Heroic Faith – Part 1

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Throughout human history civilizations have erected monuments to their heroes or recorded in some written form the exploits of their human champions. To some extent that is normal since every age brings with it challenges and tests for which a human hero is sought if not needed.

In our modern culture the athlete is glorified, the entertainer idolized, and the politician who promises us greatness once again is vainly worshipped.

Yet, in the Bible God divinely records brief histories of men and woman who when challenges came to them stood tall for God and in faith did great exploits. God acknowledges and records these histories for our benefit, encouragement, and edification. These were true heroes.

We will spend the next three TV programs looking into the lives of some stalwarts of faith chosen by the Lord to challenge us today and encourage us in our walk of faith. In this program we will look at Joshua.

Stay tuned as Sam and Isaac consider the important theme, “Heroic Faith”.

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