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the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God Quest ministries. What is being taught in the textbooks today? Is it considered fact or is their faith in the textbooks? That’s what we’re talking about today on the creation today’s show where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate From the very beginning. I’m one of your hosts ERIC Open and I’m paul taylor And this is the 6th in our special series of programs based on Eric Hogan’s beginning series, we’re actually looking at material from the fifth session of the Beginning series on the subject of fact versus faith and the material in textbooks. That’s our subject for this special program. Stay with Welcome back, you’re watching the Creation today’s show with me, paul taylor and with ERIC and we love to answer your questions on this show, please keep your questions coming in. You can contact us at questions at Creation today dot org or this facebook isn’t facebook dot com slash creation today. And then of course twitter twitter dot com slash creation today, Creation today or something like that. If you’re if you’re a twitter river, then you can contact us there as well. So please do keep your questions coming in. We haven’t answered any for a few episodes because we’ve been doing a series of special episodes on the subject of ERIC Evans Beginning series, which is so important and in fact ERIC today we’re looking at fact versus faith and you’re talking about textbooks, aren’t you? I’ve got some notes here that I made from school textbooks back in back in the day when I was at school, because we did have books then. But the trouble is I noticed that it’s now all wrong. We can’t use those anymore. We just can’t have them. And I noticed that in the excerpt that we’re going to see you were tearing things up as well. You know, I did. And this is gonna be a little bit controversial for some of you out there because I take a public school textbook. It’s not God’s word. I take a public school textbook and I’m ripping out the wrong information. This is something that is so important. Students, rather than being educated are being indoctrinated with the humanistic worldview with the idea that there is no God. So I can understand them saying, look, we just want to teach pure science in the textbooks, but they’re not Faith has crept into the science textbooks. Their faith what they really don’t want in the science textbooks is our faith. So, that’s what it boils down to. That’s why I called this fact versus faith. Because what is it that’s really in the textbooks? Is it really all just facts that you can’t argue with because you can’t argue with the fact a fact is true, right? If something is true, then it’s a fact. You don’t argue with that. But there are things in there that we really have a hard time with, They’re not facts. Their faith. But should things in science textbooks be presented all the time as if they were truth? Is that what science is about? It’s about science about presenting facts anyway. Yeah, of course. Science is is the inquiry for absolute truth. That’s what it’s searching for. And as we know, every branch of science was started by people that were on the search for God’s absolute truth. They were started by creationists. And so when we look at this, uh, what’s in the textbooks today, we find that it’s not all just simple facts. The very idea of science uh, says that we should be questioning things says, hey, let’s let’s go in and examine, let’s let’s set up a hypothesis and then let’s try to tear that down. Let’s see, let’s see if it can hold up to the scrutiny and and to the to the scientific inquiry and tear that down. But what we see today is that the one thing they don’t want to do that with is what it’s the theory of evolution. Exactly, right. They don’t want that one torn down. In fact, everything else in the science curriculum they’d look at, You know, they would expect that people should be encouraged to question it. But in fact, let’s let’s sort of destroy some of the myths about this before we get into seeing your your excerpt because we haven’t advocated banning evolution from public schools, have we? No, not at all. If you’re going to teach science that is a scientific theory of how everything got started. So, I don’t mind you teaching that, But are you gonna let people critique it? Are you gonna are you gonna really put it out there to public scrutiny? Or are you gonna is that gonna be your carefully guarded state religion? Which is exactly what it’s turned into. The thing is of course that we know it won’t stand up to scrutiny. So we’re not afraid of it being taught in public schools because we know that if pupils are able to question it, that they will see through it. That’s interesting because statistically, we look at what’s happened here in the America. I don’t know where it’s at Britain, but here in America We’ve seen 40 years of indoctrination trying to get people to believe in the evolution of worldview. Yet, every single poll still today shows that a majority of Americans believe God made the world. Yeah, well, it’s not