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the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God Quest ministries. It was good when God was done. Making the world. That’s what we’re talking about today on the creation today’s show where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail. I’m one of your hosts eric Open and I’m paul Taylor And this is the 4th of our special programs based on Eric Ho van’s beginning series. In fact, although it’s the fourth program we’re now on the third part of the Beginning series, entitled It Is Good and we’ll be looking at why God kept saying it is good throughout genesis one and eventually saying it is very good. You’ve got to stay tuned to watch this. Welcome back, You’re watching the Creation today’s show with me paul Taylor and with eric Hoven and we’ve been filming a number of special episodes based on erIC heavens, beginning series and we’re actually on the third part of the beginning series though. This is the fourth of the special programs that we’ve done from the beginning series. The 1st episode We did, we were talking about the fact that both creation and evolution are religious worldviews. That is a foundation point that we have to start with as we learn, you know, really, what is the beginning of this argument? Creation and evolution are worldviews depending on your definition again of evolution. We looked at that then we saw that the world really isn’t old. It’s actually only about six, well 6000 years old according to the bible. And then in the third session according to science, it backs up, it confirms what the bible already teaches us the world is only a few 1000 years old, not millions or billions. So we’ve been looking at some very, very important and basic stuff from the beginning series which is a superb resource that will get you started on this whole subject of creationism and genesis and how that is opposed to evolution. And remember, you can get hold of the beginning series in its entirety, not just the excellence that we’re using, you can get hold of that from Creation store dot org. That’s Creation store dot org. Love that store. Yes, it comes highly recommended very highly give it five stars, you get a smile every time you come into the store. So we’re going to be looking at taking stuff from the third of your sessions which of course is the fourth confusingly of our programs that we’ve done from the beginning and this one we’ve entitled It is good now that’s a quote, isn’t it? It is, it’s a quote from God himself because after the days of Creation he would conclude the day by saying and it was good. Now what did he mean by that? Why? Why did God keep on saying? It is good. You know, he is showing his approval of what he’s done, he’s giving himself approval for what he has accomplished. I mean he is God. So you know, it doesn’t go, you don’t go up from there. He is, he is validating what he’s done here, where after each day he’s saying, hey, it was good, what he had done was very good. And then he gets to the end of creation and that’s kind of where this session concludes at the end of creation. He says behold it is very good, not just good, but very good. So really emphatically says man, the way God made it originally, it was perfect, it was good. And man, when you look at the science, which is what we’re going to see in this session that backs this up some of the things we’ve discovered about what the world would have been like before the flood. Oh man, totally different world. That’s right. And and of course as he said, the phrase, it is very good, is talking about God having completed everything, it’s perfect. So how much of his creation was very good at the end of it. He says all of it. He looked, it says behold, he looked at everything that he had made that would include everything that he had made. And he said, behold it is very good. Before we get into some of the details of the, the evidence is that you bring out in in the series, you know what’s what’s the other point of view. The other point of view is that there’s been millions of years of evolution with death and disease and destruction and there are some people who believe don’t know that Adam and Eve were some sort of evolved eight men. So God’s put them in the garden after millions of years of death, disease and destruction and presumably a fossil record and thorns and things like that. And then he says, it’s very good. Does that make sense? It doesn’t make sense at all. I mean, you’ve got the atheistic evolutionist that says there is no God, None of this is true. Then you got the theistic evolutionist which says God controlled evolution. The problem is that position doesn’t fit with with God’s word. It doesn’t fit with the bible. God’s word says he made it in six literal days. He doesn’t just say that in genesis, We talked about that on the on the Creation today show regularly. It’s not just in genesis that he says that it’s elsewhere in the bible, you’re serious that you’re working on the six days of genesis goes through and talks about all the different places that day uh, day is used and what exactly