Young and Mighty

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The youngest generation can sometimes have the strongest voice. We caught up with two student-led pro-life groups in California who are spreading the pro-life message in their communities.

First, we met with Alberto González, Andrew Lee and Katelyn Sills of Berkeley Students for Life. The University of California at Berkeley has a long history as a liberal, activist campus, and Berkeley Students for Life believe they are upholding Berkeley’s longstanding tradition of championing human and civil rights.

Next, we met with Ignacio Reyes and Ana Benderas of Live Action San Jose. Live Action is a student pro-life group affecting change throughout California. The group’s innovative use of YouTube has garnered national attention. Through seminars and outreach, they educate youth about the sanctity of life and the truth about abortion.

Spreading the pro-life message amidst liberal communities hasn’t deterred these students. They know their generation is the future of the pro-life movement and they’ve found them to be the most receptive to their message. The students of Live Action and Berkeley Students for Life believe it will be the youth of America who will affect the greatest change in the abortion arena.

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