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Eric and Paul talk to Ray about the movie 180, which gives a new twist on information about abortion.



The following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God quest ministries from the C. T N Studios of Pensacola. This is the creation today show with eric husband and paul taylor. We’re excited because on the show today we’ve got special guest Ray comfort who is going to be talking about his new movie that’s just being released 1 80. You can check that out at one in the movie dot com and I can’t wait to tell you about the views on abortion that people have changed because of this movie. It’s a very exciting movie And we want people to be watching that. We commend Rafer producing this movie. Remember that we believe the bible to be true and scientifically accurate. We’re not ashamed to say it, enjoy the show. Mm hmm. Welcome back to Creation today. We are excited about our special guest on the line with us. Ray comfort from Way of the Master before we get to him and talk about the new movie that they’ve just produced. We have a couple announcements were still excited about the proof of God. Conference that is going to be coming up this next october the second weekend in october that’s october 2012 2012 will be there early and got some incredible speakers lined up for that of course from Ray comfort’s ministry. Mark Spence is going to be at the conference with us And we’ve also got carl Kirby from the reasons reasons for hope ministry and of course sites and Brooke and kate from proof that God exists dot org. It’s a conference. You’re gonna want to check out it’s going to be in Orlando florida and you can look at proof conference dot com for more details. Absolutely superb speakers that you won’t want to miss and eric and me, that is correct. We’re gonna tag along with those guys and see if we have anything to add to the subject matter, proof of God. Also the genesis series project that we’ve been working on is really coming along. So if you haven’t seen that, go to genesis series dot com and look at what we’re doing, they’re producing genesis chapters 1 to 3 in three D animation format. So very excited about letting people see the creation take place rather than just read about it. That’s great. And we’ve got a number of DVD series coming out very soon as well that in the preparation, so watch out for the proof of God DVD series. Watch out for the six days of genesis series and of course you can already get hold of the beginning series. So just watch out for all those and and make sure that you get hold of them. A lot of great stuff coming out. Well, we are excited about having a Ray comfort on the show with us. Just a testimony about ray. I, my dad knew ray for quite a while and actually had him come out here and speak at a conference we were doing here in Pensacola and I had never seen his DVD Hell’s best kept secret if you’ve never seen that, you really ought to check that out. And it was instrumental in my life and bringing me to christ. So Ray has been a friend for quite a while and they do some incredible work in witnessing and evangelism Recently though they’ve done some a video documentary entitled 180 and we’ve asked him to come on and talk about what he’s doing with this film because it is incredibly exciting. Ray, thanks so much for joining us. Welcome to Creation Today. It’s a pleasure to be with you now. This documentary that you guys have done is quite a bit different than anything you’ve done in the past. Is that right? It’s radically different. It’s much better than anything we’ve ever done. And we’re very excited about it. In fact, um, it went in the way we didn’t mean it to go. It kind of evolved if I may use that phrase. I wrote a book called Hitler Guard in the bible and I said to the publishers, do you want a video to go with it called Hitler’s Religion? And they said, yeah. And so I grabbed 12 pages from the manuscript and made it into a script for the movie. And I got a whole lot of footage from the holocaust museum. And after a month we felt overwhelmed. We had too much information, too much script, too much footage. And so I said to Mark, my editor, I said I’m going out on the streets with a camera and I’m just gonna ask people about Hitler and I found that I had 14 people on camera who didn’t know who Adolf Hitler was. They had no clue who didn’t have a clue who he was at all. It was just it was surreal and there were a lot of people that wouldn’t even come on camera because they were too embarrassed to admit that they didn’t know who this guy Hitler was. So we had this amazing footage and then without any planning I bumped into a Russian jew who had lost. I loved ones in the holocaust and his testimony was just so powerful. And then I was heckled unplanned by two neo nazis, very nasty gentlemen at two different times. So he had this footage that was just really amazing. And so then it moved into a pro life message, which was very strange. What happened is I went my way through study of the holocaust. I I did research and I read some horrific things. And one thing the state of my mind was about a number of jews that were buried in a pit after they’ve been shot and a lot of them were buried while they’re still alive and I thought I’m going to take the camera out and put people in a moral dilemma and asked them if they would bury jews alive by gunpoint. And so I found this guy at a local college and he had dreadlocks. He looked really good on camera. I moved into the sunlight so there was no shadow on him. And and I put him