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Eric and Paul discuss fuzzy words, the life of Darwin and what are asteroids.


the following program is made possible by the friends and partners of God Quest ministries from the C. T. N. Studio in Pensacola florida, this is the creation today’s show with Erica vin and paul, taylor and on today’s show we’re going to be answering questions about asteroids and fuzzy words, fuzzy words. Yes, they’re the words that evolutionists like to use that mean just about whatever they want, fuzzy words. We’ll also be talking about the life of Charles Darwin and we’ll also be talking about whether the bible teaches a flat who I’ve heard people say that before. This is the show where we believe the bible is literally true and scientifically accurate in every single detail and we hope you enjoy the show. Well welcome to the show today where we’ve got a lot of great questions to discuss. I gotta say I am really enjoying getting through all the information we’re getting through on the show. We’ve got a lot of questions that people have been asking and some really good ones, they’re bringing up some really good points and it’s helping us explain the bible and science in really nice simple terms and I like that. Yes, so don’t forget there’s plenty of places that you can go to if you want to ask us questions you can go to questions at Creation today dot org Of course if you’re on facebook you can go to facebook dot com slash creation today and then on twitter twitter right, if you’re if you’re great, if you’re a tweeter then you can tweet at Creation today, I always want to say if you’re a twitter, but it’s if you’re a twitter, I don’t understand something like that, but I do tweet so you can do that at creation today. We got a great lineup of some really good questions, paul, what’s the first we have? Yes, and joseph has asked us this question, he says hi, I need an answer on this evolutionist claim. 24th Amos is one of the largest asteroids at orbits between mars and jupiter. Scientists have discovered evidence of water, ice and organic material on the asteroid’s surface and then he sent us a link to a scientific article. Now, these sort of scientific articles are quite common and I’ve got this scientific articles were printed this out from the website, it’s the website of, it’s in fact a british newspaper, that’s what was going on. So it’s got the correct spellings in it, british newspaper called The Daily Mail. And uh, but you’ll get similar scientific articles in an american newspapers and magazines and so on. The headliner icy asteroid could finally reveal where earth water came from. This could be the answer right here, Yes, and maybe it might be interesting, just I’ll read a couple of bits, we’re not going to read the whole article, but I want to show them before you show them because you’re going to get into fuzzy words here, this is what the article looks like before you try to take out the fuzzy words, that’s what the article looks like. Now, I’m gonna let paul show you his article after he’s highlighting some of the fuzzy words highly short, the yellow highlighting actually will come out on the camera, but we’ll just see but certainly it will, we’ll see it afterwards and we’ve got there there’s a whole page there of fuzzy words and the point is that there’s at least one fuzzy word in every sentence in the article. You got to read some of those because this is great and we need to say what we’re what we’re talking about with fuzzy words as well, we should explain in a minute. But I think what people are often concerned about eric is that they see a scientific articles and they immediately start to worry how am I going to answer this? Science has proved this. So how on earth can I read this? You know, people are saying I don’t have a degree in science, how am I going to be able to cope with this and be able to and what we’re going to show you today, is that you actually don’t have to know a great deal of science, right? We’ll show you in a minute that there’s very, very little signs in this. Exactly. Look for these fuzzy words and that’s the thing is I can’t tell you how many times before I understood this, I would look at these things and go great, how in the world are we going to get the bible to try to fit this and that’s the beauty. We don’t have to. Yeah, I mean people think, you know quite rightly, they think about first peter Three verse 15 and think, well, you know, we’ve got to provide an answer to everyone. Does that mean we’ve got to know hundreds and hundreds of scientific facts so we can answer every single piece of evidence. Well, we’ve been talking to you and explaining that you don’t actually have to know all the evidence. Great if you know some of that, that you can back up what you’re saying. But the important principle is our presupposition that we know that God has made the world exactly. And we can see this in this article. Let’s read a little bit of it. There’s water, ice and organic material have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time. This discovery lends support to the theory that meteorites falling on the earth may have provided the kick start to life. All right, right there in sentence number two. If you didn’t catch that, you really need to catch that, it lends support. So this is an absolute proof to the idea that the Earth may have provided. I