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yeah, we live in a world that is full of revolutions where things change, they may go from one extreme to another, sometimes it could be like going from a kiddie pool to the ocean, like going from a VW bug to a Lamborghini from going to marmite all the way to tab bully Yes. Friends, things can be really exciting in life when you have a revolution. I have two very revolutionary co host with me here today Ray comfort and Mark Spence VW Bugs, right, That’s what I’ve got and you just put it down mama. Yeah, two different foods, marmite should be tried by every american visits Australia or new Zealand. It’s like, it’s like what’s the difference with its just slight difference like Pepsi and coke? Yeah, there’s a slight difference. Yeah. Back to the show Friends look, there are people today all across the world who have a regular routine and habit of going to church, they go to sunday services, they go to midweek services, they go to religious holiday services and yet there come times when people recognize that they were in the doldrums, they weren’t even really connecting with the truth that they were hearing and then suddenly something happens and there is a revolution Ray, when I think of that honestly, I think back to when you got a hold of the principle of the use of law, the law of evangelism. How did that revolutionize your whole perspective. It made me a new creature almost in christ, it was like it was almost like that seriously, I’ve been laboring for for 10 years in the harvest fields using my fingers and suddenly I was given a sickle. And I remember the the moment, the very moment that I was reading Galatians 3 24 and read wherefore the law was a schoolmaster to bring us unto christ. My immediate interpretation was wherefore the law was a schoolmate master to bring Israel under christ. That was my interpretation psychological. I thought, no, no, he says us, he’s talking about the believer. And uh two days earlier I read a portion of sermon by Charles Spurgeon. He said when he said, what will you do when the law comes in terror when the trumpet of the archangel shall tear you from your grave and the eyes of God shall burn their way into your guilty soul. What will you do when the books were opened and all your sin and shame shall be punished. Can you stand against an angry law in that day? And I thought, oh, that’s a little different from God, is a wonderful plan for your life. And the two immediate came together and thought Spurgeon was right. So I ran out experimented on the center and I just had an incredible experience. Yeah. And it brought that transformation and that change mark you and I, we’ve been in ministry together for a long time, obviously here at living waters for many years. But we used to pastor together as well and we’ve heard those testimonies of people who maybe grew up in church or who you know, went to church even into their latter years and then suddenly they hear some truth that just kind of shifts things and turns them around. How awesome is that dynamic? You know, I went to a youth camp that I just spoke at up in the mountains and when I was in eighth grade I wrote inside their little journal inside the chapel when I was in eighth grade and I wasn’t a christian and I wrote and I talked about how I wanted to be a witness for christ inside that journal. And I had listened to Hell’s best kept secret one time two times and I ended up listening to it hundreds of times and it really it had to settle in because I came from the persuasion. Alright, gotcha, I understand now I have to use the line to add the law to a life enhancement message in order to share the gospel with someone. It It really was revolutionary to me after probably the 50th time, I think where I go, there’s something different about this message. And it took that many times hell’s best kept secret before I really realized the importance of the use of the law for which it was designed and how I was to use it in my evangelism encounters and that shifted kind of the trajectory of your life. Everything yeah, everything changed. Well, friends. We want you to watch how that played out in the life of one man in particular who has become a very, very dear friend of ours and I think you’re going to be as warmed in your heart as we were when we got to know, check this out. The very first time I was on food television, I was on chopped and I um I was on twice actually, the first episode I was on, I was the runner up. Um they called me back on a second time to be, to do their redemption episode, which is basically an episode of all runners up and we get another chance at winning this thing and what ended up happening was and everyone asks me about the woman who I went to the last round with her desire was to go back to France to visit her dying grandmother and she financially couldn’t make the trip. So when the time came and I found that I won and I made it possible for us to take the trip to France, I didn’t expect to win and so I wasn’t expecting to get the money anyway, so you know what you deserve to see your grandma after the first episode of chopped, this guy that I was running up to um he calls me a few months later, after the second episode I was on and he says, hey, you ready ready for Iron Chef America? I was like, what are you talking about? He said I need a Sous chef. So let’s let’s do it. It was a blast, had a lot of fun and we ended up winning. So it was, it was, it was good. I tried to run regularly