is give me a situation where you could say, yeah, that’s justifiable. You can kill that baby because of, um, you know what, I can’t think of one. Mm hmm. Oh man Ray. I mean, how many times have we watched that movie? How long it’s been around and still it’s special. You know, the Lord did something special with it. And I love that the, those responses in a couple of things that were said, we’re, oh, I’ve never thought about that or now that you put it that way. So Mark, I want you to speak to that real quickly. When when someone says, well, look, I mean, it’s not for me personally, abortion, but fathers want to do it. Why is it not personally for you? Is there something wrong with abortion? Mm hmm. That’s my first response. Is there something personally wrong with it? You know, you get a lot of people that will say, you know, I’m personally against abortion, but you know, let other people make their decision. And they say, well, that’s like saying I’m personally against child abuse, but what somebody does in the privacy of their own home with their Children? You know, that’s up to them? Somebody says, Hey, well it’s just a, it’s just a fetus. I say, well, what kind of a fetus? A fetus doesn’t tell us what it is. It tells us when it is. It’s like saying, oh, it’s just a teenager. When it is, it’s in the middle of the ages of 13-19. Well, fetuses the same way, right? Embryo Fetus, Toddler, teenager, adult. What kind of a fetus is it? And if they say, well, it is a human fetus? Well, that means it’s human. It’s of the homo SAPIEN genre there. So when we begin to, um, when we begin to look at it like that, there’s no good argument for abortion ever? Ever. So you can say you’re personally pro life. But yeah, that’s so yeah. And friends. The question to ask as christians is, what are we doing about abortion as God’s people who know the truth and who can speak on behalf of the unborn? Aren’t we doing anything about it? I want to challenge you through this video that I was a part of a while ago. Choice. Is it really or is it silly to say that a choice is given when no voice is given to the one whose life is taken away? No, not silly, tragic. A tragedy of epic proportions where epic distortions have led to an epidemic of holocaust IQ abortion’s murder. Yes. I said the word. It isn’t easy to hear, but it needs to be heard. So it needs to be said because blood has been shed because babies are dead. So I will not opt for a soft word. Instead choice Yes, choices are made. Some choose to silence baby’s heartbeats with violence and hitmen called doctors choose to get paid. Now here’s where it gets dramatic where I get labeled a right wing extremist religious fanatic. But let me be emphatic. I’ll take any name as long as I proclaim christ and save babies from being sacrificed while I’m at it. That would make me ecstatic. So go ahead and aim your verbal automatic and fire away and get erratic to me that will not be in the least bit problematic. But here is where the problem lies. It’s where christians choose to compromise. It’s where we choose to cover up our eyes while baby after baby dies. It’s where sinners are sinking into hell and we have saving truths. We choose to refuse to tell. That’s the reality. That’s the current mentality. Some offer baby girls and boys to an idol called choice in the name of convenience and individuality. While christians refrain as sinners perish in vain and babies are slain through legalized medical brutality. So where is the hope for the christian who has failed to take a stand. He still extends his nail pierced hand. So for the sake of his glory and the sake of his fame. Let him fan your flickering flame and casting aside the fear and the shame repent and obey and speak truth in his name. So where is the hope for the Sinner? There is faith and repentance because God can wipe away your sentence because he chose to send his son the one he chose to sacrifice in the sinner’s place. So he can give sinners grace because there is no sin without or within that his redeeming blood cannot erase. He can impute to sinners his righteous perfection through his death and glorious resurrection. So don’t let it get distorted. You can be forgiven even if you’ve aborted. That’s the truth. Don’t ignore it. If your heart is contrite, he’ll make it right and restore it choice, Some will make the choice to arise, to open their eyes to see through the lies to turn from foolish to wise choice. Some will make the choice to refuse to reject truth and good news to still stumble and snooze and they’ll have a whole lot to lose choice. What will you choose mark? I gotta say thank you because you really encouraged me to do this video And you know, I’m a perfectionist and I want things done perfectly. But you pushed me and I’m glad I did it. And it was like 330,000 people watching. Yeah, it’s yeah. And friends if you want to watch that again or share that with others. You can go to our YouTube channel. Living waters just go on YouTube type in living waters in the search our channel come up and or you can just put in choice meals, wayne and you’ll find it uh, and share it with others. And remember 1 80 movie dot com, you’ll be able to find out more read. You’re passionate about this issue. Give us a final word. Well my passion is for the Gospel because I want to see people become pro life and the second I got right with God, I became pro life. And so the answer is to change the heart, not just the vote. And so that’s why 1 80 so special and so important. It carries the Gospel with it. That’s what you want to do. Amen and friends. That’s what it’s all about. It all comes back to the Gospel. We want to be of service to you through the Gospel again. If you go to 1 80 movie dot com, if you have gotten pregnant, don’t know what to do or you’re hearing about the Gospel here on the program, You’ve watched it before you go there. You can find so many things different resources, adoption and all kinds of things. 1 80 movie dot com. But most importantly, friends as christians. Let’s stand up and let’s let the Lord use us for his glory. Aren’t you glad that God saved you through the Gospel? Well, you can be now a conduit through which he saves others through the same Gospel. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time here. The Master. We hope this episode of Wave The Master has inspired you to share the message of eternal life. You can watch our award winning movies, such as the Atheist Delusion freely on our website, where you’ll also find articles, videos and audio messages, as well as books, dvds, gospel tracts and other resources to help you share your faith biblically, and effectively make sure to visit Living Waters dot com today.

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