in this dilemma. I said it’s 1943, there’s a Nazi with a gun pointed at your head behind you. There’s a bulldozer in front of the Bulldozer. There are 300 Jews had just been shot. Some are still alive. He wants you to get in the Bulldozer and bury them alive. Would you do what he says, if you do what he says, he’s gonna let you live if you don’t, he’s gonna shoot you to death. And this guy says, oh no, I could never do that. And I said, why are you a compassionate person? He said, oh yes, I value human life. So I said, well how do you feel about abortion? And he was pro abortion. And I said, you’re just like the nazis. And we got into a sword fight for about five minutes to a point where he got angry and walked off and I filmed him as he walked away and I thought this is incredible footage and looked down and I saw the camera set off. I had turned it off because I was in direct sunlight and I couldn’t see the reflection off the off the the camera off the screen and I was just horrified. So, uh, I went back about a week later and I put people in the same scenario and got some amazing footage? And then I asked one question that changed people’s minds from being adamantly pro abortion and pro life in a matter of seconds. And we came back and looked at the footage and we thought this isn’t about Hitler’s religion, this is something completely different. And we felt that God had placed something in her hands that was just absolutely wonderful. And so we changed the name from Hitler’s Religion to 1 80. And that’s how it came about. Well, that is uh, when when people see this film, they’ll see that people actually did do one eighties. Uh, and matter of fact, let’s take a second. You guys have a promo for this video that I’d like to show right now, just so people get an idea of exactly how powerful this question is and why they need to see this film. Let’s take a look at that. Imagine if you could change society’s stance on abortion, how do you feel about the issue of abortion? I think in some situations it can be necessary. So, have you just changed your mind about abortion? Would you ever vote for someone who is for the killing of Children in the womb? I believe in someone’s right to choose. You’re gonna change your stance on it. Yeah, it’s definitely it’s definitely making me think, yeah, I feel like it’s more of a choice. Yeah. When you put it that way, it does change your mind. Would you vote for someone who is pro abortion? Yeah. So have you just changed your mind about abortion? Yes, I have. I believe that people have the right to choose. So if you just change your mind about abortion, I just changed my mind about it. You’re going to vote differently in future. You mean that sometimes it’s necessary if you’re in the situation where you can’t support a child. So you’re saying that you’re changing your mind about abortion right now? Yes, Yes. It’s a woman’s right to choose in every situation is a different situation. You’re going to vote differently and think differently about this? I think I would I think I definitely would. I’m for abortion. It’s never okay to kill a baby in the womb. So you’re going to change your mind about abortion? Yes, I am going to vote differently in future. Yes, vote against abortion. What was it that changed their minds in a matter of seconds. Mhm. Find out. Go to 1 80 movie dot com for details. Mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Mhm. So what was it that turned these people around in a matter of seconds and made them realize that their stance on abortion was similar to uh what Ray was just talking about putting the the jews at gunpoint and and telling somebody to bulldoze them over the sanctity of life, we’ll continue this conversation with Ray right after this. A Mhm. A Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah, yeah, welcome back. You’re watching Creation today with me, paul, taylor and eric Hovan. And we’re talking to Ray comfort of Living Waters Ministry about the new film that they’ve produced called 1 80 which is an absolutely fascinating film. And you know, if the audience are wondering why are we talking about an abortion film, an anti abortion film when this is a Creation ministry? You know, back in, in in my past, I’ve always felt that these issues are absolutely completely interlocked because we’re created in the image of God, that’s exactly what we created in the image of God, then we can’t we can’t be destroying what’s also created in the image of God, I’m sure you agree with that point, don’t you, Ray? Yeah, it’s actually genesis two, I think verse nine or somewhere around there where it says if a man steals another man’s blood, his blood should be spilled. And says, four man is created in God’s image. If you kill a beat, you can’t murder a cow or a horse or a sheep, you just kill them because they’re beasts. But when you take the life of another human being, it’s murder because they are created in God’s image and it and it shows us the worth. God puts on the human being and when you take the life of someone, when they’re in the womb, you’re destroying a life and it’s it’s actually murder in God’s eyes. Quite a few scriptures on that that we were looking at earlier, just how people try to justify abortion as it’s not alive yet. And they try to do that with science saying, well, it’s not a human being, it’s still going through the stages of evolution. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth at all. And and what the issue is that what we’re talking about the baby in its mother’s womb? What is it? Is this a human being or not? If the the abortionists and the evolutionists want to tell us that that is not a human being, and they want to change the language change the rules so that they can say that that that baby can be destroyed. But the bible tells us something different. I mean, there’s a few verses aren’t the Ray in the bible that tell us that the baby in its mother’s womb is human and is a living living being at that point, continually. The bible says, a woman is with child doesn’t say a woman is with fetus. Uh mary was with child, and Samuel’s mother was with child. So it’s a child in the womb. Um it’s just a matter of time until the DNA produces what what we see is living human beings, but they say, you know, if it if it can’t if it can’t Look after itself, it can’t survive out of the womb, then it’s not a living being. You know, for about two or three years, even up to 18 years, human beings can’t survive outside the womb. It needs parents to take care of them for babies six months old and you just leave it without taking care of it, it will die. So it’s a human being. And we’ve got God’s word on it when there’s life begins at conception and what the ungodly have is something that’s very relative. And they have no idea what’s going on about life and about these issues. And we’ve got to confront them on it and speak directly to their conscience. You know, just just I’m sorry, let me just share a little bit before I forgot to mention one incredible thing that happened when we got this footage of people changing their minds about abortion was the lady that we met named Alicia. She was in her early thirties, pretty blonde and she was hunting the beach and I didn’t realize that. But I went up to when I went up to her to uh to put her in the scenario of bearing jews with a bulldozer two days earlier. She had actually been in a some sort of seminar where they showed holocaust footage and she had seen this footage of a an american soldier after the liberation sitting in a bulldozer bearing masses of bodies in this mass grave and tears were streaming down his face and she was horrified by what she had seen and brokenhearted. And then two days later I put her in the same scenario and you can see her lip quiver as she begins to answer me. And she said afterwards she told me what she was saying about this footage and she kept saying boy this has been a powerful moment, a powerful, powerful moment. And it really showed us that we were more than just doing things in our own strength. We really felt that we’ve been directed by God and he was giving us a special footage. And this is a powerful, powerful film that I encourage people to watch. It’s coming out very soon. What’s the date of the release of the 26th of 26? And the website is 1 80 movie dot com and it’s free. You don’t have to pay a thing to watch it. All we want christians to do is send that link uh to all their friends this morning. I was I was looking at the video clip, youtube clip, charlie bit my finger or something like that. You know how many hits that thing has had 360 something million. Now I think we’ve got a better message than charlie bit my finger. And so I think christians should make this go viral. Just send that link to all your friends and enemies and family and business associates and say you’ve got to watch this 1 80 movie dot com. So how great is this pro life movie? Obviously it’s pro life. How is it different than other pro life films? Well, I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by a very talented production crew. We’ve worked on our television program and where the master for about, I don’t know, five seasons now and we’ve got a formula that works. It’s very fast moving. But the thing that makes it interesting is the street footage. We’ve got colorful characters talking about issues that really matter life and death issues. What do they think happens after someone dies? We’ve stayed with that formula. But having people change their minds about abortion on camera, put the whole thing on steroids. So it’s engaging. It’s fast moving. It’s colorful. It’s good music. And when you watch it, you’ll probably laugh. You’ll probably cry, you may yell. But it’s something you, you really experience. One pastor said You don’t view or watch 180, you experience it. And so we think that’s why it’s unique. We haven’t used graphic footage of uh scenes of babies that are cut up, which horrified all of us. And some tender other people can’t look at that. We’ve used another way of changing people’s minds and it really does work. And we thank God for. It’s clearly an issue really that you feel very strongly about and we’ve touched on that to some extent. But perhaps you want to tell us in more detail why it is an issue that you feel so strongly about it. I was preaching in the church I think michigan or somewhere a couple of years ago and a pastor just before he introduced me, stood up in front of the congregation. He said this afternoon, I’m going out on the streets and I’m holding up pro life signs, Will you join me? And he had a church about four or 500 people and about 12 people put their hands up to say they go with the pastor and I could tell by his body language. He was very discouraged. So I told him a story. I said when I was an assistant pastor many years ago, someone came up to me and said Ray, that’s my name, that’s why they said that. They said, you know that new convert Fran, she’s having an abortion. I said when they said this afternoon at two o’clock and it was just after lunch. So I jumped in the church vehicle, drove like a maniac into town all the while