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Eric and Paul interview Ian about evidences for dinosaurs in history.



the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God quest ministries, evidence of man and dinosaurs living at the same time, like together from the Ctn studio in Pensacola florida. This is the creation today’s show. I’m one of your hosts, eric coven and I’m joined by paul taylor and on today’s show we’ll be talking to a very special guest Ian Doobie and learning about his first hand research on the geologic column polish straight fossils and we’ll be seeing the work that he’s done on dinosaur footprints. If you have questions, this is your show sentiment of questions at Creation today dot org. Remember we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate. Enjoy the show Today we have a very special guest with us. Ian jew B is joining us via Skype. He is with the Creation Science Museum in Canada. He’s got his own show called Genesis Week. Well this is Creation today. So genesis Week is probably what about seven times better than this show? It’s gotta be genesis Week is gonna be pretty good. You can always find him on youtube at wa zulu and we’re gonna have to ask him where in the world did that name come from? Kwazulu must be one of his pets or something. This is some traditional Canadian word. They could, they got a lot of strange things going on up there in a strange way, They don’t have an accent. They do have a funny accent. You kinda No, no, I don’t have an accent. I don’t have an accent. We have a language language Nice. Well, his name is Ian Junie Ian welcome to the show today gentlemen, how are you today? We’re doing really well. Is it a little frigid up there in Canada? It is but that’s okay. I’m wearing my nice fluffy panda slippers. Well that is awesome. Alright first and foremost Kwazulu. Where does that come from? Um Well this goes back to the, when I was teaching high school. Uh this was back in the days when uh internet instant messaging just was just coming out with I. C. Q. I don’t know if you even remember that or not. Um So I had gotten an I. C. Q. Account and every user name I came up with had been taken. Right. It was driving me up the wall so I invented a name that I knew nobody had invented taken before and it was was zulu him bob is the full name. And uh I just so you’re there, that’s it from now on. You are with zulu man. Well users, good luck finding him was zulu on youtube. Well Ian tell us a little bit about yourself. I mean I know you’ve been studying creation for quite a while and uh we’ve been familiar with each other for another our viewers and appreciate all the research and study you do and the information you present in your talks. Tell us a little bit about what you do real quick. Sure. Yeah I started this about 20 years ago actually was down at last days ministries in Lindale texas. And we had a guy by the name of dr carl baugh come in and we had a full television recording studio there and this guy came in and did a 5.5 hour lecture off the top of his head on Creation and evolution. Right. And uh everybody, I don’t know if you remember you remember the brainwashed track, you remember those with the red cover and Dwayne interview with Duane Gish, right? I had read that and because I had been involved in science education since I was 16, literally uh when I started working at a summer science camp and worked there for 21 years. Well, because of my science interest and I had read this track, everybody thought I was the expert in creation and evolution. Right? And so when dr bock comes by and just blew me away, I mean, I was instantly hooked. I I just could not believe what because what the problem was. I knew enough about the science that I knew what what he was saying was correct. I had just never heard these conclusions that he brought out of the information. I just never heard this before. And I went to bed frankly that night, I mean, I was a christian, I just never thought about creation and evolution, but frankly I went to bed that night feeling like someone had lied to me, That’s the way I felt. And uh so I wrote him a letter and volunteered to work at his museum for a few weeks and it turns out that’s when they were having the first annual create creation uh what do they call it? Uh it was like a big event anyway, it was a big creation event there at 5000 people come out to the first one and so I volunteered there for three weeks and worked with them and I wound up back in Ontario teaching at a high school and my first year there we had all these kids, these teens who were getting saved and one of them decided he wanted to do a class project on Creation and evolution. So he asked his teacher if he could have me come in as a guest speaker. Well that was the first Creation and Evolution presentation I ever did was when in a high school class and the students and the teachers loved it and before you knew it, I was doing 345 presentations a year in in these classes and that was kind of how I got started in this. And so I quit that job teaching at the high school about almost seven years ago now, I’ve been doing Creation evolution, lecturing and research now for seven years full time. And uh throughout all that I’ve I’ve these are only