it means. So, um, no, it could not have been after millions of years. Despite despite what some probably well meaning christians are teaching their compromising on what God’s word to say. They’re compromising on on God’s word. That’s right. And we’re going to be looking at an excerpt from the session entitled It is good. And obviously to begin with, you’re talking about what the world would have been like, Just paint a picture for us of a world that is good in the way that God is. Well, some of the things you guys are going to see in in this in this section. For example, when you look at the fossil record, they find fossilized Dragonflies with a 50 in wingspan. You’re like, well that’s not good for you would need a big bug deflector going down the road. That’s for sure. Fossilized cockroaches have been discovered 18\” long. Fossilized Centipedes 18 inches. Yeah, fossilized Centipedes eight ft long have been discovered. So huge things have been discovered. Not only that uh fish um rhinoceros, lots of stuff has been discovered that shows before the flood. This world was a totally different place. It was incredible truly. When God was done, it was good. So we can’t look at what the world’s like today and use that to describe what the world was like at creation. We’re going to see some of those evidences coming up after this break dragons. Are they merely mythical or do they have a basis in reality? The answer based on evidence documented from around the world. Will astonish you dire dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there was a real powerful documenta ble and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times in the dinosaurs. We know so well from fossils to order this beautiful hardcover book, go to creation store dot org. The world would have been very, very different before the flood, with this layer of water surrounding it. Now, by the way, not only was there a layer of water surrounding the atmosphere, I also believe there was a layer of water underneath the crust of the earth. The bible talks about this. It says he stretched out the earth above the waters, interesting. Another place in psalms, it says there is the Lord’s the fullness thereof. He had founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods. I believe the pre flood world had a built in sprinkler system underground. It was really cool. The bible talks about that in the Garden of Eden, how a mist went up from the ground and watered the whole face of the earth. I believe the pre flood world had a built in sprinkler system. There was water underneath the crust of the earth. By the way, there still is water underneath the crust of the earth in many places. Okay, so the original creation was very different than what we currently see today. The original creation was good and it was very, very good, you say? Well, eric what happened to all that water? The water that was above and the water was below. Where? Where is it now? Well, it’s still here. It’s just not all in the same places, he said well, how did it come down? The Bible tells us about that in Genesis Chapter seven, check out what it says that same day, all the fountains of the great deep broke up and the windows of heaven were opened. This is talking about when the flood came to destroy the world. I believe when the flood came, the water that was above came pouring down and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the water that was above the atmosphere came pouring down as rain. And the water that was underneath the crust of the earth came shooting up out of the ground as the earth cracked because of the weight of all this water. Hey, maybe that’s why we still have fault lines in the world today. You know, there are fault lines that go all over the globe today. I’ve been to many of them the nomadic fault, the Hayward fault, the san Andreas fault. None of them are my fault. But I’ve been there, seen him have a t shirt. These fault lines run all around the world. I can’t help but think what if those are when the fountains of the great deep broke up, just like the bible told us happened at the time of the flood. Interesting. You know, there’s a new theory out about what killed the dinosaurs. Some people are saying maybe lack of oxygen is what actually killed the dinosaurs. You say. How could lack of oxygen kill a dinosaur. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Well, here’s what they say, They say, an 80 ft long apatosaurus had the same size nostrils as a modern day horse, not as the horse, but as the horse’s nostrils, They never mind. Anyway. This 80 ft long animal is trying to suck wind through nostrils the same size as the horses horses nostrils. Today, how is he gonna breathe? He would have a very, very hard time breathing or snore really bad one or the other. Okay, this guy couldn’t breathe in today’s environment. But what if there was that canopy of water? And what if it did give us more atmospheric pressure? So that every time you breathe, it’s easier to breathe and you get more oxygen into your system interesting, then he might have been able to live. No problem. You know, they