Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

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Bible Capsule of today…Mathew 5:8
Prayer Journey Day #10



Welcome to our Bible capsule of today we are really from Matthew chapter five verse eight, Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God a pure person, a clean heart. You know, my dad would always have one of his favorite verses in proverbs 423 of all things guard your heart because from there is where your life flows. And really a pure heart is a piece is connected with God. What’s a pure heart? How can I have a pure heart? A pure heart is one that it’s always fair to do. What’s pleasing to God that your priority is to be in connection with what you know about God. It’s not having grudges, it’s living a peaceful life. It’s it’s going towards the heart towards your neighbor, towards your family. A forgiving heart. A heart that it’s pure has no accusations heart that is pure. It’s the heart that no unclean thing can take over your heart and from your heart comes to thoughts. So from your heart, your purity, you have pure of mind. That’s what we continue to have the mind of christ. You know, my mom still in her 90s, she would tell me ruth. I am so sweat piece because in my heart I have no grudges against anyone. I thank God because I can’t say I have something against anyone. My heart is pure. That is so important when my husband went through all the transplants. I mean it was three months of different procedures and I got all his medical records. I had him there about this much paper in a notebook, a binder and as you read through and his heart was stable again and his heart was stable and again and his heart was stable. Why? Whenever there’s a treatment, whenever you’re going to do something, when you go to any type of surgery, your paws your heart rate, it’s so important for any procedure for HP. Okay. And that’s the same thing with the pure heart. You know, I always ask God because people hurt you. There’s words that are said that are hurtful actions. Some people, not everybody loves us and we can’t change that, but guard your heart, guard your heart. You know, there’s things that you can’t even explain. There’s things in ministry. Especially ministers, they’re so misunderstood. They don’t know the harsh and the times of decisions and and and how much burden a minister has to carry responsive. Especially during this time of crisis with Covid 19. But Lord guard our hearts. We want pure hearts. Oh Lord, that’s our prayer. Let our hearts be pure. Let our hearts be clean. Let our hearts be connected. We want to see Lord. The way to see the Lord is pure heart. So today, as we do this 21 day prayer journey. Today is # 10, a good prayer. I want a pure heart. Lord, I want a pure heart. I’m gonna be blessed with that. Pure heart May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God your heart and mind in christ jesus our Lord piece.

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