rise up

Rise Up

Bible Capsule of today…Ezra 10:4
26 supernatural peace

26 Supernatural Peace

Peace through contentment as provided by Him! Photographer and author, Michael Belk, guides...
stardust way of the master


Some scientists like to tell us we are merely stardust, but what does...
a curious incident

A Curious Incident

Jesus’ humble yet triumphant entry into Jerusalem fulfilled Old Testament prophecy and openly...
treasures ruth mercado


Bible Capsule of today…Mathew 13:52
When God Says No by pastor Adrian Rogers

When God Says No

Prayer is the Christian’s greatest privilege, and it is so often our greatest...
seeking the lord

Seeking the Lord

For the lost, it is crucial to seek the Lord for salvation. However,...
25 staying focused

25 Staying Focused

“How” to get “what” you want! Photographer and author, Michael Belk, guides you...