saying God, please give me wisdom to talk this woman out of this thing, Give me the words. And I ran up to the second floor of the hospital, ran into the room, she was sitting on a bed, She had pre operation medication and I said to her, please don’t do this. And she looked at me and smiled and she said it’s okay, I’m not going to have an abortion. I just prayed God if you don’t want me to have an abortion, make ray comfort come up and see me. I didn’t have to say a word. I just said, well it’s me and I left about two years later. Yeah. Everything comes out of my mouth is true about two years later. Is it a church picnic? And I saw Fran sitting there and in front of her in the grass was this 18 months little girl and she was so cute and I went up to that little kid and I went and I don’t know why we do that. The kids know what do they fear adults and really kind of twisted. But I did that and I looked in the face of this child and I realized what this issue of abortion is about. This is human Beings. These are lives that are being destroyed over 50 million Americans don’t exist because someone because they want to be selfish has made a choice to kill their offspring and it’s something we can no longer stay silent about. So I feel very strongly about it. Even if I hadn’t had that experience, I should feel strongly about this. This is the murder of human beings. We should all be horrified to appoint of saying I want to do something and you know in the past I’ve been kind of nervous about standing outside abortion clinics because the news media painter was some doctor murdering hate filled fundamentalist weirdo. Uh and we’re kind of nervous about doing that. But you know, this is something we can do. We can give out the one A. D. D. V. D. We’re giving away 200,000 of them at universities across the country next month, 100 universities free of charge. Let’s talk about, let’s let’s talk about what you’re going to do with the movers and how how other people can get involved. We’ll come back and we’ll talk about that issue after this break beginnings is a creation experience for small groups, churches and individuals from all walks of life. Creation speaker eric Hoven explores the age old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth and how dinosaurs fit in with the bible. The included guide provides an introduction to each lesson, creative challenges, great discussion questions and practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life. To order this DVD go to www dot creation store dot org. Mhm Welcome back to creation today. We’re talking with Ray comfort about a new documentary that’s been produced entitled 1 80. You can check out the website 1 80 movie dot com to see some trailers on that and watch the video for free when it comes out on september 26th. Ray would like to thank you for making that video available after viewing a uh basically a pre release copy of it and seeing the power of this and obviously you’ve had a lot of people look at this. Um, this has the potential to change the course of America, I believe. I’d love to call you on that. And I really believe that’s true because if you change Someone’s attitude to abortion from being adamantly pro abortion of being pro life in a matter of seconds, you’re gonna change the way they vote and that can change everything in our nation. So we’re very excited about it. And as I said earlier, we’re going to give away 200,000 copies of the DVD and 100 top universities across the us. And we know there’s opposition. People want to stop us doing that. So give them a clue where we’re going. We’re going to 100 of the 2.5 1000 universities. And also when are we going sometime in the future? So feel free to try and stop us. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen, isn’t it? That happened with the book that you did when you took the Origin of Species and wrote a 50 page forward to it, basically destroying evolution, which isn’t too hard to do thankfully since you were able to do it. Um, that’s true child could destroy evolution and make an atheist backslide. That’s exactly right. So you’re gonna do this again with 200,000 copies of the actual the physical DVD to give away to people. That’s right and we want to encourage other people to do the same. You know, if you take some to a supermarket leaving the checkout lady, give them to your office buddies, I’m going to give 100 out to our neighbors, just go around the neighborhood and drop them off. I mean they’re only costing only cost people a dollar each and making them available at that price and a nice jacket. So who’s not going to watch a video that’s got perceived value of about $10 that’s been given to them? I went to a university recently and we gave it 100 just in the shells, Those plastic shells, not a nice case. A lot of people took him. I followed them. I said, you’re gonna watch this or did you just take it out of courtesy? And they said, oh no, no, we’ll watch it. Nine out of 10 said, well watch it. So 200 million Dvds were sold in the US in the year 2000 and 10. So this is a medium people use and we believe it’s going to be very effective. So we will encourage you go out to the neighborhood, Give them out. This is a way to get the gospel into people’s hands to change their perspective on the issue of the holocaust that’s happening in America at the moment and join us and do this because it’s something you can do. That’s very, very easy because the Dvds does the talking for you. Yeah. Now for those of you who do not know abortion is a real issue when you think of the worldwide scale