Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe – Episode #62 Boot Camp

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Theresa Rowe leads you through a series of Boot Camp Exercises designed to increase your energy, strength, flexibility and endurance. Each exercise has a prayerfully chosen scripture to help strengthen our spiritual foundation.



Welcome to Shape by faith. A special series led by health and fitness expert, Teresa Row. Get ready for an entertaining and spirit led adventure while learning ways you can become fit in your body, mind and Spirit. Now, here’s Teresa. Hi, I’m Theresa Rowe and welcome to shape by Faith when we shape our bodies and hearts for God’s purposes. I hope you enjoyed this total body workout that I put together in my home just for you. These exercises will help increase your flexibility, energy endurance while also improving bone density, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Each exercise has a prayerfully chosen scripture to help strengthen our spiritual foundation. You will only need a medium to light set of weights. Let’s get started. Let’s warm up the body with some basic squats, so just lower down, move those arms, sit back in your hips, keep that core engaged. So don’t copy the customs of this world. Right? Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way that you think we all need to remind ourselves of that every single day let’s start to move side to side. Lord transformed my mindset. Let me think your thoughts, Let’s tap it out now and bring the arms across again. We’re warming up this body. We’ve got a lot of amazing exercises to get through and I’m so glad you’re exercising with me today. Go ahead and reach those arms up. Remember to take everything at your level in your pace, Right? If you need to stop if you need a little break, that’s fine. Bring the arms back across that body. Let’s warm up those shoulders in those legs, a few more of these. Alright, let’s go ahead and get started with some weights, pick up your weight, bring your hands towards your legs, palms facing you. Now this is called a dead lift. So I need you to really straighten up through your spine and your torso hinge forward through your hips, hold right there and then come right back up. Let’s do that again now to modify, maybe bend the knees more and then hold at the bottom and then come up. Just keep that back straight. Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things earthly things. Just kind of trip us up at times. Right? Set your mind on things above. And so those thoughts that God wants us to think that are holy and pure and praiseworthy and so encouraging to our spirit and our physical body. When you think about those positive thoughts, your physical body actually feels better. One more. Lower down and then lift right back up. Now you’ll only need one weight for this next exercise. This is called the clean and press just hold the weight at the end. Inhale, go down into your dead lift, come back up, go into a squat and then press up Good job, inhale lower down, bring the weight up squat and press guard your heart above all else because you know what? It determines the course of your life, whatever is in your heart it does, it sets the pace for the day. So if you wake up a little grumpy, just say Lord, I need you to reset me today. I’m feeling a little grumpy and I don’t need to be grumpy. I need to share your love and your light with others. Keep it moving. One more of these. You can do this. We’re going to bring the weight up squat And press good job. This next one requires a lot of balance on our part. I know you can do it. I have confidence in you bring one leg back. I need you to keep both of your toes and your knees straight ahead. Bring your arms out in front of you, lower down, hold that position right there and then come right back up. You are God’s masterpiece. You are his design. He created you really special. He did only. You can bring what you can bring to this world, right? That’s why he breathed you into existence. If you want to progress this one as you lower down, go ahead and lift that back leg off the floor and then bring it back down, do that again, inhale lift and then exhale. Let’s try that one more time. You can do this dead lift and balance there, you are right there and bring the feet together. Let’s go ahead and switch out those legs, Bring one leg back arms at your side, go into a dead lift, hold right there. Do you notice that balance challenge he has created us a new in christ jesus so that we can do the things that he planned for us to do so many times in a long time ago. Keep it going and breathe lower down, we’re gonna progress this one. Okay, so as you hinge forward, bring that leg back and then tap it right back down. Let’s do that again, inhale lower balance right there and one more time, engage that core. Hold now, place the foot down, let’s go back to that modification and then stand right back up. Don’t just pretend to love others really love them, right? No one likes it when we’re faking things. Just really love people and ask God to help you love them one more time and then bring it up. Good. Now we’re gonna take one weight, we’re gonna go back to that clean and press so hold the weight. We’re going to inhale dead lift position, bring the weight up squat and press, do that again. Inhale lower, bring the weight up squat impress. Really loving other people is being patient with them being kind to