Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe – Episode #65 Stability Ball Core Workout

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Theresa Rowe leads you through a series of Stability Ball Core exercises designed to increase your energy, strength, flexibility and endurance. Each exercise has a prayerfully chosen scripture to help strengthen our spiritual foundation.



Welcome to shape by faith, A special series led by health and fitness expert Teresa Row. Get ready for an entertaining and spirit led adventure while learning ways you can become fit in your body, mind and Spirit. Now here’s Teresa. Hi, I’m Theresa Rowe and welcome to shape by faith. We shape our bodies and hearts for God’s purposes. I hope you enjoyed the stability ball core workout along with encouraging bible scriptures on doing your best. You will only need a stability ball. Let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, so go ahead and take the ball. Just press your hands right into it, bring your feet about shoulder distance apart, soften the knees and just bring that ball from hip to hip. You know the word says that we are God’s masterpiece. Did you know that? Tell yourself that you are God’s masterpiece that he has created. A new in christ jesus so that we can do all the things that he planned for us to do a long time ago. So tell yourself you are God’s masterpiece right? Alright, keep going just side to side. A few more of these last one. Great, you should have felt that in your ways to lie this next one, we’re going into a lateral lunge, so go out into a lateral lunge, reach the ball out front and bring it down and then out front, do what must be done, you know why? Because God is with you? Do what must be done. Alright, choose to do what is right, do what God is asking you to do what he has created you to do because he’s with you and he’s going to help you each step of your journey, right? Just do it, Do what God’s asking you to do again, bringing those legs out, pressing front and we’ve got to remember our breathing And keep the navel to the spine. Last one. Go ahead and take a wide stance position with your legs, press the palms into the ball, lower down and then reach up over the head, inhale lower and then just reach it up. Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all of your ability with excellence, right? Do what you’re doing with all that you are And of course with the help of the Lord. Alright? Feeling this definitely through the legs and through the shoulders and through the core and just reaching this feels good to stretch. It feels great through the legs and it feels great to hear the word of God, doesn’t it? It just encourages our spirit, our mind and our body Last one, bring that ball down now on this one, what we’re doing is alternating knee lifts, bring the ball from hip to him. Just bring it hip to hip, work hard so that you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. So work hard and to the Lord Right, Alright? Just alternating this is great for the mind, isn’t it? It’s great for the hip flexors the glutes and of course the core again, alternating those knees just side to side and engaging your powerhouse strongly alright keep it going and you can press those palms more into the stability ball if you want. Last one. Nice. Bring your feet about hip distance apart, press the palms into the ball so you really engage your arm muscles lower down into a squat, bring the ball down, come up and then rotate, bring it right back down and go to the opposite side. Don’t get tired in doing what’s good. Okay. I know sometimes we can get worn out, we can feel burnt out but do what’s right and keep doing it so that you will read harvest, Don’t give up, keep going. That’s a word for someone today. Maybe you’ve thought about giving something up, Maybe he thought you know what? It’s time just to retire. I truly believe our retirement will be in heaven, so you just do what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t give it up, don’t quit. The Lord is with you. Alright, one more Nice, okay go ahead and on this one, we’re gonna sit down on the ball, we’re gonna walk out on the ball if you want to place your hands out there on the ball to help you, you can either bring your arms out in front of you or place your arms back behind you so lower down and then crunch up, you can bring your feet real close together or you can bring them apart like I’ve got mine okay? And also you can extend your arms out if you want or place your arms back behind you. You know the word says run to win? Run to win, okay to win that prize. So you know the Lord has given us strength and he’s given us endurance, he he really has and it’s up to us to use his strength and endurance for his purposes, right? So when you run keep your eyes straight ahead, fix them on jesus, who is the author and perfecter of our faith, He’s running right alongside of you and he’s helping you out and he’s cheering you on, he’s saying come on, you can do this, you can do this. His angels are also right there supporting you and protecting you. Okay so you run to win and you run fast. Run unto the Lord. Okay? He’s the one that gives you endurance and speed and strength. Alright Let’s do two more of these. One more alright this one I call the prayer crunch, don’t you love that? So