Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe – Episode #63 Pilates for Hips & Knees

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Theresa Rowe leads you through a series of Pilates Exercises designed to increase your energy, strength, flexibility and endurance. Each exercise has a prayerfully chosen scripture to help strengthen our spiritual foundation.



Welcome to shape by faith. A special series led by health and fitness expert Teresa Row. Get ready for an entertaining and spirit led adventure while learning ways you can become fit in your body mind and Spirit. Now here’s Teresa. Hi, I’m Theresa Rowe and welcome to shape by Faith. We shape our bodies and hearts for God’s purposes. I hope you enjoy this Pilates for the hips and the knees along with God’s healing scriptures will only need a mat or rug. Let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, pull the navel to the spine as we make our way down to the floor. Place both feet down, press back in the heels and we’re gonna start with a gentle bridge. So navel to the spine. Arms at your side, roll up each vertebrae at a time and then roll back down. Just feel that movement through the spine and the lift comes from your glutes, so lift up from the glutes and also your hips by his wounds. You are healed, receive that today by his wounds you are healed and you have been healed. Alright Lord, we need your healing today. Touch our bodies. Father. Some of us need to be healed in our emotions and maybe trauma that we experienced years ago or even recently. Father, we know that you can touch us and heal us and erase that trauma from our life Father, for those of us who need your physical touch today. We trust you Lord. We have faith to believe that as we move through this workout and move through these healing exercises that you’re healing is so available to each one of us today. Pie faith Lord, thank you, we thank you in advance for healing us and lower back down. Go ahead, extend one leg out and what we’re gonna do is go up in a bridge, straight leg comes up and again we’re working on these knees. So try to keep this leg straight and then lower down. Now if there’s too much pressure on this opposite leg over here, just go ahead and lower all the way down to your floor so your spine can stay down all right or you can go up in that bridge position. The word of the Lord says, I will restore you, did you hear that? I will restore you to good health and I will heal your wounds, declares the Lord Lord. We receive that restore us to get help floored and you may know someone that is dealing with sickness right now, they need the Lord’s healing, you can pray for them right now right where you’re at as you’re doing this exercise, Lord heal hell. Those people, father who are dealing with health issues in sickness and trauma father, you are the Great Almighty healer father. Let them receive your healing touch today as we’re working out together in the name of jesus, go ahead and switch out your legs opposite leg again. You can lift up in the bridge if you want lower that leg down slowly and bring it up and then press through your heels to really connect with the top of your legs right here, your quads keep that belly pulled in. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways and I will hear from them and I will heal their land. Lord, that is our prayer, heal our land. Father heal our country. Father forgive us of our sins, forgive us Lord for doing things that go against your will in your ways. God, we intercede on behalf of our country that you would forgive us father, that you would heal us Lord in the name of jesus. Again, working on this knees to strengthen them and one more time and then lower yourself down. Let’s go back to that other leg and just gently start going in a circle motion pressing through the heels if you wanted to, you could lift your head up, but you don’t have to, you can keep it down right. You restored me to good health and you let me live. You know I remember that verse. It really stood out to me After my 2nd open heart surgery. I mean when I woke up I was like Lord, I’m so thankful to be alive, you restored my heart. You restored me to good health. Lord, thank you so much for healing me. And I’m sure that there’s many of you out there. The same thing. God has restored you to good health. And so we thank him and we praise him and we tell other people about him and what he has done for us because he is so great. The Lord is so almighty, He is an awesome God, a God that loves us more than we will ever imagine this side of heaven. Right? Just keep praising him, keep thanking him. Let’s bring that leg down. Alright? Let’s bring the opposite leg up and then again just press through the heel so you really connect with the top of the leg in the back of the leg, your hamstring muscles. Let the arm reach at your side. The word says that my God that’s our God will meet all of your needs according to the riches of his Glory in christ, jesus, God will meet them and God will meet you right where you’re at, what are your needs today? Are your