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the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God Quest ministries from the C. T. N. Studio in Pensacola florida, this is Creation today where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate from the very beginning and were not ashamed to say. So I’m one of your hosts, eric Hoven and I’m paul taylor. We’re here every episode to answer your questions on the bible and on science to go to look at what happens in Creation today and why it matters to you. We are joined today by special guest dr Charles Jackson from Creation Truth Foundation. You can look him up online. Creation Truth dot com. Uh And we’re gonna answer some questions about science and look at what’s going on in college campuses around the nation. Welcome to today’s show where we’re discussing creation versus evolution science and the bible covering what’s going on in Creation like paul said and why it matters. We’re with dr Charles Jackson from Creation Truth Foundation. You can look him up at Creation Truth dot com. He works with dr thomas Sharpe has been a little bit of your background. You’ve taught high school science is college level science is been speaking on the Creation versus evolution subject for the last eight years. Um A man that needs no introduction. Dr Charles Jackson, thanks so much for joining us. Well I want to know what’s going on on college campuses today. We talked a little bit if you missed the last show the last Creation today’s show. We talked a lot about what’s going on and what you can do. So you’re gonna make sure and look at that episode, but let’s cover real quick. Um, the difference between a christian college in a secular college when it comes to the teaching of, of origins of creation of genesis, how are they different. Um, and uh, we can kind of take it from there. We’ll have often been grateful that none of my actual schooling and I went to many different colleges ever was at a christian college because I knew I couldn’t trust my professors when they spoke on anything that had to do with with evolution or God existing and things like that. But if you, if you’re a student at a christian college, you’re not sure whether you’re in with a bunch of pharisee types or not. You know, people who who who do lip service to the Lord and with their mouth, they speak fondly of God, but their heart is far from him as the bible says. And there are people who don’t know, jesus, I don’t know Lord from a hole in the ground who are teaching about truth to christian students and christian schools. Um, I just know it’s a harsh thing for me to say, but I’ve met them, I know them and they are actually enemies of the bible and the truth, it’s an interesting point that, you know, I was talking to David Whitson at one point and he said that uh in many ways he thinks it would often be preferable for a christian student to go to a secular college than to go to one of these compromising christian colleges where the impression is that everything is going to be biblical and so on. But in actual fact, they can be the enemies of the faith. There are some students that are strong enough and I that can go to a compromise in christian college and, and and maybe they’re called there as a mission field or to stand for the truth. They will have a hard time, but some of them are ready for that kind of training. Uh, it’s it’s a, it’s on the job training on a battlefield. Uh, it’s rough on a secular campus. Of course. Again, the big thing with the, with the immorality is very difficult. I mean, I often have christian young men come to me and ask for prayer for how difficult it is. And now it’s begun to be that the christian young women are also saying this is very difficult for me. Uh, the temptations are, are bad on my campus, but that is also at some christian colleges to even though the faculty will pretend it’s not there. You see some of our viewers may find this strange. Now we’re saying that there are certain christian colleges that we would have difficulties with. Uh, and, and many, many viewers might be thinking, well, what is this? You know, surely it’s got a christian basis? It’s going to be fine. What are the sorts of dangers that, that students are coming up with in, in these colleges? What are the problems that they’re facing? Well, there is an actual deliberate effort to, to uh, to drag bible, believing young people away from the bible and bring them into some sort of a pseudo intellectual, oh, I’m smarter than to believe the bible sort of, the mentality is filled with pride, knowledge, puff it up, It’s filled with uh Hath God really said, did God really mean six days, It’s filled with the the same lie that the devil crafted for even brought down. Even adam are brilliant. Unf all on first, parents of the students are being put through in many christian colleges, a program that is consciously designed to make them into twice the devil. Their teachers are exactly what jesus said about the teachers at the christian colleges when he was there, the Pharisees training centers, you know, I was at a quote christian college that just a few months ago and I went there basically for a debate between the teachers of the biology and things like this, where they had no, their foundation was not God’s word. They would present it as though it was, but it was not because they questioned