Did a Giant Asteroid Kill off the Dinosaurs?

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Eric and Paul discuss the extinction of dinosaurs, as well as aliens.



The following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God quest ministries from the C. T. N. Studio in Pensacola florida. This is the creation today’s show with Erica vin and paul taylor and we’ve got a packed show today. We’re gonna be talking about whether or not a giant asteroid killed off all the dinosaurs. That should be fun to find out about. We’re going to be learning about earth’s magnetic field, Glad we have that and we’re going to be talking all about aliens and UFOs and what they are. So the show is going to be out of this world just so you know, we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail and were not ashamed to say so. So thanks for joining us. We’ll be back right after this. Mm hmm. Welcome back to Creation today. We’ve got a couple announcements for you if you have not heard we are doing a proof of God conference in Orlando florida in let’s see second weekend of october So if you’re available to hang out with the big rats down there in Orlando, you know who that is right. Mickey mouse called him the big rat, come on down and join us for the proof of God conference, gonna have some great speakers there, aren’t we? It’s going to be great, I’m afraid mickey mouse is not speaking at the conference. No, but there’s gonna be some absolutely first rate speakers and then there’ll be you and me as well. That’s correct. We’ve got carl Kirby from reason for hope ministry. That’s right. We’ve got Mark Spence from Living Waters dot com and citing Bruggen cate of proof that God exists dot org along with paul, Taylor and myself and several other creation is going to be there talking about the proof of God, How do we defend our faith? So looking forward to doing that in Orlando Also, we’re moving forward with this genesis series project. That’s very, very exciting indeed. Where we’re going to be having an animated film which is going to be in three D animation of the first three chapters of genesis. That’s going to be great. Really going to be incredible. You can check that out at genesis series dot com and of course the proof of God conference can be checked out at proof conference dot com. And of course while we’re talking about proof of God then we should mention that of course there is going to be the DVD series which hopefully maybe available by then or soon after at least. So that’s gonna be very exciting as well with a very interesting speaker on that on that program called eric Hovan. So we’re like we’re writing and developing right now. The proof of God’s small group curriculum coming next year. So looking forward to that. Well, we’ve got several questions here. I want to get into. First question is from James James, thanks for writing into creation today. He says, I was reading the yahoo news and saw that scientists have confirmed that a giant asteroid hit the earth and killed off the dinosaurs. They say that they have evidence, what do you make of it? Just wondering what your take would be I think almost before we start to go into the details of what they what any particular news story might say it’s worth commenting on the use of language isn’t it? Like a vague suggestion or an idea from somebody becomes a realistic possibility. Eventually confirmation that they’ve definitely got it definitely got it. Does that mean they’ve sent some cameraman back through through a doctor who Tardis or something. That’s a british tv references. But have they taken film of the actual meteorite hitting the have seen the cartoon, the cartoon version of it? Yes. Yes. So I mean that proves that you saw that meteorite that proves it is. Yeah, but that’s exactly what’s what’s happening here is you have individuals that are making a slight suggestion this could have to somebody else taking taking that suggestion and saying it probably did too by the time it hits the news media saying they’ve confirmed it this has happened. This is really what’s taking place. And that’s a far cry from the way it is. And of course if you look at the sort of science news you’ll know that not every evolutionist even believes this these days. The idea hasn’t been around very long anyway. Obviously I’m very, very old and I remember I remember that when I was at school they didn’t teach this because this idea hadn’t been developed then it was developed in the early 19 eighties. So when I was at school this idea hadn’t come about they thought I was actually taught a number of things. One was I was taught that dinosaur eggshells must have started to become very thin. So these nasty little mammals must have come along and eating the eggs. But another one was that all the all the dinosaurs had starved to death. Still another idea was that actually had over eaten and so the last dinosaur died of a huge amount of wind because it had eaten far too much. That’s what I heard the latest one was the scientist from India suggesting that they have killed themselves off because of their own flatulence causing the methane to be just an enormous amount on planet earth and it created the greenhouse effect and it heated up the earth and the dinosaurs just couldn’t stand the heat Jurassic park. They were roaring Yeah. Well what made the dinosaurs go extinct? We hear that question all the time. I don’t even like the question. We’ll get to the comment idea. But the question has some assumptions in it. What we often refer to as pre suppositions that they’re assuming something just by asking the question, I mean how do they even know that dinosaurs actually are extinct. That’s a very