quite a majority in Britain. It’s it’s but it is the last poll was 41% believe in creation in Britain and a majority about 60% believe that there are problems with the theory of evolution. So that’s a very, very secularized society. You can’t say this case is settled by any means. Absolutely not. Well, we’re going to watch a very important excerpt indeed, then from the beginning series in which eric goes on the warpath with textbooks, that river did not make that Canyon, it’s impossible. The Colorado River could not have formed Grand Canyon. So here they say that the Colorado Reform Grand Canyon, it cut through layer upon layer of rock over millions of years. Is that a fact or is that a faith based statement? It’s faith based, isn’t it? And we don’t want faith based statements in the book, do we? So we’re gonna have to take that out. We certainly don’t want that in our textbook. Okay, let’s go to another one here because that is definitely based on faith. What about the geologic column you guys ever heard of the geologic column before? You got all these layers of sediment, the the cretaceous and the Jurassic Jurassic park named after the Jurassic layer. And you got all these different layers to the rock hey, Are they really different ages? It was back during the early 1800s that each layer of rock was given a name and age and an index fossil. They said they knew how old the layer was way before carbon dating ever came around back in the 1800s. They went ahead and gave it an age, how old they thought that it was. Now you gotta understand the geologic column is the Bible for the evolutionists. Okay. And it can only be found one place in the entire world. One place in the whole world you can find the geologic column, guess where it’s at right here in the textbooks, that is the only place in the entire world. You can find the geologic column, It doesn’t exist anywhere. This textbook admits it if there were of column of sediments, Unfortunately, no such column exists. They admit we don’t have the evidence. You you really don’t have anything called a geologic column. If it did exist in one place, it would be 100 miles thick, wow. So the geologic column is that factor is that faith? It’s Faith. And we don’t want faith in the textbooks, do we? So what do we need to do? We need to take that out of there, don’t we? We do not want faith in the textbooks. How about this? There are layers to the earth? Nobody’s gonna question that. But are the layers different ages? If each layer was laid down slowly over millions of years, wouldn’t you expect to see some erosion marks in between the layers? But we don’t. All we see is nice smooth layers that have been laid down. They tell us these these layers are all different ages. You’ve got 600,000,400 million years old. Problem, they have found polly strata, fossils, fossils of trees running up through the different layers. Well, if you got a tree that’s running up through all your different layers, Well, could they be millions of years different in age? No, they couldn’t. Here’s a petrified tree standing straight up out of the ground at Yellowstone National Park. You ever seen one of them? Trees growing the petrified kind, they’re actually made out of stone. They grow right up out of the ground. Yeah, no, that doesn’t happen, does it? These polish strata fossils show us that those layers are not different ages. Sometimes get this, they even find the trees upside down running through those different layers. How many of you have seen one of those trees growing outside the upside down tree? The roots are up, You got to dig for the apple. They’re crazy man. How do you explain this while a worldwide flood would explain that? No problem. But those layers are not different ages, you’re welcome to say, and they tell us So those layers are different ages. But is that based on factors that based on faith? That’s based on faith and we don’t want faith in the textbook, do we? So what do we need to do? We need to take that out of the textbook because we don’t want that in our textbook. Doing No way. You’re watching an excerpt from beginnings with Eric Husband, we’ll be right back. Mhm. You’re watching an excerpt from beginnings with eric Hoven on Creation today and now back to the show. Check this out if you ask an evolutionist, hey, how do you tell how old that layer of rock is? He’ll say that’s a great question. We can tell the the age of the layer of rock based on what fossils are found in it. They actually say that in here, we know the age of the layer based on the fossils then if you say, well, hang on, how do you know the age of the fossil? They say, oh, we know the age of the fossil based on what rock layer is found in wait a minute. You know the age of the layer based on the fossil. And you know, the age of the fossil based on the layer. Isn’t that just simply circular reasoning? That’s all it is here it is in the text book, page 306, they date the rock by the fossil. Page 307. They date the fossil by the rock. They tell us they know how old these things are? Is that based on fact or is that based on faith? That’s faith. We don’t want faith in the textbook, do