which will you choose

Which Will You Choose?

Do You Recognize the Holy Spirit’s Authority?
Romans 5:1-5, 17

Any Christian who hasn’t discovered the tremendous worth and power of kingdom authority is living beneath his privileges. Not one day in the sweet by and by, but now, God wants you to deploy your kingdom authority as His instrument, victorious over the world, the flesh, and the devil. Nothing is settled until the matter of authority is settled.

In this series on kingdom authority, we’ve said that to have authority, you must be under authority. God will never give you kingdom authority if you’re a rebel. But when you’re submitted to His authority, He gives you incredible authority. The church that pretends to be a church but doesn’t operate under kingdom authority is a farce, not a force.

We’re under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the inspired Word of God, but the Holy Spirit is also an authority we must be under, for how do the authority of Jesus and the Word of God come to us? By the Holy Spirit, who wrote the Scriptures and interprets them to our hearts. Through Him we learn how to live under kingdom authority.

Because of His work, “…we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…” (Romans 5:1).

Th Holy Spirit takes the love of God displayed at Calvary, helps us understand, and gives us His power as He works in our lives—but only as we are under the Spirit’s authority.

In Romans 5, Paul keeps repeating three key words or phrases: “one man,” “reign,” and “much more.” You’ll see them many times in Romans 5, including here in verse 17: “For if by the one man’s offense [Adam], death reigned through the one [Adam], much more [in a greater way] those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” (Bracketed words are added for explanation.)

Romans 5 contrasts two rival kingdoms: the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light; Satan vs. God’ life vs. death. Adam is associated with the kingdom of darkness; Jesus reigns in the kingdom of light. You’re either in Adam’s kingdom or Christ’s. When you leave Adam’s kingdom by faith in Christ, you get much more in Jesus than you ever lost in Adam.

1. What did we lose in Adam?

Everything. Fellowship with God, our relationship with Him, and the Garden of Eden, our original home. (See Romans 5:19.)

When Adam sinned, he became the slave of Satan, who captured Adam’s dominion.
Without the new birth, we remain with Adam in that slavery.
What we inherited from Adam wasn’t good.
We received Weakness, not strength. (See Romans 5:6.)
God gave Adam power to be what He wanted him to be, but Adam lost it.

Ungodliness, not godliness (See Romans 3:23.)

Sin manifests itself three ways:
Doing what you shouldn’t do (See 1 John 3:4.)
Not doing what you know you should have (See James 4:17.)
Doubting God (See Romans 14:23.)

The sin of unbelief will send you to Hell. (See John 3:18.) There’s no greater sin than aiming the gun of unbelief at Christ on the cross and pulling the trigger.

Wrath, not approval (See Romans 5:9, 18; 1 Corinthians 15:22)

From Adam we inherited wrath and condemnation. If you die outside the Lord Jesus Christ, you will face God’s sure judgment; you will die and go to Hell.

The Bible does not teach:
A second chance after death
Annihilation: you’ll simply disintegrate.
Universalism: everyone will eventually be saved.

Warfare, not peace (See Romans 5:10.)

You’re either working for Christ or against Him. You cannot be neutral.

2. What we gain in Christ.

Much more than we ever lost in Adam!

“Much more” in justification.
God’s justice is satisfied. In mercy, you don’t endure wrath. His grace makes you righteous.

“Much more” in reconciliation. (See Romans 5:10)
When Jesus died, He gave Himself for you. But when He sent the Holy Spirit, He gave Himself to you. The Holy Spirit lives within you.

“Much more” in regeneration. (See Romans 5:15.)
He brings “life abundant.” (See John 10:10.)

“Much more” in righteousness. (See Romans 5:17.)
God deposits Jesus’ righteousness into your account (Romans 4:7-8).

“Much more” of our reign. (See Romans 5:21.)
On the cross, Jesus paid the debt Adam’s sin deserved. (See Romans 5:19.) His atonement bought it all back—us and our ruined estate—saying, “I’m giving you much more than Adam ever lost!”

What’s your choice today? To choose Jesus. If you’re hoping you’re living a life good enough to get you into Heaven—you won’t make it. I wouldn’t trust the best fifteen minutes I ever lived to get me to Heaven. And if you don’t make the right choice, you will die eternally.

Choose Jesus. Choose kingdom authority. If I had a million lives to live, I’d give each one to Jesus.

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