mean there are red right in the second sentence of this article using these fuzzy words to say, Hey, look at what happened. They have a great headline here of, you know, kind of making a scientific fact out of their headline and then it’s not a little bit later, you get into the real science that they discovered. That’s right. And this is why you need to look for the fuzzy words and phrases. And you know, it was as our friend mike riddle from creation training initiative that put me onto this whole business about fuzzy words and phrases. Look for phrases like may have could have Lynn’s support, possibly they’re all throughout there. And as you start reading scientific journals with this in mind, you will see it all throughout it. The writers use that all the time. Later on. It talks about organic material though, because that’s the whole point of this is did they find organic material? Yes, Now this is something that people really need to think about what the word organic material means. You see one of the things that you know about, if you do a little bit of high school chemistry is what the definition of organic chemistry is. And there’s a lot of misunderstanding about this. Organic chemistry is not the chemistry of life, it is the chemistry of organic compounds. Now, what are organic compounds? Organic compounds are compounds of carbon and hydrogen and other elements to translate that to english carbon and hydrogen. Anyway, it happens all all all chemicals in living things will be organic chemicals, but not organic chemicals are things that you find in living things because you can synthesize many organic chemicals, you know, the the stuff that goes into gasoline or as it should be called petrol and all those sort of chemicals can be synthesized, they can be put together. They’re artificially they’re not necessarily from organic materials. So just because it says organic material are they know that we’re going to assume, oh, they found something that was from life that some living organism had come there, but that’s not necessarily what it means. So, let’s have a look at some other sentences because this is this is a marvelous. You know, the research reported in the journal Nature suggest That ice on 24 themes has been regularly replenished, suggests that there’s another footy word. Let’s try another one. Water may be far more abundant in the asteroid belt than was previously thought. You see, they had one thought and they’ve got another thought. It now appears that when the asteroids and planets were first forming in the early solar system, it now appears that they’re they’re changing their views even of their own ideas. The building blocks of life may be more common near each star’s habitable zone. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Here’s a here’s a classic one, doubt was cast on this theory. Yeah. So once it was believed have long been thought, have worked their magic. I mean, you you read through here may have been could have been It is likely that. Okay, where’s the real science in this? You know, there is only one sentence of real science in this entire article and it’s actually down at the bottom of the first page and here it is. Let’s read the real science in this entire three page article says astronomers used Nasa’s infrared telescope facility in Hawaii to analyze sunlight reflected off the rock. That’s the signs they were analyzing sunlight reflected some reflection. And from that they get an icy asteroid could finally reveal where Earth’s water came from. So please do not start to worry with science articles. Go with a highlighted pet and try highlighting these fuzzy words. There are tons and tons and tons of fuzzy words in there. You have got to be on the lookout for them. All right, all right. We got more questions to answer. Right after this. 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We’ve got a presupposition that they’ve got a presupposition. Presupposition that things have happened without God. The point is that they’re presupposition is illogical to make these strange ours is right. So there, you know, it was talking about things in the in the solar system. It could well be that people want to know a little bit more about astronomy and about what the bible has to say about. You brought up to me this new comet Ellen that’s coming through uh Ellen. Ellen Ellen in I think it is, it’s named after a Russian astronomer. And I’ve had a lot of emails about this. People have been saying, well, well, well, well, Comet Ellen in come in and destroy us. Is that the wormwood, is that the planet that is that the thing that’s gonna come take out planet Earth and we’re gonna be done. Should we all sell our houses and stand on top of a mountain? I don’t know, it could it could work at times. You know, people get upset about comments arriving, you know, and this comment is not actually going to be very spectacular, I’m afraid. You know, it should appear in our skies early in 2012, maybe late in 2011, but it’s not gonna be very spectacular, but you know, because I’m a bit older than you are. I can remember a couple of previous comments, I can remember in 1986 Harleys comments appearing and I can remember in 1997 the comet hale bop. And the, what was particularly interesting because it had all the doomsday stayers again at that point, people were saying, well the rapture is going to happen because