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welcome to wave the Master as you can tell friends, I am one of those individuals who happens to be in full time ministry and that being the case, I’m often approached by other people who ask me, how do I get into full time ministry And more often than not, it kind of makes me smile because friends, if you’re a christian, if you profess, jesus christ as your savior, then you are in full time ministry tells us in second Corinthians chapter five that we are ambassadors for christ and God has given us the ministry of reconciliation. And so people have this notion that you have to be a missionary, a pastor, a television show co host in order to be in full time ministry. Listen, whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you’re a homemaker or you’re a mechanic or a plumber or a doctor or a lawyer, you can be used by God wherever you are. And today on the way the master along with me are my two co hosts who are proof that God can use anybody right. What scriptures say God uses the of the world, that could found the But guys, honestly, I’d like you to speak to that today, Why is it that people have this concept that they have to be a pastor or a missionary or someone who’s a natural in order to be in ministry. Well, that’s what the world says, right, we were looking for the most gifted person to hire for our job opening, we are looking for the most qualified person to marry, we’re looking for. I mean just go down the line, but God does choose the foolish things of the world. When somebody says, hey, I want to do what you do, how do I do that? And raise said it for years? You need to be faithful with the small things. Why is that? Because truth be told, there is no such thing as a small thing. That small thing is the biggest thing that God is interested. And when it comes to the most terrifying thing in the world of preaching the gospel, people want to find any excuse they can. And ray, one of the most common things we hear people say is I just don’t have the gift of evangelism. Yeah, I was thinking of that quote that someone once said, you don’t have to cross the sea to be a missionary, you just have to see the cross. And that is, that’s the truth. Once you’re seeing the cross, you’ve seen the love of God manifest, you realize that the gift of God is eternal life through jesus christ our Lord. That there are people who are sitting, not go anywhere sitting in the shadow of death to them. A lighter sprung up in christ So we’ve got to take the light of the glorious gospel to them. So, Um the analogy, I use that whole gifted thing. You’re so gifted. It’s like running up to a marathon runner who’s just broke the tape, 26 miles, you run up to him and say you were so gifted. It probably turned to and said, what are you talking about? This isn’t gifting. I worked hard to get to this place. I’ve been running 30 miles a week for years to build up this muscle, I’ve fallen over, I bruised myself. I’ve denied myself chocolate and milk shakes and all these chocolate cake. I’m getting carried away squirrel getting hungry to get to this point. And exactly the same applies uh, with those of us who are so called gifted when it comes to evangelism. It’s not gifting, it’s been hard work, it’s muscle, it’s falling over and hurting yourself and saying the wrong thing, putting your foot in your mouth until you get to a point where you’re confident in what you’re saying to people and that comes through practice the bible says, study to show yourself. Approved a workman that needs not be ashamed. So study on how to share the gospel practice on your dog practice and share practice in the mirror. Just practice what you preach until you’re ready to share with unsafe people Amen. And I think a lot of times the misconception comes from even what we find in scripture and Ephesians for it talks about the evangelist. So people look and say, well, I’m not an evangelist, but they miss what the purpose of the evangelist is. I mean paul says, and he himself self gave some to be apostles, some profits, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. A primary role of the evangelists like your A is to equip God’s people to fulfill the calling of reaching others with the gospel and we look all throughout scripture and the beautiful thing is that we see God using so many people moses wasn’t qualified to speak David. He was overlooked by samuels, one who could possibly be king. I mean, mary Magdalene had seven demons cast out of her and yet she was one of the first to see christ resurrected proclaiming. And so it’s important to know that. And so we want to look at a video. Now friends of how God can use just about anyone, even gnarly California dudes who used some interesting lingo and do some interesting things. My name is vic Murphy and for the last decade or so, I’ve been involved in a ministry using action sports as a way to bring the gospel to people around the world. The bible calls us ambassadors, we go and we share God’s message and to be able to go all around the world, different countries, different people groups and to share this message. There’s nothing more fulfilling for me in my life. God said he will use foolish things to confound the wise. There’s young people that are desiring to know who God is and desiring to know the truth. We have good news. There is a lot of ideas about how we share our faith, how we share the gospel. We have a tendency to not want to offend anyone to try and be relevant and that can be a trap, because sometimes when we fall into that, we leave the truth out and we don’t want to leave God’s truth out and the truth is that God is just and he is holy and he is perfect and his