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Whether we start a new day, week, month, or year each one offers all people an opportunity to evaluate the day, week, month, or year just completed. With that opportunity is a chance to start again if we’ve failed. Adjust what we’ve accomplished. Make changes to accomplish more and consider our priorities and choices. By the grace of God we can glorify Him better.

This opportunity to begin again is a blessing of God and we should view it as such. But far too often we don’t think Biblically so we deprive ourselves of many of God’s blessings.

The more we consider God’s love, mercies, and faithfulness to be new every morning. The better we’ll understand the character and nature of God and the more completely we’ll understand the power of new beginnings.

Join us as Sam and Isaac continue to look at the topic, “New Beginnings”.




last week on part one of our two-part
emphasis on new
Beginnings Isaac and I looked at what
the Bible says about God in the
beginning now in Genesis 1 verse one the
Bible records in the beginning there was
God and that in the beginning of
creation talking about there since God
had no beginning God created the Heaven
and the Earth then in John 1 verse one
uh it’s connected the truth there that
in the beginning was also the word and
the Word was with God and the Word was
God and that the same was in the
beginning with God we then connected the
truth that the word as we know other
place in scripture is Jesus Christ so
Jesus Christ is therefore a
God we also considered that Jesus Christ
as recorded in Revelation CH 22 and
verse 13
that Jesus Christ is not only the alpha
or the Omega the beginning he’s also the
Omega the end so God has no
beginning God has no
ending Jesus Christ because he is God
also has no beginning and has no
ending but as the Son of God Jesus
Christ came to this earth as God’s Plan
of Redemption to provide eternal life
which we know is a gift of God to all
people who would
believe and as Isaac shared last week on
program for all people who trust in
Jesus Christ by faith
alone they do in fact become as the
Apostle Paul told the Corinthians they
become a new creation in
Christ now whereas I cannot fully
explain or fathom the greatness of God
or the love of God or the mercy of God
or how it was possible that Jesus Christ
could be both God and man I can believe
it because God said it and because God
said it if we trust and receive his free
gift of Salvation by trusting in Jesus
Christ we can also become a new creation
in him we can have a new birth truly
truly a new
beginning now once dead in our sins we
can be made alive in Jesus Christ so a
new beginning of the greatest magnitude
possible is only possible through
salvation but for the believer who has
New Life In Christ there’s also the hope
and the reality that we can experience
each day each week each month and each
year a fresh understanding of God’s
mercies and his faithfulness and his
love to us as recorded in Lamentations
3: 22 through 2 since it says there
Jeremiah the prophet says those three
things love mercy and faithfulness are
new every
morning so in this program today Isaac
and I’d like to share how a person in a
practical way can experience a new
beginning and enjoy the faithfulness the
love and the mercies of God new you
every morning it is
possible uh Isaac we laid out last week
on the program how it is possible it is
salvation New Creation it’s only
possible um and we’re going to talk
today about those things that the
scripture tells us that
are that we we must do throughout our
daily life but let’s just look back I
want to ask you uh this last week from a
practical personal sense um was there
anything that stands out to you where
you say you
experienced uh the joy of a uh a new
God’s mercy God’s love or God’s
faithfulness in a new way this past week
yeah I think it’s it’s a good practice
uh discipline to go through and to take
account of all these things that we
otherwise just kind of skip over and uh
you know so many times in our prayer
life we pray pray not expecting anything
to happen and just a few days ago I was
praying for
somebody and uh for from my church for
needed encouragement and I was praying
in general for some things going on in
the community that we were wanting to do
as a church and I run into this person
i’ had just been praying for hours
before and before I had even prayed God
had actually started answering things in
their life allowed him to witness to
some people in the community through an
Outreach that we had all unbeknownst to
me as I was praying for those things God
was already answering those then um last
as you know we come in early in the
morning to our TV studio here at
lighthouse we have to leave early in the
morning had something in the community I
needed to go to and my wife Jill’s like
Isaac are you sure you really wanted
that’s so many hours it’s not going to
get over till late and I went and you
know again this point I should have been
praying for and I wasn’t praying for
opportunities and somebody there
