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Ray Comfort gives a lesson on Open Air Praching, while EZ and Mark explain the gospel to unbelievers at Huntington Beach.



today. On way The Master Easy and Mark are out talking to people about some of the most important issues of life. Tyler, what do you think happens after we die? You ever give it any thought? It’s something that’s always on your mind, you know, you lose somebody, you wonder their consciousness is still there in some way. So do you think make it to heaven? But first let’s join Ray comfort as he pulls up to his weekly evangelism spot in Huntington beach, California. Okay, this takes a bit of muscle, but I’ve got it. This is my open air preaching here. A stand on this. Been coming to Huntington Beach now for probably 14 years, been standing on a box. I come somewhere, I don’t want to come to say something, I don’t want to say to people who don’t want to hear it, but jesus had to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and this is a great day to come. Very, very hard. A lot of people here, I’m tanked up with water, I had a banana milkshake to give me energy and I’m prayed up because without prayer, this is gonna be dead letter. Most people with something like this would be fearful of getting a heckler, Someone who disagrees an atheist, someone who’s nasty someone who wants to punch you out, but that’s the best thing that can ever happen in open air session and a good open air and angry heckler can move a crowd from 10 people to 100 people in about two minutes, so heckling is good, It’s called conflict. Conflict is great. You’ll see it in every movie a battle between good and evil. You’ll see it in the bible, battle between good and evil. You see it with jesus everywhere we went, the bible says there was a division among the people. So conflicts good and let’s hope we get an angry heckler today. Am I nervous? Yeah, but it’s a nervousness that I’ve been able to control, been doing it for many years. Kind of like the nervousness a firefighter would get when he arrives at a dangerous fire. He just has to learn to control his fears and that’s what I’m doing. This is for crowd control. If the crowd gets too close, it ruins the whole open air. So I say keep behind the chalk line, it would be helpful. Thanks. And also with social distancing, it gives me a way of saying to people keep back, you know, man, I’m sweating already. As Ray gets ready to open her preach, let’s jump over to the boardwalk and see what’s going on with Easy matt, let me ask you this, did you grow up in the catholic church or did you become a catholic at some point? You know, my mom basically, you know, being hispanic kinda was forced upon me Miko, you’re going to be catholic right or something like that. That spanish accent. But so okay, well, let me ask you this an exodus 20. It says that you shall not make unto yourself any graven images. You shouldn’t make anything in the likeness of anything on heaven, Earth under the earth. You shouldn’t bow down before them based on that. Does it bother you that within Catholicism there is that practice of setting up statues, bowing in front of them, lighting incense to them, praying toward them. Is that something that should bother a person who claims to believe that the bible is God’s word? Not really, no. I mean however, you want to kind of send out your energy and kind of do your devotion stuff shouldn’t matter. There’s statues, everything is energy essentially. So however they want to make their space and their altar and they’re praying space should be free to them. So it doesn’t matter to you what God’s word would have to say on that basically we can do whatever we want in terms of the realm of treating people right? Yeah, that’s it. Just do what’s right? And that’s good Judges 17 6 talks about a time when every man did what was right in his own eyes and it’s hard not to look around today and realize our society is basically doing the same thing. Wait a sec looks like Ray’s got someone to talk to, would you like to talk to me about? What do you think about the afterlife. Do you think there’s an afterlife. Come and talk to me. Let’s have a talk. What’s your name, lovey, I can’t call you love you. I’m a married man. Come on lovey get to the mic and we’ll have a chat now. Is there an afterlife? What do you think? Of course, I guess. I don’t know. Of course I guess. And I don’t know do you think about it much? I’ll see my mom one day. You’ll see your mom one day, your mom’s past. I’m sorry about that. So is mine and my dad, it seems to be quite common. You know how many people die every day? 150,000 every year. 54 million probably. So you should find out what happens after somebody dies. You know how you can find out. I don’t know how would you know that if you’re still alive? Well I know because I’ve got the instruction book, you know what the instruction book of humanity is? It’s the bible tells us death is no mystery, it tells us why we die what’s gonna happen after we die. It’s very clear, tells us what causes death. I’ve been criticized for shouting at people for being loud and you know, I’d love it if we didn’t have to do that, but this is Huntington Beach and they have ordinances were not light amplification and I can understand why they don’t want people setting up rock groups and playing music that’s so loud it drowns people out so we have to lift up our voices and we have to