place the hands together, separate the fingers for circulation and you can either keep the hands in towards you or bring them out away from you. So what I’m gonna do is just leave them out for now and go back and then sit up and reach exhale, bring those arms up, feel that through your spine, feel that through the obliques, notice that through your core, commit your work to the Lord. Everything you do to the Lord and the word says then you will succeed, commit everything you do to the Lord. Like this exercise show, there is no way I could do it without the help of the Lord, the people behind the scenes, um their expertise, everything that they bring to this production, there’s no way I could do this on my own. God’s the one who put it all together for his purposes and I thank God that he places people together for his purposes. We’re a body of believers, We should work together for God’s greater purposes and that’s what we do on this production. We like to have fun, we kid around the guys, you know, they goof around and um I’m just kidding and we have a good time, we have a great time. Alright keep going, pull in and again this prayer crunch extending the arms and reaching up a few more of these, let’s do one more and last one nice, okay now we’re gonna go to the floor, so go ahead and make your way down and we’re gonna pass the ball back and forth. That’s fun, isn’t it? Okay, engage your powerhouse going down to the floor, bring the stability ball over the head and then bring it towards your feet, grab it with the feet. Now I want you to bend the legs or extend the legs, I’m going to extend, making it a little bit more challenging, but you can also bend just like this. Okay, you can bend instead of extend Alright? Reach through, breathe nice. Now we work hard and continue to struggle for our hope is in the living God right? Our hope is in the living God keep going. As we struggle, we place our hope in the living God. Exhale and inhale, just passing this ball back and forth, feeling this strong in the core. Feeling that strength those core muscles keep going. Alright, We’ve got one more And one. Place the ball down there by the feet and you’re in a tabletop position, your core is engaged and what you can do is place your hands down beside you or back behind the head. So slowly roll up through your spine, feel that connection with your glutes and hips and core and then roll back down. Let’s see that again. Exhale up and then lower back down. Good job. Work willingly And whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord and not for people, okay, that’s real important. So whatever you’re doing, just you know, whatever it is, whether it’s taking care of your family, taking care of your animal, your pet, um working in a job, you know, playing music, exercising whatever you’re doing, we should be doing it for the Lord. Right? Go ahead and roll the ball out, flex the feet, engage the core and pull the ball in and then back out. Just the basic hamstring roll. Okay, if you wanted to you can definitely lift the head off the floor. All right? We can reach the arms out, bring the palms towards one another and engage those legs. Okay? Again, we don’t want to just move the body. We want to engage with us. Let’s keep our eyes on jesus. All right, we’re gonna keep our eyes on jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. All right, You should be feeling this great stretch through your legs, but you should be feeling this strong through your powerhouse one more. All right now, let’s just take one leg away from it, okay? And what I’m gonna do is bring it up, but you can also hold in and give yourself a back stretch at the same time, alright? I’m gonna try to hold it up there, bring that one leg in and out. Just one leg inhale and exhale whatever you do whatever you’re doing, whether you’re drinking or eating, exercising, moving around, working the word says do it all, do it all to the glory of God on this one. If you want to lift up and bring the arms out there, you can also do that alright? We’re working with that one leg and this leg that’s up. It’s getting a great stretch. The core is getting a great workout. Just roll the ball towards you in a way, pressing the heel into the stability ball and again, you’re gonna feel this, you’ll feel this in the core and in the hamstring muscles. Nice go ahead, switch out legs, I’m gonna reposition that ball because sometimes it just moves around again if you want, you can certainly bring this opposite leg in and just give yourself a nice back stretch at the same time, but if you want to give it a nice hamstring stretch, bring it up, you can also support it with this opposite um I mean not opposite but both hands at the same time. Okay, alright, roll that ball in and out. Never be lazy in your work. Never, but serve the Lord enthusiastically. So don’t be lazy about it, serve the Lord enthusiastically. We should be excited every day that we get up, but let’s be honest sometimes we’re just not, that’s where we go to the Lord and say Lord help me help me in my heart to serve you with enthusiasm and with excellence, one more last one good job. Alright, bring those knees in and then I’m gonna come on up here. Alright, so we will be right back and we’re going to strengthen our core with the stability ball on shaped by