Why are kangaroos and koalas only found in Australia?

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the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God quest ministries from the C. T. N. Studio in Pensacola florida. This is creation today where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate from the very beginning and were not ashamed to say. So I’m one of your hosts, eric Donovan and I’m paul taylor and we’re here each episode to answer your questions on the bible and on science cover what’s going on in Creation today and why it matters to you. If you have questions, you can send them into questions at Creation today dot org of course on twitter, we’re on twitter Creation today and facebook facebook dot com slash creation today, enjoy today’s show. Welcome back to Creation today. We are excited because we’re answering tons of questions on creation evolution, science in the bible. I was listening to you do a uh an interview yesterday that I thought was fascinating is just questions kept coming one after another and it was just just taking them down. I really enjoyed that. I just love answering questions. I was doing a live interview on the UK christian satellite tv station. Yeah. To say the guy interviewing you had the same silly accident. You do. It was great though. It was very, very well done. I believe that was revelation tv is where you’re at on there and that was a great interview. We got a lot of questions to hit right away this morning. So let’s get started and dive in. I say this morning, I don’t know what time you’re watching this but a little bit morning for us over here. Here we go. Question number one, if we can jump right in. This is Brandon. Thank you Brandon by the way for writing in, I’m an amateur apologist. I brought to your attention the vestigial whale pelvis in my 14 year olds biology book a couple of weeks ago. I remember that I listened in in an older radio debate of your dad’s today. The name of the woman he spoke with escapes me. He was asking a question regarding bio bio geography. However, he was not given a fair opportunity to respond. My question is what is a good response to that question? Why are kangaroos and koalas only found in Australia? And nowhere else? What’s uh it’s a good question. How come we find some animals in specific geographic locations and they’re not really anywhere else. Of course, evolutionists would use this to say obviously uh, this animal evolved and that’s where it evolved. And so it’s geographically isolated because of evolution taking place. Although actually evolutionists like to have it both ways. In some cases, they do say that certain animals have have moved around and migrated so, and and they do talk about migration of animals to Australia. So in a sense, we’re not saying anything different or or things that are unlikely, it’s just that quite often the questions that are thrown at creationists, they require a different, they seem to want to require from us a different level of proof for themselves, different standards. And you know, we we would have to say that we do not have a definitive answer to this question. I look through the pages of the bible and I don’t find a definitive answer to how kangaroos bounced all the way to Australia because the kangaroo is surprisingly enough, not mentioned in the bible. Don’t read too much into that because you won’t find the word cat in the bible is true. So, but you know, we can make some models, can’t we did kangaroos ever live in the Middle East? That’s a good question. I wonder from the viewer’s perspective out there, ask yourself this question, Did the kangaroos ever live in the Middle East? And they you know, and I’ve seen one creation speaker asked that question and see if you can get a show of hands and hardly anyone puts their hands on one of you think they live in the Middle East and nobody is talking to a creationist audience and yet nobody puts their hands up hardly because everybody’s been evolution. Ized that’s right. Think about it. Where did Noah’s ark landed, It landed in the Middle East. It landed in inari rats. So at some point kangaroos were there and they have migrated to different places and marsupials have migrated to lots of places. There have been fossils of creatures like kangaroos found in different places. But what we don’t see is we don’t see a sort of set of kangaroo fossils going from our all the way to Australia. Right, should we expect that? No, we shouldn’t. We talked about that a while ago as far a couple shows ago about the buffalo, the bison that were you you said there are three kinds of bison’s the washing bison was your, the european bison, the american bison and the pudding bison. The pudding. Now there’s a pudding bison, wow! The bison that were killed in the west. And there’s there’s there’s basically zero evidence now that all of those buffalo were killed. So the very fact that we have fossils is indication of something catastrophic taking place because an animal or plant has to be buried in order to be fossilized. So, fossilization is a rare process. And you can’t therefore say, well, I expect to find these fossils in these different places. So what are the facts? The facts are that the bible tells us that there were kangaroos that there must have been there in the Middle East. The facts are today that marsupials of that type are in Australia. So let’s start to explain how one possible model by which they could have gone there and maybe we ought to just point out the difference between a scientific model and what scripture actually