some of the exhibits of my traveling Creation Museum which so you travel around with a lot of these exhibits right here to be able to show people firsthand some of the artifacts and the things that you got, yep. And travel all over north America. There’s only a couple of states that I haven’t been to and two territories in Canada that I haven’t been to yet. Yeah, it is. But I love it. That’s really neat now. You uh so you speak on the topic, how much do you travel and speak? And uh I mean, how often are you? Are you out of the cold north up there? Well, the first three years, it was all in the U. S. It was crazy. Uh But did he just call the US crazy? Well, well, uh yeah, anyway, uh the we were also constructing Canada’s first permanent Creation Museum at the time, which was the big Valley Creation Science Museum in Alberta. And that was a two year project where I was there as well. So either I was traveling in the US speaking or I was working on the museum for for three years. It was literally I’d be home for maybe one or two months out of the whole year. Uh And I mean, I love it. I wound up living in a van a lot. Um but I really uh just just love the lifestyle and I just love what I do, wow. Well, telling people the truth truly is encouraging, isn’t it? I mean, we meet people all the time, don’t we paul, that, that their eyes light up when they finally see how this information fits in. Absolutely. And you know, I can empathize very much with the idea of feeling that you are being lied to as well. That was certainly what came across to me. And when, when someone first hit me with the idea that this bible I was reading was actually literally true at the point of genesis and Ian tell me you’ve been doing a video contest lately, haven’t you? Yes, collecting in video interest, tell us something about that. And what what? Okay, well basically I have a series of videos that I started producing a couple years back called Krivo rants or Creation Evolution rants. We have a comedian up here in Canada by the name of Rick Mercer and he would go out and he had rick’s rant and he would rant in front of the camera for 3 to 5 minutes on something political. So I took this idea and sort of ran with and put a Creation Evolution spin on it. So I aimed for about 5 to 10 minute videos dealing with one specific topic and I get into all kinds of fun, entertaining stuff. They’re meant to be funny, fast, hard hitting videos. One of the characters I have for those series of rants is a guy by the name of Captain in Tagen Ator. And he was actually inspired by the guy who built the big Valley Creation Science Museum. That’s, that’s what we nicknamed him. And so he’s got his own superhero costume and everything. Yes, there are. Yes. Uh, so, uh, what the contest was? The contest is called the Epic evolution pony contest. And basically, uh, we just encourages to encourage new Youtubers christian and creation are youtubers to produce videos, get their names out there, get some viewership on their channel, get some subscribers hopefully. And so we invited them to submit a two minute video, uh, either proving creation or disproving evolution either way. And we had 43 videos submitted I think, uh, for the contest. So we’re gonna have the announcer, the winner announced here in the next 23 days or so and people can go to your, your Youtube channel Kwazulu to check that out, is that correct? That is correct. Well, you guys will enjoy going to Kwazulu to check that out. Now. Some of the things we want to get into with Ian is the controversial artifacts in glen rose texas, but we’re gonna have to do that in another segment right now. We’ve got to take a break. Welcome back, you’re watching the creation today’s show with me paul Taylor and with Erica vin and we’re talking to our very special guest today in juba and we’ll, we’ll be returning to talk to him in just a moment. But first let’s just remind you a little bit about some of the things that are going on for instance, in october of this year 2012 will be having the proof of God conference. That is gonna be awesome. People are getting excited about this. It is going to be very excited. A lot of buzz about it on facebook and elsewhere and you can find out all the details about how to book that and where it is in Orlando in florida at proof conference dot com dot com and there’s gonna be some great speakers there will have citing Bruggen Cate will have Mark Spence from living waters, will have carl Kirby from reasons for hope ministers and that is going to be very excited. This is going to be a chapter called eric Hovan, He’s going to be there, Lord willing and paul taylor, he’s a guy with a cool british accent. So anything he says sell smart, so you’re gonna wanna come hear him talk, that’s gonna be exciting. But you know, there’s never been a better time than now to go and have a look at things in the creation story. That’s true. I’m telling you the creation store is awesome. We got a brand new dinosaur ride there at the local creation store in Pensacola florida, 18 ft long apatosaurus with a saddle you get on it if he’s friendly and take him for a little ride, you know, we’re gonna get all sorts of criticism from evolutionists thinking that we believe that all dinosaurs had saddles and that