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Bible Capsule of today…Psalm 84:4-5,10 1st day of 21 day Prayer Journey .



. Welcome to our bible capsule of today. We are reading from psalm 84 verse four and five blessed are those who dwell in your house, they are ever praising you, Blessed are those whose strength is in you whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. Today we start our prayer journey of 21 days. Yes pray the blessings upon our lives upon our families, our communities, our our nation and every day there’s a special verse for a blessing upon our lives. And I was amazed last night as I sent the calendar. If you have not received it. Looking up on my social media people connecting pastors calling out their congregations to pray during this journey. These blessings, it’s a little different prayer. I mean we are a blessed nation and we are called to bless honey. What do you have to say about this? Hello nice to be here with my wife and two reach you through the capsules of the day. I believe that this is this is the right time and for car the families the church and all the people that are that are part of this ministry to prayer. The situation is not easy. Uh There’s troubles all over the world, fears are in the homes in the minds of people of other people or youth or kids of everybody. I mean people are full of fear that’s all they hear from on the T. V. On the news. They don’t hear good news. All they hear is fear about the covid 19 about the pandemic and we have to be strengthened. The prayer prayer strengthens our inner man and this is what we really need. We need prayer. So our inner man will be strengthened through prayer. Prayer will change environments. Prayer will change families. Prayer will change what can be changed because uh prayer brings about The will of God to our to our lives and that’s why so, so so necessary for this time for this time of the year to start with prayer, 21 days of prayer. So be part of this minister of this journey of prayer every day with a different verse and pray for the nations and for the families of the church. So the church would be revived. Yeah. And today’s prayer is the blessing of being in the sanctuary in the church inside a building that is dedicated to God. You know, there’s people that all over the world, they just when they look for a church and even though if there’s not a service, you just go in there. You sit down, there’s something about the presence of God in in the sanctuary and and like my husband was saying in the other bible capsule in spanish when we connect as a body right honey as we connect, we encourage each other. We have one of our members in texas. He’s on dialysis and you know, he’s very high risk. So he has asked us if we could put the sound system outside so he can hear the service. He just comes because he knows he has found the blessing that is coming to congregate in the presence of God. The blessing of those who dwell in his house. And then verse 10 on that same uh Som says, better is one day In your courts than 1000 elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God that dwell in the tents of the wicked. It is so beautiful to be in the House of God. So today, I mean pray that over your Children, over your spouse, over the church. People don’t lose your love to congregate in the center where there’s a special blessing there for us, right honey. And we’re gonna close with any closing thoughts. Going to church is important because the body of christ. It’s a mystery about the body of christ. When when you go to church, you find people and you find encouragement. You find strength. You find you find joy when you see people, people that are part of your life of your spiritual life. This is why the bible calls us to congregate to go to church. Church is the right place for people to go. May. The peace of God that surpasses all human understanding. Guard your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord piece

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