we? So what do we need to do? We need to take that out of there. Yeah, we don’t need faith in our textbooks. Alright. How about this one? They say dinosaurs lived 70 million years ago. Well, you’re welcome to believe that. But is that a fact or is that based on faith? That is definitely based on faith? Let me get there’s my dinosaur right there. Next page. We don’t want faith in the textbook. Do we? No. So what do we need to do about dinosaurs being millions of years old? We need to take that out of there. Yeah we don’t want faith in the textbooks because man they really don’t want that. Come on. They have found dinosaur bone with fresh blood inside the dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago. They have found dinosaur bones that are not even petrified. They haven’t turned to stone. Whoa. And you want me to believe that it’s 70 million years old now we’ve got a problem. Okay I don’t believe there millions of years old. It’s interesting a couple years ago when they found these fresh dinosaur bones and they were not fossilized. They never ever questioned how old the bones might be and said ah well maybe the dinosaurs didn’t live millions of years ago. That thought never crossed their mind. Instead they said ah I wonder if that means that fossilization takes a lot longer than we thought. Mhm. They missed the whole point. No. The point is dinosaurs didn’t live millions of years ago now, Charles Darwin who we give credit for coming up with the idea of evolution even though he kind of stole it from his grandpa. But anyway he we give him credit for coming up with this idea of evolution when he was out of bible college. Yes that’s right. He went to school to be a preacher. But anyway he got out of bible college and he set sail on the H. M. S. Beagle went around the world for five years. One of the places that he stopped on his trip around the world was the Galapagos islands When he stopped there on the Galapagos islands, Charles Darwin found that there were a variety of finches on that island. He counted 14 different varieties of finches on that island. And charlie had a thought. He said, you know, I’ll bet you all those finches had a common ancestor. I’ll bet it was right. I can even tell you what it was. Uh finch, but charlie came up with a different idea. He said maybe the finch and the eagle are related. Maybe the finish the eagle and the earthworm are related. Maybe the fence, the eagle, the earthworm and the trees are related. Maybe I’m related to the finch. Whoa Later on in his book, The origin of species? He says it is a truly wonderful fact that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that a fact? Or is that based on faith? That is definitely a faith statement. There is no evidence that man and and and plants or animals and plants are related. There’s no evidence of that whatsoever. So we don’t want faith in the textbooks doing now. So what should we do with that? We need to take that out of the texas. We certainly do not want faith in our textbooks. I mean we gotta be above reproach here. Okay now Charles Darwin observed what is called micro evolution. Micro means. Come on now. Micro means, Yeah, Micro means small. So Charles Darwin observed micro evolution. We looked at that in session number one, but then he jumped to the conclusion. Well, maybe everything’s related. He saw dogs producing a variety of dogs, Roses producing a variety of roses and he thought maybe they’re all related and its common ancestor was a rock. Oh, come on. Hey, here’s how they define evolution in the textbooks. I love this. They confuse the kids as much as they can. Definition number one evolution is change over time. Is that really what they mean? Later on, it says definition number two. Oh no evolution is a change in living things over time. Well, hold on now you’re down to just the last two stages of evolution. Remember the six types of evolution that we covered cosmic evolution. Chemical evolution, stellar and planetary evolution. Organic evolution. They didn’t mention those in there, did they? If it’s just the change in living change in living things over time, then definition number three evolution can be defined as a change in species over time. Well, now you’re down to what I believe. Sure, micro evolution takes place and there’s lots and lots of evidence of that, but they say evolution has just changed over time. Is that fact or is that faith? It’s more faith in the textbooks. What are we gonna do about this guys? We need to take it out. Yeah, let’s get rid of that because we don’t want faith in the textbooks. Okay, so we got all this faith in the text books. Here’s the problem. The real meaning of evolution kind of gets slipped in under the door as kids continue to be quote educated. And if a kid objects to evolution teaching and says, I don’t believe that’s true. Well then they’re kind of ridiculed, they’re told ah you just don’t understand science, that’s your problem when really, I think it’s that we do have a grasp of reality. They say variations cause evolution do variations actually cause evolution. Here it is in a textbook, they say, look at this divergent