Is The End Near? Six Signs – Part 1

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What did Jesus actually say about the end of time? And what are the signs of His return? In this 4-part series, Dr. Michael Youssef addresses your questions about the end times—examining Jesus’ stirring words in Matthew 24.

In these last days, as our society rapidly deteriorates, you may be driven to feelings of fear and despair. But no matter what happens next, you can live with joyful confidence. Christ’s return is certain. His coming is sure. Therefore, may we all be busy working, serving, and witnessing to others until Christ returns.



for centuries. People have theorized when the end times will come upon us for decades. Books have been sold off the shelves predicting when the end will come. But have we thought to ask the one who will see us through that difficult time? Have we examined Jesus words? What did Jesus really say about the last days in his newest book? Is the end Near what Jesus told us about the last days. Dr Michael, Yousef unpacks the words of the Lord Jesus himself in Matthew 24 25 rest in knowing that he holds all things in the palm of his hand, don’t let fear of the future. Shake your faith. Know what Jesus said, Get the truth about the End Times. You can purchase your copy of Dr Yousef’s newest book exclusively from select retailers, visit is the end near book dot com. That is the end near book dot com today to find a convenient retailer near you. If you have been listening to me for any length of time, you would know that I am not an in time preacher. In other words, that’s not something I harp on every Sunday. I preach the whole counsel of God. I preach the whole word of God. But this series of messages is a unique series of messages because I am not speculating about if the end is near or not. I’m only telling you the signs that Jesus gives us in Matthew 24 and 25. And then you can decide as rapid change in our society picks up speed more and more believers are really asking, are we there yet and by that of course they mean is this the end of town but the believers question is this are we experiencing some of the prophetic announcements regarding the end of times? The question is are we seeing the signs of the nearness of the return of christ in the past. These questions have often been asked by older generations, that question is now being asked for some of the younger generation as well as all the generation and as we see the christian faith being maligned globally, not just in some corners of the globe, globally being maligned. As we see christians being persecuted. Many are asking this legitimate question is this, it is this, it believe it or not. The disciples of the Lord jesus christ asked that same question back then about, they were very curious about the signs of the end of times and they asked jesus that same question, so we’re not alone and since I am totally incapable of answering the question will come close to answering the question, I want to go to the Lord himself and let him answer the question. I want you to turn with me to Matthew 24 Verse three of Matthew 24 The disciples asked Jesus the question what will be the sign or the signs in the plural of the coming of the end of the age, jesus and his disciples were sitting on top of the mount of Olives, you got to get that, that’s what it’s called, all of it discourse because the conversation was taking place on the mount of Olives and the questions the disciples were asking, Jesus was very short question. The question was short enough, but Jesus ends up giving them the longest answer he’s ever given and because it is the longest answer jesus ever given, I want to take my time with it. I’m gonna be next few messages going through this chapter, but before I even get to jesus answer to the question, I want to remind you that all of the disciples, all of Jesus’s disciples were jewish, you said, well they haven’t enlightened me, I know that okay, but jews were trained in different traditions, different traditions, the traditions in which these particular disciples were trained, it was this they believe that the messiah is coming and when he comes to earth he’s gonna come and he’s gonna declare his lordship and he’s going to reign and rule all at the same time. So they understood from the bible from the old testament that the thinking was that when the messiah comes, he’s gonna come at some point declare his lordship over the universe at some point. And so that’s the understanding, you’ve got to put your place in, put yourself in their place in order to understand their question and why and the reason behind the question, they understood that jesus is from the line of David, that much. They understood, they of course know that he was supernaturally conceived in a virgin’s womb. They know that he is a virgin Virgin born supernaturally not of the will of man. And so they knew he is the messiah. They saw Jesus perform supernatural miracles, like never before, nobody ever before him has ever done So you saw these sons with their own eyes, uh at that point, he had not been risen from the dead, but he promised them that he will rise from the dead. And so they thought surely at must at some point, surely not by now, at some point he’s going to announce his rule over the globe eternal rule. Don’t miss this. Most jews, including the disciples believed that the coming of the messiah is only once. And so it was natural for them to say, are we there yet, when are you gonna do it, when you’re going to make the announcement? When is it gonna happen? Assuming that this is all going to happen during his lifetime? There were certain now it’s any moment now, any moment jesus gonna make his move and gonna announce his rule over the world and oh, don’t forget, because we see the evidence of that, they thought they of course going to share in the power and the prestige and the wealth of that rule, got it, if you really want to understand the meaning of the disciples question, let me rephrase them, I’m not doing injustice to the scripture. I really, I wouldn’t do that. But just understand what I’m saying here. What will be the signs of you revealing yourself in your full authority as the messiah king or when is your eternal rule in righteousness And in truth going to take place, we’re