mexico and god

Mexico and God

South of the border, God is at work. This is the story of...
his love

His Love

Bible Capsule of today...Romans 8:35-37
the warfare of prayer

The Warfare of Prayer

The Warfare of Prayer (1945) Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Luke 10:17-19 When we...
closing the gap

Closing The Gap

Closing The Gap       Hello everyone and thank you so much...
concept of faith

Concept of Faith

If the weatherman says that it’s going to rain tomorrow, we act in...
16 makeover

16 Makeover

Perspectives on The Master Potter shaping the clay of our lives! Photographer and...
round tuit

Round Tuit

How to talk to the person who says, “I’m not right with God,...
the king who rules

The King Who Rules

The day is coming when the whole world will recognize and acknowledge King...
dealing with doubt

Dealing With Doubt

Dealing With Doubt     Hello everyone and thank you so much for...
kingdom heroes

Kingdom Heroes

Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible...
15 life savior

15 Life Savior

Surviving and avoiding stormy seas! Photographer and author, Michael Belk, guides you on...