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Bible Capsule of today… Romans 13:11



Welcome to our Bible capsule of today. We are reading from Romans chapter 13 verse 11 and no knowing that it’s time that we awaken from the sleep because now the coming of the Lord is salvation of the Lord closer to us. That was the first delete. And you know I’m translating from spanish to english and one bible here at the Miami International Airport, I’m seeing the people I know they’re suffering going on. Ukraine is something that we’re praying about. And you see it all in our social media, pray for Ukraine, pray for Russia and pray for the peace of this war. And it’s true and you know, we need to pray. But also as I meditated, I was praying this morning, there’s a word that God always gives to me. It’s time as a word that always comes to me. It’s time. It’s time. And right now it’s time to look around and see where there’s a need. There’s people in fear they’re not in your creative, they’re not suffering the world there. But as they watch them use their full of anxiety, their their fearful of what might happen with the economy and we need to see them and you know, it’s easy to judge. You don’t have to you don’t have to look at the music, you can’t stop people from checking out the views and you know, everybody has the freedom to do it. But you know what it’s time for us to manifest our love and compassion for these people to be able to give a word, you know, to find out those single moms in our neighborhood. The economy is not going to get any better for now. And maybe a bag of groceries is what she needs. Someone is there to support them, to be there to pray with them. And there’s a lot of needs not only far away but next to you and it’s time for us to manifest to embrace that love, that caring for people and you know, I wish I could do more and threw my bible capsules. I I just wanted hard to be touched by God and up here at the airport. I just couldn’t stop. I said I have to stop and record this and speak from my heart and you probably see this next week. You know, I try to accumulate my bible capsule. They go on radio t. It’s my passion. I wish I could do more, but we can do, I can’t do but we can’t together manifest compassion towards our people here while we’re having. You know, it’s a mental ward. Too many people right now, especially single moms are really scared and we need to support them out and give them a word of encouragement and and and and if you’re listening to me moms and dads and what whoever go to church church is the best place for refuge in times of trouble. Start making that your community, your friends, your family go to church, those staying home one, we need each other’s support and made the peace of God that surpasses human understanding, heart and mind in christ jesus our Lord.

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