do it because there’s a lot of ambience and hunting the beach. There’s cars going past this honking horns, there’s motorbikes, people talking and we want people to hear what we’ve got to say. As the bible says, lift up your voices a trumpet and show my people their transgression. And we have the words of jesus. What I tell you in secret. He said shout it from the house tops. And of all the things that should be shouted is that God loved the world! Enough to send his son. We might have everlasting life. Do you believe the bible? I’ve never read it. What’s the world’s biggest selling book of all time? The bible. And you’ve never read it. Yeah, I’m not a big reader, I’m sorry. They sit on the floor. Let me give you a synopsis of the bible. I’ll give it to you one sentence. So maybe to your listening. Oh no, I was not. You weren’t listening. I’m gonna give you a synopsis of the bible. Now. Your name is love. Is that your what’s your real name? I’m embarrassed to call you, lovey, because I’m a married man. I can’t read your necklace. My eyes are going I’m dying slowly. What’s what’s your name? Suzanne, I can remember that. The synopsis of the bible is this old testament God promised to destroy man’s greatest enemy. New testament tells us harry did it Now. Ray has been talking to unchurched people for most of his life. So he’s really good at keeping it simple now. About 100 yards away from Ray, up on the pier. Mark’s got someone to talk to. Let’s listen in Tyler. What do you think happens after we die? You ever give it any thought plenty. It’s hard like it’s it’s something that’s always on your mind. You know you lose somebody you wonder their consciousness is still there in some way if it’s like uh you know netflix special like where you’re trapped in some house and you’re haunting some you know ground. I don’t know I don’t I don’t think that’s like that. I like to think that we’re here to learn. What do you think the meaning of life is? That’s that’s hard man. Um I’ve heard it put the meaning of life is discover your gifts and the purpose of life is to give it away. Um I think that’s Pablo Picasso? Um It’s hard to say it’s hard to say. I think it’s to appreciate being alive and realizing what a gift it is to walk the earth and see the beautiful things. Feel feel at all. You know if you’re dead you don’t feel anything you’re gone like it’s nothing. And just to feel the sunshine on your face. See hot babes walking around the walking around the beach. You know, feel the waves on your skin. That’s that’s that’s the point to appreciate it. Well he’s right and that we should appreciate the good things God gives us. But there’s also bad things, especially this thing called sin. Do you know why we die according to the bible? Any idea? Either old age illnesses or you do you jump off a cliff? Yeah. Well the bible says death is wages. Ever heard of the famous bible verse? The wages of sin Is death ever heard that? No? Yeah. Death is payment from God to you for your sins. Now, do you think you are so bad? You’re worthy of the death sentence or are you a good person? I’m a good person. I’m gonna give you a moral speedometer to judge if you’ve broken God’s law or not. It’s the 10 commandments. Can you handle that? Oh jeez Louise. Okay. First of the commanders, number nine. How many lies do you think you’ve told in your life? I probably never counted them. Okay. What do you call? Someone who tells lies, liar? So what do you, I guess I’m a liar. Have you ever stolen something in your whole life? Even if it’s small, irrespective of its value. Including your teenage years? Yes. What do you call someone who steals things? A thief? So what are you? No, you’re not. You’re relying thief. Now. I appreciate you taking this. Do you still think you’re a good person? I guess I’m really bad, but I’m honest. I appreciate your honesty. Have you ever used God’s name in vain. Maybe. Probably. OMG anything like that. OMG. Yes. You just did it I just copied you. Yes. Oh the name of jesus. The name of God when you do that daily I pray to him daily. Yeah but do you use his name in vain? I call him. My dear God I love you. My God. Okay God he’s my God I have my own God. Did you know? Okay you know what? He’s just done what You just broke the first and the second of the 10 commandments. You know what they are? Let me share them with you. The first of the 10 commandments. News is I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before me. The second is you should not make a false god in your own mind to suit yourself. I did it before I was a christian and non existent god of my imagination that’s called idolatry and is punishable by death in the old testament. It’s so serious. I appreciate your patience and your honesty. One to go. Are you ready for the last one? Yeah as Susie prays for mercy. Mark and Tyler are getting into the issue of morality. Where do you get your morals your values from like is there such thing as objectively good, objective good. Is there such thing as bad or evil within your worldview? Yeah there’s some hard lines, some of it’s gray you know some you know um going around killing Chip mocks you know it seems pretty evil to me. You know something, you know it’s just an example but um about stealing, stealing is wrong. Yeah. I mean some folks they say, you know if you’re stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family, there’s a bit of an ethical dilemma there. But if