needs peace or your needs? Lord, I need to love more or Lord Lord, I’m desperate for your healing in my mind and my emotions in my past. Lord, I don’t want to dwell in the past. I want to be relieved of that. I want to live in the present with you Lord. My physical body needs healing. Lord touch me as I trust you as I trust you Lord to heal me in the name of jesus, feeling that through the legs, filling that through the core and let’s bring that leg down. Now, we’re gonna bring both legs up and you can position the hands underneath your hips and flex the feet, sort of like you’re walking on your ceiling. These are flutter kicks, just feeling this through your hamstring muscles and again, great for the knees, Great for the legs. Pay attention to what I say in turn your ear to my words for they are life to those who find them and health to the one’s whole body. So that lets us know that the word of the Lord is healing as we read them, as we take them in, as we digest them. The words of the Lord, our healing to our body, our physical bodies in our minds and our soul, our will, our emotions in our spirit. Alright? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling this strongly the top of my legs and in the hamstrings in the back of the legs and again, that’s the area. We’re working right here to strengthen these knees, keep that belly pulled in, you’re doing fantastic, breathe alright? Let’s bring both legs in, let’s give these legs just a few seconds rest right here and place them back down now for the hips. You’re gonna take one leg, bring it up carefully, carefully, bring it out. All right, feel that stretch right there through your hip flexor, place the hands back behind the head, come up and rotate and then back. Exhale up and then back. Good alright keep going. A cheerful heart is good medicine, you know, a cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bounds, it’s not good for the body. Okay, depression is not good for the body. So let’s pray, let’s pray for those who are dealing with depression today. Lord we pray for those dealing with depression that you would take this from them, that you would fill them up with your joy and your spirit as you heal them in the name of jesus Amen. I would love to um hear that a lot of people have been healed today as a word of the Lord goes out I believe and trust God that we are being healed, I really do know that he is healing people who are exercising right now and working out with me and I just feel it’s Holy Spirit with us and that’s God, it’s certainly not me, I couldn’t bring it but it’s the Lord just open yourself up to the Lord, just trust him and let him take You over last one and lower down same thing opposite leg, bring that leg out again, feeling that stretch come up, you know, the Lord gives strength, he gives strength to the weary and he increases the power of the week where we are, we God is strong God works best in our weaknesses and I know you know that and maybe this week you have felt like, I don’t know if I can make it through or this is bothering me in my body and then you remember to go to God with it and you trusted him and the Lord said come to me all you who are weary, burden and heavy laden and I will give you rest and I will heal your body and release you from that pain in the name of jesus a few more of these, feeling this through the ribs a lot and it’s a great stretch for the hips, exhaling as you come up and cross, inhale as you lower breathing, experiencing the peace of the Lord and his healing power as you move in his spirit and in his truth, okay, go ahead and draw those knees in, we’re going into the single leg stretch. So one leg is going to stretch out, it’s one of his time if you wanted to modify, just bring those legs up higher, just stretch, reach and stretch, press through the heels. But if you wanted to lift up, you can also do that, Take your time in this one Lord, my God, I called you for help and you healed me. Have you ever done that before, Lord, I need your help Oh father, I mean I’ve done that a lot of times, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and something may be hurting or bothering me and I’ll say Lord, I need your help, please heal me, please deliver me father in the name of jesus last one, bring those legs up to tabletop arms come off now the modification feet stay down all right, so they can stay down to modify as you bring those knees to one side, just gently feel that stretch and then bring them back up and then you can go to the other side, exact same thing and then go back to the center or you can go tabletop position, praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all of his benefits, who forgives all of our sins and he heals all of our diseases right? The stretch is amazing for the hips and the low back area and the glutes and then draw those knees in great job. Place the feet on the mat. Alright, so coming up next on, shaped by faith, we will continue stretching and strengthening our body. Let’s go ahead and start back with the clam shell. And I love this exercise as well. I love all