everything about God’s word, they questioned whether we could know truth. That was the very first thing we got into when we’re in this classroom was, can we know truth and here you have, the professors would not say a word to me right there if I tried to interact with them, you know? So I interacted with the students and things like this and the students were saying no, there’s, you know, they’ve taught us, there’s no such thing as truth. And of course I’m asking is that true? How do you know this? And so quote christian colleges can be very dangerous. Uh, some of them, What are some good ones though? What, what are the ones that I mean it surely, hopefully you guys don’t mind us naming a few names of some, some college that we would say, hey the great, great, they got this foundation right there. There are many, many like there are some denominations that aren’t following the word, but many pastors and those denominations, many congregations are on fire for the word on fire for the Lord love the Lord that are okay. Still some have withdrawn from their denominations because of that. But there are also christian schools, christian might be in their name. Many of them that are sticking solid. Some of them I’ve worked with and I investigated some of them, I know that they have sheeps and wolves in sheep’s clothing in there, johnson bible college and johnson Tennessee near Knoxville Tennessee is still very solid in the word Central christian college of the bible in Moberly Missouri. They do only have one science class there, but they, they’re, they’re sticking solid with the bible and those are two in that particular denomination. Cedarville University in Cedarville Ohio just opened a graduate program in geology with john Whitmore teaching. He’s, I’ve edited works, he’s done, I’ve seen some of his materials, talked with him from the platform, He’s one of the few creation speakers that has it all. He’s an excellent writer, a brilliant researcher and a great teacher. I mean, you know, it’s hard to get that all in one and he’s the head of the department. I I have a high opinion of of this brother in christ and and they’re at that school and there are many others like that christ is king and they do say there’s truth because Visa is no such thing as truth. I mean jesus said I am the truth and that word is true, you know, and these professors say there’s no such thing as truth if they walk out in front of the street and accidentally busses coming suddenly truth exists. Yeah, this is really gonna happen. So they’re hypocrites. They are hypocrites when they say there’s no such thing as truth when they balance their checkbook all of a sudden there’s truth when they expect the right change back when they buy stuff and suddenly there’s truth when they walk out in front of a mack truck. Suddenly there’s truth. You see it’s only in the, in the make believe world of their classroom where they just pump up some little fluffy cloud of pretend intellectualism and then sell it to their students as superiority. That angers me, that angers me as an academician. As you know, I I tell students that I’ve got four college degrees and I’m a lifetime member of MENSA the genius club. And I only do that. Like paul says, you know, I’m a roman citizen. You know, I got the pharisee license. Just so you know, and I believe this book just like the students I say, I believe the same book just like you do and and so take heart. But but watch out for those sheep. I love that passage beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain after the traditions of the men, the rhythms of the world and not after christ, We need to be following the works of christ and this foundation. I love it. That you’re somebody who’s been there, done that and this is your foundation. Well, if this foundation had cracks in it, if it had ever slipped while I was standing on it, I would burn it. If it has ever ever if I catch this book and a lie and you know, the bible says to test I always tell audiences too. We have the only book of faith that commands us to question our faith, test me. Try me taste and see if the Lord is not good. I want to talk about science because that’s your background. We’ll do that right after this. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. A Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Welcome back. You’re watching Creation today with me paul, taylor and derek chauvin and we’ve been talking to dr Charles Jackson from Creation to Truth Foundation. You can find their website at creation truth dot com. And we’ve been having a fascinating discussion about colleges about christian colleges. About so called christian colleges. We mentioned of course, a list of of christian colleges that we said we’re good. That was not an exhaustive list. Please don’t think that we’ve named every good christian college around. There are many others. So do how do check them out. And there are many that are sticking firm to Biblical truth, but it has to be said. There are many that are not sticking firm to Biblical truth. And of course we’ve, we’ve been influenced lately, haven’t we, by the publications of ken ham with his book already compromised. For example, where compromise particularly already compromised. Looks at the whole issue of christian colleges and so on. But I think it would be good to to move the discussion on now. And