you’re stealing just because it’s an easier route for you than than working for what you want, then that’s that’s that’s morally wrong. I would say. Okay. And so what do you do when you have stone? Do you think God cares about right and wrong? Good and bad? I don’t think so. I feel like God’s really more of this um like Maleficent its force if at all. You know it’s kind of laughing at what we think is important down here on earth at our level like we just got no perspective. It’s completely out of touch with reality. Yeah. Well it’s hard to relate to God and what you would think that he would think like because he he ain’t down here like with a finite life, like we’re gonna die one day, like that’s gonna happen and we’re forced to deal with that and God’s just up there, you know and his, you know if he’s if God is there, you know? I don’t I don’t know. But do you think, would you consider yourself to be a good person? Yeah, I try to be defined. That force define that for me because I mean you seem like a good guy. That’s why I stopped you don’t think you’re gonna stab me in the back, right? I think we’re gonna have a good conversation. But who gets to define what good and bad is? I don’t know the reason why he cannot determine what is moral is because he has no foundation for morality. If there is no foundation for morality. Well then there’s no difference between a man who kills his dog to feed his starving son or a man who kills his son to feed his starving dog. There has to be a transcendent foundation for all things moral. And that is found in the bible alone without an absolute standard. Many in today’s world would have to say, I don’t know. And that’s why they often get offended when a preacher comes along and lays down God’s law. If we look with lust, we came in adultery in our hearts. Have you ever looked with lust? I’d say Yeah. Okay. The next one’s little personal. You don’t have to answer. Lead the fifth. Have you had sex before marriage? Yeah. Okay. Suze. I’m not judging you. You judge yourself. Look at the speedometer, but you’ve just told me you’re a lying, thieving blasphemous, fornicating idolatrous. So Here’s the big question. If God judges you by the 10 commandments on Judgment Day, you’re gonna be innocent or guilty. He’s gonna judge me innocent because I cleared myself. How did you clear yourself? You change the way you think how you act and you grow up and all the adults? So you’ve cleaned up your life? Okay, now try that in a court of law. If a judge says you’re guilty of robbing a bank and shooting a guard, anything to say, Yeah, judge I’m guilty, but I’ll tell you what I’m cleaning up my life, you’ll say so, you should, you’re going to jail. So cleaning up your life won’t help. You need something else to save you from hell. You know what you need. We often hear that people know the gospel, but I can tell you from experience of witnessing and preaching of thousands of people. Most people don’t know the gospel in the sense that it can save them from raf. It’s like knowing what a parish you can do, but not knowing that you have to put it on. That’s the difference. One of life and death. Susie needs a savior as does Easy’s new friend Pat. So as a good catholic Pat, do you ever pray toward mary or toward any of the saints? I pray towards God And sometimes saint Christopher and saint jude since you was the patron saint of lost causes. And that’s how I feel. Sometimes, let’s say someone was praying to saint jude or ST peter here in the United States and someone was praying to Saint jude and Saint Peter or mary or any of the saints uh in massachusetts? Uh someone else in Hong kong someone else in Jerusalem, do you think that these saints would be able to hear everybody at the same time and be able to answer all those prayers? You think they would have the attribute of omnipresence? Or do you think that that’s something that would solely belong to God? That’s a good question. Not one you’ve given much thought before I take it, but it’s an interesting one. Right? That’s one that I’ve always thought about myself as someone who used to be catholic God alone, according to the bible, has that attribute of omnipresence was able to be in all places at all times and and part of that would include a bit of omnipotence because he has to be all powerful to be able to hear every prayer and then decipher it, answer it so on and so forth. Um when you hear that, does that get your mind kind of going? Let me ask you this, Do you believe that the bible is God’s work? Yes. What do you think about the practice within Catholicism of setting up statues? You’re familiar? I’m sure with the book of exodus chapter 20 verse four, it says not to make on ourselves any graven images of anything of the likeness of anything in heaven or on earth or under the earth, not to bow down to them and so forth. Have you ever thought about that in terms of that practice. Uh and how that squares with what the bible teaches about idolatry? I never saw a statue or an image of a saint or anyone else to be an idol? A monument to the first who is this? It’s a representation and a reminder of my question often to people within the catholic church. And I ask this question often and love is what is the difference between doing those things toward God and then doing them toward the same because I know you would recognize that Catholics for example will make statues of, let’s say mary as one example, they’ll