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As the world grows darker, witchcraft is growing in popularity. God can save witches.



Which, which would wish she could twitch if a witch could twitch while eating a sandwich coming up next is Peter piper picked a peck. And what else on way of the tongue twisters. Friends, Welcome to the program. That was probably the best. I, I really don’t think anybody can pull that off except for you. I mean if I were to try that or Ray were to try that, it would be absolutely. I thought of starting with a rap today, but it’s because we’ve got dignity. That’s right. That’s right. I’ve got humility. Let’s put it that way guys today on the program we’re going to be talking about as you probably guessed friends, which is, and that’s not a common topic here. Right. I mean think about it. But honestly, I’m trying to think of how many times on the streets I’ve actually come across a witch if you’re intelligent. Oh, you’re able to spot them down. That’s how listen, never for me. I mean never. You know, there’s something like 1 to 2 million adherent witches in the United States and I never come across a one or 2,000,001 to 2 million. I mean, but that’s more than Judaism, right? It’s more than Islam here in the United States, but I never come across them. Right. But you come across everybody. Is that the radar that you have, is that was yeah. Well, I’ll tell you, I am surprised though at how so much more acceptable. It seems these pagan sorts of things are today in our society. I mean growing up as a kid, you had a certain perception of a witch and everybody knew that there was negativity involved? Of course we knew that there were so called white witches and whatnot. But it seems like things are changing where it’s becoming more, hey? Yeah, well I’m a witch. Oh, nice. I’m a warlock. Oh, nice. I’m a satanist. What’s going on? Well, let, let me say this, that there seems to be some modern entanglements within witchcraft. Right? It starts off with, I don’t know if you guys ever did the Ouija board. I played the Ouija board when I was in eighth grade and I was, I was like, I played one time and I thought somebody else was like moving the thing, but it freaked me out. I never wanted to do it again. So it was, it was real. I don’t know. To this day, I was like, I freaked out. I go inside of a walmart and I grabbed hold of the Ouija board and I turn them around. I put monopoly in front of it. But think of what you just said, how crazy is it? You can walk into walmart and by a Luigi board, it’s like a board game. I remember they had commercials when I was, what’s crazier is promoting it and where you can actually buy it. Yeah, we just, but as you get older, it changes, right? You don’t do something like that, but maybe you want to look into the horoscopes a little bit, people begin to think to themselves, is it a good day to go out, what should I be wearing? And are the stars aligned in my favor? We think that these are harmless little things, but really you open yourself up within the demonic realm and you, you really become a captive to what people say in an area that really should never be touched upon horoscopes. You know? This is crazy. I just remembered this now as we’re talking when I was a little kid, seriously, we had this elderly lady that would come visit us Lebanese lady and she would do a full Ouija board for my family. I’m serious. I remember she would write down letters on an Arabic, on pieces of paper, she put them in a triangle, they get a little shot glass and she, I’m getting the chills. That’s ooh, I forgot about that, you know. But yeah, it’s uh, it’s crazy. But Ray, this is not a realm to be toyed with. Now. It’s been in scripture and it says in the last days people will depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. And we see that there’s tremendous interest in the occult. I mean it’s every, every newspaper and magazine that’s been around as long as I can remember, which is a long time. It’s crazy the alcohol and even satanism, you know, um, Mark, you remember, was that Marilyn Marilyn Manson? Mr Yeah, but I remember when that guy hit the, hit the scene, I in fact I went out and did some evangelism right outside the his concert down at the pond that was called the pond back then and it was just mind blowing to see these kids like zombies emulating him, you know the contact lenses when I big, when I small the and this guy blasphemers, god rips bibles and but now it’s like becoming more and more acceptable. He was a shock back then, but the stuff that people are doing now it’s crazy. So yeah, so anyway, we’re talking about witches and mr ray comfort, believe it or not, friends of all people, it’s I don’t know what it is with the guy, but he, he finds these amazing interesting interviews or do they find him? Okay ladies, tell me what you believe you, do you say your pagans, pagans were pagans. We believe