Why Did Jesus Choose Judas?

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The name Judas is a name of infamy, disgrace, and treachery; yet Jesus chose Judas to be one of His twelve disciples. It was not a mistake, nor did Judas’s betrayal catch Jesus off guard.

The words of warning, assurance, and comfort in John 6 tell us why Jesus chose Judas.


First, it was a lesson about religious hypocrisy and the need for true salvation.


“‘But there are some of you who do not believe.’ For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe, and who would betray Him” (John 6:64).


Jesus knows the difference between a true believer and a hypocrite—those who have trusted in Him and those who have not. Judas serves as a warning for us, because by all appearances, Judas appeared to be in the right. He had the right associations, reputation, and participation. But these outward things did not reflect what was within.


Hypocrisy can hurt, especially in ministry; but remember—the other eleven disciples didn’t stop serving Jesus because of Judas. Nor should we let others’ scandals keep us from serving.


Second, Jesus’ selection of Judas as a disciple teaches us of God’s divine sovereignty and the reliability of Scripture.


Long before Judas made the decision to betray Jesus, it was prophesied in Scripture; we can rest assured, God knew. Nothing is out of God’s control.


Adrian Rogers says, “Where man rules, God overrules.”


Third, Judas’ story is a lesson of personal responsibility and the tragedy of sin.


Judas was not forced to betray Jesus; the Bible clearly reveals Judas’ shady character. Sin had deceived him; only after his betrayal did he realize what he’d done. Sin destroyed him. His soul was in remorse, and his mind was anguished. He was condemned by the very devil who enticed him.


Finally, Jesus chose Judas to illustrate the security of the believer.


Judas did not lose his salvation because he never had it to begin with. He was outwardly religious but had never been born again. On the other hand, Simon Peter, his counterpart disciple, was rough and spiritually clumsy; He denied knowing Jesus three times that same night. But Peter was eternally secure because he had been born again. God kept him, despite his sin, because Peter had put his faith in Jesus.

Life Application

Have you trusted in Jesus Christ? Adrian Rogers says, “You need to put your faith where God has put your sins: right on Jesus.”

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