evolution and it’s showing a variety of different dogs? Well, you’re welcome to call that divergence evolution. But giving it a fancy name, doesn’t change the facts, it’s still a dog, isn’t it? And that’s not really. Evolution variations do happen. There’s no question about it. There’s a variety of cows in the world. Variety of horses in the world. Variety of dogs in the world. Variety of cats in the world variations happen. However, they don’t cause evolution. Now, this book teaches that variations actually cause evolution. There we go variations actually cause evolution. Is that based on faith or is that a fact? That’s a faith based statement, isn’t it? And we don’t want faith in the textbooks do we? What do we need to do with this? We need to take that out of the textbook because that has nothing whatsoever to do with real science. Okay, Now, evolution is based on two faulty assumptions. First of all evolution. According to evolution, they say, well, mutations change things and then natural selection causes this change to take over the whole population. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, do mutations happen? Yes, here’s a mutated bull. It’s a bull with five legs. It’s got an extra leg growing out of its back. It’s mutated. But is that a beneficial mutation? Does that help out the bull at all? Can he run any faster with that extra leg? No, it ain’t helping the bull at all. So it’s not a beneficial mutation. It doesn’t help anything. Here’s a short legged sheep. It’s a mutation, but it’s not a beneficial mutation. Why, when the wolf comes running after him, he’s the first one that’s gonna get caught, man, because he can’t run fast enough. The wolf is gonna come and the sheep are gonna take off running. They’re gonna look back and say, Herman didn’t make it Well, he can’t run fast enough. Of course, he’s not gonna make it. Here’s a mutated turtle. He’s mutant, but not ninja. Okay, we got a mutated turtle. They say beneficial mutations cause evolution. The problem is there are no beneficial mutations. Check out this textbook. It says boys and girls. Normal fruit flies have two wings. This mutant has four. This rare mutations, like most, is harmful then? It says beneficial mutations of the material for natural selection? Well then why didn’t they give us a show us an example of a beneficial mutation? Because there aren’t any. Now they teach the kids in the books that beneficial mutations actually cause evolution. Is that a fact? Or is that a faith based statement? That’s a faith based statement. We don’t want faith in the textbooks, do we? So what should we do about that? We need to take that out of there yet because we certainly don’t want faith mixed in our science textbooks. Okay, they say natural selection causes evolution. No no, no, no, no no no, no. Natural selection can’t cause anything to happen. Natural selection can only act on the biologic properties that already exist. It can’t create something brand new. Natural selection isn’t some magical mystical creator that can make something brand new for us. Now. They tell us natural selection causes evolution. Is that a fact? Or is that what they believe? Is that a faith based statement? That’s a faith based statement. We don’t want that in our books, do we? So what do we need to do about that? We need to take that one out of the books, don’t you? Kids are liking this. Aren’t you ripping up the textbooks? Don’t do that with yours cause you gotta pay for it. Okay, it’s definitely a faith based statement. You guys ever get these? They tell the kids think critically, yes, boys and girls think critically, do you think that humans are still evolving? What kind of a question is that? That’s not telling the kids to think critically. That’s like me saying, hey, have you stopped beating your wife yet? Okay, think critically. The question assumes something, doesn’t it? And today in the textbooks they are doing a great job of telling the kids what to think and deceiving the kids rather than teaching them how to think. I don’t know what it is about dinosaurs but kids love them. That is why Dana, the dinosaur is the perfect guide. As he takes kids on an adventure back to the beginning. Your kids are sure to fall in love with him as he tells them stories of what the world was like in the garden of Eden and what happened at the time of the flood the day into the dinosaur illustrated Children’s book was written by my dad dr Kent Heaven. It is sure to meet your kids right where they are and help them understand the truth of scripture from the very beginning. To get you started teaching your kids the Truth today, just sign up and receive a free downloadable version of data. The dinosaur book one. Your adventure awaits, Welcome back, you’re watching Creation today with me paul Taylor and with eric Hovan while you’ve just been watching eric in particularly vigorous ripping, ripping formed, tearing pieces out of textbooks? I am ripped now. Well maybe not. But yeah, I’m telling you I’m passionate about this because there are so many students getting brainwashed. We we all the time get to deal with this high school students and