in multi gods. Why do you believe in multi gods kim? It’s most it’s the most logical Christianity has never made sense to me and I have a native american relative, so that always kind of resonated with me. I like the earth and the trees and I would rather rely on that than you pray to the trees. No, we we respect the earth, the earth isn’t God, the earth isn’t the creator just got respect you’ve got for that? Which God created. So there’s one creator, is that what you’re saying? Know how many creators is there? Well it depends on what region you’re in. We particularly we are Celtic witches and we believe our main, which is which is okay now most people think of witches is running around with black hats and that. So you’re not you’re not that sort of which you’re a white witch, is that right? Well that’s correct. There’s really no white or black, it’s like electricity, electricity is neutral, you can plug it a space heater in and keep your family warm and then it’s doing good or you can do something bad and live in texas and go to the front of the line and get electrocuted. So it’s really on how you use it not whether it’s good or bad. So how do you become a witch? Do you is there something spiritual, it goes on and you just make a decision to be a witch? No it’s it’s a very spiritual decision. It’s um you know how did you become what religion you are? I repented and trusted in christ. There was there was something I did and God manifest himself to me but I didn’t sort of make a decision to become a christian in that sense. It’s it’s not really decision, it’s a it’s a feeling, you know a lot of christians will tell you it’s faith and and it is my faith is more similar to native americans than it is to Christianity. How would you define faith in God, how would you define it? I don’t? And and your God, no Faith in God christians. I feel that our sheep, sheep, sheep, you guys you’re followed your goats. That’s what the christians that you’re the sheep and goats, goats don’t follow their stubborn cheaper a meek and they’ll follow a shepherd. And that’s the difference between sheep and goats. Exactly. I mean there’s there’s too many, too many different questions are you, can you really sit there and tell me that Adam and Eve populated the earth because then everybody would be inbred and by the time we’re in this generation we have a foot out of our head and weird little arms, hang on. You answer the question before I got a chance. Yeah, I believe in Adam and Eve, I believe we have to ancestors, male and female. How do you think we got here? Evolution. But how do you think we got here? I mean that’s the process. What was the first cause there’s a greater universal being, whether you call it God or we call it a goddess, it’s it’s there. So so God isn’t the trees and the flowers and the birds that span theism, you are pagans but you believe in one creator, is that right? There’s multiple creators. Where’d you get that from? Where do they come from from the beginning of time? Where do you think christian’s got a lot of their holidays from if you watch the history channel paganism came long before Christianity and Judaism, I don’t believe that history journalists, it’s it’s pagan me and making up stories. It’s really not, it’s really not. Um and I know very well catholic priest who will tell you that, it’s, that’s where they got their holidays from is from pagans and known fact, they were trying to persuade pagans into becoming christians so they manipulated the pagan holidays to make it easier for them to transfer into Christianity. You know what what I loved about that is, she said christians are sheep and when you had asked her one question, she looks to her sister to get to get directions and then as she’s talking, her sister says something that she, she echoes it, you know, you know, in my surfing days, I realized how dumb sheep are and how applicable it is. The bible calls the sheep, we would be on surfing trips, and I remember the sheep would get in front of our car and run in front of the car and we’re going along a back road that wouldn’t get out of the way, it just didn’t think it would run for miles in front of the car terrified, I didn’t have the brains think I should step aside and let the car pass and we really are. I like sheep, we follow one another. I don’t know if you’ve seen what sheep do, but if one sheep jumps, the next one will jump and will jump for no reason, we imitate one another. That’s funny. I’m thinking here we have skunks running in front of our cars race dealing with sheep. It’s gotta be new Zealand. Yeah. So Mark, uh I’d like you to touch on some of the things that that they talked about. First of all, we’re gonna we’re gonna be talking a little more about the History channel with authorities. The history channel. Don’t read the bible. Get your authority from the History Channel and the Discovery Channel because those are the ultimate source