light candles to that statue, they’ll burn incense to it, they’ll decorate it, they’ll bow down in front of it. Does that sound like worship to you on the surface? It does. But I think what you’re talking about people who are thinking was the spirit of mary, the spirit of jesus, when, when jesus, when they pray in the church. But I’m meaning in terms of and I’m meaning in terms of the biblical calling to worship no one but God. And then these things are done towards a person, first of all who isn’t here but is deceased and gone. And as we talked about earlier, who couldn’t have the attribute of omnipresence and hear every prayer at one time, all around the world, millions of people praying to them. Do you see my point is is do you see how this would violate God’s command to worship no one but him and did not make any graven image of anything and bow down before it and do those sorts of things toward it. I guess you look at it that way, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think that that the statue is a reminder. Maybe you can’t do it too mary take my word to God. For me, looks like getting through to Pat isn’t gonna be as easy as easy thought. Even though you and I are guilty before God heading for hell. God can dismiss our case and legally forgive our sins. Let us live forever, take the death sentence off us because jesus paid the fine in his life’s blood and then rose from the dead, defeating death. And here’s what you must do to find forgiveness of sins. Repent and trust in jesus. You know what repentance is? That’s where you turn from sin. You can’t say I’m a christian, but you fornicate lifestyle at the moment, you’re like, give me a dollar for every minute I’m standing here being told that I’m not perfect, I’m not this and I’m not, I would appreciate that because you’re pretty much throwing me down to the curb in front of an audience and not accepting. I have a different religion. Yes, can I just finish what I was saying? Sure, but you gotta give me a moment to yes, it’ll take two minutes. Okay, just two more dollars? Yes, 12 minutes of my time. This is so important. Okay, that poor woman couldn’t wait to get away and I understand why she feels like she does guilt is a horrible feeling. And when we preach the gospel proceeded by the commandments, the law of God, it’s like shining a light on a criminal who’s been stealing in the dark and just say, hey, get out, get that light off me because it’s exposing me. And that’s what the bible says. Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. Neither will they come to the light lest their deeds be exposed. But what we’re thinking of is not the embarrassment, the guilt, the person’s feeling, but the fact that that person is going to stand before almighty God, when the light comes on and the bible says, it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. I’d rather fall on the face of the sun than to fall in the hands of the living God in my sins. And so we plead with people. We warn every man that we may present every man perfect and love because we love them and we care about where they’ll spend eternity. Let’s see how it’s going reasoning with pat. Let me ask you this. If someone were to say to you, hey, look um, my doctor told me that I cannot have any solid food before surgery tomorrow I can’t eat anything. I have to fast completely. Okay, No food, nothing. Uh, however I went home, I took some meat, some chicken, some potatoes, some vegetables, I threw them in a blender, I blended it all up and then I drank it and therefore I did not eat any food. I just drank a liquid and therefore I’m good. Do you think that would that would be okay? Do you think you see that as kind of a loophole of getting around what the person is supposed to do? Okay? And I’m so I’m so grateful. I would think the drinking is eating also right. I’m trying to paint a picture of what it is that is often done within the catholic church, but yet it’s called something else. Oftentimes, Catholics will say no I’m this is just a homage or its honor toward mary and the saints and these statues where in the same sense someone would say, oh no, no that’s not worship, that’s these things. It’s like someone saying no, no, no I didn’t eat, I drank you know these these yeah. And so my whole point in this and the reason why I’m sharing this with you is as a christian and as someone who grew up in the catholic church, I am I’m concerned for those within the church who have not come to the true saving knowledge of christ because jesus said this, he said truly, truly I say to you unless you’re born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. And so when you look at some of the practices of the catholic church, they violate what the bible teaches the most important one is what the catholic church teaches about how a person is saved. The bible says, we’ve been saved by grace through faith, that not of ourselves, it’s a gift of God, not of works lest anyone should boast. Yet, catholic church teaches it, it’s by grace and our works, which violates the gospel. Religious people of all kinds are trusting in their own good works or in other words, their own goodness to save them. This is why it’s so important to focus on that in every gospel presentation. You’re trusting in your goodness to save your own judgment. It’s not going to happen. Just transfer your trust from yourself to the savior. The minute you do that, you’ve got God’s