gonna be pronounced Beginning at Verse four. As I said, jesus begins his long answer and he gives him several things that indicates indicates that his actual visible rule is in the distant future. It’s not immediately. And he said it will be like labor pains like labor pains. There will be false alarms, false messiahs, there will be international warfare, there’ll be famines, there’ll be earthquakes. Ah But that’s just the beginning of the labor pains. The baby’s arrival still far off. I want to tell you a few things about labor pains just in case you don’t know. Listen, I have not personally experienced labor pains and I am going to appeal to all men. All men, All men. Never, never, never, never think even allowed that you have ever experienced anything remotely resembled labor pain. Nothing compares to labor pains for women. Now, man, one last word. If you value your life, do not ever compare labor pain to anything you’ve been through. But we all know the following. Okay, labor pains do not occur at conception. Well at least we know that or even throughout the pregnancies, but just prior to the birth, labor pains do not begin until shortly before delivery time and they occur in increasing frequency until the baby is born. In the same way the events associated with the return of christ. They will not begin until just before actual return of christ. And then they will occur with increasing repeatedly building up to that great event. Now, with that brief introduction, I want to show you six signs of the labor pains that our Lord jesus is talking about. The very first sign of the return of the Lord jesus christ is a widespread of falsehood and deception. Look at verses four and five. See to it That no one misleads. You underline that. Please for many. How many will come in my name and will mislead how many many at the end of times the influence of these deceivers is gonna be widespread. It will be widespread. Please listen to me. We always have had deceivers but the number toward the end will be vastly increasing. The deception of those days is gonna be so escalated like never before, 40 years ago, maybe even 30 years ago. I would not have believed it. I would not have believed it. Now I do. And that is why jesus is warning us. He said, keep your eyes wide open. Be careful, beware, she do it. That you don’t get deceived like others beloved here’s what causes me shed some tears and I really mean that that’s my wife. She’ll tell you as the number of deceivers grow an increase. So does the number of the vulnerable people who get deceived. These vulnerable people are desperately seeking an answer for the calamities and the pandemics and the sufferings that torments them. As these unparalleled wickedness and immorality invade the church. As we see people take pride in their evil, as we see good called evil and evil called good. As you see all of that, you stand firm, you stand what? The second birth pain sign of birth pain will be unparalleled global disputes and warfare. Think about this with me. Think about what’s going on in the world today and what’s going to happen when that takes place? Question, what does the genuine believer in? The Lord, jesus christ do take heart take heart remember Jesus said these things will take place verse six, see it with me first six. See that you are not afraid. And jesus is saying that these things are the harbingers of the end, but they are not the end. Question. What are these nations and kingdoms all about? Good question. I believe it’s talking about countries that have democratic governments and countries that have Dictatorships, varieties of it. What’s the point? The point is that these troubles are going to impact the entire globe regardless of our political systems. They may have all of them, regardless of the political system will be global upheaval. No group of people will be exempted from this global conflict. These global conflicts will be so intensified, are going to be so vast. No one Will Escape It, No one, No 1 Will Escape It. But I must go back to the words of jesus that his genuine believers. He said that to us. What do not let that frighten you? Amen why? He said, don’t that frighten you listen to me? Please listen to me because we are engraved on the palms of his hands. We are carried on his shoulders. He who touches us, touches the apple of his eye. And you’ve heard me say this and you’re gonna hear me say it more and more and more and more that I am indestructible until he says so and saw you. If you only believe it. If you only believe it, Listen to me, fear is killing you. At least some of you don’t live in fear, jesus repeatedly. Don’t be afraid. If you’re afraid, chances are not saved and you need to come to know jesus. And when you know jesus, you know, he’s got you, he’s got you. When he’s got you. Nobody can touch you. Amen. Amen. Give him glory, give him glory. The 3rd birth pain vs seven and 8, I’m going to move quickly. Lord mentioned famine and earthquake. These are natural catastrophes, but they will be in staggering proportions. They’ve always been there in fact Luke. In a similar passage Luke 21 verse 11, he adds plagues terror and great signs in the heavens. This is a the equivalent passage, but when our Lord said verse seven verse seven, it will be in various places. It means simultaneously, it’s gonna be global. It’s going to be everywhere. When john the revelator talks about the breaking of the seals of the scroll, he said when the sixth seal was broken, there were stars falling from heaven. Then when the seventh seal was broken, the vegetation was devastated. The 4th Birth Pain, Labour Pain Verse nine. The believers will be hated on the account of the naming of the name of jesus. Always remember this. Please don’t forget it. Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it. I want you to always remember this. The persecution that the righteous believers are experiencing right now wherever they may be. And we are watched around the world right now 220 countries. And I want those persecuted and persecuted countries, particularly suffering, really, really, really suffering right now. To listen to me, this is important. My beloved friends listen to me. This persecution is not directed against you. It is directed against God. When the resurrected Jesus was manifested himself on the road to Damascus and knocked soul of Tarsus of his high horse is he did not say to him, why are you persecuting my people? He did not say, why are you persecuting my church, he said to him. Why are you persecuting me? Always remind yourself, always remind yourself if you’re persecuted for your faith, they’re not hating you because of who you are? But their hating you because who’s you are? Can I get an amen? The 5th Birth Pain vs 10: 13. And actually the fifth one is the consequence of the fourth one. The fifth one is the consequence of the fourth one. As the persecution heats up. Some will forsake christ and join the nonbelievers and their defection from the faith. It’s really for three reasons. Three reasons write them down if you want to first, because the price, it’s too high and they don’t want to pay the cost of the such. And secondly, because the false teachers and the false teaching by those slick deceivers. So convincing, They’re so convinced. They’re clever. They’re great communicators. And so the person would say to themselves, after listening to them, they’ll say, well, who knows, Jesus may have whispered about immorality and may not be against it. Like they’re telling us, Who knows, God damn, I accept everybody in the end. Even those who take pride in their sin. Who knows? Who knows if the gospel writers really said what Jesus said, who knows, I heard it all. I heard it all and on and on and on and on, beloved. That’s the oldest lie in the book three, the oldest lie in the garden of Eden, did God really say? And you can be God, You can be like God. The 3rd, the most obvious reason for defection. Sin is very attractive. It’s very, very easy on the flesh. It’s easy to kick back and just take it easy. Don’t believe anybody who tells you as soon is not attractive. The bible said it, jesus said, why is the game easy? Is the way those people who do fall away, what I call hangers on, they were just really hangers on. They were not born again. They were not believers, they were not really converted to christ, they were hangers on the christians, there were members of the visible church, but they were never members of the invisible Church, the elect of God. The Church of jesus, christ the Bride of christ Look at verse 13 again, but the one who endures to the end, he she shall be saved. Finally, I come to the 6th, birth pains finally, verse 14 The 6th and the last one to every nation, every dark corner of the globe, you will hear the gospel and then the end will come. God is gathering his elect. I really believe that with every ounce of my being and that is why this final sign of the birth paying for today is that the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a witness to all nations. And then the end will come come, Lord jesus come, Lord jesus In Mark 1615, Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. There is never a moment of the day when the sun sets on the ministry of leading the way, 24 hours a day in every time zone on the globe. God’s truth is going forth through our outreach from broadcasting the Gospel to on the ground field teams from here at home in the west, all the way to the Middle East and Asia, we are proclaiming the Gospel around the world, the secret power of the christian life. It is in christ being formed in us. We’re the group that’s cutting the hole in the ceiling and lowering their friend down to jesus because we’re going to find a way in to get people the message of truth. You will never hear on the news that somebody left the Islamic faith to receive christ. But through our broadcast and follow up efforts, we are seeing a constant stream of men and women risking their lives and the livelihoods as they make the decision to follow christ. For more than 30 years, we have seen the Lord Call and equip leading the way to go into the most challenging parts of the world. We have been called to the front lines, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in 28 languages across six continents. Leading the way is passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth. We are hearing so many things about the end times. I have written many books, but never on this subject. There are all kinds of theories out there. I went to the Source. I want to know what jesus said and what he meant when he spoke about the end Times, what the signs are, what to look for, what not to look for. And he answered it very precisely. And I put it in this book by this book, he will transform your life, Jesus said at the end of time, there will be a great tribulation. This tribulation is gonna encompass the whole globe. Only the father knows that day for centuries. People have theorized when the End Times will come upon us. For decades. Books have been sold off the shelves predicting when the end will come. But have we thought to ask the one who will see us through that difficult time? Have we examined jesus words? What did Jesus really say about the last days? Cut through the noise of end times misconceptions and hear what our Lord himself told us about the end times In his newest book is the end. Near what Jesus told us about the last days, Dr. Michael Yusuf unpacks the words of the Lord Jesus himself in Matthew 24 and 25. In this powerful new book, Dr Yousef examines how current global events are playing into God’s End Times plan, evidence for potentially apocalyptic events that could trigger unprecedented natural disasters, whether it’s possible for christians to be deceived by the antichrist, the four dimensions of the coming judgment and how to live in the hope and security of the Lord’s return. Even as the world seems to be collapsing around us, whether war disasters, famine or persecution rest in knowing that he holds all things in the palm of his hand, don’t let fear of the future shake your faith, Know what, jesus said, get the truth about the end Times. You can purchase your copy of Dr Yousef’s newest book, exclusively from select retailers visit is the end near book dot com. That is the end near book dot com today, to find a convenient retailer near you passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth. Leading the way with Dr Michael Yousef, thanks you for your faithful support through your continued prayers and gifts.

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