of authority. I love it. But Mark people do what what is it though? Because think about it, right. Obviously we see how people so blindly follow Evolution Ray, how many times you’ve been on college campuses and you’ll talk to these kids evolution. And you start to probe, you start to ask them detailed questions and I don’t know ultimately. What do they go back to? Well, I trust my Professor Mark, what is that? Well, listen, let’s let’s address something that she had said here when uh you believe Adam and Eve listen, they populated the whole planet. We’d have feet coming out of our heads. Okay, well what’s what what do you believe in? Right? She believes that she came from Iraq. You know from goo from this Promotable soup that got us to a place where once again it came from two people and populated the entire planet. It just happened over many more years than your literal 6 to 7000. And speaking of that, I’ve probed as much as it can for years to find out what evolution teaches as to why there’s male and female and every species sector a few grubs. What? How did that start? What was in the beginning? Was it male? Why did it choose to become female? How did that happen? No one’s got any answers. It’s just kind of blind faith. Yeah. And then and you think about even like I look at some of those uh movies or shows where they show like birds and the mating dance they do and the you know, they’ve got these feathers that come out and do this. I would be rejected by all the female birds. Yeah. But I know what you mean. Just crazy people dancing and feathers up. It’s just amazing what God has done. It’s mind blowing. You know, you look at and in touch on this rate. So she says it’s logical that there would be many gods when you’re talking about a uniform creation, right? I mean that’s what I’m saying. Like people say stuff without thinking about what they’re saying and a lot of times it’s being sheep. Yeah, it’s romans 87. The account of mine is in a state of enmity towards God and it’s because of the moral law that they’re in a state of hostility. And so anything is better than the God of the bible. So we believe in multiple gods. Because the multiple gods don’t tell us what we should do morally. That’s right. It always comes back to man wanting to be autonomous. They want to break off the fetters like psalms talks about, you know, for France, you’re happy to hear. I’m sure that the interview with the witches continues, there’s a lot of pagan things that go on. Halloween’s pagan. There’s not pagan. What is that? That’s the movies. You know? The problem is is it could be the History Channel. No, History Channel’s factual movies are made up propaganda. We do not believe in the devil. We don’t believe that there even is a devil. We believe that we all have evil within ourselves. You have evil within yourself? If I would choose to be. Yeah. Do you have a do you have it? How do you find how do you define good and evil if you if you throw out the God of the bible and the 10 Commandments, how do you define good and evil? There’s still morals and values and people who want to kill? Well, yeah, how do you know that? Because it’s wrong to kill? How do you know that it’s wrong to kill animals to how do you know that that it’s wrong to you? How do you know that? How do you know it’s wrong to kill because it’s written in stone. God gave us 10 commandments? Their absolute where’s the commandments at? And they just gave you them there in your hand. No, no, no, no, no that’s a manmade thing. God gave the 10 commandments to moses. You shall not kill. You shall not steal, you shall not commit adultery. You shall not lie. And they’re written on the heart via the conscience. We all know this. No, actually, if you do some research on the internet and find a reliable source, not just Wikipedia. Because History Channel History Channel is factual. I don’t understand why you don’t think it is gospel. If it comes to the History channel, it’s just mean, Whoa, what’s Christianity? What’s Christianity? Christianity is God’s answer to humanity’s problem of death? Oh yes, 20 bible. Seeing God is is a sin. But little I didn’t say I’ve seen God. No one has seen God. No one can see God and live. But you can come into relationship with God through trusting in jesus. This is eternal life that they might know you the only true god and jesus, christ in your sin. Faith that jesus existed. What year is it? It’s 2016. But since whom? Since christ Well first off, No, they the History channel says you’re not christian No it doesn’t. The History channel. It’s factual. Seriously. It’s like the History channel’s our bible. She keeps going back to that again and again. I like I think it was napoleon who said man will believe anything. As long as it’s not in the bible and it’s so true. We just grasp on anything and said, that’s gospel truth because somebody told me, right. I love the way you spar though. You know, it’s