The Magic of Adoption

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Pat Williams is senior vice president and co-founder of pro basketball’s Orlando Magic. Pat and his wife, Ruth, are also the parents of 19 children, 14 of whom were adopted from other countries. Pat originally had no desire to adopt, but once he changed his mind he developed a passion for international adoptions to bring children out of poverty. The Williams family includes children from South Korea, Romania, the Philippines and Brazil.

Sarah and Andrew were the first two the Williamses adopted. They came from South Korea at the ages of 2 and 3, respectively. Dani, from Brazil, was one of the last to be adopted. Stephanie Simmons joined the family when Pat and Ruth were married. Originally an only child, she easily transitioned to having 18 brothers and sisters. The family still spends as much time together as possible by vacationing, going to Magic basketball games and spending weekends together.

With eight grandchildren at the time of filming, Pat and Ruth have seen the generational impact of adoption. Their grandchildren will grow up surrounded by a large, diverse family. They encourage other families to explore international adoption.

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