Stand in the Gap TV: Global Tyranny & The WHO – Part I

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Sam Rohrer and Isaac Crockett are joined by guest Michele Bachmann (Regent University Dean; Former Congresswoman) to discuss this important topic by going to the heart of the cause and defining the solution.

Global tyranny and centralized global control from the highest level down to an individual level as described in the Bible is being implemented worldwide as we speak. Spearheaded by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, strategically enabled and sanctioned by the United States and advanced by the Biden Administration. Every person in the world will soon feel the heavy hand of the global anti-Christ government.

Envisioning and declaring themselves as saviors of mankind, The WHO and global elites are consolidating total control over all mankind by usurping all matters of health decisions down to even the local doctor patient relationship. This traitorous and demonic venture is a combined ambition supported by the World Economic Forum and the G20 nations.

From around the world with no opposition from any representative of the world’s 194 nations, ideologies from nations around the world are literally conceding their sovereignty to the Marxist secretary of the World Health Organization. It is this prophetical transition of sovereignty not being conducted in plain view, but under the cloak of demonic deception.

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