Helping Your Daughter Embrace Her Inner Beauty – Scarlet Hiltibidal


As a girl and young woman, Scarlet Hiltibidal struggled with feeling beautiful, accepted and loved. Her mom was a well-known actress with lots of admirers; Scarlet felt plain by comparison. In this interview, she shares stories from her teen years such as her dad finding her “hottie” list where she identified cute boys at school, and the time she bought a dog tag so she could be like another girl she admired. She also shares about her eating disorder in college and how she realized she needed to confess what was going on in order to experience God’s healing. In this interview, Scarlet will help educate parents about the beauty- and body-obsessed mindset that many teen girls adopt. She’ll give insights and advice to parents on how to help their daughters counter negativity and know their identity in Christ.

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