find amber, which is petrified tree sap. Sometimes they find air bubbles trapped inside this amber. When they examine the air bubbles, they realize these air bubbles contain 50% more oxygen than what is in today’s atmosphere, interesting. Today’s atmosphere is 20.9%. This stuff has 35% oxygen, wow. Now, I don’t know if you realize this, but under those conditions, if you had say double atmospheric pressure and increased levels of oxygen, get this under those conditions, not only would your hemoglobin take on oxygen, but your plasma would get oxygen saturated. Okay, you guys have no clue what that means do you? That means you could literally run for hundreds of miles and you’d never get tired. adam and Eve didn’t need a car. They could run to grandma’s except they didn’t have a grandma or a mother in law. I think that’s why they called it paradise. But anyway. Just kidding. I’m just kidding. Just kidding. My my wife has a fantastic mother in law. She is really, she is great. I tell you she really is good. But yeah, under these conditions, life would be very different than the way it is today in today’s world. The original world was good man. Let me tell you it was really, really good. Now the sun is sending down X rays down here and all day long, you and I get X rayed from the sun. These little X ray bullets are coming right through the buildings that you’re in right through your body, right into the ground and every single day of your life you’re getting x rayed by the sun. You guys know what an X ray is, right? It’s one of those things, if you ever go to the hospital to get an X ray, they put you in this little room, they tell you to take off all your clothes and put a gown on the gown that they give you never comes together in the back, it’s a little bit embarrassing. Okay then you come out, you know, holding your clothes and trying to hold the gown together, they say okay we need you to walk down this hallway about 12 miles when you get down there, you should see the X ray room. Alright. So you finally make it down the hallway going like this. You get down there, you get to the X ray room and the guy says, oh I’m glad you made it come on in and it makes you lay down on a freezing cold table. Okay, freezing cold table. I mean, you start to stick to the thing if you’re not careful. All right, then he puts a funny looking machine over you, tells you to take a deep breath and then he runs away. You say, wait a minute doc, what’s going on? What you doing? He says, well, we’re gonna have to x ray you so yeah, I got that part figured out, but why are you running away? He says, well, this machine is dangerous. Say, well then, what am I doing here? He says, oh no, don’t worry, it’s not dangerous if you’re only going to get a few. But overexposure to x rays is very dangerous. That’s why he runs and hides behind his lead wall because lead or concrete or a certain amount of water will stop harmful X rays, interesting. So they put that machine over you. They take an X ray. These little X ray bullets go through your body into the table into the film that’s underneath the table and they actually expose what’s inside of you in reverse image, which is why by the way, many radiologists have a negative outlook on life. I don’t know if you’ve met any of those, but I certainly have now. Your skin has to battle the war against these X rays. Okay. And after several years of battling the wars against the holes that the X rays are putting in your skin, eventually your skin is gonna start to give up, it’s gonna start to lose the battle against the X rays and eventually your skin is gonna start to get wrinkled up. That’s what’s gonna happen. Yeah, you say ERic, I don’t want to get old and wrinkled. Okay. Die early. There you go. Problem solved. Right? All right. So the the interesting thing though is the sun is setting down these X rays to us all the time. What would happen if there was a layer of water that surrounded the earth’s atmosphere that filtered out the harmful X rays from the sun? I wonder what life would be like then. You know, it’s interesting. The Bible tells us how long people live. The average age before the flood really was. According to the Bible dates 912. Some people say ERic you don’t understand A year. Wasn’t really a year back then. A month was a year back then. Yeah. To get their real age, you gotta divide by 12. I don’t think so. Did you know that enoch was 65 when he had Methuselah. A couple of people were 65 when they had Children. Let’s see, 65 divided by 12. That means they were 5.5 when they became a dad. Uh no, they didn’t count every month as a year. They really did live to be over 900 years old. Not only did they live longer, they also grew a whole lot bigger back then. Here’s a statue of robert wad low, tallest man of last century, robert watt low stood eight ft 11 and a quarter inches tall. Here he is next to his dad and his brother. Big boy. Absolutely enormous boy lived in Illinois. All right, robert was a big boy, but he’s not the biggest one that’s ever lived. They found a skeleton in a coal mine in Italy Of a guy. 11 ft 6\” tall. How