faith. Okay, go ahead and take the ball make your way down to the floor. We’re going into some fun exercises for the core actually, this one’s a little bit challenging, but let’s just try it together, place the ball between your feet, hold on to it tight, bring your arms beside you. I don’t know why I’m laughing, I mean I have to do this to and lift up and the hack, you know, work hard and become a leader alright in your faith, work hard to become a leader. Lead others to christ, jesus, okay, talk to them about his goodness alright, lift up, focusing on the core and the hips and glutes are doing fantastic. Just give it a try shoulders, stay down on this one, breathe two more, one more, let’s go over the head a little bit and down. Good, hold onto the ball, let’s go up in a tabletop position. Next tabletop you’re just going to hold the ball up if that’s too much. Just bring it close to your body, okay, just tap like one leg at a time. Now engage the core, use that core strongly pull in and breathe those who work hard, we’ll definitely prosper and take that in as you work hard unto the Lord. You you will prosper. The Lord will help you out. Maybe it’s financially maybe it’s elevating you into a different position but God is gonna help prosper you, that’s for sure alright, just tapping and if you want um you can bring the ball back with each tap but you don’t have to, I mean it’s not necessary, you can just keep holding and again pull in, make sure that low back stays down and filling this in that low core, deep core work right there, last one nice alright feet down, let’s come up and now we’re gonna work through our arms and legs and core during the opposite arm and leg. So I want you to extend up through your spine and then your torso really drape yourself over that ball, place your hands down directly underneath your shoulders. So what we’re gonna do here is just bring one arm up opposite leg and bring it down and keep going with God, all things are possible, all things are possible to those who believe with the Lord. Okay, reach out there and I’m flexing my feet to keep those leg muscles engaged. You can also point your toes and step okay? I want to feel those legs, I want to feel the arm, I’m gonna feel the stretch through that spine and I want to feel that core strength As we’re doing this one. Keep that head neutral. Alright, make sure you’re not 10 stop through your neck you’re doing great. Exhale of course as we lift and inhale as we lower down. I also feel that through your glutes and your hamstring muscles, keeping that core strong. Alright, last one. Alright, come off the ball and this next one, I really like this one because it not only works the abdominals but it gives that back a really nice stretch so let me show you what it looks like. So your forearms are gonna go out on the ball, you’re gonna hold right there and then you’re gonna bring it right back towards you. Okay? So let’s do it together. Feel that stretch, hesitate out and then bring it back good. So it works the core, it stretches the spine and it feels really good to the body. You know, God will also give you a way to escape if you’re attempted. He always does and then you’ll be able to endure it. Okay? So we know that jesus, I was tempted and jesus is God, but in his human flesh, the enemy tempted him and he used the word against him. The enemy does that. Okay? So when you’re tempted, cry out to the Lord in your mind in your heart and remove yourself from that temptation. Okay, Whatever it is, you know, for some people, it may be the obvious things like alcohol. So if you have alcohol in your home and you tell yourself, well, I’m not going to touch that. You know, you you have issues with it, you need to get it out of your home, it’s silly to keep it in there and it’s not like you can rid your home of food, but if you have some issues with eating the wrong foods, make sure you don’t have those in your home or very little of them. I mean when when we were raising our Children, we’d have all sorts of things in our pantry and now we do with our grandchildren, but you know I buy those treats that I don’t necessarily like that much and they like so that I’m not tempted to go in there. If I had chocolate cake in my pantry every night, believe me I would be like okay I want a piece of cake every single night. I mean that’s just the way it is. So whatever it is, remove that temptation that’s obvious out of your home. All right, this next one is a plank. So what we’re gonna do is bring the ball out there, go on to the forearms and then hold right here. Okay, so if this is too much for you, you can do the plank on the floor. Now the word says submit yourselves to the Lord and resist the devil and he will flee from you. So submit yourself to the Lord say Lord huh needs you and you can literally say satan get out of here now in the name of jesus, leave me alone, get out with the authority God has placed within you. Alright, so the key is just keeping your mind set on christ mindset is a big deal. Um What you allow in your home is a big deal as well. It will slow her down. Good job. Roll down and roll up one of my favorite exercises for the core with the ball. So go ahead and hold onto the ball, engage your powerhouse. We’re gonna go through this slowly because we want to work the core. You want to