completely unexpectedly says hey you
know and he started a spiritual
conversation that led to us talking with
other people many of whom weren’t saved
and he starts telling me his testimony
of how he got saved and what God’s been
doing and we were talking about some
different Christians we know in our it
was just it just blows your mind it’s
like Lord thank you I needed that
encouragement and I should have been
praying for that thank you for answering
a prayer that I should have you know
prayed but but God’s mercies are always
there God is always at work and as we
look today at New Beginnings so many
times we might be waiting for some
special lightning zap or something but
God is working in us and if you know
Christ as Savior he is starting all
things making all Things New in you and
in me even today so we have so much to
thank the Lord for we’re going to take a
quick time out we’ll be right back on
standing the
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truth welcome back to the program uh Sam
last week we started this topic that
we’re talking about new beginnings and
you know we looked atth for example 2
Corinthians 5:17 about how we are new
creatures in Christ uh we looked at
Genesis 1:1 John 111 we see the you know
these new beginnings um but there there
are a couple of commands when we are new
in Christ we are new creatures and and
that is to fear God and to keep his
Commandments and so could you talk to us
about what this what this entails for us
as new creatures to fear God well uh
Isaac I can you know one of the things
that you and I were talking about before
the program and uh I think all of our
viewers uh understand well that if they
are in fact new creatures in Christ
that’s who we’re really talking today
about those who are truly born again
that um as the Apostle Paul Paul says we
drag along in our
bodies a sinful heart a depraved heart
we are we born
again we are a new creation in Christ
but we’re still dragging along
this this body in which sin dwells and
it’s a fight all the
time and um it’s only by the grace of
God Isaac that we can uh daily live live
in victory over that indwelling
sin um but uh but there in is the
context here I think all of
us um and why I think New Beginnings is
so important whether we’re talking at
the new beginning of a new year or a
week or a month is because U we’re prone
failure we all
fail uh degrees of failure let’s put it
that way that’s that’s that’s all but
but but God knows that Jesus knows that
he says I’ve been tempted just like you
difference is he couldn’t fail mhm
because he’s God but we can so he’s
provided away and that’s kind of the
Practical aspect here so you cited uh
Ecclesiastes 12:3 here Solomon after he
makes his um you know his total
evaluation of all of life he says let us
hear the conclusion of the whole matter
the whole matter of life after he talks
about we’re born and we die and all of
these kinds of things which is a
summation of life he says here fear God
and keep his Commandments for this is
the whole duty of man uh Isaac I think
that which is what you ask me um fearing
um we don’t have enough time to go into
all that that
means but I can say a couple of things
about fearing God the Book of Proverbs
is a lot about the fear of
God let me just read a couple examples
what does scriptures say the fear of God
is well Proverbs 8 and verse 13 says the
fear of the
Lord is to hate
evil and pride and arrogancy and the
evil way and the forward mouth do I hate
so scripture says what’s the fear of the
Lord it means to hate evil mhm and it
gives some examples pride arrogancy and
the evil way okay that that that is one
um in another place in other places that
talks about the fear of God and let me
see I there’s there’s actually actually
a number of them um back here um earlier
it says um uh at the beginning I guess
of Proverbs there’s some results of it
the fear of the Lord It’s says is the
beginning of evil a beginning of
knowledge rather um fools despise it so
there are some result of the fear of God
if we fear God it means we will love
what God loves we will hate what God
hates and when we do that ultimately
Isaac it leads us
to an understanding of who Jesus Christ
is so any person who says I want to know
truth that kind of fear of God they will
find the truth and who is the truth
Jesus Christ who is the truth the life
and the way and that’s what we’ve been
talking about that is what really
results in a new beginning and a new
creation it’s
finding truth in a person called Jesus
Christ and that will result in knowledge
that will result in a in a number of
other things I would say it this way a
description of uh fearing God is that
fearing God in the simplest terms is
simply means agreeing with
God I like that it’s it’s agreeing with
God what is salvation it’s ultimately
saying God I’m not going to do my way
anymore because it doesn’t work I agree
you about the gift and life eternal in
Jesus Christ so ultimately I think Isaac
fearing God is ultimately agreeing with
God and how do we know what God is
through his word when that happens I