would you like to have him on your basketball team? Yeah, that would be nice. Hey, throw the ball to Herman, Drop it in Herman. Good job go down there and do something now. Okay, now, come back down here, wow. That would be absolutely a lot of fun. They have found unbelievable skeletons. I’m telling you guys from, I believe before the flood a skeleton 9′ 8\” tall was found in a burial mound in Indiana. A skeleton 10 ft long was found in Nevada. They found eight giants together, skeletons of them ranging from 8 to 9 ft long. They say though, they say through the bundling of the diggers and the total disinterest of the archaeological museum establishment. These discoveries have been scattered and lost. Excuse me, How do you lose a nine ft skeleton? Where did I put him? He’s gone. That is. And why would you be this interested in it? Wouldn’t that generate some interest Unless you believe in evolution? See according to evolution, we evolved from primates and we’re supposed to be getting bigger and better, stronger and smarter. And this kind of goes against the evolution worldview, the religion of evolution. So you might have to cover up some of that stuff. They found a skeleton 12 ft tall in California, wow! Another one was found in Arizona 12 ft tall skeleton. Here’s a human skull that was discovered that is almost twice the size of yours and mine. It’s huge. Unbelievable. How about your thumb? You guys got three bones in your thumb? Make sure you guys got all three of them. You got all three. There should be a Middle one right there. Okay. They found a middle human thumb bone to a guy that was 3.5\” long. I think it’s safe to assume that guy had a big thumb. Mhm. Yeah. Probably had a really big hand and was probably really big himself. He was a giant. You’re not gonna believe me But in Egypt. They discovered a 47\” long femur. That’s the bone that goes from your hip to your knees. I’ve got two of them personally. Okay. 47\” long femur. That is impressive. The guy that owned that thing had to be really big. They guess anywhere from 15 to 16 ft tall. So if you ever meet one of his brothers, call him sir or whatever he wants to be called. Okay, but don’t mess with him. Absolutely. Don’t mess with him. They found a jawbone of a guy that was 6.5 inches from TMJ TMJ. We could like fit that over our jaws huge. You know, the bible tells us there were giants in the earth in those days. You know what? I believe there were giants in the earth in those days. That’s exactly right now. Not only were people living longer and growing bigger animals live longer and grew bigger before the flood. And there’s lots of evidence to support this as well. They found a fossilized horn, lys rhinoceros that was 18 ft tall. That’s a big rhino. Hey, with the, with the conditions the way they were before the flood, with the canopy of water surrounding the atmosphere giving us more atmospheric pressure, insects could get a whole lot bigger because insects can only get so big based on the atmospheric pressure because they breathe through their skin. Well, I wonder how big insects could get before the flood. Check out this fossil. It is a fossil dragonfly You say. Who cares? We got those today. This one happens to have a 50 in wingspan. How would you like to hit that at 70 mph. Take the bug deflector and the hood. Right off man, wow, that’s gonna be a problem. You guys got cockroaches around here. Right. They have found fossilized cockroaches 18\” long. Ladies, what do you do when you find one of those in the kitchen? That’s gonna be bad. Okay, They’ve discovered fossilized Centipedes, eight ft long, huge Centipedes have been discovered fossil grasshoppers, two ft long have been discovered, fossilized cat tails 60 ft tall have been discovered. A fossil donkey was discovered in texas that was nine ft tall at the shoulder. Whoa! Buffalo horns have been found where the span of the horns from tip to tip was 12 ft Big Buffalo, fossilized beavers have been discovered eight ft long, huge beavers have been discovered. Here’s the Beaver’s Jaw, they say this beaver had to be 7- eight ft long. Our three most popular resources are now available at a special package price. Get our award winning creation seminar are beginning series and are topical guide economic series. All for just $99 for answers about creation evolution and dinosaurs. Thousands around the world have turned to dr Kent heaven’s fast paced, fully illustrated creation seminar. It’s our most requested resource and now features 31 foreign language subtitles for a creation experience for groups. ErIC heavens, beginnings series includes a handy guide that provides practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life here, what the Almighty says about the Almighty Dollar in our new topical DVD Got genomics. A fun engaging, fact filled journey into God’s wisdom on money For a limited time, get all three resources for just $99 to order call 1877479 34 66 or visit creation store dot org for the big three package. Mhm Welcome back, you’re watching the Creation today show with me paul taylor and with eric Hovan and you’ve just seen an