these exercises there. So healing for the hips and the knees. So bring your legs out in front and pull the belly in. You can also lie all the way down, engage this leg as you lift it up, use your muscles and lower it down so you’re not just moving the leg, you really have to with intention, engage those muscles and keep that core tight. Have mercy on me. O Lord for I am faint and weak heal me Lord for my bones are in agony. Have you ever been in agony before and you just needed a touch from the Lord Lord heal us today. Watch over us, Father strengthen our bones in the name of jesus. Alright lift again, let’s do that one more time. Very nice. Okay this next one you can come down just make sure the head is propped up. I want you to place your outer thighs just towards your ceiling. Okay, flex the foot. Just lift and lower it does not have to go high, just lift and lower. Keep that belly in. He heals the brokenhearted and he binds up their wounds. God is in the healing profession, he is the almighty healer and he will heal you right where you’re at. Just keep trusting and praying and believing and you may not physically feel it right away but keep trusting God he is healing right now. He is healing us. Alright? Feeling that outer thighs and notice your breathing here, keeping the mouth open, good job! This next one we’re going to bring the leg to the front then just bring it right back where it came from. Okay, so bring it front and then back to the side. He leads me beside quiet waters and God refreshes my soul. Just quiet your mind, allow God to speak to you, allow him to just bring the peace that only he can bring to your mind in your body. We’re trying to keep that leg straight to strengthen the hips and the knees. That bottom leg if you want it, you can definitely bend it. Okay, that’s totally up to you. But feel that stretch through the hips and feel that all throughout your leg and it’s strengthening the knees, keeping that belly pulled in navel to the spine. One more. This next one bring that leg back, I’m going to bend the bottom leg just a little bit, bring it back, spend it then bring it to the front so sweep it back, bend and then reach it out to the front. You know jesus went throughout galilee teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, listen to this and he healed every disease and sickness among the people. Every can you imagine. Can you imagine that every single disease and sickness diseases healed throughout galilee keep going. This one’s called the bicycle. It’s a gentle stretch and a strengthening exercise and that core again stays stable and it stays strong, let’s do that one more time and then position your legs out at that front corner. Okay go ahead and lift the leg this time you’re gonna angle the leg lead through the heel and then tap down on the other heel. Just lift and lower, lift and lower. There you go heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons freely. You have received freely give and that was the Lord talking to the disciples and that’s for us to go out and lay your hands on people and ask the Lord to heal them and pray for them for healing so that they would receive what you have. Exhale, lift up again this leg, we’re trying to keep it nice and straight, working on the hips and the knees and the entire leg one more time. Now we’re gonna take this leg and rest it. You can either place it to the front, you can bring it back, you can bring it in front and I like to lift up on the forearms for the inner thighs but you can certainly stay down okay this bottom leg, I need you to connect to these inner thigh muscles and the entire leg press out through your heels, put some muscle behind this left and breathe, enjoy it. This is so healing for the body, you know it’s not the healthy who need a doctor But it’s the six and I have not come to call the righteous but the centers that was jesus speaking, he has come for each one of us to heal us our sickness and of our disease, to heal our hearts to make it pure and right and holy before him we are going longer in this inner thigh lift. Okay, I really feel like this one in particular is really important for knee stability. It’s also great for the hips and it’s a great stabilizer for the core. Just keep lifting and lowering and just make sure that if you are up on the forearm that you’re not sagging down into the shoulder. So be careful with that. You don’t want to slump down. We’re gonna have a good extension going and let’s do some pulsing here. Also like that one again where you can feel it strong in your inner thighs. This leg is just staying real stable. It’s holding. We’re trusting God for healing. I’m trusting him today that he is healing each one of us that need healing as we move in his spirit and that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re focusing on the word of the Lord as we move this body for healing last one. And now let’s switch to the other side. So, we’re going back into that clamshell position, which is so good for the hip flexors. All right? So position your knees out in front, bring that knee up and