this comets appearing and there were there was even one rather unfortunate religious group, which I think was called Heaven’s Gate in Washington State and they committed mass suicide because they believed that jesus was coming back in a spaceship behind the comet and was going to take them up to be with them. So Jesus is coming back, we just simply don’t know the day or the hour, so, so we’ve had a lot of emails about this and you know, is Jesus coming back in 2012. Well, he could be if that’s in his sovereign will, but just because there is a comic coming, is not going to explain anything about that and I’m afraid that there are some wacky websites out there. I think we’ll have to admit even those run by creation, you know, I think hindsight 2020 when he does come, we’re gonna look back and say, oh that’s what the planets were doing, that’s what everything was doing, but I don’t think we can look ahead of time and say, well, as soon as this lines up, as soon as this happens, I don’t think we can do that. We had a case early in 2011, didn’t we? On May the 21st, 2011 when the world was supposed to come to an end with things we thought about selling Harold camping’s new book. Don’t make any plans for october 22nd because that’s his latest his latest idea is that the world’s going to end on october 21st. No, we’re not selling that book. But seriously, if you do want to get some books, wanna get Jason lyle’s book taking back astronomy, which is a beautiful book. It’s got lots of pictures in it. Those are great books for guys like me. We like we like pictures, don’t we? Something slightly more worthy. You’ll find some chapters on astronomy particularly again, Jason liles chapter in the new answers really do a great job of going into astronomy and things, outer space, things that we’re interested in. Things that you can see there. So I think that’d be great. Of course my dad doctor opens DVD is the bible scientifically accurate. I love that one. It really goes into the science of the bible and there’s another one, the scientific facts in the bible by ray comfort. So there are a lot of resources out there to help educate yourself on this topic specifically and get into the science of the bible and what we can know another question. We should have another question. Yeah, let’s go for it. Jason writes in by the way, thank you guys for writing. And Jason writes in he says, could you recommend any books regarding Charles Darwin? Darwin and why he married his first cousin? This is true. He did marry his cousin. He says, I’m aware of in the minds of Men by Ian Taylor, was it because he believed his bloodline was superior. And if so, what book would show this? So, Taylor’s biography in the minds of Men is insufficient. I appreciate your time. Can we recommend any books on the subject of Charles Darwin? You know, there’s a guy who wrote a book because he specialized in Darwin’s life. I got it right here. Uh, paul, Taylor coincidence ball, you wrote Darwin Darwin and it is and what a marvelous book. This is 100 and 50 years later, written by myself and Ian Mcnaughton. And you’ve done a lot of study on Darwin’s life. That’s right. And there’s a lot of things that are misunderstood about Charles Darwin? It’s very important to know a few things. So, did he marry his cousin because he wanted to keep this pure bloodline. No, actually, I think we’ve got to be fair. And Darwin. I don’t think he married his first cousin because of that. But he was actually worried about it later. He was he was very, very concerned about it. I think the reason why I married his first cousin was really because he had a very small social and there was actually, he was not the only person in the Darwin family who married someone from the wedgwood family. The two families got together with Darwin’s grandfather, Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, who in fact wrote a theory of evolution. Yeah, really, Darwin kind of took that idea from his grandfather and Darwin’s own, we give credit for, but really he just popularized it. Absolutely. And you’ve got to understand quite a bit about Erasmus Darwin, to Erasmus Darwin was a member of the lunar society, the lunar society was dedicated to bringing ideas to Britain from the french revolution. He was an atheist and a supporter of the jacobin revolution, but he went to church paul, you go to church, you didn’t go to church, that’s the point. He was a member, member and then his son who was Darwin’s father was also a member of the Church of England. And again, an atheist, we we have letters that he and wrote to Charles. Darwin, and so Darwin’s father and grandfather were atheists, there is this myth that Darwin was a christian, so not a lot of, a lot different than a lot of people in church today who claim they believe in God, but they live like he doesn’t exist. But of course darling was taken to church as a small boy, wasn’t he by his mother, his mother was a Unitarian. Now, what do Unitarians believe? They certainly do not believe that jesus was God, They’re not a christian organization, even if they claim to be so, because they don’t believe that jesus was God. They don’t believe anything really about the bible. They just think it’s a book of interesting stories. So that’s the church background that Darwin had. And even the first school he went to was a school run by the pastor of the Unitarian church. So