and I run a few miles a day. I decided to download a few things to listen to on my, on my run. Um, what I, what I started to like to download was these sermons that were put to the beat of some, you know, upbeat music that would, you know, facilitate my run. And I started listening to the first one. No, it was a portion of hell’s best kept secret by Ray comfort. Can you see that telling you precisely what you’ve done wrong first actually makes the good news makes sense. I listened to him speak for about 5 to 6 minutes. I wasn’t even halfway into my run by about six. The sixth minute I realized that that was he was speaking about me and all of those understandings and all of those thoughts kind of just came to an apex and he came rushing into my brain and into my heart At the time I turned around on my run and I run straight back home. I woke up my wife and I said, you have to listen to this teaching. So before we had heard anything from the Ministry of Living Waters. Um we didn’t really truly understand the importance of evangelism. We didn’t understand how important it was to actually go out and speak to others and not be afraid of offending them and not be afraid of what they thought about us. My philosophy on evangelism became such that I know now that I have to speak up, I have to go out and I have to warn those of the wrath that is to come, You will change your heart from the inside out. He’ll give you a new heart with new desires. And so we needed to find a church that was like minded with this and a church that really put a big emphasis on evangelism. And so we looked up a bunch of churches online and we found one that was was very, very pro evangelism that really supported Evangelism and even had a ministry that did this on a weekly basis. And I saw that I was like, wow, that’s for us. You know, that was where we needed to be and we knew we wanted to be. And so it was such a blessing for us so long as there’s foot traffic and there will be some foot traffic, this is where we go. And, and uh, so the seeds and we pray that they some fall on good soil. And if just one person gets the gospel. Absolutely. So we get to usually we’ll go to the wherever we’re going to evangelize, we’ll get together right outside our car and we’ll pray and we will, you know, will ask the Lord to bless our time and we go out and we, we pass out tracts and we have wonderful conversations with people and um, we’ve brought Daniel along with us and she loves passing out tracts. You know, she and everyone just takes them from her because she’s such a cute little girl and nobody wants to say no to a cute little girl. Right? So it’s been, it’s been quite a trip daddy two more in my family’s life and especially in my life, Ministry of Living Waters has brought an understanding to me of God’s grace that I had never seen before and I had never known before that I may not have ever heard if not for the providence of God bringing that teaching to us. I’m grateful for it. I am absolutely grateful for it because if not for that. I very well might not be saved. Today. I love that slow motion. But at the end you let me ask you guys if you’ve ever thought of it. This, this just came to mind. I was thinking about Lance and preparing for the program. The way I would describe what happened to him and christians like him is it’s it’s like he got what I call activated. You know when you get a, you get a cell phone and it’s you turn it on, it works and everything. You try to make all his work. But then you know, is it activated once it’s activated. It’s like everything is, it’s just, it’s a, it’s usable now, you know, and, and that’s, it’s like what, what happened to him? He was activated. And I love how many times he said throughout it, I had to, I realized that I had to preach the gospel. I had to, you know, it’s like, you know, paradigm shift, a light turned on and boom. How many people have we seen that have gone through youth groups, people that have been instead of our lives, the name, the name of christ and there’s just something amiss where you’re trying to prop them up. Hey, where are you at in the bible And every time you ask your like your fearful to ask the question because you know, they’re not inside the bible or hey, how’s churchgoing, what’d you think of the sermon? And it’s like, I can’t extract anything worthwhile from this conversation and healthy sheep reproduce. That’s what happens when somebody is born again. They will naturally crave a desire to get inside the word of God to read it and then be a doer of what they read. That’s natural to take place. So somebody doesn’t have that. If somebody has no desire to share the gospel with other people to naturally sing songs to naturally want to get inside God’s word, there’s something amiss, There’s something wrong, You are part of a club, but you’re not a christian because as a christian, we are followers of christ imitators of christ and we do what he has commanded us to do joyfully doesn’t mean we’re not gonna be timid at times to do these things, but we will joyfully have the outflow by the overflow of the heart. We will get in the word and we will share what we learned, what we learned to other people. That’s what Lance is doing. That’s exactly what’s happening. That is normal Christianity. But Ray, this path, Lance’s path of making those major changes in his life. I mean, he left his church, went and found a church that was evangelistic lee geared began to change his habits in life. Where, I mean, he’s out there with