says, You know that’s very we were talking about this just the other day because a scientific model is basically what we’re saying of what we know, how can we explain what the bible says happened sometimes though? And this is what we were talking about. We elevate the scientific model to the level of scripture, which is very dangerous. And then if something were to come along and disprove our scientific model, some people would say, ah therefore scripture is not true, the bible is not true and you can’t go there at all. And and and we we creationists, we have to be honest, we have perhaps to some extent being guilty of that in the past that we’ve said, our models have been so important that they have said, well, this is obviously what scripture teaches when it isn’t. It’s an explanation that we have used and that’s what we’re going to address. We’re going to use an explanation. But you know, someone may come along and say, well that’s not the best explanation. And that does not mean that scripture is at fault because the facts from scripture are absolutely clear. The animals came off the ark in Mount Ararat, they must have been there since those animals are in Australia today, they must have been able to migrate somehow. Why have they migrated? And not the the not many of the placental mammals? And Australia is probably one of the furthest points you could get from a rat in terms of animal migration. Well, one of the things about marsupial mammals is the very, very short gestation period that they have. And some of those, like kangaroos, for example, have this strange ability that they can be pregnant at different stages at the same time. They can actually have different embryos at different stages. And not only that they can actually almost cryogenically suspend an embryo as well for a little while, and then they might have one growing in the in the uterus and one as a Joey in the pouch. And so they’re going to be kind of like, let’s hold off on this thing for a little while. And you know, it’s not a good time in our lives. They can postpone. So they’d be able to migrate faster than placental mammals. They needed to get to Australia before the land bridges, which would have been caused by, you know, after the flood, that would probably be in an ice age, there would have been land bridges, lower ocean levels. And maybe the marsupial type mammals managed to migrate further to Australia because of their ability to the fact that they don’t have to have such a long gestation periods and having to hang around bringing up anymore bringing up babies. And that most of the placental mammals would not have been able to get that far before the, before the land bridges to Australia closed. And that could be an explanation. And the whole idea that there were land bridges ties in perfectly with the creationist worldview of the ice age all that is involved in the creationist worldview. So uh it can make sense is the bottom line. Yes. Here’s the question. Are we trying to disprove what the bible says or are we trying to expand and explain what the bible says? That’s right. And of course if someone gives us a better explanation at some time, then we’ll look at that. This is a scientific model. But it makes some sort of sense. What makes sense to me is uh somebody putting them on a on a boat and taking them over there. That makes a lot of sense to me because you gotta think it couldn’t have been. But a little while after the flood that people were beginning already to venture out and sail around and do things like that. So of course that’s actually a serious explanation probably of how Dingo has got to Australia on a boat. So they either hopped or on a boat or something. But the bottom line is there in Australia. They started in the Middle East because the flood destroyed this world. We got some more questions that we want to bring up like this and give you the best answer we’ve got. We’ll do that right after this break. Mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Right. Yeah. Mhm. Welcome back to Creation today where we’re answering your questions on creation evolution, science and the bible paul And I were just talking and discussing question from Brandon. And his first part of that question was about vestigial structures. I think it’s worth mentioning about vestigial structures because we spent a bit of time in these programs talking about presuppositions, making sure people understand our presupposition and the importance to make sure that we start with our presupposition. But the very word vestigial indicates that the evolutionists have a presupposition and we need to understand what the presuppositions of of them are as well because people are not neutral, nobody is neutral in the things they have. And the very word vestigial, it’s actually a presupposition. I’ve never thought of it like that. But that’s exactly right there assuming something by calling it vestigial. What does, what does it actually mean to say that it’s vestigial. That the particular question was referring to the vestigial whale pelvis, the idea that there is some um limbs there in in, in in inside the whale. And I love it. We’ve actually got one of those, one of the little bones, Have you ever seen it in the textbook uh that what they say was the legs of the whale. We’ve actually got one of those bones. And you’re going one textbook, we point out says just imagine whales walking around on land It’s true. And I’m going I am having a real hard time imagining whales walking around on land. You know, I I saw a marvelous cartoon in a in a