will love what God loves and I will hate
what God hates all right now let me turn
it back to you and all that because
Ecclesiastes 12 says fear God and then
the next step is keep his Commandments
which to me sounds an awful lot like
obedience mhm but lot that’s
misunderstood so explain that what is
keeping God’s Commandments obedience and
why is all of that um um so important in
our daily walk if we’re going to expect
and hope to see each
morning understanding the love and the
mercy and the faithfulness of God new
every morning as Jeremiah talks about
limitations well I love that and I love
what you said a little bit ago we go to
the word because we have the written
word that shows us The Living Word last
week you were talking about John 1:1 in
the beginning was the word the word
dwelt among us the word became flesh and
the word uh was Christ it was God and In
the Flesh it was Jesus Christ incarnate
and so when we look to Jesus Christ we
see how he obeyed the father how he
obeyed his Commandments uh Jesus obeys
it even unto the death of the Cross and
he he’s about to die and he tells his
his followers his disciples in the upper
room uh they’re going through this
Passover seder meal and that the last
part of it where they take out the
hidden leaven bread and he breaks it and
he says this is my body it’s broken for
you he takes that cup from the vine and
he says you know this looks red like
blood this is my blood that is shed for
you this is the New Testament New
Beginnings a new testament in my blood
and so we go to Jesus Christ and we say
what does Jesus do he obeys he obeys the
commands of his father he’s getting
ready to leave John 14 verse 5 as he’s
getting ready he’s telling them about
the Holy Spirit he says in John 14:15
sorry he says if you love me keep my
Commandments that’s the same thing as
Ecclesiastes keeping the Commandments if
you love me obey um and he talks in in
the next couple verses of verse 17 he
says even the spirit of Truth he says
I’m sending the comforter even the
spirit of Truth whom the world cannot
receive so if we have a new beginning we
receive God’s truth we take it and he
says it abides in us and we abide in him
and we take these truths and we obey it
we show it he says here and they’ll know
that you are my disciples and that you
love each other that’s one of his
commands we obey him by being loving if
you see a prickly Christian who’s not
very loving and they’re always bitter
and unkind I there’s a problem there
maybe they’re not really a Christian if
they are a Christian they’re not living
like a Christian I was uh talking with
somebody that I’ve been doing some
mentoring and discipling with and and he
was asking me about a friend of his and
this friend keeps living in certain open
known sin and he pointed out to his
friend he say oh it’s okay I don’t worry
about it after I do
this this sin that that hurts his life
and hurts his testimony I I just I can
just pray if I want to and God will
forgive me I said I don’t think that
your friend understands what it means to
be a Christian I don’t think your friend
is actually a new creature in Christ I
think your friend has his own version of
Jesus Christ that he pulls out like a
little Genie that his wishes but he
doesn’t understand what what the love of
God is really all about because it
changes us and so uh you know the fear
of God is is thinking like God the
obeying of his Commandments is truly
loving him to the point that we
understand his truth and we obey that we
keep his Commandments by obeying him and
and so Sam that that is our goal that’s
what we’re living for but we fail uh
even Paul says the things that I wanted
to do I find myself coming shorten what
do we do even as Christians even as new
creatures when uh we have been given a
new life in Christ but we still need a
new beginning sometimes because we we
still fail to do what we desire to do
well you know Isaac
um that
is uh and I’ve been I’ve been walking
through um this H book the fir book of
John uh and um a person a man who I had
the privilege to lead to the Lord some
time ago as a part of mentoring MH we’ve
walked through the book of First
John because in here John is saying all
right now if you have come to the
truth and you are truly a new creature
Christ then there will be certain things
that will be evident which is that what
you’re talking about so if we think in
terms of as we talked about fearing God
that’s what Solomon said that’s For All
Mankind fear God keep his Commandments
all right if an unsaved person says I
Fear God Proverbs says fearing God says
I will
then I will then begin to pursue
truth truth will lead me to the word of
God which leads me to the way of God
which is in the person of God Jesus
Christ and then I will find the truth
right now once then I do that I have a
beginning that new
beginning doesn’t
change um because I’m now in
Christ but for the believer Isaac and
this is where a lot of folks don’t get
confused That’s The Obedience part you
talked about after we are truly born
again then our lives will change and