judgment is also just and holy and perfect, and anyone who has broken God’s law deserves death. We’ve sinned against him, we’ve broken his law and his wrath and the penalty that we deserve his death. And so we don’t want to leave that piece out. I think people get confused because they think that’s judging, but it’s not judging, it’s sharing truth and the good news is that God himself came down from heaven in jesus christ and took our punishment upon the cross. There is one that can bring hope and love and he never fails, Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life Jesus claimed that he was the only way to God. We as a team have been educated through Ray comfort his books, his material and their website, the videos they put out, they just really encourage me and I encourage all of my guys on my team to take advantage of the ministry and all of the educational tools that they have, just to learn how to better share our faith with the world. So it’s been a huge impact in my life and now it’s become a huge impact in the life of my team, using the law and the Gospel to present this message of salvation. It crosses all those boundaries, there’s no boundary, there’s no culture, there’s no economic status that cannot understand, it’s clear, it’s the way jesus used presenting that we’ve all broken God’s law, you know, God has a law, we’ll do a test, raise your hand if you’ve ever told a lie, you have admitted that you have broken God’s law. So if you died right now and stood before God, you would be guilty. But here’s the good news, jesus took the punishment we all deserve. It has been the easiest way to be able to clearly present the gospel around the world. You don’t need a BMX bike, you don’t need to travel the world, whatever you’re doing in life. Whether you’re a computer programmer, working at a grocery store, riding a skateboard, whatever it is, like God can use that in your life to be able to reach people with this message. We all have the opportunity today to share God’s love with our friends and our neighbors and our family and there is no higher calling. There’s no greater purpose than to share God’s love with the world. Mhm. Yeah. Did you guys see those crowds and, you know, what thrilled my heart as he’s preaching a Biblical gospel. I mean we we’ve seen, you know, crowds of people on television with televangelist all the time, but they’re not getting a biblical message. He’s preaching the gospel and I’m sure you guys remember vic was the guy who actually was our stunt double for the bike riding scene in audacity. Yeah, I learned something wonderful from him, pump the tires up on your bike me because they were down and there’s such a spiritual lesson there because you don’t realize that it’s becoming laborious to ride that bike, pump them up and it’s just like, so the way to get pumped, pumped up is just to read the word daily and to love God and serve them. And And one scene in there, I just saw a guy flying over the crowd 20 ft above everyone. Did you see that? Amazing. Amazing. But but what an example in light of what we’re talking about today being a person who is available to the Lord and desperate to see souls loss and you get creative ideas like that. Now Ray, you’ve been open air preaching for, is it 40 years now, Has it been about 45 years? And you have always been passionate fact one of our most common conversations is how can we get crowds? How can we get people to stop and listen to the gospel and so share with us some of the things you’ve done over the years. Crazy, crazy things and trying to get across funerals, mock funerals, uh, had one of those wheels is the, remember that wheel all sorts of stuff and nothing really works. The thing that’s worked better than anything else is trivia for the last 30 years. I’ve used trivia where you just ask trivia of strangers and give all the money when they get them right and it creates a good feeling and not everyone, I’m not saying everyone should do that. You know, some guys just stand there and preach and if they want to preach to nobody go ahead. But I like, I like preaching to people that are listening because I want to see people saved. And so the use of trivia has been wonderful for me. Um, the reason for that is for about 10 years I would go to the local square, people waiting and I’d stand up and I’d share an anecdote and that was always like a mountain for me. It was just like getting nervous. I changed my mind at the last second. Is this gonna work? Is it gonna hold their attention? But now it’s just trivia and anyone can do that, Get a crowd and then you go through the good person test and preach the gospel and it’s neat to see how the crowd is delighted by it. It’s like they’re, they’re enjoying it. It’s not like the complaint. What do you do? It’s like they enjoy it and then they’re open to hear the, remember how you and I went to sacramento with john and his wife a number of years ago and a crowd gathered within 30 seconds. They were giving away money. It was just just amazing. Yeah. And you know Mark Spence has borne the brunt of your escapades and trying to be creative. You dress them up as a gorilla. You put him in a straitjacket. Almost killed them in europe, Right? But but guys, yeah, yeah. He’s still recovering prey for Mark. But Mark speak to that creativity in the Gospel in a minute. You guys are gonna show a little bit of it here on set. But I think God is very creative and he’s past that creativity on to his Children. So listen, if it’s not sinful, use it, right? Do by all means when people, you know, So I think that we need to use the arts. I think that we can use music, We can do whatever it takes to try to reach the lost people say, well, isn’t