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Ep 86 – Rainbow Grace



Hi there Tom Harris and Vicki with it’s all greek to me and today we want to look at first Peter chapter four verse 10 on God’s Rainbow Grace. Now it kind of follows the first program we did in Matthew 9 35 to 38 on the holistic gospel of jesus because Rainbow Grace is talking about the pressures in our life, the problems in our lives, the people in our life and how God gives us exactly what we need to deal with every situation. Let’s jump in. Go into this study as Vicki and I discuss uh first Peter chapter four, verse 10 on Rainbow Grace. Hi there Tom and Vicky with it’s all greek to me again. And today we are gonna look at God’s Rainbow Grace and I called it God’s Rainbow Grace because of first Peter chapter four, verse 10, the word cheekily, which is uh a variegated, many colored like like joseph’s many colored coat. And we’re just gonna look at some of these passages where God speaks of uh, this kind of Grace, like for instance, strengthening gifts I have here. First Corinthians 12 verse four. Vicky’s gonna read these in a moment. Speaking gifts Ephesians 4, 11. And then serving gifts, romans 12. Uh really it’s the whole chapter, but let’s just go to the first Corinthians passage first. So Vicky, why don’t you read those first few verses the first four through seven In first Corinthians 12, verses four through 7. Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same spirit and there are varieties of ministries and the same lord and there are varieties of effects but the same God who works all things in all persons. But to each verse seven also, but to each one is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good. What a fabulous passage of scripture here three times. God gives us this word right here. The edis is from the a through reaching across an intensifying and the old man making a personal choice, God’s uh choice to impart his sovereign endowments on grace to his people for them to reach out across to others as his hand extended. And the edis is, he talks about varieties of grace. Endowments are never determined by people and our and uh and they’re never earned. You can turn them the edis is and this is the end of it is. The distributions are grace enable mints from the Lord for his people to carry out his plan particularly administering to the body of christ. And there are three of them that are mentioned, one for the father, one for the sun and one for the Holy Spirit. And I want to just identify these in these places. And we’re gonna go back now to the passage that we had from before with our with with our uh the beginning uh slide that that we showed you, which was to um look at this rainbow grace from God. I just want to set it up correctly here here we are. And so the strengthening gifts, the first Corinthians uh 12 to 4 verse four there which deals with the Father. That passage deals with the father. Then the speaking gifts, which is the Ephesians 4 11 that some jesus christ gave to some apostles and prophets, evangelists and pastor teachers. They’re all speaking gifts there To equip the saints to do the work of serving to the building up of the body of Christ and then the serving gifts in Romans 12, The Holy Spirit. These are these are gifts uh that uh that are given Harris Mata, okay, in order to be able to serve the rest of the body and there’s seven of them mentioned there. So I started with this rainbow Grace because God is intending in each of these as it says here in verse seven, but to each one is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good. It those gifts are not for each of us individually to say I have this gift or you have that gift, it is for us to serve one another in love and to be able to see the body of christ grow as we serve our gifts. Now we did this whole series uh probably, I don’t know, uh 57 months ago on on maybe it was longer on carries the five greek words associated with grace. And I’ll let you talk about this for a few minutes because it deals with the gifting something that you said though just before was that we don’t decide which gift we’re going to get right. And we should never be jealous because somebody has a different gift. God made that choice, right. And he knew our personality and our life who we would meet and he so specializes things in each one of our lives. And I think in the body of christ you know, we should should be careful not to compare but compare what God has given to us and say, I’m thankful Lord that I have this gift because we complement. You know, I’ll never forget one time jimmy durante um he was talking about two guys. He was playing, he was playing the piano for the for the soldiers. And there were two soldiers that were in the audience who also played the piano. One could play with his left hand. The other could play with his right hand. And they had lost their arms. So they were able to play the piano. But they were complimenting what they knew the music for the other the other hands, but they weren’t able to do it themselves. So the other person was the