Stand in the Gap TV: God’s Word & The Skeptic’s Questions – Part 2

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Sam Rohrer and Isaac Crockett are joined by guest Bryan Osborne (Answers in Genesis) to discuss this important topic by going to the heart of the cause and defining the solution.

Ever wonder how old the earth actually is? Is it thousands of years old or hundreds of millions of years old? Ever wonder when Genesis talks about a day if that day is a 24-hour day or a 24-million-year day. Does it make any real difference?

Asking questions is a practice the Lord Jesus did routinely in response to His skeptics with the purpose of exposing their sinister unbelief yet always leading them to the truth. Jesus loved to also answer legitimate questions as posed by His disciples.

In the appropriate fashion and for the right reasons we’ll pose some questions. Not to question God though doubt, but to ask questions to better understand what God has done, said, and who He is.

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