In America. Yes, more than 50 million have been aborted worldwide. Over one billion have been aborted. And from what I understand ray, you might be more up to date on this. It’s about 4000 per day that are being aborted here in America and half of them are women. So where are the women that standing up the rights of the woman that are being aborted? You know when Randy Alcorn saw the video a couple of months ago, he emailed me and gave us 50,000 copies of his book. Wipro Wipro Wipro Life also, other very high profile profile people have commended the video from john ericsson Tata and a lot of other people. So we’re so encouraged that is being so well accepted right throughout the body of christ and through pro life organizations including um concerned women For America, the president also commended it. So this is just a wonderful thing that’s happening. We pray God puts his hand of blessing upon it even further. Well, like I said, this certainly has the potential to change the tide and it’s certainly something that needs to be done here in America. We realize that when we look at the root cause of everything going on, we see abortion and other problems in America. When we understand the root cause of that is because people want to reject God’s word. They want to reject the bible and the way to do that. The way to reject the bible is to make a God to suit yourself. I say all the time. One of the things that you say, people make a God to suit themselves, they break the second commandment and make a god that fits their own needs rather than serving the one true god of the bible. And so what you’re doing is a way of showing people their belief in God. They do have a value of sanctity for human life. Is that right? Yeah. What you’re saying is very, very true. You know, some people have said this is such a good documentary. Why don’t you take the gospel out and just use it as a pro life video? And I said, well, look, you’ve got more chance of flossing the back teeth of the lions of the L. A. Zoo at feeding time. And you have of getting me to take the gospel out because abortion and homosexuality, all these other issues are merely rotten branches on the tree of the endemic nature. And what the gospel does is it goes for the route. We’ve got to take the acts of the Gospel and go for the root of the tree. And that’s why we’ve included the gospel. And this is a wonderful way to get a clear, very clear Gospel message into the hands of people. And, you know, one of the reasons we call this 1 80 is there’s a guy named steve who was a black hating jew hating nasty Nazi, who’s blasphemous, foul mouth spinning out hatred. And he does a complete one about uh change about 1 80 becomes almost likable and back slides from being an atheist and questioning about his own eternal salvation. So you see that happen again again. Also, he’s got a nice big blue 14 inch mohawk, which makes him look interesting and also a tattoo across his neck, which says tear here. So it’s an interesting character, definitely an interesting character. Now I want people to understand. You don’t have to go out on the streets with the camera or something like that in order to witness to people, do you? No, you can just go up to someone and say, hey, how you doing? And when you get to know them, you just say, I got a question for you. What do you think happens after someone dies? You haven’t mentioned God, jesus, the bible, heaven. How repentance, the blood of christ all these things that make people feel uncomfortable. You’ve merely asked them for their favorite subject, their opinion. What do you think happens after someone dies and let them talk and then just share the Gospel as they begin to share their own thoughts. It really is far easier than what you think. And when you see it done on 1 80 you say, I think I can do this and we’ve actually got a 1 80 course where you can learn the principles not only of talking about the issue of abortion, but also how to share the gospel biblically and it comes with a free DVD and health best kept secret DVD a free book and the study course. So we’re very excited about that actually, what website can they go to to get that? 1 80 movie dot com, 1 80 movie dot com. And you can watch the promos on there, There’s two trailers and then on the 26 we go live worldwide. So please be in prayer for that man. That’s going to be incredible Well and you know, there’s been so many commendations for this film and we want to add our hours to that, you know, a little bit in a few of that. Our ministry commends this film to you as well. Make sure that you go to 1 80 movie dot com and be involved in that. We especially love the price. Thank you Ray for making that available and really for those of you that support ministries like this and and raise ministry really making that possible. Well Ray, thanks so much for being on the show with us today and we wish you the best of success and that God would use us to glorify himself obviously to this film. Thanks guys appreciate it. Well, that is our show for today. If you have questions, you can send them into questions at Creation today dot org. Don’t forget, you can join us on twitter and you can join us on facebook as well. You can tune in every episode to see we’ve answered your question. And of course all the problems are archived at Creation today dot org. God bless! This program is available on DVD by visiting creation store dot org or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode, used the item number displayed on your screen.

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