God’s Plans Are Perfect

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Bible Capsule of today…Jeremiah 29:11



Welcome to our bible capsule of today. We are reading from Jeremiah 29 11. Pastor johnny. Can you read it for me please? And then the word of the Lord says where I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper. You and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. You chose that. You must have a reason for it. Can you please tell us why you chose me first for years? I have um his first touched my heart when we were going through different difficult times. And I didn’t know exactly what did the Lord want in my life. And when I walked into a retreat, there was the word and I said, wow Lord! You have plans for me. You have plans for me. It’s not my plans are your plans that are gonna make me prosper and get to where I have to go to and reach my destiny. So I know that sometimes in life we cross through deserts. We cross through difficult times. So many things that we weren’t expecting things that happen. It’s part of life are the processes we have to go through. But we need to continue to move forward. We need we need to continue to trust God because he promised in his word, he knows the plans he has for us and they are too prosperous And God will prosper us. When you know what verse 12 and 13 also tells us that we need to seek him. We need to call upon him. We need to we need to connect with him. If we don’t connect with him, we will never know his plans. The plans can be distorted because we mix our emotions. We mix our own things that we want to do. We need to call upon me because he says he will call upon me and you will find me and God is so good, he says also in Jeremiah 33 3 call upon me and I will show you for this you know not so today. I will encourage you if you find yourself stuck. If you find yourself in a dark place, if you find yourself lost, call upon the Lord, it has a perfect plan for your life and he says those are plants are to prosper you you need to give you hope and we need hope christ in us the hope of glory. So it’s been an honor. We’ve had some girl days and you know I kind of have to leave tomorrow but german is like pastor johnson my spiritual daughter, I love her dearly and I am we my husband and I are honored to see the good work that you are continuing church. Good people leadership. I mean it’s abuse if you ever stop like Puerto rico because this is close to the yes it is 20 minutes from the airport and it’s a beautiful we welcome you with love and open arms and you will be you will you will sense the presence of the Lord and you will be blessed. I was blessed on sunday, so may the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God, your heart and mind in christ jesus, our Lord.

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