his little girl and most guys like take her to Disneyland bro, like what are you doing? You’re abusing the child. But I mean, Ray, this path though is not without its challenges. When someone, I mean, sometimes people think, oh, great, I’m gonna start evangelizing it’s gonna be wonderful. But speak to the challenges that christians will face. Well, I love David, David and Goliath, when David looked at Goliath. Goliath was abusing him because I’m gonna feed you to the the birds. And he could have, he just one thrust of the spear would have taken David and he would have just ripped him in shreds in front of the Israelis. But David ran at Goliath and that’s how I handle my fears. If I’m fearful, I run it, it don’t don’t let fear torment you because if you stand still, it’s going to do that. And fear is the biggest thing that stops christians evangelizing. And the thing that overcomes fear is love. You know, David loved God and he didn’t like his name being blasphemed. He says you’ve uncircumcised philistine, you know, and he ran at him and there’s an indignation that should come over us as christians because we have everlasting life and people are sitting in the shadow of death. And I love that word sitting and associates to them that sat in the shadow of death, a light has sprung up. They’re not going anywhere. They’re stuck in death. And we have the light of the glorious gospel, everlasting life and so picturesque and perfect love casts out fear and running towards the enemy because really we say it all the time. One with God will always be in the majority. And it doesn’t matter who’s against you, if God Is for you, I want to be that one that steps out of the boat. I want to be the one that faces these challenges, realizing that we can look at these through christ’s lens that he’s with us. And if God is with us. It doesn’t matter who’s against us or what they say about us. Yeah. Amen. Yeah. And you know, Mark Ray was talking about David and I think here, here’s here’s what I think is a problem. Oftentimes in the faith, we we are reactionary to things that are distasteful to us because people have added unbiblical elements to them. So I’m talking about faith. Obviously we know that there are circles where there are faith, you know, faith preachers that abuse faith faith to get your Mercedes to get your big house, to get your yacht, your, your private jet, whatever. So I think though, when it comes to evangelism, we don’t even think about stepping out and evangelizing as as a part of walking in faith because that’s what David did. Ray, isn’t it? When he went up against Goliath, he was walking in faith that the God of Israel was going to give them victory. That the God of Israel is great enough to defend his people. So Mark, how important is that the element of faith in Evangelism, when we’re looking at a Goliath of a person, we did a video years ago of a guy who looked like a Goliath, right? All the things that were going on in my head, How do we overcome that through faith? Listen, Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God, that word faith is salvage thick. It deals with salvation. That if they’re going to be saved, they have to hear the Gospel. It’s good news, not just good views, it’s good news and it must get there in time in order for somebody to be saved. Faith is simply taking God at his word. I trust God, I read what God says here. He wants to use the preaching of the Gospel to save people? I pray to God to raise up laborers and before you know it, you’re praying for yourself to be thrust into a harvest that is ripe. Salvation belongs to God and he has chosen to use frail people to deliver an eternal message. There’s no greater joy. But it’s not easy for Ray to continually day after day go to the colleges. But boy, what a joy it is to come back when you have a good conversation, whether they received the gospel or reject the gospel, were faithful with the message because the results belong to the Lord, let him do what he wants to do. But he wants to use us to deliver that message. And every time you step of faith, you’re trusting the gospel is the power of God to salvation. You’re trusting that God will honor his word. So it’s evangelism is faith in action and believing God. Yes, it’s almost the faith versus fear thing or faith versus feelings thing because our feelings are so deceptive, we gotta say, Look, it doesn’t matter what I feel. I know this is what God says and I’m gonna do it. So friends, there are people obviously that like Lance take the gospel seriously, something happens and then they do. But then there are others that really our approach on the Gospel because to them it’s a joke. Mm hmm. If God judges you by the 10 commandments on the day of judgment. Do you think you’d be innocent or guilty guilty heaven or hell? You’re right. And then heaven and hell they’re both in eternal their their eternal correct. Well what’s the difference then? Isn’t everything a comparison So I I can I treat this world with respect and I love the people around me because I know they’re not gonna be there forever. Hey, love is important because there’s hate and anything. I’m just saying anything that lasts forever to me. Takes the point away from from love from the things that I appreciate today because I know it’ll be there tomorrow. That’s interesting philosophy. But your eternal, Well, no matter what your philosophy is about, no matter what you believe your eternal, if you die in your sins and God gives you justice because you’re