dinosaurs lived with man. I mean well the second it’s true, you know, it’s just a bit of fun. But you know, if your if your kids want to come along and and ride a dinosaur then come on over, it’s it’s very, very realistic. It really is. They also want to highlight a ministry some friends of ours up in Akron Ohio the Akron fossil center and museum. A friend of mine, Josiah Detweiler is the manager there at the museum. And if you’re anywhere in that area, I’d really encourage you to go check out the Akron fossil museum. Check out their website. I’m on it right now Akron fossils dot com and go there and check out some of the things they do. I’m just really excited about all that they’re putting together the shows they’ve actually taken over the fossil replication and are actually doing fossil replication is now now as well. So you can see some of the stuff that they do there for the sake of foreigners like me, Akron, how do you spell that? A. K R O N. O. And fossils, don’t you say that the same as a brit little accent? Well, it’s not like a Canadian accent. Them guys are hard to understand and with us, we’ve got Ian judy who is from the cold Thunder up there in Canada and he’s not wearing a sweater. Is that a sweater? Oh my goodness, no scarf on, no wooly hat. But I have my fuzzy panda slippers on, that’s all that matters. That’s all you need. Well, thanks so much for joining us. We want to get into some of the controversial stuff of the dinosaur tracks found with human tracks in glen rose texas. I know you’ve done a lot of study there before we get there though. Uh tell us a little bit about, we want to talk about the geologic column because there’s a lot of people out there that believe the geologic column has been proven to be, you know, realistic and millions of years old as you go through the different layers. So let’s talk about that. Can we discuss that real quick about the geologic column? There’s a lot of confusion out there on that. Does it exist? Does the geologic column actually exist anywhere? Sure it does. It exists in two places that I know of textbooks and museums. Those are the two places you’ll find the geologic column. So, the geologic column that we had to learn in school, you had to memorize all the layers and then forget it the next day after you took the quiz. Right? Unless you taught science like you guys, um all those layers that layer that in that order, that doesn’t really exist anywhere in the world except for textbooks. Museums places that show that diagram? Exactly because you’ve you’ve got, first of all for canyon for example, it’s a very prominent layering system that you can see, but when you actually map out the layers, there’s huge time gaps in between the layers, typically hundreds of millions of years where there was just zero deposition was apparently that’s a lot of erosion because you’ve got 500 ft of one formation which you know, was about 200 million years and then hundreds of millions of years is just gone missing, missing without a trace. What are the evolution to say about this? How do they try to account for all the missing material there? That that is exactly actually. Your answer was exactly what I got from dr david corner when during my debate with him, he’s a geology professor at Northern Arizona University and that was exactly what he said was the dirt’s just spread out over Nevada, California etcetera. Well with respect. No, it isn’t. Um So it just, it just isn’t, but it’s it’s not just the missing time. We have literally hundreds and throughout North America. I’ve now gotten to study seven of these locations out of hundreds. Um what we call, what geologists call over thrusts. Now, my question is, is it really an over thrust? What they’re saying now, what what is an over thrust first of all? Yeah, this is where you have for instance, a rock layer that might be 300 million years old. Sitting on top of rock layer that’s supposed to be 100 million years old there reverse. Yeah, there’s backwards and so what the geologists have done to attempt to explain this is they claim it’s an over thrust where the 300 million year old rock slid up over top of the 100 million year old rock. That’s, that’s the claim. Now, I’m not opposed to the idea of there being an over thrust. We see incredible tectonic activity around the world. Why not? Right. So what I did was I went and investigated several different locations. Uh, there was one in Arizona, just south of Tucson. Uh, there was two locations in Nevada, just outside of las Vegas. One was a valley of fire. This is what’s called the keystone over thrust. It’s a very famous over thrust and red rock canyon. There was also 123, four that I, that I investigated up in Alberta and Bc. And some of these are just brutal to get to. Oh wow. Oh yeah, yeah, you got to be determined. Um, because it was, it was about a four hour hike ascending about 5000 ft in Banff to get to the one and the last, the last section, I really wasn’t sure I was gonna make it, but I made it barely, uh, but basically, okay, well, what, what do you find when you get there? If the rock layers split up over top of the other? Well, the first thing you’d expect to see is scratch marks, right? I mean if the rocks slid over top of the other, you’d expect scratch marks