What Is Mental Health And Why Is It Important For Your Family

What Is Mental Health and Why Is It Important for Your Family?

A significant part of our children’s lives where we, as parents, can help them thrive is in the area of mental health. Mental health connects with every other component of our health, including our emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual health. Each of these has a profound impact on the other. If one is out of balance, our children’s mental health can tip off-center. Therefore, we must work to keep each of these components in our children’s lives in balance.

The Battle for Our Kids’ Minds
We are engaged in a spiritual battle for our children’s minds. Just looking around at our society today, it’s easy to recognize there’s a war for our minds. There is questionable content at every turn in books, movies, and music. Questionable morals and ethics abound. Practices that the Bible stands against are becoming the norm. But why is such a battle being waged on the minds of our kids? It’s because something so important is at stake—their souls.

The battle for our kids’ minds is similar to the fight against germs. Researchers have discovered that if you attack germs directly, it strengthens the germs. However, if the body’s immune response to the germs is supported, only then can the germs be defeated. It’s critical to teach the body how to fight the germs to overcome them. We battle against sin in much the same way. Attacking sin through behavior will only make it stronger and more powerful. If the counterattack starts in the heart, by learning to love God, then a natural response to sin is created, and we can overcome it. Our spiritual health drives our mental health.

Create a life where you and your kids can find peace amid the chaos. We can be resilient to stress, disappointments, failures, and trials by clinging to the anchor that is Christ Jesus. Mental health, at its core, starts here.

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