that’s the background of Darwin. What about this? Did Darwin repent on his deathbed? Did he recant what he said on his deathbed? Because some creation is still are proclaiming that Yes, and I don’t know why, because I don’t really know what difference it would make if he had, but I’m afraid that it’s pretty clear now that the story is not true. Darwin did not recant on his deathbed. He continued with his Godless Ways and his agnosticism really to the end of his life, man. That is sad. Uh So what can we learn from this? There’s some some great books out on Darwin’s life, like the one paul, taylor did you can actually read his Origin of Species and really see how he’s changed his views. Uh Secrets of the sixth edition, actually, if you want to start with the first edition Ray comfort? Our friend Ray comfort did this did this book and he republished Darwin’s first edition of the Origin of Species. And he included a 50 page intro to it. Then somebody came out and this book by Randall Head Key is called Secrets of the sixth edition. And it just shows you how different the sixth edition of the Origin of Species from the first edition that Darwin changed loads and loads of. In fact, he actually gave up on the whole idea of natural selection. A lot of people don’t realize some great stuff. Okay, is the earth flat? We got another question coming up that we get accused of a lot. You guys are just a bunch of flat earthers. Yes, we’re gonna talk about that. Right after this, Join John McKay, director of Creation Research International on a worldwide tour to discover geological evidence which supports the biblical account of Earth’s history and contradicts Darwin’s belief that the rock formations took vast amounts of time to be laid down. The average person sees millions of years. You look at the text books and it says these rocks were laid down between 65 and 67 million years ago. Now, I’ve got some old friends, but none of them are as old as that. But I’ll tell you what you can do if you want to run a test. I mean, some of you have struggled as to whether you can believe the world was created in just six days because of the evidence of the millions of years. Well, let’s just run a check on how much time actually is preserved in the those rocks and whether all the dead things, the fossils really do show life has evolved this fast moving and information packed presentation is especially enjoyable with john McKay’s outback Australian style to order this DVD, go to creation store dot org. You christians are just a bunch of flat earthers. That’s what you are. You’re flat earthers, You’re so ridiculous. What the bible teaches. A flat earth doesn’t say everybody tells me it does. That’s right. That’s why I’m not going to be a christian because it’s just a flat earth because we were just silly christians. How many times do we get accused of being so ignorant? And you know, they almost want to say you christians or you creationist. Your science is like that of the flat earth man. I can’t believe you haven’t caught up to modern science yet. It’s it’s amazing. And there are frequent emails that come in like that people saying, you know, you just don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re ignorant. You haven’t got any qualifications. Well, that may be true for me, but there are a lot of great uh scientists, scientific journals, things out there where there are incredible christian scientists that are showing the science behind God’s word that just comes along to support what God already said in his word. I love it. Well, the quest we have that brings this topic up is from Daniel Ryan Daniel seems like he’s coming at us with a little bit of a harsh spirit. He says, I looked on the internet on what the bible says about the shape of the earth and I found it as follows. It describes it as a circle, not a sphere, a circle meaning flat and round like a pancake. Theist like to point to Isaiah 40 22 which says it is he who sits above the circle of the Earth in job. The shape of the earth is a little more specific when it says, the earth takes shape like clay under a seal, have you seen what clay seals look like? Flat and a circle like a pancake? And then it gives us the website to go check it out. So accusing us of being flat earthers, if we want to take the bible as literally true and scientifically accurate. And of course, one of the accusations that we have is, well, you know, if you’re going to be a creationist, you want to teach people that evolution is not true, then you ought to go back and teach people the earth is flat. And one of the interesting things is that actually when you look back in history, nobody’s actually ever believed that the earth is flat. And we can show that from the past very passage that he quoted Isaiah chapter 40 verse 22. Yes, he’s quite correct that it says it’s he who sits above the circle of the Earth. Exactly what’s interesting though, is that the hebrew word that is translated a circle is actually used in so many places to mean a sphere. It’s a three dimensional circle and in fact in that very passage. So it goes on to talk about God stretching out the heavens like a curtain. So we’re talking about something that is going on in three dimensions. What is a three dimensional a sphere? It’s a sphere, isn’t it? So, you know, it just disproves the point straight away. Well, and I think the bible several places uses