british newspaper once and it was this uh fish dragging itself out onto the land. You know, like this you see in the evolutionary textbook meanwhile, there’s this large whale with four legs walking down the beach and he says, and he says to the fish, I’m going back in, It’s all yours mate keep the land. I want the water. That is funny. But you know, these these organs are not vestigial, vestigial implies that they used to have a function previously and the creature has now evolved and no longer needs that function. But you know, that’s a backwards step anyway. Even if that were true, it wouldn’t be evolution. It would be going backwards. Yeah. It’s the opposite of evolution that’s losing something rather than gaining something. But the very word is presupposition or because it assumes that evolution is true. Whereas actually what a real vestigial organ is, It’s not something that’s left over from a form of evolution. It’s something that is that we do not actually know the function. And of course now we know those particular bones in the world do have a function because they keep the pelvis of the whale in shape and it’s And its reproductive organs. And that’s right. It has to do with making more baby whales. They need those bones. It’s funny because when I was in school and I don’t know if if, you know that you were probably in school maybe one or two years before I was just a bit? But I have school, you did have schools when I was in school, there were 108 different items on the vestigial organ list. And now they’re basically working at whittling it down and you’re exactly right. They didn’t know what the function was. So they assume you didn’t need it. And and we’ve said before, like my dad used to say, just because you can live without something doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Yes, you can live without both your eyes both years, both your legs, both your arms doesn’t mean you don’t need them. A lot of people of my generation in the United Kingdom had their tonsils removed. I had mine removed because as soon as anyone was ill with them and sometimes today people do need the tonsils removed. Not saying they don’t, but a lot of people have the tonsils removed. Of my generation. Probably, most of my friends and my generation have the tonsils removed because the slightest bit of illness that they had. The first thing they did was with the tonsils out because they said that’s a vestigial organ. You don’t need it, wow. I wonder what tonsils are used for. Hey, we got a great book by the way though, vestigial organs are fully functional and it goes through if you want to research this further, It goes through and talks about even the embarrassing ones, why do we have those so eyebrows, Why do I have eyebrows, eyelashes, wisdom teeth goes into quite a few different of the vestigial structures in that book. And that’d be a great one if you really want to get into and study the evidence of how we do know vestigial organs are functional. It’s there’s no such thing as a vestigial organ. It’s an excellent book and we can thoroughly recommend that. And one of the interesting things that’s mentioned in that book and you’ll find elsewhere as well, of course, it’s very relevant to society here in the United States is that there were a lot of, there was a lot of information about vestigial organs placed at the famous scopes trial as evidence, huge amounts of the evidence against creationism was the idea of vestigial organs and all of the evidence where vestigial organs are mentioned at the scopes trial. Every single vestigial organ mentioned that the scopes trial has since been shown not to be. That is amazing. That’s just so cool. It’s so many more things that you find out, even the, the so called supposed missing links at the scopes trial. So many things that were presented as evidence in order to try to say it was okay to teach evolution. That’s a whole, well, it’s a, well, it’s a tackle scopes trial another time. Otherwise we’re gonna keep rambling. Hey, there’s, there’s another question here eric and it’s, it’s from matt, who wanted to follow up on something that we discussed a couple of weeks ago we’re talking about the image of God and he says husband and taylor was very friendly. I think that’s us husband and Taylor said that God is a moral god and by the image of God, they mean created to know right from wrong. Now isn’t that untrue? Since the knowledge of right and wrong is actually given to us by the fruit of the Tree of knowledge and hence given to us by the serpent. So did we get right and wrong because of sin? In other words, our moral knowledge is actually awarded to us due to our disobedience and accepting the serpent lies. Mm hmm That’s the first part of the question is automatically my thinking is no, we didn’t start understanding right and wrong when they send because before they send they knew it was wrong to eat of that tree because God said not to. Yes. I think it’s important to realize that Adam and Eve were created with language and therefore if they were using words, they knew what they meant because God had given them the ability to know what those words meant. I know some people have said, well they couldn’t understand death because they haven’t experienced death at that stage. I don’t agree. I think God knew what they had given them the language so they would know that. So when God says you don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because when you do you will surely die? The process of death will start. So he’s given them a command and he’s told him what