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Candid Conversation with Joyce Meyer, Joyce addresses the topic of divorce, an important and sensitive issue in today’s society. She emphasizes the importance of approaching this topic from a scriptural perspective and shares her own experience with divorce. Joyce acknowledges that although divorce may not result in the loss of salvation, it is crucial to ensure that one has biblical grounds for divorce if they wish to be truly obedient to God.

Joyce cites Mark 10:2-12, which discusses the importance of honoring marriage vows and the consequences of divorce. She highlights the need for individuals to take their vows seriously, as God commands. Joyce explains that love is not a feeling but a decision about how to treat another person, and that many people make emotional decisions about divorce without fully understanding what love entails.

Joyce encourages people to reflect on their marriages and to make every effort to work through issues, rather than giving up easily. She stresses the importance of having a strong foundation in God’s word and being obedient to His teachings, even when it comes to difficult topics like divorce.

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