33 without a doubt

33 Without a Doubt

Accepting Jesus just on the evidence alone! Photographer and author, Michael Belk, guides...
always ready

Penny Suit

Skateboard legend Simon Woodstock uses creativity and thousands of pennies to get your...


Bible Capsule of today…Romans 10:14-15
saved to serve

Saved to Serve

Scripture Passage: Romans 15-16 We are saved to serve the Body of Christ;...
jesus the king

Jesus the King

While having faith in Christ alone ensures you'll get to spend eternity with...
32 watch your step

32 Watch Your Step

Learning to win even when you’ve been dealt a bad hand! Photographer and...


The Living Waters team preaches the gospel inside one of Los Angeles county's...
memories ruth mercado


Bible Capsule of Today….Ecclesiastes 11:1
jesus the lord

Jesus the Lord

In regard to the phrase Lord Jesus Christ, if Jesus is His name...
31 vacancy

31 Vacancy

Photographer and author, Michael Belk, guides you on a series of journeys where...
always ready

Always Ready

Christians should always be ready to explain the message of Jesus Christ to...