good question. I mean I suspect that they possibly are. I mean, I’ve never seen one person I don’t have or not. So you know, I’ve seen pictures of ones that people claim are dinosaurs and I’m going interesting stuff. Yeah, exactly. And it’s fascinating and I’m really not prepared to say that dinosaurs actually are extinct. As I said, I’ll be, I’ll go so far as to say. I think they probably are. I haven’t seen any, but if they have gone extinct, it’s only fairly recently, you know, you can certainly find historic accounts of people having seen what they might refer to as dragon’s even as recently as 200 years ago, there’s an account of, of a Civil war battle. Um, sorry, I should make clear english civil war battle or not not the american civil, the english civil war battle. The battle has sent Fagan’s, which although it is in the english civil war actually took place in Wales and after the battle in which there are a lot of people dead on the battlefield. There are some eyewitnesses who wrote about it at the time who reckon that there’s large, huge bird without feathers. As dragon type things swooped over the battlefield and was sort of, it was obviously carry an eating thing, was having Phil of dead bodies. They’re rather gruesome story, but the description sounds very like a pterodactyl type, you know, it’s very interesting. I met a woman after hearing after hearing reports of a pterodactyl type animal in kenya of africa, I met a woman in the airport and she’s from kenya and I said, hey, I just got, I got a question, I have heard reports of big bat like creatures, pterodactyls. Um, have you heard of those? She’s like, oh yeah, they’re over there and she talked about it as if it was normal everyday stuff. It wasn’t a crazy thing. I believe they call it conga motto. And here’s what’s interesting, the people over there say conga mottoes, favorite thing to eat is dead, rotting human flesh. And if you bury somebody, you have to bury him very deep in the ground because otherwise can tomato will come dig them up and eat them. It makes sense of course the, this side of the atlantic, you’ve got the native american accounts about the funding of course and so on, which were not necessarily sort of little rockets and airplanes with the middle’s falling out. No, a large animal that fell from the sky, they said because it got struck by lightning was the legend of the thunderbird. Absolutely, Which is absolutely fascinating. So, you know, the idea of dinosaurs dying out. In fact, the word dinosaur was invented to describe a class of large, unknown previously unknown creatures that were no longer around. So talk about why they died out. It’s actually a bit of tautology, that’s what the word was invented to describe. But you know, there’s this idea that there was a meteor, a meteorite, a large meteor hitting the earth causing an enormous amount of dust that killed off all the animals, all the dinosaurs. But somehow the really sensitive animals, like butterflies and frogs. They survived. They made it through that, which is absolutely incredible. Isn’t that is pretty funny. So, this idea of an asteroid hitting in the yucatan of yucatan peninsula, tomato, tomato And how you say, how do you say tomato? Okay, I’m sorry, I don’t know how it’s pronounced. I know that there’s this word beginning with with a Q. Or something that I make in mexican place that I can. The point is that it’s very circumstantial. And what they’ve done is they’ve looked at that they’ve got what they think is the answer and they’ve tried to find the evidence to fit it, which is not scientific research. Not at all. And that’s the problem. They’re again, they’re coming at it from their own presuppositions what they already believe. We’ve mentioned several times. The book dire dragons on the new one by Vance nelson, which does a great job of covering dinosaurs throughout history with mankind. It’s impossible for a couple of reasons for an asteroid to kill them because the asteroid they say was millions of years ago. The earth isn’t millions of years old and second they’ve always lived with man as is very, very evident. Alright, we’ve got more questions to talk about right after this. Mhm. A okay, mm hmm. Okay. A mm hmm. Welcome back You’re watching Creation today with me paul Taylor and with eric Hovan We’ve just been talking about dinosaurs and it’s fascinating topic. Absolute. And we keep coming back to dinosaurs. It’s worth keep coming back to dinosaurs because it’s so important. And it’s a question that lots of people have because just about probably 95% of kids in America at least grow up in the school system. Learning about dinosaurs. And the first thing they learn about dinosaurs is they lived you can probably say it with me millions of years ago. Right? And that’s the problem. They’re learning to doubt God’s word before they can read God’s word. And that really is a serious issue. So I’m glad people keep bringing it up and letting us talk about it. If you have more questions, of course you can send them in two questions that Creation today would love to try to answer those for you. And if you’ve got a question about dinosaurs, please don’t think we’ve covered it and that we’re not going to talk about it again. There’s so much more to say on the subject. So we just love talking about that. Here’s another topic that I think is fairly common as well. Not as common as dinosaurs but it’s a good one to talk about. It comes from steven he says what does the Earth’s magnetic field due for life on Earth and such And that’s an important question to begin with. Then he goes on to say, why is it getting weaker and what are the effects of that? Well, the first, But what’s the Earth’s