them, looking past their faults, right? Because we have our own faults, right? So as you interact with people, just kind of look into the lens um of love how jesus would see that person keep it moving again. This one is called a clean impress. It’s great for the legs and it’s great for that upper body. That mouth is open. We need a lot of oxygen to do this one. You’re doing fantastic. Let’s do that one more time. Lower down. Bring it up, good job. Okay, take both weights. We’re gonna alternate some lunges, some reverse lunges, so step back and bring the feet together. Step back with the other one same thing, inhale lower and exhale. Step together. We are more than conquerors through christ jesus, right? You’re more than a conqueror. Tell yourself that I am more than a conqueror through christ jesus. There’s something about just saying that, that your body reacts to it and it starts to believe it. Put it in your heart, You go out there and you act like you’re more than a conqueror, Your loving other people keep it moving, inhale lower and exhale a few more of these. Keep moving through this. You’re almost there. I can’t even believe we’re almost there, keep it going lower down. One more great job. Go ahead and grab your weights, keep them at your side, going to a basic squat here. Now you can modify as you come up, go into a hammer curl and bring that right leg out. Let’s do that again, squat. Hammer curl, bring the leg out modification. Just tap your leg out there so you’re going to focus on breathing right? As always, keeping the belly in and let’s bring that leg up. There you go. Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. Just stand your ground, stand strong in your faith. Be loving and kind try not to argue with people, okay, I’m talking to myself and that one, just stand your ground and stand strong in your faith. Just be who God created you to be right, Nothing less and nothing more. Alright, keep going. So this one is challenging our core, our upper body in our lower body. Now we’re gonna start on the opposite side. So go down into your squat modified leg goes out progression, bring that leg out there. You can do this for your shoes, put on the peace that comes from the good news so that you will be fully prepared. So remember that piece, guard your heart. That piece gets you through the day and only christ can bring you that piece, right? So regardless of what’s going on, remember that christ pieces with you and keep loving people and keep moving and breathing and taking care of your body. We’re almost there, You’re doing fantastic. We’re working the biceps and the legs, We’re working those core muscles by balancing. We just have a few more notice your heart rate’s going up just a little bit. One more. Now bring your arms in front of you, we’re going back to that dead lift. So I need you to really straighten up through your spine, your torso hinge forward in the dead lift this time. Bring your arms up with the elbows up inhale lower down and exhale, Come up, hold right there three things will last forever. Faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love, right? The greatest of these is love. So we’re talking about love today, loving our neighbors and you know what? You need to love yourself too because God loves you. I think a lot of times were too hard on ourselves, we get down on ourselves but you have to realize you know what you’re a child of God and God loves you so much. He doesn’t put pressure on you, he just loves you. Inhale, lower down and exhale up, let’s do that one more time and up bring your arms at your side. Now this next one is kind of challenging, but you can do it, it’s a front lunge step front, now step out to the side in a squat, bring the feet back together and then reverse your lunge, let’s do that again. Front lunge step together, squat now, reverse lunge, you’ve got it put on salvation as your helmet and take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, that’s the word of God, that’s your weapon, the word of God in the sword of the Spirit. You’ve gotta memorize scripture, you’ve got to know what it says. So let’s be disciplined in reading the word every day, just a little bit day by day and just let it soak in your heart one more, how you doing? Alright, next leg, front lunge, bring it together, step out, squat back together and reverse, lunge, working those legs. I can really feel it in the legs. Can you pray in the spirit at all times? And on every single occasion prey prayer is the best medicine for the soul right? Just pray about everything, don’t worry about anything, just pray. How are you doing with your legs? Keep that strong foundation that courts height, pull it in, breathe we need a lot of oxygen here. Good alright feel this in the legs, the outer thigh, the hip flexors back of the legs. We’ve got one more front lunge, bring it together, step out squat and then reverse lunge, Go ahead and place one weight down. This is called a figure eight legs are out wide, you’re gonna take one weight, you’re gonna go into a side lunge, bring the weight behind the knee, bring it up, bring it back behind that opposite knee and up now you can modify this, you don’t have to hinge forward or go real deep in your squat and you can keep the arms lower so we made strong even in your weakness by lifting up your tired hands in prayer and in worship we all get tired, we all get exhausted things wear us out but try lifting up your hands, there’s just something