excerpt from erIC’s Beginning series, which is a very important introduction to the whole story about creation, the whole history about creation versus evolution and why you can be you can trust genesis is true. So it’s very, very important series to get and the series is there so that people can study this in small groups and in churches isn’t there? That’s exactly right. And I love this session that we’re talking about. It was good because so many people have this confused. There’s there’s a lot of confusion between, okay, when God was done, was everything really good, was there Death before sin? Later places in the bible say no, there was no death until sin entered into the world. So we’ve got to see from the very foundation from the beginning of God’s Word when God originally made this world, it was good today. We live in a cursed world. Matter of fact Darwin himself said I had no intention to write, atheistic lee, but there seems to be so much misery in the world and he was exactly right. Today, we see lots of misery. This isn’t the way God made it originally. God made it good, That’s not the way it is today, That’s right. But I mean, taking Darwin’s idea, he believed it had always been like that. That’s correct. So from that point of view, if that’s what you believe, then there’s no reason to believe that it won’t always be like that in the future. Always gonna be bad on that worldview, Christianity, Biblical creation is what gives us hope because the bible says, hey, this is bad. I mean, the whole creation groans and travails in pain, waiting for God to come redeem it. Yes, so that’s right. We get something good to look forward to God’s redemption. And conversely, those christians who don’t believe the things that you were talking about in this episode that that it was good at the beginning, what hope have they got to look forward to? What grounds they presumably are looking forward to a hope? But that’s a good question, because if there was death before sin before the fall before all the bad stuff started to happen, is that what it’s gonna be like in the future because our our desire, our longing when something bad happens. If something bad happens to you or somebody you love inside you have a desire, A burning desire going, this isn’t right. All is not well with the world. You see it, you understand it the reason you feel that is because you know that God exists. You know that all is not well with the world. You know, there needs to be something done about it. And God is the only one. The christian worldview is the only one who says you’re exactly right and God will do something about it. Now you argue very powerfully in this, in the exit that we’ve seen that the pre flood world was very different from the post flood world. It’s very good when God made the world, then the sin came into the world. But things don’t deteriorate to rapidly until you get to the flood. And there’s a great change there. So, you were talking about some of the evidences we mentioned just before the excerpts about giant cockroaches, fossil record. Giant Dragonflies. Yeah. And what do you attribute that to? Why? Why do you think there were things were so different before the flood? I go back to the way God originally made it. This world was designed to be inhabited. It was designed to be incredible. Now we’re cursed today. Okay, so I’ve got genetic load. I’ve got deformed chromosomes. If I go back and say, what would the world, what would God if God could make it perfect. What would that look like, man? We get to see from the bible how long people live? We I believe we were designed originally to live forever to fellowship with God forever, which is still God’s plan, but he’s just having to redeem us is what’s going on. So Originally we were designed, I believe to live forever, average age before the flood was 912. Then you see um animals from before the flood, the science that we see shows this world was a different place. This was a different planet truly. It was designed to be inhabited today. What is it? Less than 30% of the world are less than 30% of the world is land and less than I think 2% of that is inhabitable where you can live. So the pre flood world, we have seven billion people alive now. The pre flood world probably could have billions and billions of more without any problems. Yes. And so therefore conditions very, very different before the flood to what they are, what they are now. And you look in you looked in the excerpt that we looked at some of the reasons for that. Remember folks that you can get hold of the beginning series to use with your small group discussion groups as a leader’s guide with the pack, so that the leaders of the groups know exactly what sort of questions to be asking and you can get that from Creation store dot org. Well, this has been a production of God Quest ministries. Thank you so much for watching. Bye bye. This program is available on DVD by visiting Creation store dot org or by calling 877479 34 66. To order this episode, used the item number displayed on your screen.

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