a self admitted lying, thieving, blasphemous fraternity. Have you seen that cool Disney movie tuck? Everlasting? It’s awesome. But he basically, it says that if anything that’s forever, you’re not gonna you’re not gonna like it So I can be in hell forever. There would be no different than being in health heaven forever because it’s forever. Forever is a very long time. I love this life that I have on earth. You love your eyesight, The blue sky sea, good food. The love and love from friends and family. But I love it because I know tomorrow it might not be there are gifts from God and because you’re ungrateful because Euron thankful because you’ve used his name as a password, you’ve used God’s name as a password. He’s the one that gave you life. Yeah. And have used his name to express disgust gratitude. Now God says you can keep your life if you give it up. Jesus said he that saves his life will lose it, but he that loses his life for my sake shall save him. So surrender. Say God forgive me, I’m a sinner and put your faith in him who died on the cross. For you know, Jesus died for your sins. He took your punishment upon himself, you know, for God, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. That’s what got off I want to know is how your twin brother stood so still right next to you the whole time. He’s the hairy, hairy little fella. I love those old classic open air videos and uh yeah, especially when you had your nose underlined, right, why is your nose so important that you have to underline that is a wonderful joke. I just love that. I still have it underlined, it’s just hidden in the forest. Yeah, we got a big forest going on there. So look that was an example of someone who obviously is extremely cavalier about the things of guys talking about movies and just just really silliness. Uh But but that is so much the, it seems the attitude of our day when we went to Europe, we did the 13 countries in 13 days. My sense then. And there was that it’s not even that people are antagonistic towards the bible more. It’s like they’ve gotten to a point where it’s kind of like, like I’m not even going to expand the breath to argue with you. But Mark, do you see that kind of happening like with the youth of today, where it’s I know we’re not there, but you see it trending that way. Yeah, I think that we’re probably 10-20 years behind Europe, but we must always remember that God has his remnant and one thing that Ray does, if he does it successful, he’s not just preaching to the individual who in this case seems very apathetic. There are people on the outskirts, there’s people that will watch this video, there’s people all around that will and not to mention it’s just good to get it out of you just share the gospel and today’s youth. Yeah, they seem by and large, not interested in the things that are happening of spiritual matters, but there are some, you know there’s a there’s a reason for I love that I was saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a drink. It’s just not true. You can make a drink by salting the oats, you just want more and more salt. And there’s one thing this uh generation isn’t interested in its righteousness. And yet without righteousness they’ll perish on the day of wrath. And so you can solve the oats and show them they’re in terrible danger and they need righteousness to survive. And that’s when the world to live kicks in. They don’t realize how precious their life is. You know, we’ve got so many people committing suicide and it’s because they don’t value their life. And we heard of one lady, she told us on one of our films that the reason her aunt committed suicide is, she got tired of brushing her teeth every morning. I remember that. Yeah. And that’s just tragic that I mean, I’m thankful I’ve got teeth to brush. I’m thankful I gotta brush to brush the teeth. And gratitude is such a wonderful thing and I’m so grateful. I can see because I’m not blind, I can think because I’m not an idiot. Well the jury’s out. Yeah. Once you realize how precious life is, and we use that analogy so often would you sell an eye for a million dollars and it’s a revelation to people who’ve never thought how much they value their eyes until they’re told until they realized they wouldn’t sell them both of their eyes for $100 million. So how much is your life worth value it? And God offers you everlasting life and you know the distractions that pop up. I mean one of the things I loved with that young man is how he starts talking about this stuff and he said interesting philosophy now and he took him right back to the law, to the gospel. And it’s so important because I know people get frustrated. I tried to talk him, but they wouldn’t listen and they kept, you know, so it’s important that you know, we steer them back. Well, friends. You thought there was only one easy on this planet. There really should be only one. But Ray comfort found another one. Have you heard of Charles? Darwin Charles? I don’t know. He was the guy that came up with the theory of evolution familiar with him. Do you know what evolution says? It says that animals change kinds over time. Cats become dogs, horses become cows. Primates become people. It just takes a lot of time. Do you believe that we all involved out of something so involved out of something? What did you used to be? You’re a caveman. So you believe Darwin’s theory, Do you believe God made man in his own image? I don’t know about that. You don’t know about that? I’d say. Yeah, but then I’d say no, a