the college students saying, please help me, I’m being taught this. I don’t believe it, I don’t wanna be taught this. And so we are regularly having to try to help people defend their faith and show them no evolution isn’t true. You can believe God in his word, that is the truth. It’s sometimes difficult to know what attitude to take, isn’t it? Whether it’s whether it’s to be angry about it, whether it’s to be amused that these people still have the same ideas the same old chestnuts over and over again. I mean for example, I I began I became a school teacher in, in the public schools in Britain for british viewers. It wasn’t public schools are going to british definition. State schools, okay, um, ordinary comprehensive schools. And that was in 1983 and the man teaching biology in the next door laboratory was explaining to me his curriculum and it included telling people about evolution is true because of heckles embryos 83 of course that’s been found fraudulent along while a long time ago. Well in the 19 fifties, definitely found to be fraudulent, but the whole idea of of hackles embryos, is he Darwin needed evidence that his theory was true. So a guy named ernst Hackel says, well I’ll make some for you basically. And he didn’t say that to Darwin but he makes some evidence. He took the dog embryo at four weeks in a human embryo at four weeks and drew them the images that he drew looked exactly the same. So here he’s giving illustrations saying, see look, they look exactly the same. They’re going through the the dog and the human are going through the evolutionary stages in the in the womb. Well it’s interesting but it’s not true if you see photos of those and they’re not they don’t all look like each other. Do they know they look completely different and you mentioned this? How should we react to this? Should we laugh that they’re still teaching something that’s so outdated? Or should we get angry at it? You and I know when we meet people and share this information with them And they finally are seeing the truth that they’ve never seen before. They’re mad, aren’t they? I think I’m coming down more on the angry side at the moment, they’re going I can’t believe somebody would lie to me like that, I can’t believe I’ve always believed a lie and I hadn’t had the truth. That’s exactly what people might say, Paul you’re very old, you’re talking about the 1980s as well. I’ve got a textbook biology textbook from Britain from the year 2001 and it’s still got heckles embryos in and it’s still got peppered moths. Peppered moth is another one. You said something about that as well, didn’t you? Yeah, we did. Because the whole idea of the peppered moth experiment neat idea. First of all, they didn’t really do the experiment. They glued dead moths to a tree in order to get the pictures they took. They used it as evidence of evolution. But as we saw in episode number one, that’s not evolution. That is variation within a kind variation can happen. We allow for that. That’s not really evolution. So even if the peppered moth thing had been true, it still wouldn’t have been the evidence that they were looking for. But that’s what they keep giving and they keep over and over and over. They slip. Evolution is in as oh, it’s just change over time. That’s not what they really mean. I’m telling you that is a lie evolution. And their when they say evolution, they really mean all the kinds of evolution. It’s an example of a logical fallacy, isn’t it? And the fallacy is referred to as bait and switch. And you get that a lot in the textbooks as well. Don’t you give them one definition or they’ll say, well, hey, we’ve got descent with modification. Boys and girls, you look different from your parents, don’t you? And the boys and girls. That’s true. See we’re evolving evolution is true. That’s not real evolution. That is minor variations. So it’s not evolution. So they bait them with a little bit, look around, you look different. That proves evolution. No, it doesn’t. They switch it on them and it doesn’t mean that it’s very important to keep track of what the textbooks say on this. Parents need to be aware of what’s going to be in their Children’s textbook. That’s exactly right. And for those of you that are upset with me for tearing out something in the textbooks, you need to get over it. Okay, Because the truth is we’ve got some real problems. I know some of you would love to volunteer to help tear out those pages. I don’t know that we should do that, but you need to make sure and tear it out of your kids minds. That’s right. Well we’ve been watching, we’ve been watching erIC’s Beginning series, we’ve been looking at an excerpt from that and we’ve been presenting that as this particular episode of Creation today. It’s been a production of God Quest ministries. Thank you so much for watching us. Please be with us. Next time This program is available on DVD by visiting Creation store dot org Or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode. Used the item number displayed on your screen”}],”items”:[{“start_time”:”1.84″,”end_time”:”2.1″,”alternatives

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