it’s like the history channel, you know, it’s like, but but they’re not like you’re challenging them, you’re pushing back, but they’re not getting angry. You know? Uh, it’s, it’s that winsome approach that that’s disarming. But I think people appreciate the honesty to, you know, there’s something Mark. Wouldn’t you say about just saying to someone look, let me level with you. Come on. Right. I mean, you do that sometimes when you’re interacting with people. Absolutely. Right. I mean, somebody may believe something in theory, but they don’t believe it in practicality. Alright, So somebody may say, hey, there, there’s no such thing as moral absolutes. I go really? I mean, so sex trafficking is OK, well, no, that’s ridiculous. So there is a moral absolute right? When you begin to reason with someone where you know, somebody doesn’t go to Megan’s law registry to find a babysitter because well, there really are people that really want to do some really bad things. You ever asked that mark? Absolutely. Because that’s where the rubber meets the road. Speaking of rubber. Meeting the road what we’re actually doing is trying to take a parachute that’s filled with holes out of their hands and giving them a parachute they can trust. And that’s what we say. We’re poking holes and what they believe? Because there’s a reason for we don’t want them to trust in multiple gods and doctrines of devils. Well we want them to trust in jesus christ, you know Ray as you said that about the parachute. It’s amazing how our brains work. Well when they do those of us that have brains. But seriously like you said that we take away from them a parachute with holes. And something happened inside of me. It’s like this little tickle like oh I like that. You know what I mean? It really captured it years ago. I put together uh principles from the alphabet and obliterated principles A to Z. Evangelism a through Z. You know I’d be awake and alert, brave and bold, confident. Common cool. Don’t be doubtful and don’t dabble with the devil’s deceptions. My favorite was p pile none of your precious priceless pearls. And the pig pen. But there was one, there was one right cast your pearls before swine. You’ll never forget that. But there was one the M is make your message meaningful and memorable. Make your message meaningful and memorable. Because there’s something about the human brain when you put illustrations and analogies in there that stick with people and that’s why jesus much of jesus top was parabolic. There was pictures that he gave and you remember them because the human brain functions that way. Why were you laughing mark? Are you mocking me? No. My brain cannot work like that. I mean throwing 34 or five different letters that match with an alliteration to go through the entire How do you begin to memorize something? Like I can’t write. Listen, you know, since the Garden of Eden, satan’s major focus has always been to divert human hearts away from worship of the one true and living God. When we look at as you’re going through the commandments and those who enter heaven, those who don’t Revelation 21 includes witchcraft, you know, funny enough, it says Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. You know, any practice that dabbles in a power source, outside of jesus christ is witchcraft. So you you can put anything underneath that umbrella if you’re not going to jesus christ as your source of authority, as your source of power, you’re looking outside of that realm. Well then you’re dabbling in an arena in a realm that God never intended you to go and that needs to be repented of them. And you know, it’s interesting because scripture also lose to the fact that rebellion is as the act of witchcraft or sorcery, people are dabbling in that realm without even realizing they are, you know, and especially in the rebellion against God, it’s like kids playing with fire. It’s attractive, but didn’t realize the repercussions, right? It was a little picturesque illustration for your brain. Oh I got tickled alright friends. The conclusion of race saga with the Witch sisters. If you don’t believe in reincarnation then how do you believe that jesus came out of that cave hole and resurrected on random days of the year? Because that wasn’t reincarnation. He says I’m gonna raise my body from the dead. He said I’m a dead for three days, I’m gonna raise it up. No man is going to take my life from me, I lay it down and the power to take it up. There’s no man like jesus. Now do you think you’re a good person If there’s an afterlife, you’re gonna make it to heaven Summerland, but it’s my time to go. What about you? I’m a very good. I’m more better off shape than most christians. I know unfortunately. How many lies do you think you’ve told in your whole life? Not that many. Take a stab. 10 20 100. Everyone tells fibs. How much do you think you’ve told? And I’m not talking about fibs? I don’t I don’t I try