left hand and and the one was the right hand. And just this is the way God has put us in the body together so that each of us do our part to minister to the whole body. So I’ll let you go from there. So hotties Grace is unmerited favor extended and Harry’s Omae is forgiveness. that comes flowing out of this Grace. We need the Grace of God to forgive. And we want to have that kind of forgiveness from God that it wipes our slate totally clean. And we’re beginning again a new every morning. In fact, it says that in Ephesians four where it says the way God the father forgave us, we now must forgive the other person. Don’t don’t let any bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and evil speaking be it says be put away from you, let all of that be put away and be kind to one another tenderhearted forgiving each other. And that’s the word in that passage in verse 31 32 forgiving each other even as God for christ’s sake has forgiven you. So he becomes the example because of his grace forgiving us because of his shed blood. We now can can extend that forgiveness to the other people that have offended us. That’s that’s a beautiful word there. And then the third one is Karisma, which is gift that comes from grace. Yes, you take the last two, Horah is joy because of grace and everybody stable stable is thankful for grace. Thanksgiving really from our hearts to the Lord. And we we have gone through this before and I love this study because we know it’s all rooted in the grace that comes from God himself. Yeah, yeah. Next we have the passage that we want to look at today, which is first peter 4 10. And uh, and I just read this as each cast owes. And that is so important. You’re gonna see how important this word is as each gastos uh, as each one has received a special gift Karisma employed in serving one another as good stewards. And that is the word colo’s Economos of the manifold grace of God peekskill is. That’s where the p kilos rather that’s where the title to the message comes from. Rainbow Grace of God. Whoever speaks lalo, it is to is to do it as one who is speaking the utterances of God whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength is his, which God supplies uh, from jorge Yellow comes from, which is somebody who provides uh for a dance actually the word in modern greek for dances churros and he provides the music, he provides the food, he provides the dancing, He provides the dance hall he was referred to in ancient days as a, who provided everything. And here God says that God supplies. And that’s the word he uses so that in all things God may be glorified through jesus christ, to whom belongs the glory and the Dominion forever and ever. And I just want to focus on the word, I mean, he could have used the word pass for uh each and all of us, but he uses the word which which is so unique. We’re gonna look at this in a little bit. And this here to me is how God provides his rainbow grace. He talks about this word piccolo’s rather properly of various kinds diversified manifold grace. He also uses it in the scriptures in very various ways. So Vicki pick up that how in Vincent the commentator uses this literally meaning variegated or many colors. It is used to describe the skin of a leopard, the different colored vein ng of marble or an embroidered robe and passes into the meaning of change fel or diversified. It’s applied to the changing months or the variations of a strain of music. The word gives a vivid picture of diversity emphasizing this idea rather than that of their number. Now. The thing that I want to show you about the verse is how God says that he calls this. And we’re gonna look at the various adjectives, but he calls this manifold grace of God. The p kilos Grace of God. The, the variegated Grace of God. Grace of God does not come in one color. The grace of God is like a prism, you turn it every which way and it just sparkles every time you look at it. The grace of God is many. There are many aspects to the grace of God and we’re gonna look at them in this program today. Uh, Vicki Vicki pick it up here and where it talks about this throughout the new testament. The variegated or the many colored grace. And the word various is the various is the one we’re looking at those suffering with various diseases and pains. Those who were ill with various diseases. Same same word who were sick with various diseases. They brought them to him, Led on by various impulses, always learning and the rest is never able to come to the knowledge of the again, it’s always showing a variety of many. It could be five, it could be 10, it could be 15. Just a variety of sicknesses, a variety of impulses deceived, enslaved to various less and pleasures and wonders by various miracles and by gifts. How many miracles did jesus do? How many wonders did he do? I mean literally hundreds go ahead to be carried away by varied and strange teachings. When you encounter various trials. Now, this is important because it uses the word p kilos for various trials, but it also uses that same word for various grace. Yes. So God provides the grace