magnetic field doing for life on earth at the moment? Well, a very, very great question because it is extremely important that we have that magnetic field. When you studied in science, you learn that Earth’s magnetic field is what deflects the solar rays and actually protects us from a lot of the harmful solar radiation from the sun and deflects it around earth. I mean, you can see that effect, can’t you have have you? You get get the effect in something known as the aurora boreal. I love those. Absolutely gorgeous. You’ve seen them. I tell you, let me tell you a quick story real quick. I was in North, excuse me, South Dakota speaking one time actually, it was the first time for me to preach ever after being out of college. I just graduated from college and I was up there speaking and I remember doing an absolutely pitiful job of trying to present creation because I’m just sitting up there stumbling over my words. I didn’t have a clue what to say, but I tried to get some of the information out and tell people this and I thought man that that was pathetic. So I went outside. It was nine o’clock at night. I go outside and I’m standing next to my vehicle getting ready to continue my trip home and and I look up and all of a sudden I started seeing flashes of light and I thought to myself, not knowing what it was at the time. I thought to myself, God’s coming back right now. I mean sheets of light were shooting up to a central point of the sky and I thought that’s the dead in christ man. They’re going right now and I’m going next. Hopefully. I remember standing there next to my car watching the beauty of these lights, thinking this is what it’s gonna look like when God returns. I mean, it was absolutely gorgeous, Absolutely incredible. I mean, I’ve seen it just once, I was asked to go speaking in the Shetland Islands and a lot of people don’t realize a how far north of Scotland. The Shetland Islands actually are the northernmost part of of the british isles. And they’re a long way north. You have to fly quite a long way from Aberdeen airport out and then the island itself is a lot bigger than people think it’s actually 100 miles long from one end to the other. They have little horses. They’re, that’s right, they’re wild all over the island. They’re fascinating little things. They really, they’re really, they’re great. And there was one night I had finished speaking in lair with the capital and then we had an hour’s drive across, you know, there’s no street lights anywhere there, it’s completely black and then as we approached the house of my host where we’re staying there was this light over in the north and over the over the ridge in the north. I said, you know, what’s that? Because I just asked him did you ever get the Northern lights? He said, yes, sometimes I haven’t had them for quite a while. There’s this glow there. And he said that must be the moon. And then I thought, no, it can’t be. The moon doesn’t shine from the north. They got over the ridge and in fact it was green. There’s huge green curtains. But what it is you were saying before how it is that the solar rays are coming in harmful rays and they’re being deflected by the magnetic field. They’ve been deflected. And what you see with the aura borealis is just where you’ve got this concentration going close to the magnetic north pole and it’s a beautiful effect, but it’s just showing God’s provision and mercy. I will say that that is one incredible design. If you ask me, I am really glad he decided to do that. Yes, but it is true that that magnetic field does seem to be getting weaker. Why it is, we’re not absolutely sure. And there are plenty of people who got fears, the secular theories about why it’s getting weaker could be genuine. You know, we don’t we don’t ignore secular science and creationist circles. It’s just we disagree with the timescales so often, but they, you know, the secular science talking about magnetic fields getting weaker and so on. They make sense. Maybe it’s to do with a generating property of iron in the Earth’s core and that it’s cooling down somewhat. But we don’t really know Because I haven’t got to drill a big enough to go all the way down to the center. You know, it’s interesting. I have heard that since they’ve been measuring it in the last 100 50 years, it’s declined by 6%. And I think that’s really interesting actually what this ends up doing the magnetic field because we can see it weakening. I mean, if we go back in time, it used to be millions of years ago, stronger. Yeah, I used to be stronger millions of years ago. If there was that. But what you find is as you go back in time, the earth’s magnetic field would have gotten obviously greater and greater and greater. Well, you can only go back so far in time before that becomes a serious problem for life on earth. I’ve heard a variety of dates. But the most consistent one that I’ve heard Is 25 million years, Earth’s magnetic field cannot be, or life on Earth cannot be more than 25 million years old because of Earth’s magnetic field, it just wouldn’t work. So that puts the dinosaurs that they say died 70 million years ago. What does that put them and puts them having a real hard time on planet earth. Now, I’ve heard some people say that we shouldn’t use arguments like this because, you know, as creationists, we don’t believe that these processes did happen constantly over time. But the argument is perfectly legitimate in my mind because it comes under proverbs 26 verse six or verse 51 of the verses, one of the two verses I’m thinking of says, answer a fool according to his folly lest he be wise in his own eyes. That’s verse five. That’s the point that we’re making ours. One that