down, make sure this is pulled in and I’ll place my hand on my belly to make sure it’s pulled in here because I want it pulled in. You know, he said to her daughter, your faith has healed you go in peace and be freed from your suffering. Do you receive that today as well? That’s the word of the Lord for someone out there, daughter, your faith has healed, you go in peace. Be freed from any sickness or any disease in the name of jesus. One more. Alright, let’s transition to that side, leg lifts, so extend the legs out, you can come down again, make sure that head is propped up, You can use a pillow if you want. We’re not going for how high we can lift our leg on this one, okay? We’re going for length and strength. Okay? I want this body to be strong and we want to work in the direction that will heal it. So flex through that foot. Remember you can bend that bottom leg if you need to okay stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs wonders miracles through the name of your Holy Lord, jesus christ. You know sometimes the Lord will speak to you and he will tell you to do something and you’re like, oh I that I think that was just me. He wants us to be obedient to him, that’s him speaking. Just do it right, Bring that leg front and then back, flex through the heel. Okay, stabilize yourself through your core. My flesh and my heart may fail. I mean, we’re only human, right? But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever and ever Amen. Alright, do you feel this stretch again through the hips? Now you can bend the bottom leg. I’m going to do that to take some pressure off that lower back, exhale as you move the leg to the front. Remember we’re not just moving we’re engaging with these muscles so we feel the strength of these muscles as we move. All right, a few more times. One more now we’re going to bring the leg back, bend it, bring it front and back again and you can go all the way down to the floor if you want, just really stretch, reach that leg. So he said to the paralyzed man, I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home. Get up. That’s a word for someone out there today. Get up, take your mat and walk. Are you hearing those words? Get up, get up, take your exercise mat maybe and walk, be healed in the name of jesus, be healed. I feel this strongly in the outer thighs as well. two more of these. One more and then bring both legs out. Now flex the foot, you’re gonna lift it up and rotate it and then tap down on that opposite heel. Just lift and lower woman. You are set free from your infirmity. Then he put his hands on her and immediately she straightened up and praise God. Oh Lord, thank you. Thank you for your healing for the many, many times you have healed us, father, thank you as you were healing right now. Lord. Oh Lord, we love you. We honor you. We worship you. You reign in our lives and in our hearts and in our bodies. Thank you Lord for your healing touch for making us whole today. Thank you father for increasing our faith in you last one. Alright, we’re going into those inner thighs again. You can position this leg to the front or you can bring it back, you can stay down or come up belly pulling, check it flex this other foot and start to lift and lower. Remember the shoulder, keep it down. If that bothers you, I need you to lie all the way down. Okay? You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. Have you ever noticed when you start praising the Lord? You start singing to him or playing an instrument, even dancing around that. It does something to your spirit in your physical body. There’s just something about it praising God that lifts you out of that pit of feeling low or feeling sorry for yourself. We all have days like that. We’re just human. But the key is to worship the Lord just to worship him. Just go before him with who you are, he knows who you are. He created you beautifully for his purposes. He wants you to go to him, he wants you to praise him and dance and sing to him because he knows that will help you and it will heal you alright, pressing through the heel, see we can exercise and and praise God and and speak his word all at the same time God created us like this. We can do this right. You can go about your daily life and think about the Lord and praise him. Lord, thank you for your healing. Thank you father for touching us today and making us whole and well. We love you Lord, jesus last time. Good job. Oh, that felt so good. Thank you for allowing me in your home today. I hope you’re motivated to continue preparing yourself to be the best that you can be as we continue exercising and praising God together he will bless and heal our bodies and hearts right? It is God who made us and breathed his spirit in us so that we can encourage others to live for him until next time. Friends may the Lord bless you heal you, keep you safe, healthy, strong in your spirit, mind and body tune in next time as we continue shaping bodies and hearts for God’s purposes with Teresa Row as we all become shaped by faith.

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