for the trials that we go through. It’s a beautiful thought. Pick it up from Peter having been distressed by various trials. So that okay, and then first peter 4, 10 and good stewards of the manifold grace of God. So even in the book of Peter as we’re looking at this one verse, we see in chapter one verse six, the various trials. We see in chapter four, verse 10 the various grace manifold grace. So it’s almost like you have to read the bible as a whole. You have to read the books of the bible as a, the whole. You have to read the bible in order to see that One thing says trials, but the other thing says Grace. The other verse says Grace. And you have to, you know, balance it off and realize that what this says is complemented and completed by what this says. And that’s what we’re showing you here today. One of the two main dispensations of God in regard to Grace. Well, there’s old testament. The Law. There’s the new testament. God’s amazing Grace. God’s amazing Grace. What are the different contrasts of Grace? Well, there’s law versus Grace in john one, there’s works versus grace and romans four. And we’re just going through this now. Now, these are the, some of the uh versus that deal with the word fullness of Grace play Roma. Uh, it’s an overwhelming Grace that God gives. And I’m gonna let Vicki just pick these verses out for of his fullness. Played aroma we have received and Grace upon Grace. So in other words, it’s words, it defines what this play aroma of jesus christ was so dr zodiac bodies. Our mentor explain this for us and he was shaking what he was doing, remember that I do? So what did you explain this verse two? He said to me? You know, the greek? And I’m like, what is he goes, what is the word I’m looking for? And I was I absolutely didn’t know. So then it was hotties, Grace, auntie hotties. Yes. So Grace equal to enough for all the Grace you’ll ever need. So that word upon in this, in this context and john 1 16. Grace upon Grace. Grace for Grace. Grace equal to Grace. Grace in place of Grace. Uh Andy Grace. Andy Grace. The word the preposition A. N. T. I means uh we say it in modern greek uh Andy after, you know, in place of this, take that you use it in modern it’s a modern word that’s used. But here in terms of grace dr zodiac explained to us that you get grace for grace, you get grace in place of Grace, you get grace equal to grace. So it never changes. So the fullness the toma was having grace nonstop. It was tonight. Um Continual. And that’s what jesus christ provided. Uh pick up the romans 13 and move on romans 13 10. Love doesn’t does no wrong to a neighbor. Therefore, love is the fulfillment aroma of the law. Alright, so the fulfillment played um a means to fulfill. Okay, Ephesians 4 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God. To a mature. Tell us man to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of christ, the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of christ, the aroma of christ the fullness of him. And then it uses that same fullness colossians 1 19. It was the father’s good pleasure. All the fullness to dwell in jesus. And of course we already have the definition Grace upon grace, which is the fullness of jesus for. And then colossians 29 for in him all the fullness of deity, not only as a man, a perfect man, but deity dwells in bodily soma Ticos form. So here as a man, jesus christ was God in the flesh as a man. All the fullness of the deity, meaning everything that is God and who is God is jesus christ himself. And so Vicki take this down hardy’s another feminine noun from har favor disposed to or inclined favorable toward leaning toward to share a benefit. Stop right there. And that’s really what graces before we go on any further in the definition behind us, it is leaning towards it is extending your love towards. It. Is extending your mercy towards. It. Is extending your your compassion towards it is giving your grace towards, it’s not turning your back, it’s turning your face to bless and not to condemn. Let’s move on with the next one, john 1 14. I would love for you to read this whole thing and the word became flesh and dwelt among us. And we saw his glory glory as of the only begotten from the father full of grace and truth, john testified about him and cried out saying this was he of whom I said, he who comes after me has a higher rank than I. For he existed before me. For of his fullness. We have all received and Grace upon grace. That’s the key thought in that whole passage keep going. For the law was given through moses, Grace and truth were realized through jesus christ. No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten god who is in the bosom of the father. He has explained him. So we have we have these other adjectives for grace, abundant grace in Acts 4 33. Full of grace and power in Acts 68. Acts 7 10 gives us the word favor instead of grace. It uses favor, granted him favor and wisdom in Acts 2024 it’s described as the gospel of the grace of God. In romans 5 20 the law came in so that the transgression would increase. But where sin increased grace