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Ep 61-Workmanship Pt. 1



Okay, hi there Tom and Vicky with it’s all greek to me and we’re gonna go into a discussion on B. Mark Workmanship found in two places Ephesians chapter two verse 10 and romans chapter one verse 20. Let’s go into the first place where you were going to be teaching, which is on a salvation redemption. Speaking of bima Ephesians 2 10 for we are his workmanship created in christ jesus unto good works, which he has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Let’s get into the discussion and join us. Hi, this is tom and Vicky and we are so glad that you joined us in for this study on salvation really redemption. And so many ideas about that. I know growing up as a young little boy as a greek Orthodox in the Eastern Orthodox church and my wife, you were roman catholic roman catholic. So maybe you can, what was your concept of salvation and what some people don’t care about salvation. But as you grow up in a religious community and I grew up as a greek Orthodox, she was roman catholic. We have concepts of what salvation is all about that there’s a God and so forth. We called it Tempest evo that I believe about God the father God the son, God, the holy spirit and how we were saved in that statement. So why don’t you pick it up in just what you think on. I think it was just a lot of traditions uh came from our italian background and being roman catholic. And of course as a young girl, I had uh you know, you were baptized, then you made your communion, then you made your confirmation and there were a lot of things that you did during that process, going to every Wednesday afternoon, you would leave school and go to the church and be taught. And so I grew up, I just thought that was the right thing to do. The whole idea of good works. And what we want to do is take a word like the word works, which are two words in greek, which is works. And the other word is pema poem and then we get poem from the pima. P all means to make with your hands or to make create. And ma is the suffix that means the purpose or the objective, why you create something, it’s the end result. So we’re gonna look at this word workmanship in the greek language and which is pima. And so let’s jump right into this new study on Ephesians two, The 1st 10 verses and we’ll look at some other passages of scripture as well. So here is the first word and there’s the Pima from Tokyo to make. And there’s only two places that this word is found. The first one is in Ephesians chapter two and verse 10 and the second one is found in romans chapter one and verse 20 we’re gonna look at both of these. We’re gonna do two programs on this, one will be on salvation redemption, which is really talking about how we are saved and it gives us insight in the 1st 10 verses of Ephesians and some other passages and then we’re gonna look at this word pema in romans one which deals with creation And that’s verse 20. So let’s go to the Ephesians passage Vicky and why don’t you pick it up right there in Ephesians 28 for by Grace, you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not as a result of works Erdogan so that no one may boast for we are his the workmanship is that’s what the word P. O. Is right, right pema to make created in christ jesus and he made us that way for good works ergen which God has prepared beforehand, T mas O. So that we will walk Carrie Patel in them. So God has prepared special things for us to walk and he that will please him with our new faith. Right off the bat Vicky this passage of scripture deals with salvation for by grace, you have been saved through faith, that not of yourselves. It makes it clear that salvation is what it’s it’s not of ourselves, it’s a gift of God, not as a result of end of one works that we can actually see and do so that no one may boast because you know when you do works, you you tend to think, wow, you know, that was really good And uh and then it uses in the same context in verse 10 for we are his workmanship which drives home the idea that we’re not saved by our works, but it says no we are his workmanship. He’s the one that’s doing it in christ jesus unto good works. So we’re not saved by good works Erdogan but were saved on to good works. Which means that would be the result of our relationship with God and forgiveness and salvation that we would live a life of good works. So it’s the result of that’s where they were. Pema right? Is the result of the good the good works are the result of the salvation not the cause of the salvation. Anything you want to say about it? I think that the the the beauty of this is that God says we’re his poem. We are a poem that he’s created and that he has made us so special. Each one of us. I often think of our fingerprints, thumbprints, our eyes. We you know, we are just so unique. And these good works, he’s already shown us by the life of christ and throughout the scriptures, what these good works are that would please him. But they come from the power of the Holy spirit in us. Why did you mention the fingerprint the thumbprint and the eye because they’re so unique. Their unique. So not only is it unique but there’s a pattern there. I know your pattern of your thumb is different than my pattern. My pattern will open my computer. You yours won’t exactly I’ve tried it. And then of course the you know the snowflakes. Every snowflake is different. It’s got a different pattern. Even though even though all the snowflakes may look alike, they’re not alike. And that is the designer who designed. And we’re gonna talk about that in the second program in creation. All right, so let’s let’s move on here. This is Salvation Redemption in romans 1 20. When we go to the