Where There’s Life, There’s Hope Part 2

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Part two of this two-part episode highlights the ongoing recovery progress of the people we met in part one:

Eric Edmundson: Injured in an IED attack in Iraq in 2005, Eric returned home after eight months of acute therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He continues to make progress with mobility and is working on regaining speech. He and his wife, Stephanie, have been blessed with another child and Eric has found new ways to pursue his passion for hunting.

Collin Raye: After losing his granddaughter Haley to an brain disorder that could not be diagnosed, Collin became a spokesperson for the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network. He continually works to raise awareness about brain injuries and the importance of not giving up.

Brenden and Nicole Flynn: After months of intense therapy, Brenden regained his speech and mobility. Nicole also fought her way back from brain injury. Both have difficulties with speech and short-term memory but continue to progress, and life recently got even better when they welcomed their new daughter Faith into the family.

Bobby Schinder: Bobby and Brenden have become good friends through Brenden’s recovery. In the future, they hope to work together to dispel the stigma that comes with brain injury and continue to be a voice for Bobby’s sister, Terri.

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