physically about lifting up the hands and reaching them up and praising God that will lift up your spirit. Alright keep moving. How are you doing? Side Lunge, front raise, love this one last one. Now take the weight. What we’re gonna do is a basic squat. Again, go back to the squat, hold the weight in front this time, rotate over your shoulder, bring it back in, rotate other shoulder and bring it back in. Exhale right there, inhale, lower exhale inhale. Let us then approach God’s throne of Grace with confidence. You can go to God with confidence, he’s right there for you, he is ready and so available for you to go to him, talk things over with him and just listen and he always always gives us an answer. He will, we’ll let you know it may not be today, but he will let you know. Exhaling, inhaling, approaching God’s throne of Grace with confidence. Last one over the shoulder and back in. You did great! Go ahead and place your weights at your side, pull that belly in, we’re going back to that front line, so lunge, front, step back together, go out into a side squat and together and now reverse. Alright, let’s do that again. Front lunge, feel that balance, feel those legs squat out to the side, bring it in and reverse lunge, let’s continue doing that. Let your conversation be always full of grace, let your conversation be always full of grace. Front lunge, bring it together and then squat and then reverse lunge. You know, we have to be real careful about the words that we use with other people, right? Um Just really ask God to guard your tongue. And sometimes I asked God to just keep my mouth closed. If I’m not supposed to say something, it usually helps go ahead. Let’s switch out the legs, front lines right there, bring it back side, squat together and reverse. These are great for the brain as well as this physical body because it’s a nice little pattern that we keep repeating. It’s sort of like we do with scriptures. But he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in your weakness, right? God’s Grace is all we need and where we are weak. He is so strong, I have found that out time and time again when I don’t have it. And there’s no way I could do something that God’s asking me to do. And I say Lord, I don’t have it. Well he does. And he’s got all the strength for me ready to go. All I have to do is move right, Use that faith and movin it one more. This next one, just use one weight. We’re going back to that Figure eight. Bring your legs out wide, take one weight, bring it back behind the knee, bring it up in front of you behind the opposite knee and then out in front. Good, inhaling lower exhale lift again. Take your time everything at your pace. You need to stop and take a break. That’s fine. We’re working the shoulders and the legs breathing through this. Good. Remember to pray about everything. You know God’s word tells us to pray all the time, not just a few times a week like all the time, pray about everything. And prayer is a conversation with God. Right? So we talked things over with God and we listened and we keep speaking because God is right there with us last time. Nice work. Go ahead, pick up both weights, we’re going back to that reverse lunch. I know you’re loving these in a shoulder press so step back, Press that one arm up and then step back together. Let’s do that again, step back, shoulder press up and then back together. Reverse lunge and shoulder pressing at the same time. There you go. Don’t worry about anything. Instead pray about everything. Like I just mentioned pray about everything. Are we praying about things as much as we’re talking about things with other people. Right, Lord, I’m struggling here or Lord, this is so amazing. I want to give you praise and glory and honor. But whatever it is, just talk it over with God. Just pray and you can open up the word and you can take those scriptures and pray those as well. Last one. Okay, opposite leg, step back, reverse lunge, opposite arm comes up, shoulder, press and step back together, let’s do that again, Reverse lunge, press and together. Let’s do it at the same time. Step back, Good job. Here’s a piece guard your heart and your mind as you live in christ jesus. Alright, are you feeling this in your arm and in your leg in the core? It takes a lot of balance to reverse lunge it and press at the same time. I love this pattern because we’re working the upper body and the lower body and the core all at the same time, we’re giving God the glory and giving God the praise for our healthy strong bodies and we’re working right where we are at today, right one more Nice now place one weight down, This is a little bit more challenging. It’s called a halo chop. I’m gonna go down into a squat, you’re gonna bring the weight up, circle it around your head and then chop, it sounds easy enough, right? If it bothers your shoulders, just do a basic chop, I will instruct you in the way of wisdom, lead you along straight paths. I love that proverbs is so full of wisdom and as you read proverbs, you become wiser. Alright, my heart rate is getting up on this one, I’m going a little faster and you can slow it down and that’s fine where you can go faster so you’re gonna breathe take a big exhale as your stand up Inhale Lower Last one. All right, take both weights now bring the legs out a little wider. Hold the weight just lean side to side. I always go back to this one because I love it for one. But it also works. It strengthens besides