the consequences of that. I think that it’s understandable that they knew they had to understand that because he got it. God pre programmed them with this knowledge was this ability to have language and know what words mean. The very first day Adam named all the animals he could you know walk, talk, get married new every language in the world. He was pretty smart. So so they knew what to do to do right. They knew also what to do to disobey that law and they knew what the consequences of disobeying that law were. So you see satan was really lying when he says you’ll get knowledge of good and evil because all the knowledge that they actually needed was already there. They already had it. They knew right and they knew wrong. It’s interesting the um having an a D. D. Moment on when they actually understood what that was. If God said death would come. People look at that today and go oh see they didn’t die right away. Obviously God’s wrong. But I think Adam and Eve did understand what God meant by you shall surely die. They had to have a full understanding of that that’s right. And so it’s a very very important point and they knew exactly what was going on. They had a command. You know, my, my good friend john McKay said, what would they needed to have done to stay in a state of grace? And the answer is nothing because we do nothing to save ourselves. There’s no work that we do to save ourselves. In fact, the work that Adam did caused his death. Wow, fascinating. Well, we’ve got more to talk about. Let’s hit the second part of that question where he’s going into Adam’s sin and why do we have to pay for that? Why are we responsible for what Adam did? We’ll talk more about that right after this break beginnings is a creation experience for small groups, churches and individuals from all walks of life. Creation Speaker eric Hoven explores the age old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth and how dinosaurs fit in with the bible. The included guide provides an introduction to each lesson. Creative challenges, great discussion questions and practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life. To order this DVD go to www dot Creation store dot org. God has offered his wisdom on so many subjects. Doesn’t it make sense that he’d offer wisdom on the principles of economics. Mm hmm. Got genomics offers God’s perspective for the economic decisions of an individual, a family and even a nation. Mhm. To learn more about what the almighty God says about how he wants us to achieve a Life of liberty, Prosperity and generosity. Go to God Economics dot com Welcome back, You’re watching Creation today with me, paul, taylor and eric Hovan, Hey, you know eric I’ve had a couple of emails recently, people have been watching the program and what they want to know how they can get either of us or both of us to to speak at their, what we do. You’ve been traveling for quite a while and speaking in the UK as well as done speaking engagements here, we would be more than happy to come visit your church or your school. We love doing debates, things like that or do a Creation today live event. So if you’d like to book us, go to Creation today dot org and click on the requested events tab under the about us. And you can request to have us come. We’ve also are doing webcasts where a church or a group would like us specifically to talk to them. So we set that up through Skype and right here from the studio, we’re able to talk to your group. So, and there’s a large number of things that we can talk about as well to give people the background to the whole reason why they need to believe genesis to be true. We’ve been developing materials as well on how to train people as creations and so on. So whatever you really want us to come and talk about will do that and they just need to get in touch and I’m really excited about that, because you’ve got so many talks that are just critically important to the understanding of why the subject of creation versus evolution is so important in the first place. So I thoroughly enjoyed that. Yeah, so that’s that’s good stuff. Alright. Second half of this question, you wanna hit that? Yeah. The second half of the question we were talking about before, is this why do we have to pay for adam’s original sin? The Children of a murderer do not go to jail for the crimes of their parents or grandparents. Why is there a price to pay for the sins of others beyond our sinful nature? Well, I think it’s interesting because the bible does describe sin as a debt we owe for this. So today’s society, of course, if if my dad owes a debt, I don’t have to pay that debt, but it hasn’t always been that way throughout history in the past, it’s it’s it’s been different, hasn’t it? And that’s important because there is a presupposition behind this question, isn’t there says the Children of a murderer do not go to jail for the crimes of their parents or grandparents. True on the current law. But you know, the thing, you could envisage laws differently and we’re talking quite a bit about what God’s view of things is and the fact that sometimes what God does in the bible is not what we would perhaps do? And the trouble is that we tended to judge God by our standards. And we’ve been watching something on that, haven’t we? And we have because you’re right that the presupposition here in the question is we can judge, we’re judging God’s motives were putting ourselves in authority over God’s saying, hey, how come we have to pay for adam’s sins? Now, first of all, I don’t think I have to pay for Adams. I got plenty of