lot of things. I don’t think there’s an afterlife. I believe in reincarnation by far. So what did you used to be in another life? I’ve been a pirate pirate pirate. Anything else besides a pirate? Oh yeah, I was back living in the country one time I was drunk in a town drunk. Yeah I was down in texas. I was I was uh I used to wrestle Catalan in a past life, used to rustle cattle and what happened to you, whatever suits my purpose to survive, You have to steal your steal left to live your life. So what’s going to happen when your face God? Because that means you’re a lying thief? Well yeah, you know everybody something right? You know there’s no, you know like if you’re so clean man, toss the rock you can toss that rocks. Well the bible says God’s going to toss 10 big rocks on the day of judgment and boy if you’re a lying thief you’re in trouble. So you’ve lied and stolen? Have you ever used God’s name in vain? Sure, I guess I have now, jesus said if you look at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery with her in your heart. Have you ever looked at a woman with lust, lust? Well God sees it as lust, so your name is easy. Easy. I’m not judging you, but you just told me you’re a lying, thieving blasphemous adulterer heart, but you know what perfect is that? You’ve got to look at yourself and if you can live with yourself that’s the way it is. You know I’m out in the streets and I got to survive whatever it takes it in my survival. But I don’t need to just go out and do out others, I just need to do for myself. Well, let me tell you how you can survive. If you stand before God and you’re guilty, you lean up in hell, the bible makes that very clear. There’s a lying, thieving, blasphemous adulterer heart. But let me tell you, But the scriptures say God is rich in mercy and he provided a savior, Jesus came to this earth God manifest in the flesh and suffered and died on the cross to take the punishment for the sin of the world. You and I broke God’s law, the 10 commandments, and jesus paid the fine. If you’re in court and summer pays the fine, the judge can let you go. You can say this person is guilty, he’s guilty, but someone’s paid his fine. He’s out of here. Well, God can forgive your sins in an instant because of what Jesus did on the cross, he can dismiss your case and let you live, and then he rose from the dead and defeated death. And if you repent of your sins and trust in jesus, and you believe in God, believe in jesus and you shall be free. You understand that, Okay, jesus all the time. That’s how you find a good preacher from a this is real important. Okay, let me just go back to what I was saying and if you repent and trust alone in christ as your Lord and say as your Lord and savior, gobble, Remit your sins and grant you the gift of everlasting life. Okay, so I want you to please think about what we talked about. Do you have access to a bible? I’ve been there. Okay, you’ve been there. It’s an unusual answer to that question. So please think about this easy because you don’t know when you’re gonna die and if you die in your sins, you’ll end up in hell. If you die in Christ, you’re forgiven. And this is so important because every every day 150,000 people die. So when you think about what we talked about I think about it all the time, man, just when it’s your time to go bro, you’re gonna get seven times and I’m still living. Okay, well let’s let’s let’s let’s hope your eighth time that you’re trusting in christ and christ alone. Easy. Thank you for talking me. I really appreciate it. Sorry, just sounded so funny. You called him easy and he had been dead seven times. I’m surprised he didn’t say he’s the reincarnation of Charles Darwin. I mean Ray, that was so hilarious. Like you don’t even tell the guy what you’re doing. You’re like you ever heard of Charles Darwin. Yeah, no context, no context. He really did look like him though. That was that was amazing. But he almost lost him at the end there, Ray, he was he looked like he was probably smoking weed but you struggled with witnessing to people that are drunk but we’ve come across drunk people on the streets all the time. Is that hard? What you’re saying? Am I weed myself? Do I struggle? I just trust the Lord because I I know that there are people who give testimony saying they got witnesses to they were drunk and they woke up the next day and they remembered, you know, only that I don’t remember anything else but just what they were told because the word of God is quick and powerful. Sharper than to which and sort so yeah, listen, I’ll speak, get a track into their pocket if need be. Yeah, that’d be cool. Wake up the next morning. I’ve actually done that. Yeah. Well, friends, maybe you’re watching this today and you’re thinking, wow, I was convicted by that testimony by Lance. Like I’m a christian. I’ve been sitting in church all my life. I’ve been hearing the gospel, but I haven’t been sharing it. We want to encourage you to do that. That’s why we exist as a ministry. That’s why this program exists to inspire and equip christians in fulfilling the great commission. Look at what happened in Lance’s life. Look at what happened in great comfort life as he saw those examples. It can happen in yours. So get moving and watch The Lord use you for his glory. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time here. On way The Master. We hope this episode of Wave The Master has inspired you to share the message of eternal life. 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