obliques. I love just to breathe in this one. Focus on posture and alignment. God, we began the good work within you. He will continue his work. All right. You may think God’s finished with me or you know I’m too young or I’m too old. Uh No, that’s not from God. God will continue to work with you until it’s finished. And he gives us assignments. I really believe that I wake up and I asked the Lord, what’s my assignment for today, father? What do you have for me today? Lord. one more each side and bring it together. Let’s go back to working on those legs. And also the biceps at the same time reverse lunge and angle your arms out as you bicep curl and then step back together. Let’s do that again. Reverse lunge. Good. Don’t worry about anything. We’ve been talking about that today right? Instead pray about everything. For example, if your body feels weak, discuss it with God and just be honest with him. Lord. My body is feeling weak today. And Lord, please strengthen me. I need you, father. I need your help see we need to maintain our focus on christ and again he will lift us up and he will help us out, You’re doing great. So reverse lunging, working the inner thighs, the back of the legs, that entire leg and biceps. Alright, let’s go ahead and repeat this on the opposite leg again, angle the arms out and reverse lunge and angle bicep curl right there and bring it back in. Let’s do that again. Just keep continuing again. If you need to rest, just take a rest. Break. His peace will guard your heart and your mind as you live in christ jesus. And we’ve been talking about that as well. The peace of christ will guard our hearts as we stay focused on him. Now if we veer off the path a little bit and we start trying to analyze things and figure things out, we get ourselves all knotted up, that’s when we need to stop and pause and realize you know what my eyes weren’t on christ, They were on the situation or the circumstance or me trying to fix things or handle things on my own. One more of these. Alright, this next set, we’re gonna go into a basic squat and then come right back up, we’re gonna add bent arm laterals so lower down and bring those arms up so there’s an inhale right here, exhale as you come up so you’re gonna breathe through this, keep that core engaged, you know that when your faith is tested and let me tell you our faith is tested a lot, your endurance has a chance to grow. I always tell people my past has taught me some great lessons right and my past has made me who I am today because I realized I was such a sinner and I still mess up but I’m so much better than I used to be. So you’re gonna lower down, squat, come up, bring those elbows out there, I need you to feel this through your mid back as those elbows come up, definitely feel it in your legs and through your core, sit back in the hips so you’re not pressure in your knees at all. One more nice work, bring your arms in front. We’re going back to a dead lift position so we’re gonna hinge forward as we come up, bring those elbows up. So inhale lower dead lift and then come right back up, May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to your Lord. And that’s my prayer every day, remind myself Lord, I hope my thought are pleasing to you and when they’re not, please show me father and he does, he does lower down, come on up real strong because God has made you strong, right, he’s made you strong for what he’s created you to do one more and up. Alright, this next exercise is a little challenging. It’s a crossover front, lunge, lunge, front modification, bring your arm across and single arm row back so the progression is go a little bit deeper right there and then come on back and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God. Now, if I’m out there doing whatever, I feel like doing right and I asked God to still bless me, it doesn’t work like that, it really doesn’t believe me, I’ve tried it, it doesn’t, but when I focus in on christ, I’m real focused driven and I want to please him. He works out all things from my good and so that he gets the glory right? Alright, feel those legs, feel that arm last one, let’s go ahead, repeat that on the opposite leg, front lunge modification crossover and then single arm row back, let’s do that again at the same time. Now let’s progress this lower down, hold and then single arm roll back, may the favor the Lord, our God rest on us and establish the work of our hands. I hope you’re enjoying this fitness show. This is a dream that God gave me so many years ago And I thought it would happen maybe 20 years ago and it didn’t. But here’s the thing God has maturing and he’s been shaping me and he still is and I’m so thankful he’s allowed me to exercise with you today, keep moving. So don’t give up, don’t give up on their dreams and God has placed in your heart one more nice job. Thank you for allowing me in your home today. I hope you’re motivated to continue preparing yourself to be the best that you can be as we continue exercising and praising God Together he will bless our bodies and hearts for his purposes. It is God who made us and breathes his spirit in us so we can encourage others to live for him Until next time. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, healthy and strong in your body. Mind and spirit tune in next time as we continue shaping bodies and hearts for God’s purposes with Teresa Row as we all become shaped by faith.

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