Stand in the Gap TV: God Is…. King and More – Part 2

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Episode 216: A 2022 George Barna survey said that 74% of Americans self-identify as Christians with 30% self-identifying as born-again Christians and 28% self-identifying as Evangelical Christians.

The deepening problem here is that over 50% of the self-identifying born-again and Evangelical Christians don’t believe that Jesus lived a totally sinless life, nor do they believe that the Holy Spirit or the devil are real.

While many conclusions can be drawn from these various surveys, one thing is clear. The majority of Americans have no idea who the God of the Bible really is. As a result, they can’t understand the just and holy nature of God.

Without understanding the just and holy nature of God. You can’t grasp the reality of sin and death. Therefore, you can’t experience the love, goodness, and mercy of God that leads to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

In Isaiah 33:22 the prophet described this important aspect of the character and nature of God in this way. For the Lord is our Judge, lawgiver, and king.

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