let’s have a look at some of the science areas because you know, you’re you’re you’re a scientist, highly qualified scientists would be good to take some of the sort of questions that we get on that. And one of the things that has been very notable in the sort of facebook discussions that people are having and so on is that quite often there’s this bait and switch method. People are atheists and evolutionists are wanting a sort of different definition of evolution. The definition of evolution seems to be changing somewhat. What sort of definitions are revolution is giving for their theory at the moment? And how are they using today and how are they using that definition? Well, they’ll usually then the biggest problem I think is that they are equating natural selection with evolution because natural because survival of the fittest is true. The fit do survive better. Uh, clearly evolution must be true. And that’s just totally uh, that’s like saying evolution predicts the sky is blue. So since the sky is blue, evolution is true, ipso facto ergo. And that’s just, I mean it could be hundreds of other ways. This guy could have gotten blue hundreds of other ways. If God actually created the whole world, the universe and life on this planet, as it says in Genesis one through three, then the sky would still be blue. That’s a problem. So this, this is ridiculous. And the whole issue of just saying that how everybody’s different every generation genetic drift uh, and and changes in illegal frequencies, most high school and college textbooks will say since our definition of evolution is a change in allele frequencies, evolution has occurred like with the peppered moths in England. Yeah, yeah. Which I love that. Just bringing up that one. That’s the one that’s taught as here’s proof of evolution. The whole experiment was a fake. They glued dead moths to the tree in order to take the pictures that they took and changing from, okay, maybe it can change from white to black. You know the generations. It actually didn’t Oh it didn’t do that. No, it didn’t. It didn’t. Well, if you look in every textbook, here’s what they show. They show these pictures or or drawings of the moths fluttering around a tree. And then after the magic of evolution, you see these moths fluttering around a tree. But in both pictures there’s some white ones and some black ones. See? So the gene for black is more rare before the evolution occurs. The alil the version of the gene for the black instead of the white colored moths. Uh The the allele for black is more rare but it’s there after the evolution there’s lots more black ones and less white ones. I mean this is like saying if in 100 years there’s more red headed humans that’s evolution because you have had I didn’t pick you out on purpose. But if you have had a change in how frequent a particular trait shows up, that’s evolution they say who would not believe in that? Who would be the ignoramus. That would not believe in that. Obviously evolution is true. Just because in five generations we might have more red headed people. That does not mean we used to be monkeys. And so they extrapolate this way beyond the logic. It does. There’s no nothing that merits that kind of a statement if that’s what evolution is, I believe, because I can see that but we cannot see stuff like how did these little crustaceans floating around in the ocean turn into moths? How did that, that’s what evolution needs to say. How many times we take evolution and we define it in six different definitions, we give six different definitions of evolution. And evolutionists can’t stand this because it shows the absurdity. They say, well, hold on all of that isn’t really evolution. When we talk about cosmic evolution, the big bang, the origin of everything? Oh no, that’s not evolution. That’s cosmology. And I point out, you still have to believe in that, don’t you? That’s how you think it all got started. You got stellar and planetary evolution. Chemical evolution, organic evolution. A biogenesis light from non hate for you to say, Yeah, they really don’t want to bring that up. They say evolution only deals with life efforts been formed. Is that true or is that false evolution for if that is if that’s really the truth what they’re saying and why is it every single college and high school biology textbook in the chapter on evolution starts with the origin of life. It always does. It’s step one where you go how you gonna evolve anything. and they call it, they call it chemical evolution, they call it inorganic evolution, then they call it organic evolution. And then they talk about the proteins and things floating around in the ocean, how membranes just wrapped around them. And then the magic occurs. And suddenly you’re often running with evolution. Once you’ve got some bacteria, they’re actually alive, but they don’t want you to ask about how that happened. It’s it’s it’s it’s like pay no attention to that man behind the curtain and you know, the Great Oz has spoken and that that’s that’s irrational and and for rational people to be so irrational about what they’re they’re teaching as truth to to to say no, no, no, we we just pick up after the miracle of the origin of life. But didn’t louis Pasteur approved the spontaneous generation of life is is is absolutely untrue. The cornerstone of modern biology is biogenesis that life only