and geologists call these slick insides, there’s actually a technical name for them. What I discovered was there was no slick insides anywhere at any of the seven locations I went to. Not one, none whatsoever. Secondly, when you do the math up in Banff, for example, the castle mountain over thrust and the a mountain over thrust, you’re talking 1000 ft of limestone and 2000 ft of limestone in these formations that allegedly slid over top of the other. Well, when you do the math and physics, that is so much friction and heat, it would melt the rock. Forget about scratching it, it would melt it. And there’s no evidence of heat, no evidence of the only evidence of metamorphosis is local, which is where the rocks have actually shifted vertically relative to each other. In other words, there was no evidence that these rocks slid over top of the other. That’s what I found now. Not only that they also find uh polish strata fossils, correct? Yes. And those are actually fossils that are running up through several layers of sediment. Yes. And are those found all over all over north America? All over the world? All over the world? I want to talk about that. We’re gonna have to take a break here in just a second. But I want to talk about that. And coming up after the break, we’ll talk to you about some of the polish strata fossils that have been discovered around the world, connecting all these layers that are supposedly millions of years old. Not only that, but I still want to talk and see some of these footprints from glen rose texas where man and dinosaurs are supposedly walk together and we’ll talk about the controversy surrounding those as well, join Erica bain and paul taylor from Creation today dot org along with carl Kirby of reason for hope ministries Mark Spence of the way of the master inside 10 Bruggen cate of proof that God exists dot org for the proof of God. Conference in Orlando florida. For more information, visit proof conference dot com. That’s proof conference dot com or call toll free 18774793466. Welcome back, you’re watching the Creation today’s show with eric Hovan and me paul taylor and we’re talking to our special guest Ian jew B And we have been discussing the geologic column which exists in a couple of places in the world. That is to say it exists in museums and it exists in textbooks actually, I have to say that there is another place where it exists actually. It exists in the minds of geologists, geologists and you know that if I can speak to young people a minute, you know, you’re going to come across this, you’re gonna come across in your textbooks. We’ve talked a lot on this show about making sure that you are respectful to your teachers as you address these things and you’re gonna need to learn about these things is quite often quite useful to learn these things. Remembering that you don’t have to accept them as true. And when you’re answering about those in quizzes and exams and so on, remember you can do that with integrity. You can do it with honesty. You can say many scientists say that or whatever. Please don’t think these things are true just because somebody in authority says them. If they’re in authority, you speak to them with respect. You deal with them with with respect. But remember that not everybody in authority is going to tell you what’s true, but God’s word is always true. I love that. I love that. We are We’re joined today with special guest Ian judy. Thanks for being with us again on the show today, Ian. Okay. I want to get to the the controversial issue here of the footprints in stone. The dinosaur tracks and human tracks that are apparently found together in glen rose texas? I’ve never had the opportunity to look at those personally. You have. What do you think? Is this? Is this the proof that we’ve been looking for? Is this it man and dinosaurs lived together. Right. Right. Well and see this is the thing to uh it drives me up the wall when reporters talk about creation or creation evidence such as dinosaurs and humans being together being controversial. No, no, let’s let’s play the blame where it is Exactly the only thing controversial here is the theory of evolution which defies scientific and natural laws. They teach it as fact in the high school and within that week they’ll be teaching the students the scientific and natural laws that evolution must defy in order to even exist. And the only reason evolution has even existed in the schools is because it hides behind judges, lawyers and school policies. That is the only reason evolution that survived evolution is what’s controversial. He’s saying it like it is and he’s up in socialist Canada, isn’t he? Man Go in. All right. So the tracks that are discovered there here, I mean my dad has talked about him for years. Here. You have for example the caldwell track, which is the, the human footprint that that was apparently found right there in stone. First of all, a little background on the plexi river back in 1908 is when it flooded And revealed all of these. Uh, took the bottom of the river bed off revealed all these dinosaur tracks and what many people claim are human footprints right next to them. What do you know about them? That was only one of many flash floods. Now I’ve I’ve spent hundreds of hours in the Plexi