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Bible Capsule of today… Colossians 3:3


Welcome to our bible capsule of today we are reading from colossians chapter three verse three for you died and your life is now hidden with christ in God. With christ is God. My life your life can be hidden. As I grew. I was very traditional. I mean I heard I come you know my parents did a good upbringing but they were lacking of the revelation of what God is and who he is and and I I didn’t know this joy christmas holidays, the new life in christ joy peace. And when you’re hidden in christ you don’t worry about anything else because you are with him. They don’t see you, you are with him. You know what I’m with my husband. People know he is with me and they attend to talk to him. So when I walk with jesus and you walk with jesus your life is hidden with God and your actions go line in line with him. I love the word of God made you enjoy your day when your life is hidden in him. With him in God May the peace of God, that’s the fastest human understanding guard your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord peace

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