comes from life. And then I said to the Vice President of Darwin Coalition once we were just talking and I said, well you all believe in spontaneous generation? He goes, no, wait, don’t I suggest you, do you believe it happened at least once and it never, this is a smart man, but it never occurred to him. Do you believe that I you know, he he had never heard anyone say you believe it happened once, don’t you? And and it did, it’s true, but but this is a uh they did not like to retain God in their knowledge. And so professing themselves wise, they became fools and having their foolish hearts darkened. God gave them over to a reprobate mind. And now they can’t see they’re like paul with the scales on his eyes, they can’t see. And I used to believe in evolution. You know, most creation scientists that I’ve met in teachers, educators, that we we we were taught by evolutionists. And it’s not until really either you see the science information or if you’re really, really into it, you really have to I’m sorry. You have to get saved to be delivered from this demonic delusion. You know. Second timothy chapter two versus 23 24 25. My life versus second timothy 2 22 flee also youthful us with all our righteousness, faith, charity, peace with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart and second sympathy to versus um Let’s see here 22 through 25, let me get to. It Is just so powerful because verse 23 says, but foolish and unlearned questions, avoid knowing they do gender strifes and the servant of the Lord Must not strive but be gentle unto all. Men able to teach patients, verse 26 in meekness, what we were talking about last episode instructing those that oppose themselves. And this is where it’s really cool if God per adventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth what comes before the truth repentance. And that’s what you just said. It comes down to a salvation thing. It comes down to God saving us not only for eternity, but saving are thinking right now, Well, Dr Jackson, I’m enjoying this after this break. We’re gonna talk more about the science or lack thereof. Behind evolution. A mm hmm. Welcome back to Creation Today. Where we’re talking to dr Charles Jackson of Creation Truth Foundation. Uh scientists. Uh that has for the last seven years, eight years been traveling and speaking on Creation versus evolution is in charge of the college campus ministry for Creation Truth Foundation. You can find them at Creation Truth dot com. Um we I really want to finish the conversation on a leal’s uh people saying that evolution is a change in allele frequency over time. We define a couple of different terms of evolution. We break it down to six cosmic chemical, stellar and planetary, organic, the origin of life. And then we the last two are micro or macro evolution. Big evolution and micro evolution. Small evolution. So address what is, what are they trying to say when they define evolution as a change in the legal frequencies over time. It sounds like they’re trying to use some big words to cover to make it sound like it’s intelligent. What is that? And and and is that evolution? You’re right that evolution is often taught with big words. Uh it’s in evolution teachers. In order to teach evolution. You have to shut down the thinking processes of the students right away. Yeah. And and so you must intimidate them with large words if you can’t say it plainly, you know, that’s just bad science teaching. I always say you never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice. Okay. But but I mean if you can explain a concept to students and then tell them, oh, and that’s called electromagnetic magnetism, you know, or oh, and that’s called this or it’s it’s better to do that. But that’s not how evolution is usually taught as a teacher. And I train teachers how to teach science for six years. You you’ve got to build on what they already know and what’s familiar to them and then bring in all this stuff and you’ve got to first convince them that they are smart. I cannot teach someone who thinks they’re dumb. I have to convince them they’re smart. I spent three weeks doing that when I taught high school chemistry because that was what was most needed. But in order to teach evolution, you have to convince the audience they are stupid and that I am the only smart one in the room. You know, just shut up and listen to me. I am the high priest. I know that’s going to resonate with some of the students that are watching this right now. Because that is exactly what happens. Real teaching is bringing your students out and and giving them the understanding. I am smart. I am capable. I am I am a thinker. You’ve got to teach them who they are. But but indoctrination is the opposite. You must you must try to suppress who they really are and that they are smart and that they are cognizant. They are thinkers they have in mind and you must then just feed them what you want. So what is a change in illegal frequencies over time? Well, ah leo everybody has heard the term genes, genes are on our chromosomes. Like you have a gene for for red hair, brown hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, you know, genes that control skin color and tone and and all kinds of things heighten and uh all kinds of susceptibility. Some families have genes, the colorectal gene, you know, which gives us uh since uh sort