second a program that we do on this pima, go ahead and read it Vicky for since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes, his eternal power and divine nature. Notice we’re going to talk about that word too because there’s another word that sounds that is just like it, but doesn’t mean the same thing. Keep reading this word means gods manifested attributes and it refers to the Lord’s characteristics revealed in and through his creation in Romans 2 14-16 and Romans 10 6 through 18, wow. Being understood through what has been made bima. That was that word again. So that they are without excuse. In other words, what is it saying to you? It’s saying that people on the earth when they look at the heavens, when they look at creation, anything in the planet that is not made by man, but made by God in the heavens, declare the glory of God and day and today, utter speech about him. So and then we have pictures of different things that we’ve found to show the uniqueness and the beauty of God’s creation and how interested he is in any everything on the planet that he’s made. So this versus scripture is really saying that this word, Pema is saying that God designed everything. And then the other word theO notice on top there, 23 05 in the strongest concordance, that word means not the trinity, the divine trinity, Father, son and holy spirit, but the attributes of the trinity, the the love of God, the power of God, the mercy of God, the wrath of God, the justice of God. The truth of God. All of the attributes of God, his creative how creative he is. As it says in john 11 that in the beginning was the logos and the logos was with God and the logos was God and that nothing came into being without the law. Most really designing it and doing it. And we go to the next verse romans 1:20 p.m. A. From it denotes the result of work, what is produced as contrasted to be sees the work itself. It’s contrasted because Pima is the end result of what God made. So God, the end result of what God made as it says Vicki quoted it in psalm 19 1, The heavens are declaring the glory of God and the earth. It’s showing forth his handiwork all the little things that God every little thing, the ants being so industrious. Even in the proverbs, you read certain things about a little ant and he says, what about the end? What about the badger? What are the things that are highlighted in animals? And how a lion doesn’t turn from anyone has got, you know, is so bold and goes forward and uh the horse and the and the and the goat, the mountain goat that goes up in the crags. And can I mean all the various animals and how each one reflects something about God, something about the character of God, something about the the attributes of God. That’s that word theo otis and he who does the making is ptsd the performer, the door, the poet according to dr z dr zodiac Aries. So this very text has in it the word Proietti mas O. Down here, God prepared beforehand. And there’s another place where this word Proietti mas O Is used and that is in Romans in Chapter nine. We just want to look at that word, pretty Mazo verse 23, which means ready because prepared and then we want to get into the actual meaning of it, Vicky is going to pick it up. Carhartt ISO in Romans 9, 22 and 23. What if God, although willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known endured with much patience vessels of Wrath, who have prepared themselves for destruction. This is in the middle voice. God did not prepare them for destruction. They chose. This is a choice that man makes to choose God’s way or his own way. And he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory. This text brings up the sobering reality. What if people steadfastly and freely choose not to accept God’s wonderful plan, prepared ready for them since eternity? And also no text of scripture portrays God as a pre condemning anyone to hell. This is very important. Rather, God extends his mercy to all. Both in romans 9 24 and romans 11 32 Especially for God, has shut up all in disobedience, so that he may show mercy to all, As it says in 2nd Peter three, God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. It’s God’s desire. When jesus christ died on the cross, john 3 16, For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life for me. It’s very important because in first john chapter two, it makes it very clear that he is the propitiate nation, not only for our sins. Deleuze most, but for the sins of the whole world. So potentially jesus christ died on the cross for everyone. But actually every single person has got to come to a point of repentance, a point of belief, A point of grabbing on willingly opening their hearts and crying out to God for salvation. And it says here for God has shut up all in disobedience so that he may show mercy to all, though some insist on willfully free, freely rejecting him. Note that the greek middle voice fitting themselves romans 9 22 this is important. They’re the ones that have come under this judgment. I’ll never forget talking to dr zodiac theories about this and asking him, I said, I just got to know what’s going on here. I’m reading this. I’m reading that. It seems like there’s some contradictions. He says no and and I’ll never forget this, he said tom God never predestination. The man’s choice, but the consequences are always predestination. He said, it’s like gravity. God’s not gonna suspend gravity because you decide And you’re a believer to jump out of a 10 story window. No, God is the one who is uh put these laws in all of creation. He’s put laws here on this planet. And uh, it’s very important that we don’t blame God for the things we in fact are doing, fitting themselves romans 9 22 God’s plan made his