the gospel enough. Well Ray hit it, right. I mean, draw the crowd not using sinful means, preach the gospel. And who just say God doesn’t want to use that to reach the law. I forgot about the gorilla. We called him link, didn’t we? It was the missing link was like 900 degrees in there. Mark. Yeah. We, I use that for three years at Huntington beach. I drag him along every set. Very big heavy gorilla suit. And I just got sick of all that here clinging gorilla used to take those stuff. Uh Butler. Yeah stuffed animals. Yes, that’s right. You know Spurgeon talked about that. He talked about how the world uses creativity and they use genius in order to do things. He says why can’t faith do that? He talked about the friends of the uh the paralytic. You know, they couldn’t get them in through the door. You know, they brought them down through the roof because they wanted to bring them to christ Yeah, when your friends let you down like elevators, elevators to let you down. Yeah. So guys, you have a little demonstration for us, Mark, you’ve you’ve been doing this for years and used to make these things as well. So so show us a little bit of and so so the idea is you show your hands empty and you pluck a light out of the air and then you kind of just play with it a little bit. Oh my goodness! I know how that’s done. We we got kicked out of a restaurant. Remember stop putting those on me. We were in a restaurant in Chicago and we were delighting, delighting all these patrons were going around from table to table and they just, they loved it. And then the manager showed up with a bouncer. He said what are you doing? He says I want you to leave right now. I said, Oh and all the guests got guests because the pastor got us. There was about 10 of us at the table. He says you can stay because the ching money. But Mark, I mean that that has drawn innumerable crowds for the first time. We did it, we blew it because we did it in las Vegas. Nobody noticed like billions of lights all around you just looking for All right, nobody’s noticing keep going, you’re doing great, love it, that’s great. But yeah, you know, sometimes people look at that say, oh come on, you guys are using gimmicks using this and that what we’re doing is we’re being creative for the sake of the Gospel and its biblical pulse. It by all means save some. And and that’s a new book that we’re working on at the moment. By all means how we can use our own talents. Even if we don’t have any uh to reach the lost. Yeah. And I think what christ alluded to is fitting being fishers of men, you know, being wise is a fisherman, you have to be wise, you got to use the right equipment, You gotta use the right bait and it’s it’s a means by which to break down the walls, break the ice and then bring the Gospel and Friends. That’s not the only way to do it. You don’t have to necessarily do that. It works well in the open air. But open air isn’t the only form of evangelism? You can also approach people which we do the majority of the time and share the gospel with them as you’ll see Ray comfort do in this clip, Dylan, do you believe in God’s existence all day? But I believe in God, so I believe I’m gonna go to heaven. Are you a christian? Yes sir. Have you been born again? No. You know what that means? Yeah, meaning like uh like away like I was in a like they stop believing and then we start start believing again. No, then I don’t know what it is. You’re a christian. You been born again? Um I do believe in rebirth, but have you been born again? Oh no, I don’t think so. I haven’t taken a detail like that. Well Jesus said you’ve got to be born again to enter heaven so you better get it worked out well, I know the difference between being a christian who’s born again and someone who’s not, it’s like the difference between wearing a parachute And not wearing a parachute when you jump 10,000 ft and say man I made a mistake, I should have been Putting that parachute on. So Jesus said in John Chapter three unless a man is born again, he’s not going to enter heaven. So it’s very important. Do you think you’re a good person? I know I’m a good person. How many lies have you told in your life? I mean I’m sure everybody in this world’s total, live once in time. So you have lied. Yes sir. Have you ever stolen something? Even if it’s small? No. Have you ever used God’s name in vain? I have actually. Okay. That’s called blasphemy. Using God’s name as a cuss word. It’s very serious, punishable by death in the old testament. It’s so serious. I know this is painful. It’s like a dentist probing probing for decay. Jesus said if you look with lust you commit adultery in the heart. Have you ever looked at a guy with lust in your whole life? Um Yeah, now Jesus said if you look at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery with her in your heart. If you ever looked at a woman with lust. Is that love lust? Sexual desire? Oh yeah. I got a girl. Of course. I look at my girls sexual desire all the time. Are you fornicating? What do you mean for having sex with? Yeah, you’re not married. No. So Jamal, you’ve told me that you’re lying, thieving blasphemous adulterer heart. And you have to face God on Judgment Day. If he judges you by the 10 commandments, you’re going to be innocent or guilty. I would be guilty or hell I would I will probably go I’ll probably go to hell. Does that does that concern you? Um I mean it conserves me, but I’ve done a lot in my lifetime that I’m very happy about try that in a court of law and you break civil law and said judge. I know I robbed the bank and shot a guard on the way out. But I’ve done some good things. So you’re in big trouble on judgment day. Can you see that? I guess so we do something