there are things that we will do
including loving our
brethren we will be mindful to hate what
hates love what God loves that’s what
proverb says that’s what it’s what it’s
all about and we will do what God says
obedience John says if we walk in the
light as he’s in the light
will have Fellowship one with another
and the blood of Jesus Christ his son
cleanseth us from all sin and here’s the
great thing about it
Isaac John says if we say we have no sin
we deceive ourselves that truth is not
in us so he says if you
think that even because you have trusted
in Christ that you are now no longer
dealing with sin you fooled yourself
you’re not in the truth we we struggle
with it because we have a sinful body
but we and he says and here’s the
remedy if we confess our sins amen he is
faithful and just to forgive us our sins
and to cleanse us from all
unrighteousness and ladies and gentlemen
I I hope that as you’re listening to
this this is what if you’re a new
creature in Christ and you think you
don’t sin you’re not in the
truth um we’re Justified from our sins
when We Trust Christ we are a new
creature in Christ we have eternal life
but if our life doesn’t match it we got
problem so fearing God keeping his
Commandments is an Evidence of that not
to get us saved but as an evidence that
we are a new creature but when we sin
and we will if we confess our sins Lord
forgive me for that wrong attitude today
or that lustful thought that that I gave
into he is faithful and just to forgive
us our sins and when we do this
daily then we have fellowship with him
which is what John says and then we are
in a position to each day
expecting to see the love of God the
mercy of God and the gratefulness of God
new every morning isn’t it wonderful
that the Lord has given us new
Beginnings we’ll be
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different uh Isaac if we wrap it up
today in this this program and last week
we’ve talked about New
Beginnings um beginning of a new year a
new week a new month
I’m glad that God has provided a way of
new beginnings and we just talked about
when we sin if we’re a
Believer we can expect that if we
confess our sin that he will forgive us
restore that relationship that is hope I
am so glad that God has given us that
kind of a hope that each morning when I
wake up and the sun comes up I can say
ah today
Lord I I want to evidence and see
your as a new morning your love your
mercy your faithfulness so as we wrap
this up today just again personally what
do you do what have you done perhaps to
help um you
regularly um make sure that you’re in a
condition where you’re able to observe
and actually
experience the every morning the love
and the mercy and the gra and the
faithfulness of God yeah it it’s
interesting because uh with
homeschooling our kids just the last few
weeks several we’ve been memorising
several Bible verses and one of them is
first John 1:9 uh we’ve been learning it
with our youngest and then the oldest
two in our Spanish class have been
learning it in Spanish it has some uh
good um Parts there for conjugating
verbs or whatever but anyways it’s it’s
been really helpful but in my own life
it’s also so true too in the morning U
when I’m going through my prayer time
and Bible reading I try to have have a
time not just of petitioning the Lord
for things but of confessing and that’s
something we’ve been doing at our church
too is taking time to confess um just
real quick 2 Corinthians 5:17 we said
you know we’re new creatures in Christ
as it goes on from there it says that
our job is to reconcile God is
reconciled to us with the world and it
says in verse 20 then we are now
ambassadors for Christ as though God did
beseech You by us that you should pray
to to be reconciled to God as God’s
ambassadors we are to go out being
renewed and helping renew reconcile
others and I remember a little lady in
the church I pastored in in Hamburg
Pennsylvania who uh the Lord saved her
out of a really rough life and she lived
to be very old she was in a nursing home
and she was God’s Ambassador she won
people to Christ she encouraged
Christians in that home and she
encouraged people like me who would go
to visit her to encourage her she would
lift us up and pray for us and encourage
us because she was an ambassador of God
as a new
creature and ladies and gentlemen I hope
hope that this emphasis has been helpful
to you first of all um do you know Jesus
Christ as personal savior are you a new
creature in Christ if not make that sure
secondly if you are a new creature in
Christ can I encourage you to count your
blessings Every Day Count Your Blessings
that’ll keep our focus on the Lord of
Heaven who is The Giver of good things
when we sin and we will make sure we
don’t drag it out but go to the Lord and
confess our sins because he is faithful
and just to forgive us that gives us a
new beginning New Beginnings are
wonderful they start with Christ they
end with Christ but he’s given us a way
to make sure that our fellowship in him
is new every morning
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