riches of glory previously made ready for all. Uh this was gleason archer who said this, then that’s the word Cathartic iso Vicky, Carhartt iso from kata according to or down intensifying artist. So to adjust which is derived from our theO’s properly adjusted and properly exactly fit, adjust to make in good working order, adjusted exactly down to functioning best. Yes, let’s continue. So Qatar Tiso literally are just down exactly refers to parts working precisely together, fulfilling their intended purpose potential because properly adapted 2 to the root ca tarty set in order expresses what is joined together in Perth in proper adjustment. Qatar Tiso means to frame all the parts into an overall design so that each part works together in good working order. Also, Qatar Tiso is used of reconciling factions, setting broken bones, putting dislocated limbs into place, mending nets. Uh the classical greek of refitting a ship or setting a bone back together again. Gotta Tiso to fit or to arrange is actually translated Eight different ways in its 13 occurrences in the scriptures. And here Vincent says, and I’ll let Vicky pick it up. Vincent comments that in each case Carhartt ISO still retains its basic core meaning, putting all the parts into the right relation and connection. Yeah. And so when we kind of outlined this, we wanted you to see how simple this word, which means that you come under the judgment that is already there as a spiritual law. When you choose to reject christ or you choose to reject God. The fool that said, there is no God. Well you come under a law. The wrath of God abides on those who do not believe the Wrath of God literally is already there on unbelievers. And we can avoid and run from that when we hear the Gospel in him. You also, after listening to the message of truth, the Gospel of your Salvation, having also believed Ephesians 1 13, you were sealed in him with the Holy Spirit of Promise. That moment of faith in hearing God’s grace and what Jesus did for us. His death, his burial, his resurrection gives us now that ability to enter into his grace and his mercy through faith. Uh Vicki pick up the various specific places of Qatar Tiso. It’s used of mending the nets in Matthew 421 of restoring an airing brother in Galatians 6 1 of framing the body and the world’s and Hebrews 10 5 and 11, 3 and of the union of Members in the Church. First Corinthians 1 10 and Second Corinthians 13 11. Out of this comes the general sense of perfecting. Yes, continue reading Isaiah 64 8. But now, O Lord thou art our father and we are the clay and thou our potter and all of us are the work of thy hands. Beautiful, isn’t it? To think about that one more, Isaiah 45 9. Woe to the one who quarrels with his maker. An Earthenware vessel among the vessels of earth will the clay say to the potter, what are you doing? Or the thing you are making say he has no hands And then Jeremiah 18 4. But the vessels that he has that he was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter. So he remade it into another vessel as it pleased the potter to make. Can I not O House of Israel deal with you as this potter does, declares the Lord behold like the clay in the potter’s hand. So are you in my hand? O House of Israel Vicky Romans 9 21 through 26. Does not the potter getting meese have a right over the clay to make pl say it again from the same clump. One vessel for honorable timmy use and another for common atom mia use. Yeah, the P. O. There is P. O. The second E. Is the the the the Oi iota. There is P. E. O. So it’s P. O. The way it’s pronounced from the same lump over the vessel for honorable Demi use and another for common data mia. So this is basically the teaching concerning that romans chapter of Ephesians chapter two verse 10. For we are his workmanship which underscores the fact that we did not buy our own Erica get salvation, but by his pima did the design and the beauty and the by his workmanship. We are created in christ jesus. And once we are in christ jesus by the power of God the father Son and Holy Spirit because that’s how we get in christ jesus, that he bled and died, that he was buried. That he arose again from the dead. That’s the gospel. And it says now he created us for these good agatha er gah, these intrinsically good works that he Proietti Moscow. He has already prepared these in the future for us to walk in them. That’s what it’s saying, It’s just fabulous when you put it together like that, that although we did not save ourselves, he created that. But he then designed us pre designed and pre prepared literally for us to be doing the good works and we’ll look at that and what that means as well. Anything you want to close with, I think you explained it really well. Okay, thank you. It is amazing to me how we can miss simple things, like in the context of Ephesians, Chapter two notice it says, and you were dead in your trespasses and sins. That was our condition in which you formally walked according to the course of this world, according to the Prince of the Power of the Air. In other words, are conditioned where we were influenced by the course of this world, by the power of the it says the Prince of the Power of the Air. The Spirit that is now working in the Sons of disobedience. I mean, this is this is disobedience to the word of God, to the will of God, to the work of God. It’s just among it says them, we to formally lived in the lust of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature, Children of wrath. Even as the rest of the condition was that we were screwed up in our thinking, in our passions, in our actions, everything was wrong. We were headed towards destruction. But God, but God in verse four being rich in mercy because of his great