bad happens in a way. What does it concern you that if you died today, you’d end up in hell? Oh no. If I die today, I know I did good, I did my deeds. Listen, if you try that in a court of law, say judge, you rob the bank. But I do good deeds. He’s gonna, he’s gonna say what’s your what’s your good deeds got to do with your crime? Good things are irrelevant when it comes to standing before a judge. And it’s the same with God. It doesn’t wash away your sins. So it may not concern you that you’re heading for hell, but it deeply concerns me. I really care about you and I’d hate you to go to hell. I’d be horrified. You know what God did? I don’t think the devil would want me on his team anyways, he’s got you on his team by the sound of it. You know what God did for guilty sinners. So he wouldn’t have to go to help. What’s that? Do you know? Do you understand the legal implications? No, Well, you and I broke God’s law. The moral law. The 10 commandments were heading for God’s prison, a place called Hell without parole. But Jesus stepped in and paid our fine. If you’re in court and summer page, you’ll find the judge can let you go. You can sell. It is guilty, but someone’s paid a fine. So she’s out of here. Well, God can let you live. He can commute your death sentence. He can dismiss your case, forgive your sins, wash away your crimes in an instant because Jesus paid the fine in the sliced blood on the cross, he cried out. It is finished. In other words, the debt has been paid. And then he rose from the dead and defeated. Death. Nothing to do with you being good. It’s all to do with God being merciful. Were criminals? Nothing we can do to save ourselves. It’s all of God’s mercy and his grace. Does that make sense? If you think I’m telling the truth? Yes. So if you repent and trust christ, you’ll be born again. New heart, new desires, and your love. Righteousness, doing that which is right. And you said before, you’re not born again, I’d love you to get born again today. Do you know what you need to do? You need to repent and trust christ, not your goodness. At the moment. You’re trusting your goodness. You said, I’m a good person. Transfer your trust from yourself to the savior. Does that make sense? Okay, so here’s the summation. If you were to die today, and God gave you justice, you’d end up in hell there are two things you have to do to be saved, repent and trust in jesus. When are you going to do that? Wait, You said, when am I going to do it? That’s what I said. When are you going to do that? Um, personally, when I feel like I’m ready, since I met you, 300, people have died worldwide. So this is more serious than a heart attack. So the bible says God commands all men everywhere to repent today. If you hear his voice, don’t harden your heart. We’re talking urgency. We’re saying this is where you’re going to spend eternity. So today is the day you should get right with God. Don’t put it off because tomorrow never comes. I just want to enjoy myself, carry on my sins. You’ll find that God is very, very holy And just and you’re by no means clear the guilty. So are you going to think about this? Yes, I will Ray, I saw those giant cue cards in Dylan’s glasses. You got to do a better job of hiding those right now. How did I know you would pick someone with cool big things in their ears and a girl with cool glasses and you always focus on that rate. But it makes for interesting television. I chase people that are weird. I would chase you if I saw Yeah, anytime I see someone with big hair or something funky coming out of their face? I know you’re gonna stop them, But but you know what a delightful interview that was. I have a question for you guys, and that comes out of the video. How in the world does someone go to church every week and not hear the Gospel mark? But what’s going on? They may be acquainted with their church, but they’re more acquainted with their sin, right? They or they’re maybe they’re going to church and the Gospel is not being properly proclaimed that there’s a tickling of the ears, but there’s no regeneration taking place and more than likely that’s not taking place because there’s no regeneration behind the pulpit, right? Let’s let’s just consider that for just a moment. So we need to be careful what church we do attend. You need to attend a bible believing church, ideally, you want to grab a hold of a church that’s gonna teach from genesis 11 to revelation 20 to 21 systematically what is going to expose it, God’s word and feed it to his people. Yeah. Ray, a lot of water down preaching from the pulpits today, I could put someone in that position where they go to church week after, we cannot hear the Gospel. Yeah, they feel comfortable in their sense that guy was fornicating, and when he says he was fornicating with his unclean language and calls himself a christian? Well, what sort of church does he go to? Does he hear sin, righteousness and judgment does he hear that character and nature of God expounded? So the fear of God fills his heart. Obviously not because he’s holding onto his sins and not seeing his danger. Now we saw him quite flippant to start with. But as you progressed in the encounter, he started to get a little more serious. Do you see that as a common thing with people? As you start to bring the while? Absolutely yeah, they mark and laugh at this in and then suddenly when they realize that death is evidence that God is serious about since we have the death sentence, most people don’t realize that death is wages given to us by God. In the same way a criminal will be given a wage of the electric chair by a judge who’s just sentenced him to because of his crime. That’s his wage. That’s what he deserves. That’s