give the spine a great stretch. Roll up each vertebrae at a time, reach the ball towards your feet and then roll back down. And this scripture verse we all can depend upon every single day. It’s easy to memorize and you’ve heard it before. I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. Yes you can you can do all things through christ as christ strengthens. You think about that many times. The Lord has come in when you didn’t even know it or when you least expected his strength to show up. It was there for you okay or his courage or his boldness or just the right scripture verse. He placed it on your tongue and you spoke it and administered to someone that needed it that day. That’s the God we serve. He knows our every need and he provides our every need. That’s why it’s important to be in the word to read the word of the Lord and to read it over and over and over. So our mind gets it and our spirit picks it up and then it’s in there and so our spiritual muscles will remember the word of the Lord and you will speak it and you’ll speak it at just the right time. And you may not just you know sit there and quote a verse. But that verse will come out in your conversation and you will start to be active as you live out the word of the Lord. You’ll start to activate the word of the Lord in your life. It will show up and manifest. How are you doing with the roll up and roll down. Let’s roll back down each word one at a time. Exhale, reach and extend and let’s roll it back up. I can do all things through jesus christ because he gives us strength right? And let’s go back up inhale and exhale one More. I promise. Just one. Roll it down fully extend and then roll it back up and then flex over the legs. Okay, very nice. I know that one’s kind of hard to do. I know it’s kind of a challenge but it’s so good for our spine and our back and our core, it helps with everything. So this next one what we’re gonna do is take the stability ball and bring it from hip to hip. We’re actually rotating like through the waist. So we’re working on the obliques with this one. So just side to side pulling in, making sure your spine is lengthened and your torso is lengthened. You know, the word tells us everything that we do should be done in love and out of love. And sometimes I miss that mark. Sometimes I do things begrudgingly like I’ll choose to do the right thing. But then in my mind I’m like oh I don’t want to do that or I don’t want to go there. Why? It’s such an inconvenience, you know what I’m saying? And I really have to check my heart because that’s not right for me to think like that. I know that. So I asked the Lord to forgive me, I repent and I walk away from that. I’m like, Lord, I know you’re not sitting up there and you’re not mad at me. I know I know you love me so much like you love everyone, but I need your help to do the right thing with the right spirit and that’s with your Holy spirit. With joy and love in my heart. Father help me with this. Help me with that Lord. Alright, how are you doing with this one? I’m also feeling this strongly in the arms as we just rotate side to side, back and forth for the waste for the obliques. It’s a great stretch as well. Last one I’d like to go back to the exercise that I really, really love. And I know you love it too. The roll down in the roll up. Okay, again, it’s good for so many reasons. It’s great for the core. Great for the spine. Great for balance and stabilization. So let’s go ahead and roll down through the spine and then exhale, bring that ball over the head and use the core. So move slower in your roll up and roll down. So you’re using more of the core instead of your hips. Okay use that core strength with the Lord has given you to stay strong, right? You know, God has not given us a spirit of fear. And in a lot of these shows I bring that scripture verse because I want to remind you that he doesn’t give us fear, but he gives us a spirit of power, love and self control. So if you’re living in fear or you’re experiencing fear, that’s not from the Lord, what do we do about it? Well, we say Lord, this is what’s going on in my life and I don’t know how to get past this. So I need your help. Lord. I need your help every single day and maybe it’s time to ask forgiveness for something or you know, maybe just admit Lord. You know this is the way I feel about things and I need to be released from this fear that I’m experiencing. Just go to him. He is the one he is the one who gives us that power, love and self control. Right? All right, just one more. Let’s finish strong. Okay, roll up each vertebra at a time, flex over your legs and then sit up tall. How did you do with that 1? Thank you for allowing me in your home today. I hope you’re motivated to continue preparing yourself to be the very best that you can be because you can as we continue exercising and praising God together. He will bless our bodies and our hearts for his purposes. It is God who made us and breathed his spirit in us so we can encourage others to live for him. Until next time. Friends may. The Lord bless you, keep you safe, healthy and strong in your spirit, mind and body tune in next time as we continue shaping bodies and hearts for God’s purposes with Teresa Row as we all become shaped by faith.

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