love. So his love sends forth his mercy by with with which he loved us. God loves us. That’s the good news. Even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with christ by Grace, you have been saved and it repeats it over and over again. The way we were living, the way we were thinking the passions, the power of the world, the power of the devil, the power of the flesh. You see the hopeless condition that we’re in. Even when we were dead, verse five in our transgressions made us alive together with christ by grace, you’ve been saved. And he raised us up, seated us with him in heavenly places. Not only has he saved us in christ by his crucifixion, his burial, his resurrection. Now he has seated us in heavenly places. Were represented there in christ. We’re seated In heavenly places. It says in verse six in verse seven in order that in the ages to come, he might show the surpassing riches of his grace in kindness toward us in christ jesus. Now here comes the verses that we were talking about for by grace carries you have been saved, its past tense. It’s happened already through faith. And that’s the means by which we were saved, not by our own good works. And makes it clear in the next statement. And that not of yourself, underlying that, not of yourself, we’re not saved by our ourselves by our good works. It says it is a gift of God. Doro verse eight, not as a result of works. Erica. Two different greek words for works. One is Erica in verse nine, the other one in verse 10. Workmanship from God is working something that’s pema pema Edgar are the works that we can do bima is the work that God did in saving us. So we’re not saved by our works so that we not boast the things that we can produce in and of ourselves, we’re going to boast about. But we realize that we’re not saved by that for we are his workmanship. He’s the one that did it created in christ jesus on to good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. We are not saved by good works. Were saved for good works. It’s it’s fabulous. And then in titus chapter three and verse five, the parallel passage Titus 35, he saved us Santeria, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness verse five, but according to his mercy by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit whom he poured out upon us richly through jesus christ our Lord. You go back to chapter two of Titus and verse 11, for the Grace of God has appeared bringing salvation to all men. So he gives this too old man. But you have to be willing To repent, instructing us, to deny ungodly nous verse 12 and worldly desires and to live sensibly righteously godly in this present age. Looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the of the glory of our great God and savior. Christ, jesus, He’s not only our savior, he’s our great God and savior. And and then it says who gave himself for us that he might redeem us? Ah Hora zero to purchase from the marketplace, redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for himself. Petty Lucia, his net worth a people for his own possession, zealous unto good works. And finally, I want to go to romans in chapter four because they’re not only are we told in chapter 12 or three are sin. The sin of of our hearts of our lives Chapters 1 2 and three, chapters one uh the the the jews have sent chapters to the gentiles have sent Chapter three all have sent chapter four, how do we become justified or righteous in God’s eyes, it is credited reckoned verse three uh to him in righteousness giving Abraham as a positive and David as a negative blessed are those whose lawless deeds have been forgiven and whose sins have been covered over blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not take into account. The word reckon and take into account uh is credit into our account, righteousness from God and take out of our account, the sinfulness from our hearts. And this is given to us throughout the whole chapter 10 times using this word and finally, it applies it to ourselves in verse 24. But for our sakes to whom it will be reckoned as those who have believed in him, who raised jesus, our Lord from the dead, he who was delivered up because of our transgressions and was raised because of our justification. Listen, I don’t care how good you can be like the rich young ruler and Mark the gospel of Mark, that jesus came to the rich young ruler. You read the story, They’re in Mark Chapter 10 and you realize that this young man comes down, falls on his face, kneels down, what must I do to inherit eternal life? Think about this. And Jesus tells him keep the law because the law that you’ve broken. Well, hope, you know you can’t do it. And then he tells them, well then give everything up. You haven’t followed me sacrifice. Neither one could do it. And Jesus told his disciples when they asked him with man. It’s impossible. But with God, all things are possible. God made us. He made a fema this beautiful new creation where he takes away our sins and gives us the Holy Spirit puts christ in us. We become he puts us in christ and now we’re able to do good works that he has prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. I hope you realize Salvation does not come by your will by purchasing it by keeping the Lord no, but by repenting and asking jesus christ to come in. Our hearts, forgive us and believe that he died for our sins, was buried and rose again from the dead and trust him. That’s how we’re saved. The gift of God is eternal life through christ by grace. You have been saved through faith, not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not as a result of works lest we boast God bless you Until next time. It’s all greek to me.

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