language that helps us from our earthly perspective understand what’s going on. Yes, I mean, obviously when you’re looking at different books in the bible, you’ve got to use the process of Hermeneutics correct Herman, who I love the way Todd Friel goes into his Herman. Hermeneutics feel there, but he is talking to people on Earth. And so sometimes he gives them examples or says things from our perspective, there is a sunrise and a sunset from where we sit right here. One of the most common examples of that is in the Book of Ecclesiastes, where it talks about the sunrise, it talks about the sunset and it talks about earth being at all the all the life being under the sun. And so people point to that and say, well obviously he was he was thinking that the sun go goes over the earth were there. He’s picturing it as a dome, the sort of solid hemisphere over the earth? That’s what the book of Ecclesiastes is talking about. I love I was listening one time and something that made me realize like he said, people have known the earth is round for a long time. I was listening to john Maxwell who was a leader’s leader. He has written prolifically on leadership and godly leadership at that. But I was listening to a talk he gave and I and I showed you this story, this article that he wrote because in it he talks about um the Egyptian or the the the librarian in alexandria. The Egyptian librarian uh is that right? Head Egyptian librarian in alexandria? We’ve got his name here and he’s called um how do you pronounce something? Um uh that’s him, that’s the one yeah, that’s easy for you to say. But anyway tells the story of and how he heard there is a spot, there is a place on the globe where on the longest day of the year you could look down in a well and see your own reflection and you could also see a reflection of the sun, the sun. Yes, you can see a reflection of the sun. He surmised because on the longest day of the year where he was in alexandria, he couldn’t see his reflection or couldn’t see the sun’s reflection? So he said well I’m going to travel up to um where was it at? Do you remember 800 km to, and so he goes 800 km up there and on the longest day of the year he sees the reflection of the sun and he he surmises from that. Well, the big picture here is, and that’s John Maxwell’s idea is we got to see the big picture and leadership. The big picture is that the earth is round. Yes, he actually, in fact, whatever is, he actually calculated the size of the earth based on and he got it wrong, he he was eight kilometers out. He surmised from his calculations using simple trigonometry. He said, well I believe the earth is a sphere and it’s 40,000 kilometers in diameter and the correct measurement is 40,008, 40,008 kilometers. So this guy from the third century B. C. Before christ had an accurate depiction of how big the earth was. And you know, you look at other other mythologies, you look at other places, you know, the Babylonians knew that the earth was round, that the earth was round. Everybody knew the earth was round. It is a myth that anyone ever believed in the flat earth. But you know, back to Ecclesiastes, the idea of the sea, son being over the earth and you’re talking about things under the sun. You’ve got to understand this from a hermeneutic point of view, what’s what’s the writer of Ecclesiastes t so I think is King Solomon, what’s he’s saying? He’s saying that there’s things under the sun which is everything without reference to God and what we need to do therefore is everything is meaningless or vanity. If it’s under the sun without reference to God, we need to break over the sun. And that’s the whole point. He’s looking at things from our eyes from a selfish and godless points of view. And that’s why it says that the sun rising sun setting. Now, have you got a copy of the local news Pensacola News Journal? You’ve seen one, haven’t you? Have you just go to the store and get hold of one. Have a look at the back. What does it say? What the what the what time? The sunrises and the sunsets? Oh no. Does that mean The Pensacola News Journal believes that No, they’re just simply telling us how it relates to us what makes sense to us as we sit. That’s right. It’s from our perspective and that’s the way that we taught the bible talks in such terms. Some people quote things from the psalms which are poetic. And yet when you actually look at the scientific statements and the narrative statement in the bible is quite clear that the bible refers to a spherical Earth. The bible is literally true and the bible is scientifically accurate in every single detail. We are not ashamed to stand firm on that fact, it is unchanging. Well, that is our show. If you have questions, you can send them into us at questions at Creation today dot org. You can join us on twitter, which is at creation today and on facebook facebook dot com slash creation today. We’ll make sure you tune in for each episode just to see if we’ve answered your question. And of course each program is archived online at Creation today dot org. This has been a production of God Quest ministries. We want to thank you so much for joining us. We enjoy getting the questions and answering them for you. Hope you guys have a blessed day. This program is available on DVD by visiting Creation store dot org or by calling 877479 34 66. 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