of a susceptibility to colon cancer, we all know that we’ve heard of the addictive genes. Well, there are many genes for different traits but but a single trait can have many genes that apply to it. But there may be a category 11 particular gene and there might be many different versions of that gene. So what we’re talking about when we’re talking about illegals is the many versions of the same gene, blue eyed gene, Brown eyed gene, green eyed gene or Elizabeth taylor, you know. Violet I gene you know uh it’s this, it’s the same gene, but different versions of it, different flavors of the same gene. And so if if we’re talking about the moths, we’ve got the uh uh the the the Milana Milana, we’ve got the best in bachelor area with, with the, with the light color and the dark color. And it’s just, it’s just the same gene, but it’s two different versions of it. So when they say evolution is a change in the legal frequencies over time, they’re basically saying it’s what gene frequency is prominent. Gene frequency makes it sound like we’re talking about radio signals or something frequent. Just means how often. So how often a particular allele shows up how often a particular gene for a particular trade. In other words, how many blue eyed people are there in the population right now? How many um um white moths, how many black moths are there? How many people with red hair are present? How many lions? That’s their idea of this proves evolution. Well, what they’ll say is if you wait a couple of generations, maybe uh maybe more of, of the population has this, this particular trait than before. But the train was already there. See, evolution is supposed to explain how traits got there, not how the tide of, how many people have got that trait or how many, you know, members of sheep herd have got that trait or not? Well that ties into the question that’s why I want one email called Georgia asked us, can someone please describe or define the mechanism or barrier that prevents micro evolution from becoming macro evolution because the sort of impression is given I think in evolutionary circles that if you see this particular change here, which we do observe, then that proves that molecules have eventually turned into human beings trying to say that micro revolution is just little evolution. I wrote a whole essay on this on our website at creation Truth dot com. That and also in a book by Norbert smith, I wrote a chapter on that. Um that micro evolution is not many evolution. It’s it’s like a barrier between micro revolution and macro evolution. Might as well ask what is the barrier between a frog being a frog or being a Mercedes. Benz. It’s what’s keeping that from happening. Absolutely. Apples and oranges. See when they’re talking about macro evolution, they’re talking about the origin of the species right there. Talking about new species being originated by new jeans with new D. N. A. With new genetic information and new traits popping up Because otherwise how could fish turn into people? Fish don’t have all the things we have, How could fish turn into dinosaurs, which is what they say happened. Uh They need new jeans with new genetic information. Not just a shift in the frequencies. I mean you can you can have a fish that’s a little more orange than his friends and and over the centuries, you got more orange ones than before. But you don’t have any that turn into T. Rexes. Uh There are none of those fish look more like a T. Rex. And if they did it would they’d only go just a few baby steps in that direction. Um Or I guess I guess I don’t know, boxer dogs look a little T rexy. But this this idea that macro evolution is just an extrapolation of micro that’s not true. The processes and micro evolution are the processes of just re shuffling the deck of genes. What’s already there and dealing out a new hand to the next generation, you can shuffle and deal all you want a deck of regular playing cards. If you’ve got you know kings and queens and spades, you’re not dealing out the old maid and that’s what evolution says must happen. It is never never. Nevertheless the conceit that they like to come out with, isn’t it? I was in a BBC debate with Professor steve jones, Professor of genetics at University College London and he’s his example of evolution was antibiotic resistance in bacteria ridiculous. Well we can go on and on and on and if people do have questions dr Jackson for you, they can they can reach you at creation truth dot com. Right? Or G Charles Jackson facebook on so on facebook if you do the facebook thingy Charles Jackson U I’m sure answer a lot of questions. You get to travel to college campuses and things like that. So if you’d like to get in touch with uh dr Jackson to be able to have him at your college, that’d be great. Well, that is our show for today. This is Creation today. If you have questions, sentimental questions at Creation today dot org, of course. On twitter and facebook facebook dot com slash creation today. We’ll tune in every episode to see if you’ve answered your questions. This program has been a production of God Quest Ministers. We’d like to thank dr Jackson so much for coming down and being a part of the show and encourage you to study to show yourself approved workmen that needed not to be ashamed. Rightly dividing the word of truth.

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