abounded more and more. You see the various colors. You see the variegated grace. You see the the the rainbow grace that we started with. This is what you have all these adjectives. The Gospel of the grace of God. Uh because the grace of God is his death, his burial and his resurrection, it is his birth, It is his life, it is his death, it is his burial, it is his resurrection. And then romans 5 20. The law came in so that the transgression would increase. But where sin increased. Grace abounded is a three word compound hyper and above. Betty all around Betty’s s evo, which is to overflow and all the more. And so that’s what this Grace of God is. Pick it up from there, Vicky! That’s a good word, love. It. Great is my confidence in you. Great is my boasting on your behalf. I am filled with comfort. I am overflowing paris steve. Oh, there it is! Again. It was only used twice with joy in all our affliction. And you just did the definition beyond. And petty Savo abundantly exceeding properly beyond what already exceeds like ultra super abounds. So the last thing here is beyond abundance is perhaps the most emphatic intense word in the greek language and occurs twice in the new testament. Petty several. I mean, it just you can’t you can’t say any more than that. Uh it just overflows. Super hyper overflowing and and coming out and romans 5 21 so that as sin reigned and that even so Grace would reign through righteousness. Grace is raining through righteousness. We are not under the law. We are under Grace, romans 6, 14 2nd Corinthians 4 15. The bible talks about the fact that this Grace is spreading to more and more people. And uh second Corinthians 9 14, surpassing follow Grace. Uh, The Grace of God follow from hyper hyper rather beyond above. And Vallo to throw uh, just fantastic images of what Grace is. My Grace is RKO sufficient. So it’s sufficient. Grace. Listen, if you’re wondering if you’re good enough, you’re not, we’re bad. We’re sinful. But God’s Grace is sufficient for our sin, For our Brokenness for our trouble. That’s what it’s saying here. Galatians 2 21. I do not nullify the Grace of God. You can’t nullify the grace of God because if righteousness comes through the law, christ died needlessly, why don’t you read these? Three verses, Galatians 54. You have been severed from christ you who are seeking to be justified by law. You have fallen from Grace. Ephesians 16 to the praise of the glory of His Grace, which he freely bestowed on us in the beloved And Ephesians 17. In Him We have redemption through his blood. The forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of his. Now, you see here the glory of his Grace in Ephesians 16. You see here the riches of his Grace in Ephesians 17 again. And uh, and then Ephesians 28. For by Grace. We have been saved through faith, not of ourselves. It’s a gift of God. It just goes on. It gets better and better and better. We’ve got a couple more minutes read these. If indeed, you have heard of the stewardship of God’s Grace, which was given to me for you. So it refers to it as uh, economia of God’s grace. The stewardship of God’s Grace. So the gift of God’s Grace and Ephesians 37. This is an encouragement for anybody who does ministry that God will supply for you extra grace in every situation because you may need supernatural wisdom. Obviously you’re gonna need supernatural grace and God gives that to us. So we never have to fear when God asked us to do something in life. You know, I used to be frightened when I first became a christian. I’m not that kind of personality. I’m not like that. I don’t like to do those things. I don’t like to speak in public. I’m I’m not that way. But God’s Grace gives us the strength and the gift from him to be sensitive and say God, this person, how am I gonna reach this person? How am I going to help them? This Rainbow grace that we have is coupled with in Philippians 12 with peace. And then in uh in colossians 16, The Grace of God. In truth, colossians 46. Let your speech always be with Grace colossians 46 says, Let your speech always be with Grace. So now God can touch our lips, can touch our mouth, can touch our very tongue and give us grace the grace of christ the fullness of the grace of christ so that we will be seasoned as it were with saul so that we will know how we should respond to each person, heavenly grace coming through our mouth because of jesus christ. And then a second thessalonians 2 16. Some other things he couples it with go ahead Vicki now Mayor Lord jesus christ himself and God our father who has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace. So we got good hope by grace. First timothy 12 to timothy my true child in the faith Grace, Mercy and peace. There are the three sisters you know together now Grace Mercy and peace from God the father and the Lord jesus christ. Uh second timothy 2 21. Be strong in the grace that is in christ, jesus all of these verses which I call rainbow Grace and God bless you. You need to take the grace of God and live in the grace of God.

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