my own to pay for. So, Adams is a whole another story. I got lots of my own. You might have one or two of your own seemed like a pretty nice guy though. But yeah, the question is, what is the authority? We were watching a promo for a new book out by Francis chan called Erasing Hell. And in this pro promo it’s nine minutes long and it’s well worth watching because he just goes through and explains the problem that many of us have we think that our thoughts are above God’s thoughts. What was that phrase that you loved? He said. It’s a really beautiful way of actually stating that the priest oppositional argument, he said, have you ever stopped to consider that God’s sense of justice and morality might be higher than yours. Yes. His ability to judge right and wrong might be a little more developed than yours is. And that is the truth. Because how many times do we question God? I mean, that’s one of the messages that I give is called God quest and that really is the whole point is do we realize if we ever decide to go on a journey and discover exactly who God is? Do we realize that God does everything and has created everything for his glory, for his purpose? And you go, well, we sing songs. I remember hearing lou giggly and talk about this. We sing songs, you know, like a rose trampled on the ground. He took the fall and thought of me above all. Well, he did take the fall, he did die on the cross. But what was he thinking of Philippians tells us he was thinking of his glory, He knew nobody would send what’s most precious to them for the people that betrayed him and God did just that God’s ways are truly not our ways. His thoughts are truly not our thoughts. That’s where I just want to get into preaching mode right now. And just say, come on, think about how you act. Think about how you pray. What God do you pray too, because many of us when we pray, it’s dear jesus, Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme, stop her, Stop him, Do this, make this happen, make sure give me And it’s a very self centered, really humanistic prayer, life that we lead and we really need to be starting our prayer time. Our prayer lives with the character of God man because that will, that will get everything into perspective. We’re not saying by the way that you don’t pray to God about things that you need and require that, that’s not what we’re saying, but we’re saying that’s not really what you start with because we’re going to get everything in the right context, that’s what Matthew chapter five where it gives us the Lord’s prayer, it’s the disciples had been watching jesus and they literally are going now we pray and we see you pray and you pray different than we pray and they literally said teach us how to pray, how you gotta teach us because you’re doing it different and it starts off our father, which art in heaven, hallowed, be thy name, you better understand who you’re praying to in the very next phrase, can I hit that real quick? Yes, our father yeah, that I will be done first of all, surrendering ourselves and our will to his and that’s something that we have a heart. That’s absolutely right. You know, there’s another aspect of the question as well that we really need to touch on, which is why do we have to pay for Adam’s original sin? We don’t, there is a debt there and that’s part of our nature, we we’ve inherited that nature, but we don’t know if we’re not if we’re not safe, we’re not repented and trusted in jesus then were not sent to hell because of Adam’s sin. Were sent to hell because of our sin. That’s exactly right. And we measure ourselves against what God’s law says and that’s what it is. And if we think, well Adam made a mess of it in the garden, just try and imagine yourself into that situation. Just try and imagine myself into that situation. What good would I have done in that place. And I know, you know, if you’re really honest, you might say it wouldn’t make mistakes Adam did. But actually to be honest, we know that we would have done a lot. That’s exactly right, because I look at my life now and I go I have done a whole lot worse. So that’s there’s no question about that. So that you know, that’s that’s what it is. And we’re saying that we’ve got that nature from Adam because he was a federal head, we’ve inherited that nature, but the sins are ours and we pay for our sins unless of course we’ve repented and trusted in jesus, in which case, those sins which were definitely ours have been paid for on the cross of jesus, preach it paul. That is the truth, man, and that’s what this is all about, to be honest with you. We don’t want to just simply answer questions to give you intellectual knowledge. The goal is to teach you what it takes to be a christian and to see the need for repentance and for trusting in jesus christ as your personal savior. That really is the point of this. If you haven’t done that, I’d encourage you go to our website Creation today dot org and look up the are you a good person? I’d encourage you to do that. Well, that’s our show. I’d like you to send us your questions if you have questions, two questions at Creation today dot org. Yeah, join us on twitter at Creation today facebook facebook dot com forward slash Creation today. You can tune in in each episode to find out if we’ve answered your questions. And of course these programs are archived online at Creation today dot org. Well, this has been a production of God Quest ministries, Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time. God bless! All right.

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