to keep track and keep track of the the good things I do. You’ve lost track? No, I don’t keep count you have light. I’ve broken the night. What about you? Oh probably dozens and dozens of times. I appreciate you appreciate your honesty. That’s that’s completely realistic. Even as a child though I had one cookie. No mom. I wasn’t on the phone. You know? How do you how do you count that? Have you ever taken something belongs to somebody else? Even if it’s small, irrespective of its value in your whole life? No, I have not. I’ve never stolen anything stolen. Both of you never stolen. Never down something from me. Never downloaded music off the internet. That’s not yours. Actually, No, I don’t do that. Never taken a ballpoint pen that belongs to somebody else, actually. Yes. And I brought it back. So you stole it and then you brought it back. Why did you bring it back? Strict bringing up strict parenting? Have you ever used God’s name in vain? Yes, I heard you use it before. What about you? Of course I do, jesus said if you look with lust, you commit adultery in the heart. Have you ever looked with lust? I don’t have I ever what have I ever wanted? Oh yes. That house we just drove by because I want that Really bad. Okay, I’m not talking about coveting that’s the 10th commandment. Missing that. You’re missing our point. Those are what you believe in. We don’t believe in those. I know that that’s why I’m talking to you. I talked to nonbelievers. So, ladies, I’m not judging you, but just both told me that you’re liars, blasphemers and adulterers at heart? So if you face God on judgment day and if he judges you by the 10 commandments, Do you think he’d be innocent or guilty? Well, hold on. If he was a judge most, I would say 90% of the people on this planet by the 10 commandments, they’d all be going to a fiery Brimstone. Exactly what the Bible says says straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life. And few there be that. Find it. You and I broke God’s law, the 10 commandments. Even though we don’t believe in the law, we still broke it. We’ve violated it. We’ve got a conscience. We know right from wrong and we’re heading for hell. The bible says all liars will have their part in the lake of fire, no thief, no adultery or fornicator blasphemer will inherit God’s kingdom. But even though we broke God’s law, jesus paid the fine. And if you’re in court and someone pays your fine, the judge can let you go and still be just, you can say this guy is guilty, but he’s out of here because someone paid us fine. Well, you ladies know that christ died on the cross for our sins. His last words were It is finished. I wouldn’t lie to you ladies. Not true because I’m sorry because the gospel truth. Because what the difference is is it says in in your your bible, even if I were to become right now and you talk to me when I am saved. I have a tattoo. So I can’t even become a born again christian, it’s not true. Yes, it is. It’s in the bible. It’s in the bible, it’s in the market. You cannot mark your body. It says that in the bible and the jewish law. Now listen, Yeah, but hang on, I’m jewish. God’s not gonna judge you by tattoo. He’s going to judge you for lying and stealing or fornication and blasphemy. It’s a violation of his law. The bible says sin is transgression of the law. It’s not having a tattoo. Sin is transgression of the moral law and ladies, I’m trying to say God can let you live forever if you repent and trust christ. I’m not, I’m not saying join a church. I don’t want your money. I’m saying we’re all pagans by nature, We make up our own gods. I was, I was like that before I was a christian made a God to suit myself and I snuggled up to my God because he didn’t have a moral dictate. Didn’t tell me right from wrong. But when I face the god of the bible, the God who created us, I realized there’s some big trouble and I needed a savior and that’s all I’m saying to you, we all need a savior. So what were you gonna say? Um, I don’t remember now I’m going to tell me how your memory improved recently. My memory improved. It was like a joke. It’s older than me. So I don’t think, please think about what we talked about. I’ll think about what you said about paganism and witchcraft, but just think about your sins. Think about the savior, what happened on that cross? Think about the fact that every day 100 and 50,000 people die just like you and me, people that love life 54 million every year. I’m saying God’s given your will to live, listen to it, you know? Check it out. Jesus said, um, I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the father, but by me and the bible says he’s a polished death, jesus christ has abolished death and that’s true. You owe it to your good sense just to look into it. I know you’ve looked into it, you’ve had a lot of experience to take our word for it. Knowledge is power. So you have a little bit of knowledge about our beliefs and we