Blessed Walking Blameless

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Bible Capsule of today …Psalm 119:1



Welcome to our bible capsule of today. We are reading from some 119 verse one blessed are they whose ways are blameless. Who walk according to the law of the Lord. There’s a special blessing when you walk under this beautiful word, The Law of God. When you keep his commandments. When you walk and your thoughts, your words, your actions are all controlled by the book. Today as King David wrote this uh, this book, The Excellence of the Law of God. It’s the longest song in the bible. But for sure is the song that starts with perfection. Our life to be blameless. Our life too to to be right. Our lives should be pure to stay on Course, that’s what it means. When it says blameless to walk steadily on the road revealed by God. What has God revealed to you? To follow directions. Doing the best for him being in total integrity. You’re blessed when you do this. Sometimes people don’t understand you, sometimes you will get persecuted for living. That blameless life Martha Luther king. I mean how many people men of God have died just because they were in this blank lys ways. Walking according to the law of God. But they were blessed. Their soul was blessed blessed. So today have that in mind receive that blessing Lord as I obey you. I’m blessed. I’m the most richest person on earth because I love your law. I love your commandments. I love your word. You know there was a time when I was so restless and busy in ministry Mom. I mean everything cooking the kitchen, the cleaning and I would lose connection with the word of God. And when I would lose that, I would kneel down and I remember reading the song as a prayer. I never finished it without of breaking down in tears and connecting again with the law with the Word of God, I encourage you. It’s a blessing the Word of God that it’s a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path. May the peace of God that surpasses all human understand. Got your heart and bond and christ jesus. Our Lord piece.

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