promise, he’ll grant you everlasting life as a free gift, You can have death taken off you because of what jesus done. Now, what happens at the end of my day? Today, you just go, you quietly say what that guy was saying, Oh God is true. Please show me my life is at stake. It’s so precious to me. I don’t wanna end up in hell. Please show me, please show me death is evidence that God is serious about. Since he shows me daily when I speak to him, he shows me he gives me like abundance daily. Yeah, Susie brings me work, he brings me everything I asked for it happens the days I don’t and I’m not present are the days I have struggled. So I do. My guy God works really well for me and I think everyone should have their own God. And if they want to call them God or Jesus or they just want to call them my God or my dude man, when I ran my first marathon, I didn’t call him God. I got up there and I said dude man, you got me this far. How how are you gonna fail me now? Don’t fail me now I’m 20 miles into 26.2 miles and he pushed me all the way. I wanted to give up a 23. I could barely walk. I thought I was an athlete going across that finish line. He did it for me without having to make I use my words and he comes to me with my words so you can speak your language. But I speak mine. And he works for me sir. So maybe today God and his kindness has led you to this little guy with a weird accent to tell you how you can live forever. Suzy, thank you for listening to me. Here is $15 worth of in and out cards for you. Oh gosh, my friends. You know the bible says the Gospel carries an offense with it. It can make people angry. It can make them hate you. But the last thing we ever want to do is offend somebody? Not because of the Gospel, but just because of our tone. And so it’s very important to end a witnessing session with love and respect and kindness and maybe with a handshake or a hug if it’s a male. Let me ask you this, pat. Do you consider yourself as a catholic to be a good person? Yes. So do you think when you die based on that, you’ll enter heaven? I think by the rules, as I understand, that would preclude me from, they would preclude you from heaven. Why is that? I think during the course of my life, for one reason another, I’ve violated a number of commandments. So in one sense, you’re good in some areas, but in an ultimate sense, you’ve committed needs, in some sense, you need to make improvements okay. In order for us to get into heaven, we have to be perfect and we can’t be. So what happened? God left the heights of heaven, became a man in jesus christ, then went to that cross, took our sins on him. In terms of the human race bore the wrath of God as if though he committed those sins and then rose again three days later after shedding his blood for our sins. And if we repent and place, our faith in him, God will wipe all our sins away and give us everlasting life as a free gift of his grace. In other words, he’ll clothe us with his perfect righteousness. And on that basis we can get into heaven. Did you ever hear anything like that as a catholic? No. And when you hear that now, does that resonate with your heart? Or do you think have a chance? You know what Pat? There is forgiveness in christ The bible says in him. We have redemption through his blood. The forgiveness of sins. And so my hope, is that so do you think make it to heaven? Well, think about paul, the apostle, paul, the apostle was was responsible for the murder of christians. When Stephen the first martyr was murdered, he stood there giving consent, and they laid his robes at his feet. He was he was on a mission to destroy christians, and God forgave him. And Washington’s away, nothing is beyond the forgiveness of christ. I’m impressed. You have an answer for everything. Well, it’s not my answer, though. It’s what the bible says. And uh but when you hear this, is this doing something in your heart and mind, is this kind of becoming personal for you? It’s free my soul. Like I said, let me know, I have a chance at the end of the day. And Pat, my hope is that you recognize that can happen for you today. You think that’s something that you’re gonna do? Cry out to God in repentance and faith, if not today, tomorrow, remember, we’re not promised tomorrow. The bible says today. If you hear his voice, don’t harden your heart. We don’t know what can happen tomorrow. My hope is that you’ll get away with God immediately Repent of your sins. Place your faith in him. I think you’ll do that. One of the reproaches on human nature is the great commission where jesus said, go into all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature. That’s an embarrassment. It’s a shame. It shows how evil we are as human beings. Think of a doctor who has found a cure to cancer and someone says, so you found a cure to cancer. Okay, go and share the cure. He shouldn’t have to be told. He’s found the greatest news the school could ever hope to hear a cure to cancer. And so he would run because he cares about people and you and I shouldn’t have to be commander to preach the Gospel to every creature. We should run with it as the apostles did. They said, we cannot but speak that which we’ve seen and heard. And so let the love of God dwell within your heart and let the Gospel be an overflow of that love. We hope this episode of way of The master has inspired you to share the Gospel with others. 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