have clearly have knowledge about yours. And so we’ve researched. So all we ask is that you go home and whatever it is that that you look up, not the history channel, whatever it is that you look up to research things even scientifically research a little. That’s all we ask when I’m saying, you’re wrong and we’re right and we hope that you’re not saying vice versa because and then and then everyone is allowed to believe in whatever God or higher being that they believe in, as long as they’re living a moral code. You and I aren’t. We have broken those commandments. So we need to say that, that’s what I’m saying. God gives you justice. You’d end up in hell. I’d hate that to happen to you. You’re not good. You’re like the rest of us. I am. I am. I am pretty good morally good person. Yes, I am self admitted liar and blasphemer. A daughter at heart. We’ve all sinned, we’ve broken those commandments and we make the mistake of measuring yourself. We measure ourselves by man’s standards and not God’s and God’s gonna judge us by his commandments, not ours. Those are your commandments. That you know my commandments, God’s commandments, but he’s not my God. So ladies, thank you very much for talking to me. It’s been very colorful. I’ve really enjoyed it and I trust that you’ll think about what we talked about today. Okay, thank you very much. Have a good day, Ray? Was that some witchcraft power making that bike all down. I watched this video and review and I don’t even know that. Crazy. Well, I, I gotta tell you, I’m a bit worried about my salvation now because I don’t know if you guys knew this, but I have a tattoo of my face on my face. Well, I would get my money back. Oh man. Always a quick witted one. So Ray, that was a delightful conclusion. I mean, it was a little, there’s a little sparring going on. But it was okay. How do you stay on focus? I’m just curious because I go out and I do the same thing? But you’re able to stay and focus, you know exactly where you’re heading and you do not give up. How do you do that? Bring it back all the time, Right. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m just a humble guy. My Lord has gifted me now. I’m wondering did they put a curse on you when you walked away or? I think so. My bike did fall over. Yeah, But look, one thing I want to ask you guys, why is it? People always go back to the sins they committed. Oh, when they were kids, what happened like yesterday we were able to distance yourself from what happened in the yesteryear. When you begin to talk about kindergarten or first or second grade, When I was six years old, I took a piece of candy from mrs Wells candy jar as I sat there on her desk. Listen, when we don’t look that far back, but I like what Ray says. Everything I did was in the past and then raise quick response as well. Even that sentence is in the past, everything is in the past and time does not forgive sins. Only christ does. I love that. And I love Ray how you push the moral code issue because that’s what people will go to. Well, as long as you’re a good moral person or as she said, if you have a moral code, what is that? What do you base that on right? What about if my moral code is different than your moral code. And but the reason why I like that is because people cannot kick against and their true heart of hearts, I think that the logic that has been put there by the Lord and I think that God by his spirit can use that. That’s my confidence. The conscience is there and the Lord does its work. And the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment to come. So all that sword fighting was to build up for the sword going into the heart of the matter, conscience amen. Well, friends, look, if you think Ray just went out there excitedly and thought, oh, I’m gonna go witness to some witches today, you’d be wrong. We’re not often excited to go out and share the gospel. It’s not the gospel evangelism aspect of the Gospel that we’re excited about. It’s the God of the Gospel. We know that he’s true, real alive and he gives us that power. And as Ray often says, we need to let love swallow our fears. So we hope today, you’ve been encouraged, the purpose of this program is to inspire you and equip you to go out and fulfill the great commission. So we pray today that that’s happened and that you’ll get out there. And as Ray said, trust in the Lord and his spirit. Thank you so much for joining us. We’ll see you here next time. On way of The Master. We hope this episode of Wave, the Master has inspired you to share the message of eternal life. You can watch our award winning movies such as the Atheist Delusion freely on our website, where you’ll also find articles, videos and audio messages, as well as books, Dvds, gospel tracts and other resources to help you share your faith biblically and effectively make sure to visit Living Waters dot com today.

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