what he’s earned. And we’ve earned death from God. That tends to bring a sobriety when people hear that because they never think what is death, what causes deaths? It’s crazy. It’s like there’s this great elephant in the room that nobody talks about and it’s stomping on all of us and nobody talks about it. So it’s good to talk about it. We live in a world that is constantly trying to block out the fact that we are on our way to our grave rail level? We always say every one of our heartbeats as the drum beat our own funeral march. It’s not original. I got that from a preacher. So you stole it. Okay, We’ll note that. Uh, yeah. And you know that that’s the thing. It’s, it’s that we try to put off the fact that death is coming friends. We want to be reminded of how imminent death is and its significance and here to share that with us as pastor Philip DeCourcy. This was shot in the land of Israel. Some say that john Lennon was a dreamer. Others believe that he was a musical genius and a great peacemaker. Still others say he was a very bitter man. Whatever you think of, john Lennon, you have to admit that he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. What a tragedy that he was struck down by a madman in the prime of his life. Just before his death, john Lennon had said, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. He had been busy making plans for a musical comeback when fate dealt a fatal blow. Leaving a generation with a lot of memories and a lot of music, Death can sneak up on us and take us when we’re not looking, Death is no respecter of persons or their plans. Death is an appointment. We all must keep such thoughts should sober us and show us that we desperately need help. No man is truly ready to live until he’s ready to die. That’s why we must trust the one who said of himself, I am the resurrection and the life, Wow, no man is truly ready to live until he’s ready to die. And I know that was a huge shock for you back in the day because you lived in the era of the Beatles and guys like John Lennon seemed untouchable. You know, and yet we see the reality of death. You always quote 10 out of 10 die. It’s the ultimate that people need to come to grips with. And speaking about ray creativity wise, you made a movie about john Lennon’s life. Remember what we call that? Um, one of the movies was called 1 80 people come up to me and say you’re the 1 80 guys. So we called this one genius, hoping that people would come up to me and say you’re the genius. The genius didn’t work. Well, we also have what we called the fool, right? Yes, that’s about the pool guy. Yeah. Well, you know, speaking of that, john Lennon, I mean we, we made that movie and I remember one time I was on a plane and I’ll sit next to this young man shared the gospel with them and I reached into my bag to pull out an audacity DVD, I brought this would be fitting and I pull it out and I say, hey, have you and I look and it was actually the genius DVD about john Lennon, and I’m like, this guy’s never heard of the Beatles. I mean, come on, I go, hey, um you ever heard of the Beatles? He goes, oh man, I’m a huge Beatles fan. No, I’m an insane Beatles fan. I go, hey bro, let it be, let it be all you need is love right now. I didn’t do that, but it was, no, but but he was this huge Beatles fan. And uh, and the, the way the Lord orchestrated that, again, that lends itself to what we’re talking about today. Being creative for the Gospel. Yeah. And and and being passionate to reach the lost Mark quickly share with us one of the most creative encounters you’ve had for the Gospel. I sat next to a guy who just finished winning a gold medal in the olympics. I mean, that’s pretty remarkable. And he was telling me how he came from a lifestyle that I was not gonna be too keen on, and I didn’t even address it. And I still went through the Law and the Gospel by the time we were landing the plane, he looked at me and he goes, I know what I need to do, That’s pretty remarkable. That’s awesome. Yeah. You know, exciting encounters for the Gospel. And as I often tell people, look, you’re living a boring life, you’re you’re living a life with no adventure. You want the adventurous life become a christian, not because it’s fun and full of all kinds of, you know, good feelings, but because you’re gonna be used by the God of the Universe. You’re gonna be an instrument in his hand. And that’s adventure in the midst of the fear and the anxiety. And you’re going to experience adventure and joy because you’re being used as an instrument by the Lord and Ray. We’ve seen that with you, Mark. We’ve seen that with you. I’ve experienced it in my own life and maybe you’re watching today. And you’re saying, yeah, I guess. But I’m scared. Listen, we exist as a ministry to inspire and equip christians to fulfill the great commission. So allow us to help you do that. Help us to help you and check out what we have available through our ministry. We’re so excited that you’re watching that you’re tuning in. But we encourage you to recognize that it’s God who uses us. He does use the foolish things of the world, so yield yourself and be an instrument in his hand. Thank you so much for joining us. We look forward to seeing you again next time here on the way, The Master, we hope this episode of Wave The Master has inspired you to share the message of eternal life. You can watch our award winning movies such as the Atheist delusion freely on our website where you’ll also find articles videos and audio messages as well as books, Dvds, gospel tracts and other resources to help you share your faith biblically and effectively make sure to visit Living Waters

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