riverbed, that’s the only river in the world I’ve ever seen. Go up about 20 ft in depth in one rainfall. It was the most incredible thing to see. And these flash floods literally do just that. They rip up car size sheets of rock, rip them up and exposed new tracks. And 1908 was one of the times when they first discovered those footprints. Now you mentioned the caldwell track. That’s actually a good one to start off with. That is a cast of the caldwell track right there. And the hold will track. I actually only talk about this because it’s a good talking point. We don’t have the original, so we can’t verify whether it’s authentic or not. That’s probably why there’s controversy around it. Yeah. And just because someone claims that they’ve got a fossil human footprint, that doesn’t mean I go and jump on the bandwagon and believe it. Uh for example, just this past week, a video appeared on Youtube uh in South Africa showing a giant what they claim is a fossil foot four ft one. That’s the one that’s the one. And I I actually on my show just this week went on record saying, no, it’s not a fossil human footprint for multiple reasons. I say that and I won’t go into details here because that’s kind of a side note, but I typically get about 1 to 3 requests per year to come investigate alleged fossil human footprints. So tell us about these, what do we know about these footprints with the dinosaur footprints. Okay. This one, this one was from geologist Billy caldwell. He made a cast of a track that a local glen rose resident wanted to sell them. He didn’t want to buy it, but he made a copy of the track. And Billy, the gentleman wanted to sell it to him, sold it somewhere else. We don’t know where. Apparently Bernie Neufeld from Loma linda University got ahold of the original track and he actually produced a paper with several dinosaur tracks. The caldwell Track, I believe there was another alleged fossil human footprint he had as well. What he did was he cut the tracks with a saw to look at the lamination in the rock. What he’s looking for is this was made originally in mud. If the human stepped in the mud, then they’re going to actually compress and depress the mud. And so you wind up with these contours in the rock that actually follow the contours of the bottom of the foot. So when he cut the caldwell track or what sure looks like the original caldwell track in his article, He said, look here there’s a lamination that ends abruptly. Now he’s correct, but the lamination underneath did follow the contour of the footprint and it’s inconclusive because in glen rose uh the dinosaur tracks. The ledge of rock for instance sometimes breaks off and reveals the cross section of a dinosaur track. These are genuine dinosaur tracks, but they show no lamination in the rock. So the lack of lamination doesn’t prove that it’s not legitimate. I guess the concerns, I guess the concerns that some creationist groups have, it’s not that they would disagree that um human footprint that humans and dinosaurs lived together. Well, that’s what the bible teaches. But simply that there is enough doubt over these particular footprints for them not to be necessarily a useful piece of evidence for creation. What are your thoughts on that? Well, it depends on which footprints, because in some cases, so tell us quick, okay, uh we’ll have to come back to it. We’ll talk about it in another show. That sounds good. I see you also have some of the dinosaur foot there and that you travel around with. I want to talk to you about those two. If we can, if we can do another show next week, that’d be great. That’d be wonderful. Hey, some of you guys have questions. There’s a about this subject of the geologic column, One of the books that started the entire creation movement was called the genesis Flood by Henry Morris. The late Henry Morris started the modern creation movement. Well, it has now been remastered is for rewritten and a lot of the same material. This one is not rewritten. This one is the original, but it’s in a new edition. The 50th anniversary edition, Henry Morris and john Whitcomb and I’ve got an anecdote which I think I’ve shared before. It takes a bit of time, but it’s about about about getting my copy signed. We’ve also got a catastrophic past, which is this is the rewrite of the genesis flood by dr Andrew snelling of answers in genesis and published by I C R. And this is a marvelous book. It is. It’s a 22 volume book. That is really good. And if you’re interested in studying more about the the strata, the, the catastrophe, the obvious flood that took place, you really ought to check out some of those. Well, that is our show today. I want to thank you guys for joining us. Remember, you can always catch us on facebook facebook dot com slash Creation today or on twitter today. And if you’ve got questions, you can email us questions at Creation today dot org. You need to tune in each week to see if we’ve answered your question. We’re getting to them as fast as we can. Thank you for bringing them in and these are archived online at Creation today dot org. Well, this has been a production of God Quest ministries, Thank you so much for watching, join us again on our Next Creation Today show. 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