says, don’t answer a fool. According to his folly lest you be like him. So we’re not doing that. We’re not, we’re not saying that we agree with that uniform italian idea, but we’re saying that we’re taking that to show how ridiculous the idea of an old earth is. And that’s that’s the key. I mean, kind of like when we every time we use a priest oppositional argument and somebody says, hey, what about this contradiction in the bible? Well, we’re taking their worldview and showing them that it doesn’t make sense saying, well, hold on. According to your worldview, what’s the matter with contradictions? I don’t believe there are any. But what’s wrong with that if there were, it’s not that we’re accepting their worldview at all. I mean, we we sometimes use arguments where we show, for example, the Galaxies can’t be more than 10 million years old. That doesn’t mean that we’re saying that the Galaxies are exactly were simply showing that according to their ideas, it’s impossible for them to be More than 10 million years. Of course it could be less than 10 million years. For example, 6000. That would be a great date. I love that date. 6000, because it fits with God’s word, which is the only way we got it from. That’s correct position. I love it. Oh, man, these things are so important. And if you don’t understand the presupposition argument by the way, on the age of the Earth, we did a Creation Minute on that recently. Creation minute, number six. And if you have an iphone or an ipad, you can get the brand new Creation Minute app that is out and enjoy the beauty of those Creation Minutes right there on your phone, Yes. Make sure you get that, you’ll watch some superb videos and you’ll be helping our ministry at the same time. My kids have watched that over and over and over and they’re going, we love this. They’re sharing it with their friends. So, I’m excited about our first app and we’ve got more apps coming out soon. Okay, great question on the Earth’s magnetic field. It is getting weaker and that would cause a problem for evolution, but not for God in his word, we’ll answer more right after this beginnings is a creation experience for small groups, churches and individuals from all walks of life. Creation speaker eric Hoven explores the age old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth and how dinosaurs fit in with the bible. The included guide provides an introduction to each lesson. Creative challenges, great discussion questions and practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life. To order this DVD go to www dot creation store dot org. Mm hmm. Welcome back to Creation Today. We’ve been talking about dinosaurs, Earth’s magnetic field, several different issues by the way. If you want to get more information, of course, you can always go and see the articles at Creation today dot org or if you want to get resources, you can go to the Creation store dot org and get some more information on on those subjects. We got another question here that comes from Rueben Rubin. Thank you very much for writing in. He says, hello, I have a question that has been on my mind lately. What are aliens? Exactly? What are UFOs and life on mars is all that true? Well, you know what aliens are. So go and describe them to. I know what life on MArs or a great song by David Bowie, that dates me. I’m gonna laugh. I have no clue what other than an old song before you were born. But yeah, what, what are aliens? I mean, the word alien means stranger, doesn’t it? And of course, if you look in some versions of the bible, it actually talks about us being aliens. We are the aliens that are here on earth because we’re strangers in a strange land. And by the way, if you are not a stranger, an alien in this land yet, let me encourage you to repent of your sin and trust in christ. Nothing is more important than that. That’s my that’s my little uh little two cents to the people that aren’t aliens yet, then you can be an alien and this world is not your home. You’re just passing through as the song says, one day we get to live and reign with christ And I look forward to that. Amen. That’s right. But what people think of when they use the word aliens of course is the popular media view and they’re thinking therefore of people from outer space. Intelligence is from outer space. That’s what they’re talking about. And in particular they’re asking about whether such intelligences have been here on earth. The little green men or in fact in the in many more modern ones. They’re actually a little gray men. I think the image that really sticks in a lot of people’s minds these days is probably the steven Spielberg Tv series taken. I don’t know whether you have watched that. It could well be that many of the viewers out there. Saw that very, very lengthy. I’m just thinking back to Men in black and the guy’s head opening up in the little alien that I love. That very silly film, but the taken film. The taken series was a long series of Tv programs and it was prepared. It’d to be based on truth now. It’s very difficult to sort of get the definitions right here. The events mentioned in the Tv series were um how can we put this actual events in inverted commerce in that they sort of tied together many of the famous reports about aliens. Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that I believe in aliens. We’ll talk about what the bible says about aliens in a minute. There are no extraterrestrial people among us. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that there are famous accounts that people have had that have been reported of people having supposedly seen these things and that particular Tv series wove all these in and in such a way that they sort of gave an authenticity. And there are many people now who think almost as if that was a documentary series, I really think that people have got that attitude. You know, is it was a documentary series like that other documentary series that was on about those small people with large hairy feet traveling across across a mountain range and looking for a ring. Oh, I know what you’re talking about Lord of a second thing. So what’s the truth about the alien. Okay, what does the bible say about aliens? I mean what what other than we are aliens were just passing through this world is not our home. Well the bible makes it very clear that that the that the earth is the center of man’s of of God’s intentions. It’s it’s it’s the earth that God formed to be inhabited. What we read in Isaiah and you know in many ways theologically would be very difficult to believe in aliens elsewhere. I mean how could you do so how could you believe that God had made the universe and that the universe was destroyed if you like, marred by the sin of Adam and that affects the whole universe. So it affects the alien races who presumably didn’t sin at that particular point. So it doesn’t make sense. But to the evolutionist it makes sense because they believe that life is evolved by chance. If it’s evolved by chance on earth then it could have evolved by chance anywhere in the universe. So it really is an argument about creation and evolution. And it comes down to really a proper understanding of the bible when the bible says Eve is the mother of all living christ died once for all. I think that lends credibility again to the idea of no there is no life on other planets. There’s no extraterrestrial life out there. We are, It we are who God made. Yes. And to add to that the the question asked about what are UFOs and I know what they are without a doubt and I know this UFOs are unidentified flying objects every single time. That’s right. And of course that’s all that they are. But again, in the popular imagination, we’re talking about the spaceships that these aliens are supposed to travel. Now, the real question then is people claim to have seen these things and claim to in some cases to have been abducted by aliens. Now, in the majority of cases, people have either made it up or they have got mistaken. Most sightings of UFOs, for example, are really sightings than the planet venus. Many in the past have been other things, planes, different sorts of things, weather balloons even. But there’s a small number of of cases where people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens and there doesn’t seem to be any other explanations. Something has happened now, given that we don’t believe that people have come from outer space, there must be some other explanation. And a gentleman by the name of Gary Bates, who is Ceo force creation ministries international, in the United States has written a very important book called alien intrusion, which goes into this. He talks about like this in his book, doesn’t he? Well, I don’t know about the book. If you don’t like the book, you can always do what I did and watch the DVD. So you can check out Garry’s DVD, which is available and covers a lot of great stuff and he goes into some of the, what could these be? I mean, people are reporting experiences, what exactly are they experiencing? And so I’ve heard a number of things from it being demonic activity to be to being, you know, uh super secretive government intelligence, things that they’re that they’re doing and things like that. But what does Gary come down with a gammy catalogs the fact that no Evangelical born again, christian has ever been involved in these abductions. That this is this is a common theme, but there are some people who’ve been on the periphery of the church have known something of things, not really say, but on the periphery. And in some cases, abductions have started to take place on these people because they’ve been messing around with these ideas and they’ve called out on the name of jesus and everything has stopped, the abduction has ceased. And it really does indicate that these particular small number of cases are of demonic activities are not aliens from outer space, is. And in fact, Gary says that they’re the same sort of visitations is in the Middle Ages when people are abducted by fairies or goblins or whatever. It’s just in a new new guys. Well, it’s a very fascinating topic and it’s easy to get deep into that topic real quick and to get into all the conspiracy stuff that’s out there with the UFOs and aliens and government and demonic activity. I’m I right now side on the idea of it was probably it’s probably demonic activity. I think that makes a lot of sense. And it just points out the fact that we should not be involved in such things as those sort of things we need to run from. Be simple concerning evil as the bible says, Well, that is our show. We want to thank you guys for watching. Of course you can check us out at Creation today dot org. And if you have questions, send them into questions at Creation today dot org. You can twitter us, remember at Creation today on facebook facebook dot com forward slash Creation today. I want you tune into each episode to make sure that we’ve answered your question. The programs are archived online at Creation today dot org. This has been a production of God Quest ministries and we want to thank you guys so much for joining us today. God bless. Okay, this program is available on DVD by visiting Creation store dot org or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode, used the item number displayed on your screen.

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